[Music] welcome to our new home okay so when you walk in you have what was the dining room over here but this is going to be my office and there are some holes where they’ve patched the paint that we’re gonna have to paint up I think I’m gonna put like my sofa table here that I have in the house now behind the couch we have one of these vents and the old house like that too so and I’m gonna have to figure out some decor to go around the thermostat and the light switch which they placed right in the middle of the wall but have these two windows here you can see the front yard and then in there is the kitchen we’ll go in there in a minute but then as you turn to your left you have the basement door and then upstairs and then over here we have just like I guess it’s actually a formal living room but I’m actually gonna make it like a sitting room slash kind of playroom for Kinsley I think if you guys have any ideas for me for what we should use this room for you could definitely let me know in the comments and I’m gonna be bringing you guys along on the journey to kind of see how everything comes together but for now I think I’m gonna put like a shelf with some baskets of her toys and maybe like some chairs and things like that and her little table that she colors on okay so now I’m showing you that’s the door we came in that’s my office and then that’s the little like sitting room so we’ll go ahead you can also see the kitchen through there and we’re gonna go in there in a minute but you go in here is the living room and it has vaulted ceilings and then it has this big window on this side and then this big window on this side I love this room it’s really large and for and then we have fireplace here it’s a gas fireplace and then they have surround sound and they left it so I don’t know if we’re gonna be able to tap into that or what we’re gonna end up doing but that’s what that is Oh alarm on my phone I’ll be right back okay so that is upstairs that’s kind of like an opening in here you can peek up there and then you can get to the kitchen from this way as well and we’ll go ahead and go into the kitchen so this is the kitchen and the island I love the island I’ve always wanted an island and there’s double ovens and then this is where the kitchen table will go it has these big windows here and then I guess those are French doors and I really like the little blinds are inside the glass here and you just slide this and they open and close this is pretty cool and then let’s see so right here is where I’ll be putting that little buffet table that I caught you guys saw I got it at a yard sale that was my phone I got a text message um then I got to the cartel for $200 it’s an $800 buffet table that’s gonna go there and then the table here and then here’s the kitchen Maddie’s really excited about the double ovens because she loves to bake I’ve never had double ovens but there’s lots of storage for like large appliances and then I really like that it has a drawer under here where you can put your baking pans and they’re right underneath of the oven and these are soft closed cabinets and then I have a bunch of storage in the island and then we have a gas stove and I’ve never had a gas stove before but I’m being told by a lots of people that I’m going to love it it’s gonna be different to clean but I’ve heard it’s really easy I’m just gonna pull these up but you guys we’ll see how that goes in many videos in the future so let’s see and then over here they have like this glass cabinet and they have where you can hang your wine glasses and then wine storage and then I wine fridge which is pretty cool and then so a lot of the lighting in the house is updated and then others it’s kind of original to the house and even though these are new I don’t know if you can really see because of the lighting but even though they are no no sorry um I don’t love them so eventually I would like to replace them to be more farmhouse II but they’re fine for now and then like this lighting here I think is original to the house with its like leaves on it so I have in mind what I want to get so hopefully we can get that soon um let’s see here’s the refrigerator it’s all LG appliances I’ve never owned LG appliances and we’ll see but I’ve also never owned a fridge like this with the freezer on the bottom and then the double doors so I’m really excited about this fridge there’s this I don’t think this has a lazy susan it’s just a big open space for like big appliances and the soft-close drawers and then I’m really excited because we have a pantry now an actual pantry for our food so I’m really really excited about this I can’t wait to do pantry organizing videos for you guys and then down this hallway is we would think this would be a laundry room but it’s not the laundry rooms upstairs so this is gonna be my cleaning closet I’m gonna keep all my cleaning supplies and my vacuums in the dog food and all of that it’s going to go in here but it’s just a big like laundry size closet and then right here is a half bath and it’s just a toilet the light should come on in a second usually it comes on there we go it’s cut this little look at will focus this little lake vanity which is cute the mirror is not cute I I don’t love the mirror so I will be replacing that eventually and be painting and all that good stuff but it’s just a half bath and then the garage is right here not much to it it’s just a grudge we do have this and I love that because out there is a barn and I’ll show you that in a minute but that’s we can come in from outside and wash up right there so I’m excited about that so let’s go upstairs first see you got sewers you’ve got this little landing here that you can see you down in the living room and there’s a fan in this hallway which i think is really weird I don’t know if that was an afterthought um but and then you go it more Sears and then when you get up here you have this hallway and off to the right is a bedroom these rooms are being painted they’re going to be starting today on painting in these rooms because these colors are like super ultra bright so I will show you that of course when it’s finished and there’s the closet and then there’s like a built-in bookshelf here and then this room has like a kind of like a jack-and-jill bathroom I’ll show you in a minute but it’s a bathroom off of this room we’ve got like a little pantry area and then this cabinetry up here is original to the house so I’m gonna be painting it I’m really excited about it I love that this house is like beautiful downstairs but it also still needs a little bit of work and so it’s projects for me and content for you guys I can’t wait to make this over paint it and put new mirrors up and lighting but there’s this a bathroom here and then when you walk through you’ve got what you would think this is kind of like a bedroom it has a closet but it’s gonna be our bonus room and we’re gonna have like a couch in here and then the TV and their toys and it has a closet as well we’ll probably keep like board games in there and you can also get to this room from the hallway so if you lock in there you go back in for that room or you can walk out and go back out into the hallway of another bedroom here again it’s a really bright color so it’s going to be painted but it has its own bathroom as well and this bathroom is gonna be painted has a little window up there above the shower I’m gonna just paint this bathroom to match the bedroom and then it needs a new mirror because I don’t know what happened to this mirror but I’m gonna be replacing that mirror so this is the little bathroom and then it has closets in here – pretty big closet okay so now let’s go see the master I’ll show you the laundry room first so this is the laundry room it is upstairs it’s got cabinets which I’m really excited about I like that lots of storage that’s where the washer and dryer go storage and then this is just a deck I’ll show you just walk-in attic space pretty cool for storage enjoy and then they had a kid he’s so there’s a little kitty door and then this is the master and right now it’s like a really dark grey it’s having a hard time focusing there right now it’s a really dark gray color but it’s going to be painted as well but has it really pretty double trade ceiling and then this like bay window which is really pretty and then the bathroom it’s kind of weird because you stepped down into it if you step down and then it has his and hers closets and it does have doors they just took them off we’re going to probably put those back on but the closets aren’t huge by any means that I’m so excited to have my own closet that I don’t have to share so that’s that closet and then over here is the same thing just on the opposite side and then these little doors are attic space and then this is the master bathroom so it has his and her vanities this one will be mine obviously it has a little vanity area there I’m excited I don’t know how I’m going to set this up yet but definitely going to be painting the cabinets and I like the lighting I think it’s really pretty and I don’t mind the mirrors I think it just needs paint and the vanity needs paint and it will just look amazing but I’m also thinking I’m gonna put my full-length mirror there so I’ll have a really good mirror with great lighting for like outfit of the days and things like that and then a little toilet is in there we’ve got the jetted tub and then we’ve got his vanity I like that I don’t have to share a vanity with him because he’s very messy yeah and then this is the shower the big walk-in shower which is pretty cool I’m excited about this it’s got like a little nooks where you can put your shampoo and stuff in and then it’s got a little bench where you can sit down and shave your legs or whatever so that’s pretty cool we’re gonna go down in the basement so this is probably the original carpeting that came with a house it’s a gray color I don’t know if you can tell but you have down these stairs it’s kind of like the same setup as upstairs but ah sit down and this is just a basement to tell you the truth I probably won’t be down here too much but this is like a workout area that they had to set up and then that’s just storage which is really nice it’s just big concreted storage so that’s where I’ll be keeping all my Christmas and seasonal decor and then over here they had a bar set up I don’t know what we’re gonna do with this area and then over here this is probably where we’re going to actually put our gym equipment because we like how bright it is in here and that you can walk out to the patio so we can open this and let like fresh air in but this is probably where we will put our gym equipment and then this room here is kind of like a little I don’t know what you would call it I’ve got a clean it’s very filthy this is where they let their dogs in to like stay cool so they could come in that doggie door or go out and they could come in here and then not get in the house I’ve got to clean in here I’m gonna like bleach it majorly but I do like this little room because it’s nice if I want to let them out and they want to come in they can sit in there until I’m ready to get them or whatever but that’s all that is and then this little space here I don’t know what that was used for it’s just kind of weird space and then we’ve got the closet and then in here is the guest room so it’s just it’s a closet a basement typical basement window this stuff here they had a picture covering it I’m gonna have to get a really big picture I think too and hang over that stuff it’s just like fuse boxes or whatever they’re called breaker boxes and stuff like that so but it’s just a room I do love the paint color in here I think it’s a really pretty okay and then the guest room has a guest bathroom attached to it it just has a little pedestal sink and mirror and then the toilets and then the shower and they left that little shelf there I don’t know if I’m gonna keep that or not I mean this bathroom is not the prettiest but to be honest it probably won’t have people in it but maybe once or twice a year so and then you walk out here into this some little gym area okay now I’m gonna show you guys the big barn I’ll show you like what the outside looks like so it’s like a big barn shop whatever I gotta find the lights in here right here so this is my husband’s shop these are all the old kitchen cabinets that were in the kitchen when they renovated they just put them in here which i think is really neat um because it’s lots of storage and these were the old countertops and yeah I’m not gonna show over here because they still have their RV here and I just don’t want to put that on here in case they don’t want it on here but it does go all the way over here how’s that garage door and then it has three up here and then we bought the girls this we bought this off of them and this little go-kart so they’re pretty excited about that and um yeah it’s pretty much it this isn’t that exciting for y’all I’m sure but my husband’s very excited about this hi so I am here on YouTube that’s my Rochelle okay so that was everything I think I showed you everything but you guys will be seeing a lot more of it of course when I need to close the fridge when we get in here and everything I’ll be doing some unpacking videos and cleaning videos and all of that good stuff nothing waste make sure you stay tuned because I think let’s see this is going up on Monday Wednesday should be one of the first cleaning videos or like unpacking and organizing videos that you guys will see so stay tuned in an hour [Music]


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