[ENG] [191207] Lu Zhixing (WWX’s VA) live performance (MDZS AUDIO DRAMA CAVE SCENE) @ 猫耳FM Event

Lan Zhan This.. ..this should be far enough. This cave is like a maze. Even if the beast wants to chase us, it can’t catch up any time soon. It’s a little cold here. I’ll go light a fire. Much warmer. Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, get up for a moment. Let’s see if there are any usable herbs in this pouch. Here. This one.. ..and this.. ..and this one too. They can stop bleeding and they detoxify. Lan Zhan, come a little closer. For what? “For what?” To apply the medicine! Wait. Hm? Give me the herbs. What? You want to do it on your own? *LWJ applies some of the medicine onto WWX’s chest wound* No need to apply it on me. I get hurt a lot so I’m used to it. How much medicine can one small pouch carry anyway? It’s not enough in the first place, so let’s prioritize your leg, okay? If you know it’s painful, don’t be so reckless next time. I didn’t have any other choice! That MianMian is a girl, and a quite pretty one after all. If her face got some injury like this, one that can’t be removed, that would be really bad. The brand that’s on your body now.. cannot be removed either. That’s not the same! It’s not on my face! Besides, I’m a man. Who cares? How can a man not get hurt a few times in his life? Get a few scars? And thinking from a different perspective, even though this thing can’t be removed It’s a proof that I once protected a girl. And this girl from now on will definitely remember me. She won’t be able to forget me. *jealous LWJ* Hey, why are you pushing me? You also know.. that she won’t be able to forget you! Ah, Lan Zhan, you.. ! Do I have some feud with you? Alright, alright! I know you dislike me, I’ll sit farther away. Do your dressings yourself! I won’t go over there! Lan Zhan, you really are so weird today. So rough, and your words are unlike you as well. If you don’t have such intentions, then don’t tease others. (LZX made a little mistake here) WWX: You are — LWJ: Doing as you please while leaving others agitated and distracted! You are not the one I’m teasing, If anyone is agitated and distracted, it wouldn’t be you! Unless… Unless what?!? Unless you like MianMian! … Please refrain from speaking nonsense! Fine, Fine! I’ll speak “some-sense” then. Why am I wasting my breath here with you? You don’t have a choice. Can’t help our bad luck that only us two left here. Who else can you waste your breath with if it’s not me? Jiang Cheng and the others made it out. Don’t know how long will it take to get help. I’m afraid we will have to stay here for a while. Muxi Mountain is closer to Gusu. It should be your family who comes first. We just need to wait. If that’s not good, then wait a couple of more days. By then Jiang Cheng will definitely make it back to Lotus Pier. Jiang Cheng is clever. The Wen people can’t stop him. We can hold out. They won’t come. Hm? (Fan: Cloud Recesses has been burned down.) Cloud Recesses.. ..has been burned down. Are your people okay? Your uncle? Your brother? Father is nearly gone. Brother is missing. *LWJ is crying* Lan Zhan.. umm Lan Zhan Be quiet! Wei Ying, you are really.. detestable (deserving intense dislike). Oh.. ..umm Aiyo I’m not trying to bother you. I just wanted to ask, are you cold? Your clothes can’t be worn anymore, but mines are dry. You can take the middle garment and I will keep the outer piece. Uh, I know the middle garment is worm against the skin, but the outer piece is too dirty. You… Are you alright? I’m fine, I’m fine. Your forehead.. ..is really hot. I feel a little dizzy. How did I burn up so easily? I didn’t have a fever in years. Lie down. Lan Zhan, I’m so tired. Sleep. So bored… It’s too quiet. Aaaaa Lan Zhan I’m hungry. Go get some food. Ah, forget it. Better not go. Aiya Lan Zhan, why are you like this?


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