[ Eng /CC ] The Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 10 – Korean Drama 2020 푸른 바다의 전설

Subtitles brought to you by The Blue SeaIf you are me in the next life,just remember these words even after waking from the dream.Everything is repeating itself.The fate in this world is continuing in that world.It’s the same way with ill-fate.Protect that woman against the dangerous person.When you go to Hanyang, give this to my mother, and ask her to bury this chest 10-ja (3-meter) deep in the backyard. Yes, Master. Tell her even if anything should happen to me, to not open it and to leave it in that place. If something should happen? What are you referring to?Kim Dam Ryeong was appointed as the Town Head of the Heupgok-Hyeon.December 11th of the same year,he died at the young age of 27.He died? I beg this favor of you. What are you? Who is the dangerous one, and who is the woman? Who are you? Are you really… me? Not a dream… but really me?The Legend of the Blue SeaJoon Jae, I think the power’s out. Oh! Why is the light like this all of a sudden? I was so scared alone. You’re not scared anymore, right? Yeah, I’m fine now. Anyway, did you get a good look? Sure. Let’s go. You’re going to look at it by yourself? I want to see, too. It’s raining outside and getting late. Don’t you have to get home? I’m fine. Our curator said that the guy from Joseon period looks as handsome as a K-pop singer. She said so. You saw all of it, right? Let’s go. You felt it, too, right? He looks exactly like you. Like me? Can’t you tell? Does having big eyes and being handsome make them all look like me? No, he really looks like you. Well, I can’t say … I I look better. Let’s go. Perhaps, could he be your ancestor? No, wait, you’re a Heo. Maybe, he’s from your mother’s side? Why are you being like that? I mean, take a look through your ancestry. This is weird. Maybe, isn’t the reason you were really interested in Kim Dam Ryeong because of the blood relation? – Cha Si Ah.
– Yes? – The fact that we came here.
– Yeah. Let’s just keep that to ourselves. Why? This place is off-limits to unauthorized personnel. I don’t want to get you in trouble, and I’m in the middle of figuring something out. I would like it if only you knew about this. Sure, I’ll do that. Why do I keep getting this dream? I don’t like it.Episode 10What’s going on, Heo Joon Jae? Why aren’t you coming back after getting Cha Si Ah’s phone call? Heo Joon Jae, what time is it right now? Right now? Eleven pm. What time is our curfew? Eight pm, right? You told me not to come back if I was going to break the curfew. That applies only to free-loaders that live in my house, not to me. – Why not?
– Because, I’m the house owner. Is it usually like that here? Yes. Everything is the way the house owner wants it to be. That’s the rule. If you think it’s unfair, buy a house yourself, and live there. I’m so tired. Gosh, you scared me. When you glare at me like that, you look like a ghost. Stop looking! I’m going to keep looking at you like this. Why? They’re my eyes. Since, I’m the owner, I decide if I want to glare at you or look at you normally. This is my rule, to glare at you when I’m angry but have nothing to say. – So? You’re going to keep looking at me like that?
– Yes. Why? Because I want to look at you to make up for the time I couldn’t look at you. Do as you like. You’ll probably be dizzy. Oh yeah. Let me ask you something. What? When you got into that car accident, at the ER… Yes? You said that you had a dream, right?Heo Joon Jae.Are you okay?I had a dream.You held my hand.You rescued me.Yeah, you’re right. I did. What kind of dream? So, in the dream, how did I save you? I mean, there are several ways to save a person. I could have grabbed you when you were about to fall off a high place, or I could have lifted you out of a deep pit. How did I do it? You don’t remember? Okay. Then, what about the time period? What time period was it? Perhaps, was I wearing old time traditional clothes? You know what old time traditional clothes look like, right? You know that drama you like, The Crown Prince’s Woman? Clothes that they wear in that. – The thing is…
– Yes? – The thing is, I don’t really remember. I really can’t remember it at all. Okay. I’m sure that’s the case. You can’t even remember your own name. How would you remember that? Okay. Go back up. Okay. Heo Joon Jae, sleep well! What was that? She said she would watch me all night. Thinking about it now, she really doesn’t take responsibility for her words. I feel restless for no reason now. So this is what lying feels like. It makes my heart pound a little, but it is convenient. It’s a good thing Heo Joon Jae cannot hear my real voice.I’m sorry.I came too late.What are you doing? Why are you coming out in the middle of sleeping? Give me one too. I’m really a little strange these days. Why? Did you dream about being Kim Dam Ryeong again? No. Joon Jae. Do you know what you have to find the strangest? – What?
– Cheong. Don’t you find Cheong strange? She’s naturally a little strange. Again, don’t try to just gloss over it like that again. Fine, Cheong is pretty and sweet-hearted. She really seems as if she’s from an entirely different world, but she’s strange. Truthfully, last time, when we went to the hospital I asked for Cheong’s X-ray films and showed them to a doctor hyung I know. Why did you do something like that?! Don’t get all worked up and just listen. They said the films got switched but I didn’t think so. If you were your normal self, you would have been suspicious too, but you seem to be losing your wits when it comes to Cheong these days. And? He says the films weren’t switched? He says that the films are definitely of one person. A broken bone that may not have even fused after six weeks, reattached after not even a week, and she was perfectly sprightly even after that. Isn’t it strange? And this. A kid that has no job or skills here keeps this kind of thing in a plastic bag, this much worth, saying she’ll sell all of them and give it to you. Where did she get this? That’s what I don’t know. And also, it’s certain that you met Cheong in Spain, but you still can’t remember it all this time. Why do you think that is? You said that was why you were letting Cheong live in this house. You must not even be curious about that anymore, huh? Then what about you, Hyung? Why are you curious about that? Me? I’m afraid that you’ll become a good guy, Joon Jae. I’ve barely made you a bad guy and now you’re finally useful. After meeting Cheong, you seem to want to become a good guy, so it’s giving me cause for concern. If you become a good guy, you’ll leave me. You’re saying all kinds of useless things. I’m curious as to what kind of kid she is too. It’s interesting, right? I’m going to make sure to find out. Oh, I’ve got to pee. I think I’ve got to be the first to find out what kind of kid you are. Squad Chief, look at this. What is it? I looked through Ma Dae Young’s previous convictions records again. I told you to catch him. Why were you looking through his previous conviction records again? He’s got 13 previous convictions mostly for violence. Why? Because he has an anger management control defect. But there’s something that’s strange. What? From ’88-’89, in the space of that one year, he committed over thirty cases of burglary. And at a department store in Seongnam, in a mart shopping mall.Ma Dae Young Record
Serious Crime Squad
Why? During this time, he had a woman. Are you okay, Father? It’s because I keep getting a little dizzy. Honey, make sure to take your medicine well after eating your meal. It’s really a concern. It keeps getting worse. Honey, don’t go to work today and stay home and rest. If there’s something important, tell me. I’ll relay it to Secretary Kim. Have some, Father.Yu Na. You have a make-up class at Korean hakwon (after school academy). Don’t be late.What are you going to do if you get the pink octopus? – Oh, hi.
– Hi. But how did you know about this place? I didn’t go to school today, but upon not going to school, I suddenly had no place to go. I remembered you said you lived in this neighborhood before, so I tried coming this way. But how did you know that I thought that I had to pull out the pink octopus no matter what? I knew since you said it. When I was coming up behind, you kept saying that you wanted to make sure to pull that one. I didn’t. That wasn’t a voice you could hear. Well anyway, I heard. Watch. I got it, right? Hey, Sim Cheong. Where did she go again? Anyhow, she gets around well. Really. Where did she get all of these? But why is she saying that she’ll make money and give it all to me? When did I ask her for money? What is it? Oh yes. Oh Baek’s mother. You called again. Of course. I did speak to him. It’s not easy to schedule appointments with our president. He’s originally such a busy individual. Yes, I’ll try to speak to him further about it but please don’t have any big expectations. Aigoo, yes, yes. Yes. Hey, this ahjumma is really hyped up. Why are you so hyper now? Are you looking for someone? Cheong? No. Where’s Tae Oh? Are you really a con artist? Why are you so bad at lying? Hey, did I tell you to charge your cell phone or not? Why do you carry it around turned off? Is it a decoration? Is it a weapon? – It’s dead.
– It’s not dead, but it’s turned off. Give it some food. You don’t miss out on one meal for yourself and eat so well, but don’t you get the idea that he might be hungry? The phone gets discharged. It’s not that it’s hungry. – What are you about?
– She’s my friend. Let’s go inside. Why are all your friends like that? Last time it was a beggar, this time it’s an elementary schooler? Ahjussi, (you’re one to talk), you’re unemployed. Who is an ahjussi and who is a bum? You’re wrong on both counts. At a time when others are going to work, if you’re lazing about the house, lying down and watching TV, or playing games, it says you are unemployed. – Heo Joon Jae, you’re unemployed?
– I’m not unemployed. I’m… a freelancer. It’s a specialized job so I can work from home. That’s true. Heo Joon Jae is a person who works for the country more diligently than a civil servant. He redistributes wealth also. So when you grow up later you have to become like Heo Joon Jae. You can’t! Do you think that just anyone can become like me? Wait, but did that little one already start winter break? Aren’t you going to school? Are you cutting school?! Why are you skipping school and coming here?! You said that you were wiring this money to America, right? There’s usually a wire transfer fee of 20,000 won(20 USD)that’s added and a foreign exchange fee… I’m sorry. There’s also something called an overseas brokerage fee that’s added separately. If you look at this it will be a little easier to understand. I’m not going to go to school. Why aren’t you going to school? You didn’t go to school and left home too. For me, it was when I was in high school. She’s in elementary school, right now. She has to go to school. She has to learn her equations. Tell us. There has to be a reason. Are those kids from before bothering you again? Whenever I go to school, I develop supernatural powers. What supernatural power? I become an invisible person. The kids, no one can see me well. They don’t speak to me either. So I don’t have to go to school. As it is, no one knows even if I don’t go. Why do the kids do that? Since I’m different from the other kids. Where I live is different, and since I live only with my mom, I think that’s why. Don’t people normally dislike people who are different from themselves?I’m different too. Heo Joon Jae will probably dislike me too, if he realizes I’m different.He’ll probably leave, right?Why are you different? If you’re different, why will the ahjussi called Heo Joon Jae dislike you and leave you? What? What’s different and what does Heo Joon Jae dislike? Just now Unni said so. – Did you hear it?
– No. Our Little One skipped school for the first time in her life and must have strained herself from the nerves, hearing imaginary things. That’s not so. I definitely heard it. Want to go to Unni’s room? Let’s go. Both of you really didn’t hear what that little one just said, right? Hear what? I didn’t hear anything. Did you hear something? No. Yes, Ahjummoni. Ahjussi did? Can you really hear what I’m saying? Tell me as soon as you can hear me.I came from a far away place.I came from a far away place. It’s true.So I’m lonely too. I came all the way here looking only at one man.So I’m lonely too. I came all the way here looking only at one man. It’s real. You can really hear the entirety of my voice. – Can other people not hear it?
– Yeah. But don’t tell this to anyone else. You said it before. People dislike people who are different from themselves. There will be big trouble if Heo Joon Jae dislikes me so don’t tell this to anyone. All right. I’ll promise. Promise. You promised. Okay. Ahjussi! Joon Jae. It’s such a relief that you gained consciousness. But he can just open his eyes. He can’t talk or move. I prayed just for him not to die, but now that he’s awake I’m becoming more greedy. I wish he would just talk or he would just move his finger. He will get better. He has overcome the brink of death. Why is this man like this? He must have something he wants to tell you. Joon Jae. Have you heard any news from your mother? No. Why? Perhaps… have you heard news about my mother? The truth is… before, I used to get calls from your mother sometimes. She called? She told me not to tell anyone, so I wasn’t able to tell you. I’m sorry. Where is she? That, I don’t know. Her last call was a few years back. She just asks for news about you. I wasn’t able to tell her you ran away. I told her not to worry since you went to a good college and went to study abroad. I just told her those things. Heo Joon Jae, what are you doing? Don’t come down. Okay. You know what “don’t come down” means, right? Is this alcohol? You also know that? I saw it a lot on TV. When people drink this, they laugh, cry, talk, fight and sleep on the streets. Stuff like that. That… is all what Hyung Nam Doo does. Do you know why his nickname is Dog Nam Doo? It’s because he becomes a dog when he drinks. That’s why he is Dog Nam Doo. Acting cute which he doesn’t know how to do, calling his ex or current girlfriend and bothering them. He keeps on repeating what he says and always denies being drunk. That is because of learning alcohol the wrong way initially. In my case, I don’t necessarily like alcohol. That’s why I can enjoy alcohol while controlling it. Then, Heo Joon Jae, teach me how to drink alcohol. You want to? You… Do you want to have a drink with me? Here, alcohol… You can’t learn to drink it like that. Do you know why you’re drinking? You’re drinking to cheer. Cheers? Hold it up like this. Cheers. I like “cheers” so much. Let’s do cheers again. Cheers. Cheers. – Cheers.
– Let’s do cheers again. Cheers. Cheers! Oc-to-pus. Why are you so dry like this? It is dried. It’s dried octopus. People are so cruel. How could they cook, slice, dry and do those things to you? He’s so pitiful. For a person who goes wild over sashimi— He is different. To me, an octopus is like a dog to you humans. You don’t know how well they stick to you. “You humans?” Then aren’t you one? Of course not. You say, you’re not? If not, what are you? I am… a mer… Heo Joon Jae, I was drunk a while ago, right? Did you wake up? Oh… I was so dizzy just a while ago. But I just came to my senses all of a sudden. Here, let’s cheers. Wow. Your recuperative skill is great. Know that it’s a relief that you’re learning how to drink from me. In my case, I don’t particularly like alcohol. That’s why I can enjoy it while controlling it. – You also said that earlier.
– What I’m saying is… That’s why you should think it’s such a relief. In my case, I don’t particularly like alcohol so I can control, control, control while doing it … You should really think it’s a relief. – Heo Joon Jae.
– Why? No one can go home. This is home, though, Heo Joon Jae. Especially you. Me? You can’t go. You can’t go. Don’t go. Don’t go. I’m not going. And I don’t have a place to go. Just you try to leave your phone off again. I… told you clearly. Unless you are home, you should stay by my side. But then, this one doesn’t understand. No, she doesn’t listen. – Oh, my phone.
– Hey! Where are you going? Don’t move. Stay here.The person you are calling cannot answer…She’s not answering again. She always ignores my calls. Sim Cheong! Sim Cheong! Sim Cheong! I didn’t buy you a phone for this. Don’t move. Where are you? Come here. ♬More than any word your eyes ♬ You can’t go! Anywhere! ♬mean more, I can sense it♬ I’m not going, Heo Joon Jae. ♬In last night’s dream while you smiled♬ Alcohol is really good. I think alcohol is the greatest thing in the land. Don’t go. ♬On the path I walked alone♬ Even if you are different, no matter how different you are, ♬Why will I remember it forever?♬ I won’t leave you. ♬How could that be?♬ ♬Come a bit closer to me♬ ♬So that I can feel you better♬ ♬Even the time spent waiting is meaningful♬ ♬From the moment you come to me♬ I wish this is not a lie. ♬Come a step closer♬ I wish this is sincere. ♬I can even feel your breath♬ ♬My heart is leaning toward you♬ ♬Bit by bit, bit by bit ♬Bit by bit♬ At this rate, won’t Heo Joon Jae die? That’s the seventh time. He’ll go to the brink of death but won’t die. That is the beauty of alcohol. How did you end up drinking with Heo Joon Jae? He said it’s important from whom you learn to drink. You should have learned from me! But Heo Joon Jae said this, “Do you know why he’s called Dog Nam Doo? That’s because he becomes a dog when he’s drunk.” Oh, that’s right. But the person whom Heo Joon Jae learned that from was me. He’s my pupil. Anyhow, are things that drunk people say truths or lies? Half and half. In Joon Jae’s case, they’re all lies. Complete lies. The conversations you have with drunk Joon Jae, consider them the same as speaking to a puppy. It’s all nonsense. Huh. I see. Why? What did Joon Jae say? What did Joon Jae say?! Ahn Jin Joo has a 3:00 appointment at the vet. Okay, let’s move.Please use leash.
Please pick up after your dog.
Oh Baek is back again. This one keeps wagging his tail. Wouldn’t that be because he loves his mother so much? No, he’s usually really chic like me, and doesn’t care whether or not people would come and go, but now he was acting hyper and wagging his tail too much. I was wondering if there was something wrong going on mentally. Ah. I’ll take him. Does Goo Baek’s dad come here nowadays? There he comes. Omo! I haven’t seen you in a while! – Hi. How are you?
– It’s been so hard to get in touch with you. I’m sorry. I’ve been quite busy nowadays. Goo Baek became the class president. He’s the class president? Yes, he doesn’t bite his friends and has been peeing and pooping in the right areas, so he became the model student, and it seems that the teacher’s looked favorably upon him. The mothers of his peers kept saying to treat them to a meal, so I’m here to buy organic dog gum. I thought he looked quite well-behaved. You must be happy. He keeps barking whenever he sees dirty or talkative people. He seems to have gained a sense of responsibility after becoming class president. Oh, I see. But, were you able to talk to CEO Jae about me? The thing is, I did bring you up, – but I think it’ll be a bit difficult.
– Why? His meal schedule is really full. He’s actually in Japan right now to have some sushi with his fiancée. Omo! You said he likes home-cooked Korean food! Why is he eating sushi? I’m sorry. He receives so many requests like this that he must feel uncomfortable. That’s why I’m requesting this of you. We really put in a lot of effort to save up this money, so we want to invest it in a reliable place. – Also this…
– What is it? – Just take this one.
– No, no, no.
– Feed Goo Baek with this. This is dog food that someone I know personally made out of home-grown sweet potatoes and sesame seeds. This is something you can’t even buy! It’s alright. Just take it. Take it. Aigoo, it’s okay. Well then, I’ll just be waiting for good news. Unni, I’m telling you, he’s a con artist. What con artist would reject me so much? It’s a strategy. Ji Yong’s aunt, I’m sorry to bother you while you’re resting. – Yes?
– When you put in the laundry, could you put your outer clothes in this basket and your underclothes in the other? It makes me work a lot extra. Excuse me, that extra work… Isn’t that the reason why we have you here? Yes, that’s right. But if you could just be a little more considerate, my job would be a lot easier. I was going to say this a while ago, but who is the boss here? Are you my mother-in-law? It’s like I’m living with my in-laws. – I don’t want to be that either.
– What? I also don’t have any intention to become your mother-in-law either. Unni, are you not going to fire that woman, truly? Even if I fire her, I need to wait until after this dinner happens. I can’t before that. You know that ahjumma is an amazing cook. You said that ahjumma has a son, right? I feel bad for the person who will become her daughter-in-law. Gosh, why are they fighting in my house? Why am I the one uncomfortably caught in the middle? Yes, Gu Baek’s father! You were able to arrange his schedule? Thank you so much! So, when is he free? Honey! Honey! Do you think this outfit looks better, or the one before? You did change, right? Is different from before… Never mind. Ahjumma. Ahjumma! What do you think? Isn’t it bright and fitting for Christmas? As a grown-up dress, it looks a bit frumpy. Why? It looks frumpy? But, wear what you would like, Ma’am. What about this? It looks active and good. Doesn’t it look a little shabby? But just wear whatever you’d like, Ma’am. What do you think of this one? I like it. It’s okay? What a relief. Yes, it’s passable. Don’t wear a bunch of different accessories with that. It would look good with just one statement piece… Oh, okay. I should wear a bracelet. I think a necklace rather than a bracelet would look better… Necklace? Do whatever you’d like. Why do I feel like I’m doing everything that ahjumma tells me to do? Somehow she doesn’t say anything wrong. So annoying. When will he get here? The Dubai guest. Yes, like I said before, it’s not like this person doesn’t have money. The base of running his business is… The skirt’s too short! Wear a long one! One that comes down to here! Go change! …where the heart goes. So that’s why he thinks that being invited to a meal at home is more important than eating at an expensive restaurant. Anyway, I was barely able to arrange this meeting. So, we can’t approach him with the mindset that we’re giving him money. We need to approach him with our sincerity. But, Si Ah said that they might be con artists. I keep thinking of that… What does your younger sister know? Does she know how the world works? She’s stuck in her lab all the time and studies hundred-year-old roof tiles and rafters. – She only talks only those types of artifacts. What would she know?
– That’s what I say. So, don’t try to check his qualifications pointlessly. That’s so old-fashioned. Don’t do it, Dear! Why would you cross-check in front of them? You obviously do it behind their backs. Where is Si Ah? Is she not coming? She’s on her way home, after stopping by at the lab. Why is she so late?Subtitles brought to you by The Blue Sea @ VikiYou can’t say my name in there. – Heo Joon Jae?
– Don’t! I told you last time. My name’s Kim Jae Yi. But why do I have to do that? It’s just… Just think of it as a business thing! Now shush, I’m going to ring the bell. I think your guests are here. Should I go out and greet them? No! We’ll go! Okay? Remember to greet them properly. Okay let’s go! – Elizabeth! Okay, she’s ready, let’s go!
– Let’s go! – Oh my, hello! Please come in!
– Hello, it’s nice to meet you. – It didn’t feel right coming empty-handed, so…
– Welcome-! Oh my, thank you! The weather’s so cold, isn’t it? I mean… We met once before. Yoo Na, and our Elizabeth had a small fight. But we got to see each other again like this! – Elizabeth, give your greetings.
– Hello. Hi. I’ll leave Yoo Na in your care. She’s my favorite friend. You don’t have to go so far as to leave her in her care! I actually firmly disciplined my Elizabeth. “From now on, who’s your BFF?” Yoo Na. I mean, you know what they say, people who become friends while fighting become the best of friends. Right? Didn’t they say that? I thought they did… Oh, it’s so cold. Please go in. It’s gotten so cold here, right? I’m Cha Dong Sik. – He’s currently under my care during his stay in South Korea. I’m Lee Jong Gwang.
– Oh I see, yes. I’ll be giving you the business card of the branch office in Japan, the one I’m most often present at. Oh my, yes. It’s nice to meet you. – Yeah, Unni.
Could you buy some figs on the way here?The house lady went grocery shopping and forgot to buy that.
– I’m already here, though. Fine.KJ Investment Company
Chief Executive Officer Kim Jae Yi
Yes? This is KJ Investment’s branch office in Japan. This is CEO Kim Jae Yi’s secretary’s office.– H-Hello?
– Yes, please speak.Oh, you can speak Korean. Is CEO Kim Jae Yi there right now?Our CEO is currently in South Korea due to personal schedules. What is it you needed?Oh, it’s nothing! I’ll call back again. Ajumma! It’s all done, right? It’s all delicious, right? I thought the food we usually eat would be best, so I did it just the same. You did great! They aren’t the crowd to be starving because they’re poor. That’s why the point for today is “care”! Care. No no! I’ll bring it out. I wonder, there isn’t much value concerning scarcity there. I think a place like Manhattan, where they can’t expand on any buildings or property, is better. People often find land hard to approach, but when you look at it from a standard of scarcity value, it becomes clear. The truth is, we have a lot of interest in land, too. Let’s keep today as a light meal, just for greetings. The detailed issues can be when we’ve gotten to know each other better. Oh! Of course, I’m always getting ahead of myself. But the two of you arequitethe pair! I’m wondering when you’re planning to get married? We’ll be holding one (a wedding) soon. Early next year, near Dubai or Europe. Oh my gosh, I see! You’re so lucky! Oh right! Please try the spicy steamed flatfish! Oh, and this radish salad has raw oysters that came straight from Tong Yeong City this morning! Yes and… Oh, this one! This one has minced fish cake mixed in with some salted pollock roe as seasoning. The recipe’s a bit peculiar, but I’m sure it’ll be delicious. It really is delicious. Its taste is similar to the ones my mother used to make. Oh my, is that so!? How fortunate! Ajumoni! Please give us some more egg rolls! Of course. – Please enjoy.
– Thank you. Huh?! Huh!? Dammit! – Tae Oh?
– Y-Yeah, Noona. What are you doing here? – What about you?
– Me? This is my home. Right. I’m here because it’s your house too. You came here knowing this is my home? Yeah… I-I have something to tell you. Oh but I’m not sure I can, I have some guests at home. What? Is it urgent? What is it? I have to get in there right now— I love you! When did it start? Fine, you’re right. Love isn’t something you start like, “Okay, I’m gonna start now. Beep!” right? Still, you know exactly what kind of relationship Joon Jae and I have. Just thinking of Joon Jae… How could you love me? You dummy, raise your head. Is love a crime? Oh my gosh, look at how thin you’ve become! How could that be? Do you think you’ll be able to pull yourself together? Do you think I can go now? What do I do with you?! Joon Jae is the only one for me. This is heartbreaking, seriously. I mean, when in the world did your love for me start growing?The truth is, it isn’t like I didn’t notice it before.
[New Message: To: Nam Doo]But why’d it have to be me of all people…
[New Message: Nam Doo: Get out right now.]Then again, the only person that’s okay around you is probably me. There were times I got the general gist of it.
[To Nam D: Get out right now. That place is Cha Si Ah’s house.]You must be in so much pain. Are you okay? It’s rare for two beautiful people to meet each other but the two of you are just…right? You’re right.Get out right now. That place is Cha Si Ah’s house.Excuse me, sir. I’m so sorry. An urgent matter has come up. I think we need to leave right away. Oh my, already? Did we make a-a mistake? No, it’s n-nothing like that. We’ll give you a call later. No, I don’t think you can leave like this! We still have so much we need to talk about! Oh my, CEO Kim! Wow. How in the world did that happen? That’s what I’m saying. You should’ve been thorough with the background check! What the hell is this!? We were so close to getting in trouble! Family registrations don’t even show sisters-in-law. How the hell was I supposed to know?! You think I saw things getting screwed up like this?! Hey, one wrong move and everything would’ve been busted. What got busted? It’s nothing. What almost got busted? Why were you close to getting in trouble?Heo Joon Jae, are you a con artist? A terrible bastard?I’m different too.Heo Joon Jae will probably dislike me too, if he realizes I’m different.He will soon leave.If you work, different kinds of things could happen. Why are you not talking and just staring? It’s scary.Was it all a lie?That’s right. I’m a person who lies. I deceive people and make money off of them. Right, I’m that kind of person. What are you saying? That is my secret. – Hey, Heo Joon Jae!
– What is your secret?My secret is…that I am different from you. That I am a mermaid.Why are you having a staring contest and not talking? Hey, let’s go. Let’s rest today.If you know who I am, you will be shocked. You will be hurt and scared.You will leave me, that’s why I am trying my very best not to be caught.Huh? Cheong, Joon Jae, let’s go in. Both of you are really sensitive. Hyung. Just now… did you hear what she just said? What? The one where you almost got caught? The one “why we were almost in trouble?” Not that. Aside from that, what should I hear? You need to talk, what should I hear when you’re not opening your mouths and are just staring?Subtitles brought to you by The Blue Sea @ VikiMy secret is that I am different from you.That I… am a mermaid.I was looking at the painting on the vaseand it may sound like crazy talk, butthoughts of that man in the painting being me come to mind.Where did she go again?Everything repeats itself.My Lord, have you heard about the mermaid?Kim Dam Ryeong. He was a town head of Heuppgok.To celebrate the first day of the new town head,I plan on presenting a rare spectacle.I dream. In that dream, I am living in a strange world.And also, you are there.Look at this. The clothes that the man is wearing.It seems like clothes nowadays. As if it’s a painting while looking at the future.And on top of that, a mermaid. Isn’t it mysterious?If we can walk as far as the blue sea’s horizon ♬Everything repeats itself.The fate in this world is continuing in that world.It’s the same way with ill-fate.Protect that woman against the dangerous person.A long time ago, a young lad loved a mermaid.He heard the mermaid’s voice.Save me.I’m also different.
Heo Joon Jae.
If he realizes that I’m differentHeo Joon Jae will hate me. He will leave.Don’t come, Heo Joon Jae!But he didn’t know an important thing.Mermaids have a special ability.Through a kiss, she can erase herself in the memory of a human.That way, the mermaid disappeared like foam in the young lad’s memory.If we can walk as far as the blue sea’s horizonWhat are you? Why are you still here?I am afraid being under the same sky♬ ♬together with you will be erased.♬ ♬If we can walk as far as the blue sea’s horizon♬ ♬I won’t let go of your hand.I love you.You are someone I want within my reach to the end♬ ♬Until the last moment of my life♬ ♬Somewhere and sometime, as I met and loved you♬ ♬If I see you like someone receding in the distance♬ ♬Somewhere within me keeps aching♬ ♬Somewhere sometime we will again grow apart♬ ♬I am afraid of being forgotten.♬ ♬Even for the moment when I’m holding your hand♬ ♬It’s not an accident

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