[ Eng /CC ] The Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 4 – Korean Drama 2020 푸른 바다의 전설

Episode 4Subtitles brought to you by The Blue Sea Sir, last night in many villages along the coast, they say there were strange occurrences. Clothes that were hung in the backyards and shoes disappeared. In their place, they say a rare quality pearl was left. A pearl? Oh my! How can there be a burglar who takes only a few clothes and leaves such a thing as a pearl behind? If only the burglar also decided to stop by here… Look here, Hong Nan. Half your dresser is pearls and precious treasures of gold and silver. I apologize that this concubine is overflowing with materialistic greed. Since I am not able to completely have my spouse to myself, just think that I am compensating for that emptiness with material goods. What I mean is, Hong Nan, I’m saying that I will fill that other half of your dresser with jewels. How long would that take…? Even though I’m busy as you can see, do you know why I’m on fire trying to catch a mermaid? If I catch a mermaid, I can beat her and extract her tears again and again until she dies so that underneath each step you take can be adorned lavishly with pearls. That’s my plan. And you have a way to catch one? Method or not, that one will come back on her own. Don’t you think so, Caretaker Cheon? That’s right. From the old times, mermaids would come up to the village and wear clothes or eat food. They were sure to pay for them with rare pearls that can only be found in the deep sea. So are you saying that the clothing thief was a mermaid? Are you saying a mermaid came up to this village? A mermaid who has fallen for a human always comes to land. That is part of their inherent nature. The mermaid who can only love once in her lifetime stakes her life on that one love. For the mermaid, her one true love has appeared and for me the lone opportunity has presented itself. Let’s do it like this, Caretaker Cheon. Put out people to catch the mermaid before the village head does. Hong Nan, you do your best to make sure a vicious rumor is circulated as swift as possible. By vicious rumor you mean…? The vicious rumor should be that recently a huge storm has caused the fishing boats to go missing, ruined houses and fields, and made the mountain collapse which killed all the fish. It is all because of that bad omen, a mermaid. Since all of that happened on the night when the mermaid was washed ashore and was caught, it truly seems plausible. This kid’s smart. But that ominous mermaid with malicious intent selfishly hid herself deep inside the village while taking human form. And if we don’t stop her, an even bigger calamity will unfold. Many people will be injured and die. In five days time, there are many fishing boats scheduled to go out to the Usan area (current day Ullung Island area) to catch squid. They’ll be brimming with concern over the wind and waves. There’s no better timing than this! There’s nothing better than fear to stop the people’s thoughts. The village head won’t be able to go against terrified villagers. Of course, sir. If we’re good, we can also force the village head into a deadly situation along with the mermaid. Naive love is giving me great joy. Aigoo, the mermaid that was caught that day has returned and is back on land, have you heard? I heard she came for revenge! They say that storm was caused by the mermaid! Aigoo, what can be done? If we get a storm again, isn’t my husband going to return as a sea ghost if he rides out in his boat? – Then we need to immediately capture and kill that wily thing!
– Exactly! What’s the village head doing?! Village Head! They say the mermaid has come up to the village! Everyone is about to die! I’m saying you can’t come here and be like this! I got the message so please go back! Look, have you finally lost your mind? Didn’t you just receive the report on what kind of strange rumors are circulating within the administrative district? But what? For whom are you going to look? I think Sae Hwa came to see me. I had requested it last time. I asked her to come see me at the 20th solar division,(between the first day of winter and the first big snow, around the 22nd of November)and I told her that I want to be able to see the first snow with her. I mean… Look here. For someone who’s educated, why are you being like this? The subdivisions in the year are just that. Just because it is November 22th, it doesn’t mean that snow will be falling— Dam Ryeong! Dam Ryeong! You can’t! If she really came to land, that means she risked her life. The same goes for me. What am I not able to stake at this point? Think of your family! Think of your father! Your honor and position! On Shin An’s Docho Island, Yeosu’s Geomoon Island, and Incheon’s Jangbong Island, I asked the elders from the places where the mermaids frequent and there is only one answer. The biggest weakness of the mermaid who comes onto land is her legs. After her legs are severely wounded she will lose all her strength. When abandoned she will die. Thus you must not forget to attack her legs first.Legend of the Blue SeaThe whereabouts of Ma Dae Young, who was jailed in the Seoul Correctional Facility on murder charges,have been unknown for the last three months. Unlike the initial prediction by the police that he’ll soon be apprehended,there isn’t any headway in the investigation, thus elevating the fears of the citizens.Police have not ruled out the chance that Mr. Ma might have an accomplice in his escape and are continuing the investigation.To find out the underlying motivation behind his jailbreak, policeare deeply investigating Mr. Ma’s financial relationships and animosities.
– That crazy bastard. Yes, Ahjumma. You also packed the crabs in soy sauce, right? Oh, my. What would happen if I brought this as is and the sauce leaked all over? I already told you before, time and again. If I ask to have food for take out, you should pay special attention to it. Look here, do you see the clasps? I locked them shut, so be sure to hold it upright properly. I should have it stand like this? Don’t put it in the trunk, but place it on the floor in the car and be sure to secure it well. On the car’s floor? Securely? You should be careful when you carry it. Okay. But who is whose superior? Oh, my! So funny. I’m speechless. Yes, Madam. It’s me, Jin Joo. It’s just that I have some side dishes that I think would match your taste and thought of you. Yes, please taste them. Wow, Mother. There are so many delicious things today. Jin Joo gave them to us, saying they were made at her house. Your sister’s working real hard to make things work with our Chi Hyeon. Is that so? If those who it concerns are fine then… well then that’s that. No, Father. I’m fine with everything if my parents like it. Honey, our Chi Hyeon is like this. Others say he’s a papa’s boy. It’s not good to be that too much. Why?– How is it?
– Don’t make me speak.
– It’s too delicious.
– Right?
Is it good, Heo Joon Jae?Don’t make me speak. It’s too delicious.Aigoo, we gave you the name ‘Joon Jae’ for you to become a para-chaebol (‘joon chaebol’)But in order for our son to be a para-chaebol, don’t you have to be a chaebol (conglomerate owner) first, Honey?– When are you going to become a chaebol?
– Wait just a little bit. Just a little bit.
I’m going to make you a madam, and you’ll be wearing luxury goods from head to toe.See if you don’t!Here, eat the meaty part.Why, Honey? Does it not match your tastes? No, it’s really good. You try it too. – Chi Hyeon.
– Yes, Father?
– You try it too. Ah no, Father. I have a shellfish allergy. Honey, eat up! I heard Jin Joo hired some new domestic help. They must have picked someone good now. Honey…? General Manager Nam. Yes? Perhaps… do you keep in touch with Joon Jae these days? It’s your son’s birthday today, so you must have thought about him. I have come to conclude that until this summer, he lived near Samsung-dong. But it seems he has moved out again. It’s hard to find out his address. I wonder what he’s been doing… that pathetic punk. Now, you should make up. Make what up? Between a father and a son.I’m saying it because it’s you. But the only blood relative I have is Joon Jae.Now I need to find him and have him beside me. I have a lot to teach him.Can you get him?It’s me.It’s his birthday today.He’ll appear there.Find out where he is.When you find out, make him disappear.Do you know me? I’ll ask again. Do you know me? Hey, over there! Please hold onto her. Why is she so fast? Aigoo. Thank you. She’s someone who went into our facilities without our permission. We need to investigate her. – I know.
– Pardon? I am Detective Hong Dok Kyeong from the Myeongdong Violent Crimes Department. I received a report. Already? Who reported her? – I didn’t.
– Maybe the security team reported it. – Are you the one in charge?
– Oh, yes I am. Breaking and entering tends to have a purpose and it seems like it would be very difficult without inside help. Later, I might need to investigate witnesses. When that time comes I will call you. Ah, yes. I understand. We need to go together. She’s someone who’s getting apprehended, right? I didn’t get you out to save you. There’s something I need to know, so give me an answer. This. Why were we together? Why am I in here with Heo Joon Jae? You know my name, too? You know me, right? You don’t know? You do know or you don’t know? You know me. You know my name too. It’s true that we were in Spain together. But why do I not know you? Who are you? Who are you? Fine. What’s your name?
(using formal speech)I don’t have a name.
(using informal speech)– You don’t have a name?
– Nope. I don’t have a name, but I was told I’m not a strange person. – By whom?
– A good person. I’m not sure what kind of person he/she was, but there’s a good chance he is a strange person, too. Your words and actions… Everything is strange, you know? Do you not speak Korean well? Are you a Korean who lives overseas? I’m going to ask you for the last time. What happened between us in Spain? I’m pretty sure I met you, but why don’t I remember anything? Was there an accident that happened that I don’t know about? You don’t have anything to say to me, right? There’s a lot that I’m curious about you, but you don’t have anything to say to me… So isn’t it useless to keep being together? Why? You have something to say to me? Then don’t follow me.Subtitles brought to you by The Blue Sea @ VikiHangang ParkYour nose is really good right now! Don’t ever do surgery. Ah, I’m not a strange person. I’m not someone who’s preaching the Tao or anything. I’m just a Buddhist ascetic you know? Any Buddhist ascetic can see everything, even when he tries not to.
(This is someone from the con-religion that claims to be Mireuk Buddhists.) What do you see? Miss, you don’t have any luck with your ancestors but your nose is blocking a lot of bad energy. But then… It’s ambiguous. No matter how nice your nose is, the lack of ancestral blessings is stronger. In the ground, your ancestors are crying. What are ancestors? What do you mean what are…? The people who gave birth to you, the people who gave birth to them, and the people who gave birth to them are those people. Your roots! Your origin. They wouldn’t be underground. If they’re not in the ground, then wh-wh-where? Underwater? Ah! They weren’t buried. So after cremation, you spread their ashes over the river or sea, I see. Well, wherever it is… What’s important is that your ancestors are crying. – Why are they crying?
– What do you mean “why”? It’s because their descendants aren’t doing their duty (gong). Look at this.GongThis ‘gong,’ okay? With this ‘gong,’ if you read it backwards, what does it become? You know how the word ‘nim’ (님, means loved one) turns into ‘nam’ (남, stranger) if you put a dot in it? It’s the same concept! Look. If you read this ‘gong’ backwards…?WoonAh, really. Come over here. Here, here. What does it say? That’s right! It’s ‘woon’(fortune)! That’s right! What does this mean? If you do your ‘gong’(duty), then ‘woon’(fortune)will also follow. Wow! This truth is so scientific and proven! That’s what I’m saying. You have a strong energy. You are not only strong, but sassy, too.
(Cha Tae Hyun, this actor, and JJH played opposite each other in ‘My Sassy Girl’) Excuse me, first, if you go to the parking lot, our minivan is there on standby. Why don’t you go there? Why? What? Who are you? Me? Your ancestor. After crying on and on while I was in the underworld, I thought that if I continued to neglect my descendant, the whole world would turn into a shitshow, so I came here personally to get you, to take you away. Wow, really. Who are yo— Ah, this man. Oh? Aish, this jerk! Are you a pick-pocket? I’m going to report you immediately. I’m going to report you! You’re going to regret it! If I report you…(using informal speech)Please give it to me, sir.(using formal speech)If you give it to me right now, I’l leave quietly.(formal speech)It’s because I can’t have my identity leaked. Ah, it’s really cold. I’m telling you this because it seems you don’t really know what’s going on. You can’t follow people like that man. They’ll say you need to do memorial rites and whatever. They will rip you off a lot. Okay?Dog Nam DooYeah, why? Ah, what are you going? What’s wrong with you? It’s a gun! A gun? Ah, it’s not a gun. Stay still, Joon Jae. I’ll protect you. Ah, no, who’s protecting who? Sheesh. Open your eyes. Trust what I am saying. Look at the sky. ♬Your gaze more than any word is meaningful.♬ Listen well. Protecting others…
I can sense it♬ comes after protecting yourself. The order is like that. It’s a stupid thing to switch the order. Understand? It’s not hot? Are you listening to me? That… It isn’t hot if you touch it? Is this really your first time seeing fireworks? Fireworks? There is a place called the Han River. In the fall, they have a fireworks display there.Wow, that’s incredibly beautiful.I’ll let you watch it with me.Fireworks display? That’s right. Is this really your first time seeing it? You can’t touch it. Look, as soon as it explodes, it disappears. ♬From the moment you came to me .♬ ♬Come a step closer.♬ ♬So I can even feel your breath♬ ♬My heart is tilting towards you♬ ♬Bit by bit, bit by bit.♬ Why is everyone doing this? They’re taking pictures. Taking pictures? What is that? Ah, are you asking because you really don’t know? ♬Why is it like a miracle everyday.♬ Here, like this. “Ah,” what even. But why aren’t you taking pictures? Everyone else is. Because I can just remember it. You’re keeping it here, aren’t you?Usually, good and pretty things disappear quickly, Joon Jae.Like this, with your eyes, you look at it well,and then you keep it in your heart like this.Then later when you have a sad day, you think about it.You go, “At that time, the fireworks in the sky were really pretty.”“Ah, that day was really good.”Mom, we’re going to come again next time, right?– Of course.
– And the next time too?
– Of course!
– And the next time.
– Of course!
– It’s for real.
For sure!But why do you keep speaking informally?(speaking formally)I’m going to speak informally now too then.(speaking informally)In order to watch this spectacular show, over 1 million people are gathered around the Han River.Should we watch golf? Wait a minute… No, Ahjumm— Never mind. You can watch golf now. Thank you. What “thank you”? This is our TV; this is our house. Why are you following the Ahjumma’s words exactly? I don’t know. Weirdly, every time she orders something, I do it. Yeah. I’m following him right now, but he’s with some girl. But how did you know he would be here today? He has done that since he was young. Even after growing up, he hasn’t fixed his habit.Joon Jae, where are you going?My mom and I planned to meet each other on my birthday.Mom will be waiting.Let go. Let go!Is that so? Then go.Your mom won’t be therebecause your father gave her a lot of money.But if she meets you, she has to return all of that money.Why do you think your mother left you without a word?It’s because she likes the money way more than she likes you.No! No, my mom isn’t like that.My mom isn’t like that!What’s with him now?He said he’s meeting his mother.This bast***.Go to your room!Why are you shouting at him when it’s over something sad?!No, no, my mom…My mom will come to see me.Joon Jae, don’t cry. Your step-mother will be sad too.Joon Jae, I’m sorry.Do you know how much effort I’ve put into this house? Now that it’s time to clarify the inheritors, he looks for his son?Be sure to find out where he lives today.Okay? I need to live for you to live. Hang up. He’s moving. Why do you keep following me? I said I needed to go. What? Can’t I go with you? Together? Where? My house? Yeah. No. Why? Of course, you can’t. How could a full grown woman go to a man’s house? If your parents knew, what would they say? I don’t have any parents. Then answer me. We know each other, right? Something happened, right? See? On what basis do I bring you, a girl with so many secrets home? Give me your hand. If you have something to say to me later, contact me then. I don’t know. I don’t know her. What am I supposed to do? I feel really great because I’m in Seoul.You really don’t know Seoul?What was that? It’s cold. I’m closing the window. I really like that I’m with you.I love you.Hey, I’m trying to compare something. Say it to me. Huh? What? That. That “I lo…” Never mind. Do it later. Ah, who’s this guy now? Are you still looking at that? Oh right. Have you seen a drawing such as this on other artifacts? There’s none. For a blue celadon vase from the Joseon Dynasty period, its pattern is quite modern. How could a person from the Joseon Dynasty draw something like this? The Professor said it might have been that the painter rode a time machine and saw the future. Somehow… it feels very similar to someone I know. Who? There’s someone. Someone’s whose birthday is today. Come inside. Hey! How can you bring her home? Are you crazy? Did she hear? Is there nothing to eat in here? Why would something to eat be in there? Come over here. What? Hey, miss, where is your house? It’s quite far. Mine’s far too. It’s in Namyangju. Mine’s rea… …lly far away. You’re not the type to lose to anyone. You always want the last word and your fashion sense is weird too. She doesn’t match with me. Joon Jae, she is not a good match for me. What would you do if she did match well with you, Hyung? Is someone setting up a blind date for you? But even so, we’ll be living together. “Living together,” my butt! You two are mooching off of me right now. You guys should leave now. Oh, my. This guy is sly. If Tae Oh and I leave together, what are you guys going to do in one house together? I mean, would I keep this girl with me? I brought her because there’s something I have to check. What are you checking? Hey, don’t take it out! Don’t take it out! You… know about this, right? You know about it, right? – Yeah.
– Is it yours? I gave it to you. Oh… so she gave it to you, huh? A no-strings-attached gift! You gave this to me? Yeah. Because you liked it. Yeah, he probably did like it. But it isn’t an object that can be given just because he liked it. Oh, you’re really kind. You’re kind in nature. There are a lot of things like this in my house. You have a lot? Yeah, if you just search around, there is a lot. Is that so? There is a lot if you search around. Joon Jae, let’s let her stay at our house for a moment. Look at you talking about her staying here. I feel sorry for her. She said she doesn’t know anyone in Seoul. But do you really have a lot of this stuff at home? Yeah. We… No, this oppa will help you with this harsh life in Seoul. I’ll be responsible for you. Instead, you can’t forget that I helped you. This fact! This fact must never be forgotten. If you want to repay my kindness when you return home, you can do that, too. Forget it. You know the bracelet, but you don’t know me, to whom you gave the bracelet? Do you think that makes sense? See? She talks so well, but when an important topic comes up, she won’t speak! Hey, don’t berate her. There must be a situation. But, Little Sister, what’s your name? She says she doesn’t have one. She… she doesn’t have one? – Why do people keep asking whether I have a name?
– That’s an interesting question. How refreshing. The reason people ask is so that they have to have a name to call you. They can’t call me if I don’t have a name? It’ll be a bit ambiguous, I guess? It’s easier to call people with a name. If I have a name, will you say it out loud? – I guess I will if I have to.
– Then make me a name. – Make what? Is this a naming agency?
– Give me a name! A name comes from the feeling when you look at that person. The image of that person. When I look at you, I think of Hepburn. Audrey Hepburn. If you watch the movie Roman Holiday, the innocent princess would roam around not knowing anything. Shall I say I could feel such naiveté? What about that name? Oh Deu Ree (sounds like Audrey.) Last name Oh. First name Deu Ree. Audrey, my butt! Just be Sim Cheong. What! Is she the blind man Sim’s daughter?
(In legend, Sim Cheong sells herself to the Jade Emperor in the Sea to save her father.) She’s extremely dumb. So Sim (extremely) Cheong (a way of saying stupid) is just right. How could you be so insincere in naming a person? I like it. What are you saying? He’s teasing you that you’re stupid! I like that name. Sim Cheong. I like it. – It fits her. You have a knack for naming.
– Right? What’s your name? I’m Tae Oh. I’m Sim Cheong. But still, it’s your birthday so I thought that you should at least light some birthday candles on your birthday cake. On my way home… You had a guest! Who is she? Ah… she’s… Hello. I’m Sim Cheong. I see… – AH, THAT SCARED ME!
– What are you doing?! Why are you like this? Get off of me! I said! Get off! – Ah, I’m scared!
– I’m even more afraid of YOU! – Let’s eat!
– Hey, hey, hey! You eat this after you blow out the candles. Let’s sing the happy birthday song! ♬ Happy birthday to you- Eat it after taking out the candles. There, there our Cheong. Here. There you go. Oh my god. Is anyone going to steal it away from you? Eat it slowly. Joon Jae, you have some, too. It’s fine. I’ll do it myself. Hey. Eat it from her. Si Ah must feel embarrassed. Seriously. Oh, right. Joon Jae, you will go with me to Professor Jin’s retirement party next week, right? I will be meeting with him tomorrow separately. I also have something to talk to him about. Professor Jin was so disappointed whenever he started a new project. – He’s saying how it would have been nice if you were there to help.
– I should help him. So will she be here in the meantime? I tried to stop him too. I did. But Joon Jae is weak against just causes. She also seems mentally unstable and all. I think it triggered his compassion for her sorry circumstances. But don’t worry yourself over it! Why should the invincible, Cha Si Ah concern herself over a girl who doesn’t even know her own name? I don’t know. You should hold still and not leave this house. So that the two of them aren’t left by themselves. – Fine.
– What I mean is there’s no free room, so where is she going to sleep anyway? Actually, there is another room. Come up. Do I live here? Get your senses together. What do you mean “live”? I’m letting you stay briefly because I have something to find out. It’s only for a few days. Aigoo. Thanks, Heo Joon Jae. Of course, you should be thankful. Now be quiet and go to sleep. Okay! Hey! I can hear everything! ♬Far above the sea♬ ♬Without any sound♬ I’m someone who so hates the disturbances between floors that I chose to live in a standalone house. Do you want to get kicked out in the middle of the night? ♬My heart which was wandering and crossing over the waves♬ ♬waits for you to come back to the seaSubtitles brought to you by The Blue Sea @ VikiHeo Joon Jae! It’s morning. Let’s eat breakfast!The delicious meal is cooking.Right, start. It would be better if you would hurry. You’re doing all sorts of things. Wow! It’s nice how this feels like a home. Hey, where did all the milk go? There’s one person who drank it in one shot saying she’s hungry while waiting for the food. This household’s going to go broke I see. You just said you liked it because it felt like home. Though I’m older, it’s not like I can always be right about everything. – Who are you?
– Do you read the newspapers? I’m from Myeonsung Daily News. If you get the papers, we are giving cash away. I have something that I read already. Sorry. Thank you so much. Hello, do you read the newspaper? Is anyone in there? Excuse me, do you read the newspaper? Do you read the newspaper! Is there anyone home? Do you read the newspaper! Is there anyone home? If you read the newspaper, we are offering some cash. I don’t! Just because of this, you woke up a sleeping person? Hey! What are you doing? I saw what you were doing! What kind of symbol are you marking down? You are a petty thief, right? You trashy bastard. Stay right there and don’t you move. This bastard. What are you doing, you crazy bastard? Work hard. What is it? Why did I go there? I fell and hurt my head. This is for certain. What is it, seriously? Yes, Hyung?Joon Jae, stop. Stop.– What?
Look out front.Hey. What is it? What happened? You know next door? What on earth! There’s a murder case. – What?
– I also called Tae Ho and told him not to come home. Hurry and turn the car around. Detective Hong is out there. Detective Hong, who is so bent on catching you. He also saw your face three years ago.38HEO-3023What are you doing? I said turn the car around. Cheong is alone at home. What does it matter if she’s alone for a short while? Hurry and turn the car around. If you keep on staying here, they will be suspicious. Hurry!
CheckpointI said, let’s do a comprehensive investigation. Why are you doing this? It’s not even in your district, Detective Hong. I heard the murder weapons were a nail and hammer. It’s definitely Ma Dae Young. Is Ma Dae Young the only one who uses a hammer to murder? The victim was a loan shark, so it’s obviously 100% revenge. Where do you find a 100% on a case? First, let’s look at the possibility and start the investigation. If not, then I’ll step out if it. Why isn’t Heo Joon Jae coming?Hey! You shouldn’t have appeared in front of me!What are you hiding from me?You should have lived without knowing!Even if you didn’t say anything—Let me tell you a secret.Your father is…Next time on…What’s wrong? Move. Speak. Is she dead? Is it Heo Joon Jae?Listen carefully. Protecting someone else is after protecting yourself. That’s how the order is.Changing that order is only something stupid people do. Do you understand?Hyung, move. Huh? If you don’t want to be stupid, then move. What did you say? Hey! Joon Jae! Heo Joon Jae! Hey!Subtitles brought to you by The Blue Sea @ VikiSa Wol. Sa Wol.Yes, Madam.Today is such a nice day, so be sure to open all the paste jars.
(All the large brown jars everywhere)That way they will get light and the paste will taste better.All of them?Is it too difficult?Well…Should I do it?No, Madam. I should do it.Sa Wol.Yes, Madam!I have almost finished it.Seeing that the swallow flies low, it seems like there will be a shower.Let’s close them.What?The paste jars’ covers.I just… opened them.Should I do it?Madam! I will close all the covers.– No. You have something else to do.
Pardon?Please make a trip to Heupgok. The family of the Chief Scholar, the Associate Right Minister, has sent a marriage proposal to our Dam Ryeong.That punk. No matter how long I wait, there’s no reply.Go and hand him my letter and personally get a reply.Madam, I think she knows. That’s why she’s doing it, to tear us apart.If we are born again, let’s meet as a couple.And live happily together for 100 years.I shouldn’t have met a widower like this.That’s right. In the next life, I will be sure to be born rich.What do you want to be reborn as, Sa Wol?Me?I…Sa Wol!I want to be that b*tch’s master.The Legend of the Blue SeaIf you don’t say anything by tomorrow, then you must leave this place.I said don’t stay here like a queen parasite and leave.Did you really let her out in this cold weather?You said you would not turn your back on someone who has nothing. What happened to you, Heo Joon Jae?Next time at this time, let’s do it on the first day of snow.Let’s meet over there. It’s because I have something to tell you.So that I can feel your breath

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