[ENG/ESP/MYA] The Brightest Star In The Sky Drama Z.TAO, Wuqian Episode 1

I failed again Zheng Boxu? So he signed to Star Entertainment One year ago, that person who attended the talent show with me Now has become a shining star Meanwhile I’m still standing in front of the crossroads of life Will Star Entertainment become a music heaven for me? I’m looking forward to it Cut Stop Hey those dancers Can you dance properly? Did you eat full enough? Can you really dance? If you can’t, get out of here Do you have some manners? Look how you’re talking to people Relax, calm down I’m sorry, Boxu I just hope that the progress won’t be slowed down It has nothing to do with the progress First, as a director, you’re totally not professional at all Second, you don’t know how to respect other people Boxu Yeah, it was my bad Maybe I’m too anxious, my bad Let apologize to them now Well, they… I…. Apologize! Now! OK fine, fine My guys, I’m so sorry Let’s just hurry and do it again, OK I’m so sorry, so sorry Everyone, get ready We’re doing it again Boxu, let have some water I’m not thirsty Please get in Thank you Greetings Hello Can’t you knock on the door before entering? So impolite Come back here, it’s fine You’re Yang Zhenzhen, right? Welcome to Star Entertainment’s recruitment I’m the chief manager, Yu Hong And this is our chief PR manager, Liu Yinan Greetings boss Yu and boss Liu Let have a seat And introduce about yourself My name is Yang Zhenzhen, I come from a small place I really like singing My mother said that when I was a baby, I already started humming songs before I could speak And I really like to perform in front of people My bed was my stage And the carrot was my microphone Then I went to school, when the teacher was lecturing I was down there writing lyrics And staring at the photo of my favorite singer I dreamed that someday, I could stand on the glorious stage to perform like them Then high school started and my grades kept falling My mother said it was all because of the music So she tore my lyrics book in pieces and didn’t allow me to sing anymore We had fights for many times because of this And then, I finally started college I joined the school’s choir And practiced singing with my classmates everyday During a semester, I even became the main vocal That was the happiest time of my life Every night, when everybody was already sleeping I covered myself under the blankets and wrote songs secretly At that moment, I decided to attend the talent show Even though I didn’t know if I really have that talent But let just try then But when I really attended the talent show, I realized that There were so many people out there can sing very well too My level was totally not outstanding at all I was often criticized by the judges and mentors They said I wouldn’t be able to go further I really felt so sad at that time But I just couldn’t give up my music dream easily like that, right? Then I traveled to Beijing by train to attend various talent shows Hoping that some day I will be successful Beijing is the place for all the musicians to make their music dream come true Unfortunately, God still didn’t bless me I’ve attended for about seven, eight talent shows But I couldn’t even pass the primary election Ok stop, are you trying to tell me a whole story? Aren’t you just trying to express that You have a dream to be a singer, then you attended so many talent shows but got eliminated at the first round, right? There was one time I could get into the second round But then got eliminated at the second round again, right? Did I say it wrong? It seems that you really like music I don’t just like music, music is my passion, I have ardent love for music No matter how you love music, we don’t recruit singers here I know, I’m here to apply for the job as the assistant in PR team So you just give up your music dream? Not really… I mean after attending so many talent shows and failing, I accept the fact that I don’t have that talent So I should just have a decent job But I still want to have a job that is related to music Any job is fine So I hope to work at Star Entertainment I like the artists in your company too See? She is just like the ones before They all just want to work here so they can have chance to sing and meet idols I told you that we shouldn’t hire these who come from the talent shows We should hire the science majors I studied about computer in college I watched your information I have even never heard of the college you studied in The dancing and singing you learned, we don’t need that ok When I graduated, I ranked 8th in my class Here is my school report, please have a look Forget her, let call the next one in, hey Let her finish her words first Boss Yu If you can give me a chance, I guarantee to do my best And repay you with a huge surprise Shoo shoo, what surprise even? Don’t try to trick us with the surprise or something Just leave, there are still a lot of people waiting behind you We will consider about you seriously Just wait for our call, ok Just leave already What are you looking at? Did you see it? Even that little girl saw my masterpiece What are you doing? Isn’t that obvious enough? Let get back to business How do you think about her? She… / I think she is good Her persistent attitude is suitable for your PR department Our PR team must have the shameless attitude And I don’t think she has that If she could convince me for five more minutes, maybe I would accept her You think everyone is as shameless as you Can you please just not treat me so.. so… / Next Next, number fifteen Come with me Is anyone available to help me carry this to the film studio? Let me help you Thank you What is this thing? All is the clothes I’m so sorry Are you alright? I’m sorry Who are you? I’m sorry director, we’re here to bring clothes to Boxu Can’t you see we’re filming here? Don’t you know to enter from the other side? Who is your boss? How do you feel to be thrown like this? Didn’t I just tell you to respect other people? Don’t you understand this word or you have never heard of it or your mother never taught you that? Sorry, I forgot it Come on, let help him and see if he’s injured You can take some rest first now We will film later Let’s do it again Boxu let have some water Do you only know to give me water? Give me my phone But Ms.Sun asked me to keep your phone She is afraid you will make Weibo posts randomly Did I say I will make Weibo posts? Give me the phone, quick But if I give it to you, I will be scolded Ok fine, you can keep it, ok I’m in very bad mood today Don’t let me see your face, ok Xiao Jian Put it here Boxu, the sponsored clothes are here There are 23 outfits in total, do you want fit it? Xiao Jian Can you have some discernment? Zheng Boxu, I’m sorry For messing up with your filming a while ago Don’t you recognize me? It’s me, do you remember? Sorry, I can’t remember I have no mood Hello May I ask where I should put these performing outfits? Put it in front of the door Thank you Xiao Gao, can you fix computer? Does anyone know to fix computer? Boss Du’s computer is down, can anyone fix it? I can You’re here for the recruitment today? You can fix computer? I studied about computer in college so I fixed computer as part-time job Ok, come with me Ok Chang Ran, I understand all you said But I believe you can see his changes after all these years He has become an out and out broker Hello boss Du I arrived at the company I will talk to you later, bye My friend really did see him with another woman that day I know, I know it’s not a big thing Chang Ran We three have been knowing each other for so long You must know what type of person I, Du Wanqing, am better than anyone else When I married Chen Tianhao He had nothing in hands I didn’t seek fame and wealth so why I married to him? I just wanted to seek after the pure love But what now? This love has turned bad I don’t want it anymore Who are you? How did you get in here? Who let you get in here? You’re not even our staff My.. my name is Yang Zhenzhen I’m still not your staff yet but I already applied for it They already let me fix computer for you Did you catch everything I said a while ago? No How long are you going to stand here for? The computer is fixed, I’m leaving now Hold up What is your name again? My name is Yang Zhenzhen “Zhen” means “Real” I swear I will not say anything to anyone Get out Did you wear the outfit that I prepared for you yesterday? I was surrounded by perils, I will tell you later Xia Yuan, open the door You’re back! Ok wait, I’m coming Please wait a minute I’m coming Oh you’re back I prepared a surprise for you, close your eyes first I’m closing now Welcome home, come in Don’t open your eyes ok Be careful There’s a stair, step on it Stand still, don’t move Don’t open your eyes ok Yang Zhenzhen I know you went through failures and attacks over and over again But it doesn’t matter Failure is the mother success I hope that the road you walk on in the future will be like this flower road Very gorgeous and beautiful And also It’s best if on another point of this road There will be a prince waiting for our Zhenzhen princess How is that? Do you? Yes, I do Put a ring on my finger then You wish I also prepared a magic wand I hope that all the failures and frustrations Yang Zhenzhen had before will disappear Only sunshine and beautiful things are waiting for her Hello, it’s the fresh food Hello, come here This is the fresh food you ordered Please have a check Ok Xiao Jian Come here Try listening to this Then tell me if it’s good if I use rap to sing it How is that? Do you have any feels? What feels? I don’t really understand much Don’t you have any feels while listening to a song? I’m sorry Boxu but you should know that I don’t understand much about music It’s ok if you don’t understand but does it sound good or not? It sounds good Fine You go do your things Boxu, boss Liu scolded me again today Because you made random Weibo posts, he asked me to ask you not do it again This Liu Yinan doesn’t allow me to go out or go online Does he really think he’s my guardian? Ms.Sun said I shouldn’t give you the phone too If she’s not happy, you can ask her to come find me And if that Liu Yinan scolds you again, you can tell him back that I made the Weibo posts myself Got it? But how can I be that brave? Boss Liu is very fierce when he scolds people, I heard that he will even beat people I won’t dare talk back at him unless I want to die You are my assistant You should stand in my position to deal with problems and solve problems Not standing in their side and speaking for them, got it? But I don’t want to offend anyone And, also How did Liu Yinan know that I went to a bar? Did you tell him? No, I didn’t Are you sure? It was really not me Ok, go do your things Hey I bought a scarf but it doesn’t suit me If you like it, you can take it, it’s in my room But it’s too expensive Do you want it? I want I’m going to make juice for you then This Liu Yinan wants to mess with me now He even sends a newbie just to satisfy me I’ll be an idiot if I don’t expose him on Weibo Then you went straight into the film studio? I also created a mess I accidentally shoved a dancer to the ground Did you get scolded? It seems none You’re lucky then Let’s be serious Did you see that super star? How is he? Is he super handsome and attractive? Yes, I saw him He was practicing dancing, maybe for MV But he is not my cup of tea Are you serious Yang Zhenzhen? It doesn’t seem right Or did you know any gossips? Say it Listen, that guy is really super arrogant and overweening, he’s really…. He has only one expression If you want to know how an artist is, just look at his assistant Do you know what “Keep quiet out of fear” means? I feel like that little girl will die soon under his hands It’s not big deal, he is an idol after all Idol being arrogant is very normal If I were a celebrity, I might be even more arrogant I don’t want to talk to you anymore Let me see if he posted anything on Weibo Yang Zhenzhen He really posted something He posted about MV filming Let see what he posted “So many NGs” “Various unexpected accidents” “When can I have a professional team?” If you were at the site, you would know how hard the dancer fell just by hearing the sound Then this Zheng Boxu is really different from the others Usually the other artists will post the comforting words or something about this situation But he really says what he wants to say That director really scolded people so fiercely at the site But I remember that he was the only one who went to support the dancer Then it means he is an honest boy, a good person, right? He is a rich kid after all, it’s normal that he has strong words But he would get hate easily if he makes posts like this Let see how many people bash him If there’s no hate, let see how many memes of him there are There are really so many memes of him, look at this This is too funny Zhenzhen, if you really can work at that Star Entertainment company Then you can meet the living meme anywhere, anytime Shut up If I work there, I will definitely stay away from him Or I will die because of him Why? Didn’t you attend a talent show with him before? You two can be called “half friend” During the talent show, I helped hand the microphone to him Now that he became a celebrity, there’s no one in his eyes anymore I greeted him today And he didn’t even look at me Do you know how awkward I felt? It’s very normal tho If I were a celebrity, I would stay away from the friends in the past So I wouldn’t think of the difficulties back then You put the whole future of the company on one artist I don’t think it’s a right thing I’ve explained about this for many times, I don’t want to say it anymore He has little talent but too many bad habits When he gets popular, it won’t be easy to control him I did consider about this He has something I want You boost him up by making black operations with the organizer It’s totally not fair to the young people who have better voice than him You can be popular with your voice? You were a singer, do you even believe that? It’s because I experienced this type of unfairness, I don’t want it to happen again Because I experienced this type of unfairness too, now I know that holding the initiative is the most important Hello Yes, hello Really? Ok ok I will be there to check in today Xia Yuan Star Entertainment called me to officially go to work today Great First step of life changing Has happened unimaginably well What is awaiting for me? I’ve told you so many times Don’t let Zheng Boxu make Weibo posts randomly At least you have to check what he is going post before he posts it Are you carrying rubbish on your shoulders? How come you can’t remember anything? Let go see how the comments about that look like Xiao Jian, didn’t I tell you about that? How can you be so careless at work? Ms.Sun, every time I told him about that, he will scold me, how can I make him listen to me? If he scolded the irrelevant people, it doesn’t matter But look what he said, “When can I have a professional team?” That’s it, that one line offended the whole filming crew And that one time, a reporter asked him some strange questions He then scolded the whole media team Then I had to invite those chief editors to have meal to settle it down He is not the only artist in our company How are we PR team supposed to do if he keeps being like this? He is someone who attracts hate easily, he never thinks before speaking Are you still laughing? Can you take it serious? He doesn’t think before speaking then you don’t either? The MV director just called me this morning Everything he said was aiming at me He said I stepped on his crew to boost Zheng Boxu, he said I did dirty promotion What did I do to deserve it? Boss Liu, our Boxu is still too immature that he caused troubles for you But we know you’re an amazing staff Even if it’s a rascal, you still can turn him into a good boy Am I right? Don’t try to flatter me, it’s no use If he keeps being like this, I really can’t clean the image for him, got it? Does it even bring benefit for him? I’ve told Boxu so many times But he just won’t listen And I can’t watch him for 24 hours anyway Yeah, you’re always right We PR team worked so hard to build an image for him Just by one Weibo post, our works are all in vain Then what should we do? How about you talk to him? It’s always me who have to solve the problem I.. you two just leave I need some peace Come in It’s you Hello boss Liu Boss Du asked me to come report with you You good, Yang Zhenzhen right? Why didn’t you tell me about your relationship with boss Du before? I still haven’t known boss Du at that time No? It can’t be If you don’t know her, why would she ask me to have a meeting with you? Maybe because I know to fix computer Fix computer? So you and her doesn’t know each other But I don’t really care about that You can get into relationship with boss Du means you’re not a simple person We PR team needs talented people like you From now on, let use all that talent on the job, ok Ok I really have a challenging job in hands If you can do it well It means you do have talent Are you willing to do it? I guarantee to finish the job well Are you my assistant or I am your assistant? Next time you forget the key again, just pack your things and leave Who are you? I’m Yang Zhenzhen Yang Zhenzhen? You’re the one who made the dancer fall at the film studio yesterday It was just an accident Actually we have been knowing each other before No wonder I feel so familiar You’re not my fan You’re a paparazzi? You sneak into here right? You’re now breaking into someone’s house, you know? I can sue you I’m neither your fan or paparazzi, we’re colleagues I’m in Star Entertainment’s PR team, boss Liu asked me to come have some discussion with you You’re sent from Liu Yinan? I don’t have mood right now, you can leave If there’s anything, ask that Liu Yinan to come talk to directly I don’t know you, why do I have to talk with you? Remember to lock the door when you leave Don’t touch anything in this house Hey Boss Liu asked you not to post on Weibo, Wechat or friend circle And not log into any social accounts If you have anything to say, tell him and he will write a draft for you Yang Zhenzhen Come here Quick Did you see it? Is he going to post some inside news? Are you really that free to care about the gossips? Listen Whenever he makes posts, it’s never about the good things I asked to send my words to him What did you say to excite him like this? I didn’t excite him No way Then why did he make a Weibo post like this? Tell me exactly what happened Tell me He said he had no mood then left And then? Then he entered a room and locked it I was afraid he couldn’t listen so I shouted it out what you want to tell him You yelled at him right? I yelled because I was afraid he couldn’t listen, not because I was impolite Fine, you’re quite fierce You dared to yell at him Do you what consequence the last person who yelled at him had? He fired that person even before they finished their words What a huge trouble you brought to me, Zhenzhen Even firing you is the smallest punishment for you What did I do to get fired? How dare you still fight back? Why can’t I fire you? It was just a simple mission I only asked you to send my words to him, asking him not to make Weibo posts Now what? A huge trouble for me Do you think you finished the mission? It’s more like you giving mission for me If he has any misunderstandings with me, I can go explain to him You can’t even find him to explain Not answering phone call, not replying messages, where is he? Yet you want to explain But if he reacts like this just because my voice is loud then he is very nonsense Yang Zhenzhen, I think I can’t communicate with you anymore Come in Did you find him? Xiao Jian can only cry, she doesn’t know where Zheng Boxu goes And she can’t think of a place that he might go either Useless person You all are useless Listen here One more hour and Zheng Boxu will start throwing bomb And Yang Zhenzhen, you’re going to catch it Me? Who else if not you? You now have two options You either find Zheng Boxu or make him not to make Weibo post If you can’t do any of it, pack your things and leave Then what if I can do it? If you can do it all My name will no longer be Liu Yinan, ok Liu Yinv? (“Nan” means Boys, “Nv” means Girls) Shut up and get out of here Oh dear Liu Yinan Let me expose your dirty trick by buying fake views, fake comments Then I’ll see how you’re going to respond Did you see Zheng Boxu’s Weibo? He said he will expose something at four o’clock Zheng Boxu is such a savage He always exposes everything We’re all waiting for his gossips Zheng Boxus is truly Big Mouth, he’s not afraid of anything Did you see how people leave hate comments for him a few days ago? It’s so funny, I laughed so hard I actually kind of like him He is not fake, he says what he wants Once he opens his mouth, he offends someone He is quite dumbly cute If he exposes a big thing today, maybe I will become his fans Cute my ass He only knows to make troubles So annoying No way I’m always signed in my Weibo account, aren’t I? I never changed my password What happened? You good He dared to change my Weibo password Yang Zhenzhen, it’s four o’clock now And Zheng Boxu didn’t make any post I think you won’t be fired anymore right? I actually hope you can stay I hope so too She’s coming Come here Yang Zhenzhen, what did you do? Say it What do you mean? Stop acting Zheng Boxu didn’t make that Weibo post Judging by his character, he’s not someone like that Even us can’t find him Did you do anything? Maybe Xiao Jian succeeded in persuading him Quit acting with me What did you do? Say it I just did some small technical trick What trick? I changed his Weibo password So you’re saying you just solved the problem in an easy way like this? Are you a hacker? I’m still not on the level of a hacker Changing password is just an easy thing to do, we often did it in college What are you laughing? Boss Liu, should I call you Yinv bro from now on? Or Yinv sis? What is that? Nothing, we just made a bet If she can stop Zheng Boxu, I will change my name Hello Boxu But there are two things she must do One, stop Zheng Boxu from posting Two, find Zheng Boxu Where is he now? Oh my God Hey, isn’t that my little Lord? We have been looking for you for a whole morning Don’t touch me Tell me, who? Who… what? Who froze my Weibo? Weibo? Who? Who froze his Weibo? I’m asking you all, who froze Boxu’s Weibo? Stand out I know you did it Listen, you better make up for the troubles you made You again? Don’t tell me this stupid idea is yours I don’t know what you’re saying PR team is really full of amazing people They all can act innocent so well Boxu, calm down Don’t argue with the less well-informed newbie I just made a promotion plan, I need to discuss it with you Let come to my office Boss Liu is truly the king of changing subject Boxu is just a simple child How come you can never solve any problem but other people can? Boss Liu is an expert, I can never be like him You always find excuse Zhenzhen, I must praise you on this thing today You’ve done well My little master, you’re finally back, let have a seat Who did it? It was just the part-time staff Don’t show that laughing face to me Get your hands off Listen This is not over Oh please Don’t argue with a child That little girl is tactless She even scared me Don’t worry, I won’t forgive her I will teach her a lesson Don’t worry about it anymore So it was her Right? She’s just a newbie, let be easy on her Zhenzhen: Today is so dangerous Xia Yuan: What’s the tea? Tell me, quick Zhenzhen: This is company’s secret, I can’t be a big mouth Xie Yuan: Boring Zhenzhen: First day at work and I can dodge the danger, seems like Star Entertainment and I are destined, haha Hello Yes, I am Lan Fang Yuan’s milk tea In the record studio right? Ok, I’ll go right now


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