[ENG/MYA/ESP] The Brightest Star In The Sky Drama Z.TAO, Wuqian Episode 3

You can leave now This is the key and room’s card You will enter through there, the housemaid’s entrance I was dissed by him, help me So boring This is not right Didn’t you prepare everything? You prepared well for every words When you face him just say you won’t be his assistant What now? You were scared as soon as you meet him He talked even more than me I was so well prepared Yet got hit right straight into the heart The moment I said it, he saw through my mind Well, maybe he was just try to be against you Do you remember You froze his Weibo last time He sure will remember you It’s time to press for personal vengeance He will take this opportunity to repress you If you’re really upset, just quit Why? It was not easy to be accepted to Star Entertainment I got chosen among thousand people Ok. The name of Star Entertainment is really attractive Then even if you quit later Your starting point is still higher than others I’ve given up on singing anyway I gave up once So I can’t give up again Unless they don’t need me anymore Otherwise I will never give up on my own initiative You really have a smart brain You have clear thoughts for yourself Then why are you still tangling yourself here? What are you thinking? Making up your mind is one thing Facing with Zheng Boxu And got treated like a maid It’s… What? Just think about it from another angle Think about it Those who want to chase after celebrities They have to follow them to many places It’s even hard to get an autograph And you? You’re with him every day You can look at his handsome face, a healthy figure Follow him to all kinds of events Take first class flight Living in five-star hotel It’s just amazing But I’m still just a maid anyway Then you think about it one more time You can be intimate with your little master everyday Maybe someday you will love each other Hey All I have is being scolded and ordered everyday I’m the only one there scratching my face in embarrassment Whatever you said What am I supposed to say anymore? Well then I don’t care anymore You’re so boring anyway Think about it by yourself, I don’t care All we have to do is break the daydream And face the bloody reality To be a real warrior The phone‘s ringing Who? The one who hates me the most, Liu Yinan Zheng Boxu must have talked bad about me with him Yang Zhenzhen, congratulations On officially stepping into a mine-filled assistant career Answer it. Come on Smile. Come on Hello boss Liu Come in Sit You have met Zheng Boxu How do you get along with each other? Did he say something to you ? What do you mean? You are in trouble with him again He said He’s satisfied with me Look Boss Yu and I always have good eyes We say you can, you can You need to be confident,okay? You only have one mission Make him be a good handsome boy Master Chang The company wants to make a new single for Zheng Boxu I’ve got to find someone to record a demo for him I remember the last time I talked to you about a singer at the pub I think he’s good Yes Send someone to meet him This is Yang Zhenzhen Zheng Boxu’s assistant Bring him to the company Yu Zirui Handsome man You sing well Let’s have a drink I don’t drink Ms.Li you look beautiful as usual I’ll drink with you Your hair looks amazing Yang Zhenzhen You still remember me May I sit here ? Take a seat When I was on stage I was afraid I mistook you for someone else We haven’t seen each other again after talent show I never thought you would sing here What are you doing? Do you still attend the talent show? I gave up After all, I don’t have that talent But you still can persist, I envy you Maybe because I can’t do anything else except singing So I persist But you see I still haven’t got any achievements But I think you’re kind of popular here Who is that lady? She is Ms.Li It’s a regular customer here She wanted to drink with me But I saw you So I want to say hello to you first Are you drinking with people? Of course I’m not drinking But the basic response is needed anyway I’m sick of it But she looks like she’s rich Maybe she is She seems to be doing some kind of business She’s not going to have an eye on you, is she? You just said that this is the second time we’ve met after the talent show Then why would you speak sarcastically with me like that? I just think that Since you can rely on your appearance Don’t make it too hard for yourself Come on. I don’t think so Please don’t play me All right If you come here again All your food and drink, it’s my treat Good Today is your treat Because I got a good news for you It might change your life That would be great This miserable life of mine needs to be changed now You’re probably that person who can help me I’m working at Star Entertainment right now As Zheng Boxu’s assistant Star Entertainment I know it A big company Zheng Boxu The super star I remember we attended the talent show together But now you work for him as an assistant It’s not easy right? Easy or not, it depends on who it is But I don’t believe that I can’t control him Now company is giving him a single We want you to record the demo for him Such a good chance You have to try What if you sing so well Then get signed in our company It’s not that easy Our company music director Chang Ran asked for you He thinks you have a unique style of singing Master Chang overpraised me However, master Chang surely has high standard for art So it was such a good opportunity You should seize it There’s no harm in it anyway There are a lot of musicians who sing demo for the stars But they still can’t make it I have a friend He couldn’t become popular either Do you have any other scruples? Let be honest I don’t want to sing for Zheng Boxu Why? During the talent show He was very hostile to me It wouldn’t be pleasant if we meet again But you sing better than him You’re just lack of chance If you have a chance You will surely make it Last time in the talent show I found you sing the best I don’t have much talent for singing But I’m confident in my level of appreciating others And in this industry So many people succeeded after going through a lot of hardships So If you have a fragile heart in this industry, it will be broken into pieces You must seize every opportunity You always think highly of me Because you’re great Did Boxu’s fans pay you tribute? Belgian handmade chocolate, taste it I don’t eat How many times have I told you ? We can’t take advantage of people like this You just won’t listen to me I’m just a poor kid Never had any good food since I was a kid Sister, I know you love me And give me such a good job I will repay you well in the future I don’t want you to repay me Just don’t bring trouble to me Don’t make it like I’m a useless person I did help solve Zheng Boxu’s problem in assistant Sure I praise you for this I hear he’s quite satisfied with Zhenzhen Yang Zhenzhen is surely better than Xiao Jian I hope she can last long Don’t let me worry about it I just praised you, you’re now back to your usual self That’s all you can do anyway Yang Zhenzhen quite loves smug She posts so many selfies I asked her to go take package for me and she still could take selfie Are you that free? Go to work My God What are you yelling at? what are you making a fuss about? Sister, I found a large gossip How about it? Not bad Melodies are fine The part of chorus is quite remarkable As a whole, this song is best suited The song was recommended to me by Liu Yinan I think it’s good too I’ll get Wanqing over here to hear it Wait I have something to discuss with you Liu Yinan talked with me about the promotion idea for the new single I want to give Zheng Boxu a new position New position? How? We will make him a singer-songwriter artist A singer-songwriter? How does Boxu say about this? Will he cooperate? He doesn’t need to know about this We will write his name on it for the promotion Do you think he will really explain it to everyone? And he’s not the one I’m worried about You’re worried about Wanqing right? Yes You know her She will surely object it So I need your help That’s why I’m informing you in advanced And you should support me We must consider the company’s overall situation Right? Soon I will convene an inside meeting To announce about making company listed So this new single of Zheng Boxu must become a big hit fast Success or failure is all relied on this Right? Did you wait for too long? Let’s go inside Ok He’s so handsome He’s really handsome Your company looks great Then let sign in here They’re our artists Let’s go Come in Hello This is Yu Zirui This is recording master, master Gao Hello master Let check out the lyrics and learn the melody, we will play the song for you Ok Please put on headphones Master, I hope you can adjust the low pitch to higher and turn off the audio mixing Ok, no problem [Written and Composed: Zheng Boxu] What’s wrong Zirui? I can’t sing this song Zirui He’s not even a celebrity yet his attitude is already too much Where did you find someone like this? I’m so sorry master, there must be some misunderstandings Zirui What’s wrong? Did I do anything wrong? Zhenzhen I believe you’re innocent What happened? Who wrote that song? They say it’s Zheng Boxu Zheng Boxu? Can he even write song? I think he can? That song was written by me I never expected a big company like Star Entertainment would even plagiarize me, a nobody’s work like this Moreover, they dared to write Zheng Boxu’s name on it That’s totally shameless That song is yours? I still have the original file in my computer But the company said this is Zheng Boxu’s new single this year And it’s an important project, there will be a MV filming in America Let’s try figuring everything out first What if there was misunderstanding? If it’s really yours, I’ll definitely help you protect your work I hope it’s a misunderstanding I’m sorry Zhenzhen For putting you into an awkward situation because of me It’s fine You should go home to have some rest Ok, goodbye Zheng Boxu I have something to ask you Please come here Zheng Boxu What’s up? Get up here I have something to ask you, it’s important No, you get down here Get up Are you crazy? I have something to ask you, turn around Turn around How dare an assistant like you be this arrogant Do I look like an easy person to you? I have something to ask you Is your new song written by you? Which one? That song which you can’t sing it well Is there any song I can’t sing well? Do you even understand music? You got eliminated at first round in talent show, you’re not qualified enough to criticize me Don’t try to avoid my question, it’s that song called “Love” It’s none of your business Get out Your attitude right now is showing that you feel guilty and unconfident So it’s sure that you plagiarized Thief I’ve never said I wrote that song, how dare you call me a thief? But your name is written there How would I know? Who else knows if you don’t know? How amazing that an assistant like you speaking with me like that I repeat, I don’t know anything about this It’s none of your business either You’d better tell Liu Yinan stop making me take all the faults just for promotion I don’t care who wrote that song, I don’t allow anyone to use my name for it Understand? Get out So you’re saying you totally don’t know anything at all I have no any duty to report anything to you at all, you should ask them yourself I’m your assistant, of course I have to ask you This is a serious issue, I have to figure it out or I won’t feel comfortable Why should I help you? Why should I make you comfortable? What if you were kept in the dark too? I met the writer of the song today, they said they didn’t know you’re going to sing their song The writer name was changed into your name too, they might sue you Let him sue then Even if you sound like you don’t care, don’t you have knowledge about intellectual property rights? If this gets exposed, you’re lying to the audience and might even get into trouble with lawsuit Don’t try to scare me I’m totally innocent in this issue Ignorance can be forgiven, understand? And can you please stop talking on and on like a crow and close your mouth for a while? A crow still knows to cherish its feathers You’re even worse than a bird Ms.Li is coming to catch you again Get out I don’t have mood for your joke today Wait a sec After hearing what you said to me through the call a while ago On the contrary, I don’t think this is too bad Not too bad? Don’t rush Here’s a thing, are you sure the song is really yours? Not just sound alike? 100 percent sure They don’t even change one note Ok Yu Zirui, your chance has come Are you crazy? You regard this as a chance for me? You’re the crazy one Yes, this is sure a disgusting thing to do Extremely disgusting But let try thinking in another point of view We can use this issue to make fame Zheng Boxu’s impact will make you popular too I don’t need anyone’s impact And I don’t like these dirty trick either I only want justice for myself You see, Star Entertainment is a big company in the showbiz after all Why would they plagiarize my work? Why would they do such a dirty thing like this? Don’t be childish They’re really this dirty, what else can you do? You still need the media to bring justice for you You’re just a nobody, how can you fight with a company? Media Sometimes the media is not the reliable one Let alone, a big company like Star Entertainment sure will have a good connection with the media And in the end, they push all the fault to me And accuse me of plagiarizing Zheng Boxu Impossible, we have evidences anyway Don’t forget it On this road, I’ve experienced a lot of shady deals, you know it right? Evidences are not useful anymore It still can be manipulated If it is so, we must grasp the initiative How? We will contact the media which can’t be bribed Then give them the evidences to expose the breaking news to kill them unawares I don’t want to bring this issue to the public Once the public starts discussing about it, it will become a mess I don’t want to be dragged into it What will you do? I want to use law to protect my right Law? Do you think it’s easier? Let’s not talk about the others, money is already the biggest problem, can you afford? Hey, do you know Wu Gong? An independent critic I know him A sharp tongued person, right? Yes This person goes after the independence He won’t be controlled by the media As I know, he has been criticizing Zheng Boxu ever since he debuted He is the biggest enemy to his fandom So he may be the right person for us Thank you master Chang Hello Zhenzhen Zirui I helped you ask about the writer’s name thing It might be a misunderstanding Let’s talk face to face Zhenzhen If you’re going to speak for Zheng Boxu, then forget it I can tolerate everything Except plagiarizing my works I’m sorry Talk to you later Good news Why don’t you ask me what good news? What good news do you have? My friend helped us contact Wu Gong We will meet tomorrow, let get ready Really? Can you stop looking so sad all the time? This is a good news, can you at least give me a smile? Let’s use this chance to teach them a lesson Zhenzhen called me She said it might be just a misunderstanding I’m wondering if we should have some talk She called you means there might be something in it They called you first means they feel guilty I’m sure they want to negotiate the conditions with you I don’t need any conditions, I only hope they will stop the plagiarism Are you stupid? It’s never going to be that simple It’s a rare chance, you should seize it Don’t make a great deal out of this Coward Fine, you don’t have to worry about it, I’ll deal with it What are you going to do? They already admit their fault Then we should strike while the iron is hot and hit them while they are down Don’t play with fire Let’s get real Tell me, do you want to become get famous? If you do, you must listen to me You’re not allowed to meet Zheng Boxu’s assistant now You are getting a lawyer We’re helping him, aren’t we? We’re sending him to the hot search, top news then straight to hell Every staff in the company will hold the share I hope everyone will regard Star Entertainment as your family In this way, our company will get better and bigger But of course, we’re going to face with the challenges We must work hard to try our best to win over the investment But I believe everyone here will do your job well To maintain the company’s image Because the company is good, we’re good too, right? Let’s applaud Well said Tianhao, come out Just now I asked the employees to maintain a good image of our company Then you burst in without asking You are doing me a big favour, thank you See who’s talking We are put to shame by everything you are doing right now What do you mean? Calm down Tell me what happened Why did you let Zheng Boxu plagiarize other people’s work? Once the company gets involved with this, we will become the joke in this industry Did Chang Ran tell you this? So Chang Ran knew about this too And you two teamed up to hide it from me Then who told you? Just tell me if this thing is true Yes It’s my plan I’ve said before When Zheng Boxu releases new song, there must be a big impact Only then it can help push the process of making company listed Let’s look at the promotion strategies nowadays There are too much of “National Husband”, “Little Fresh Meat”, “Idol” and “Male God” already So Liu Yinan suggested an idea, we will make Zheng Boxu a singer-songwriter artist Then he will be on another level with the other young artists Moreover, he is more handsome and popular then the other singer-songwriter artists Isn’t it great? This is your smug calculations? It’s just a petty trick from Liu Yinan He confirmed with me The original writer of that song is his people There won’t be problem But I heard the writer has contacted Wu Gong to accused us of plagiarism Wu Gong? He is now trying to find out the name of this song If he really finds the evidence, you must know the consequences Wu Gong is not someone who can be stopped easily Something is wrong? Chang Ran, how can you agree with his action when you’re the music manager? It’s unacceptable Mr.Liu Wait Mr.Liu Dong, you dare to fool me Please let talk properly, don’t be violent You’re asking to be beaten, you know? Did you really write that song? Tell me Yes Still trying to fool me? No, I’m not Stand up Listen, stop fooling me or I will smash you like a ball Fine, I will be honest with you I heard it from somewhere else or whatever Whatever? I’ve asked you so many times if you’re the writer of the song But you told me not find song that has writer I heard that song from a young guy at the pub and I think it’s not bad Then I wrote it down, so there’s no any difference anyway How dare you say so? You fooled me Now the writer has come to our company And accused us of plagiarism Mr.Liu, it’s not a big deal Give him some money and it will be fine Bring him to me, I will handle it Handle your ass You only bring trouble to me Such a useless person Mr.Liu Hello Boxu Welcome, Boxu What is going on? Nothing Just some problem in propaganda You don’t have to worry about that You only need to practice your new song well I won’t sing this “Love” song, let change it I agree I’ve told master Chang to give you some new demos to listen Can I sing the songs I write? The songs you give me are totally not the style I want Can you give me some to check it out? I’ve told you many times that I want to do rap music R&B and EDM music In the nowadays market, this type of song is No, you can’t When you signed the contract, you promised to listen to me, remember? I will do my best to help you become the top star So you must accept the position company gives you You must cooperate I can accept the position you give But I can’t accept to sing the songs I don’t like, understand? What I’m doing now is C-POP Yes, C-POP I’m actually a fan of C-POP too I think C-POP has farsightedness and it will
have a proper place in the market in the future But doing C-POP at this moment is a risk, understand? If you don’t try, how can you know it’s a risk and it won’t succeed? We can try But only after you gain a bigger fandom and more values in the market Then you can try various music genres and new things Can you not only focus on the business to consider everything? We don’t make music for fans only, we have to make more people who don’t know me listen my music This is called national popularity We should even let people from overseas listen to Chinese music That is C-POP and it’s my dream How do you know we can’t make it come true? We shouldn’t be defined by the world, it’s us who define the world We will make people follow our era, we will create a new era and trend, understand? This is a very big dream and plan But there’s a problem I will be honest with you There are still not too many people know you No matter how great you’re doing in C-POP What if there are only ten people know you? If you have about ten or eighty million fans, you can do whatever you want So now you must listen to us Let gain popularity slowly first Then you can do C-POP or J-POP or even Z-POP, whatever POP you want Right? Take it easy Actually you’re doing great enough already, take it easy How long do I have wait? Ten years? I don’t have that much time Look how well this pair of shades suit you You’re a super star, a celebrity Not an artist Come on, put on the shades, show them you’re the C-POP super star What’s wrong with you Zhenzhen? You don’t look happy Did anyone upset you? You seem to have some worries in your mind She comes here whenever she’s not happy What’s wrong? Is there any difficulties at work? I can never hide anything from you Having difficulties at work is very normal, right? Just like me having the hard to please customers in my shop, right? Let me tell you, if we these old men don’t visit your shop, it will be closed down soon Zhenzhen, you should help invite more customers to my shop I will give kickback later These customers are not welcomed anymore I wish I could be as happy as you Zhenzhen, listen, you will understand after some more months at work That every difficulties can be solved As long as you do your best, that’s enough Don’t make it too hard for yourself Hello Where are you? Is Zheng Boxu with you? No Where is he? I don’t know Find him for me, quick Don’t let him bring any more troubles for me Where am I supposed to find him? How would I know? Quit talking and go find him I.. Rui, guess what I saw Zheng Boxu, he came to our pub Come here quick, I’ll hold him and call the paparazzi, hurry [Zheng Boxu is at Hu Tao Li pub! There will be breaking news! Come quick!] Hi What do you want? Nothing I think you don’t know me It’s ok if you don’t know me But I know you You’re Zheng Boxu, who made his name overnight Don’t think people can’t recognize you under those shades Just take it off, it’s dark here What do you want? I should be the one who asks you that What do you mean? Excuse my manners, let me introduce myself I’m Yi Zirui’s manager Didn’t you send your assistant to negotiate with Zirui? Now I’m here, let’s talk face to face When did I contact him? Do I even know him? So you don’t know him You were the champion in that talent show But everyone said Zirui was the real champion How can you forget such a strong competitor? Yi Zirui, I have some little impression about him Finally you remember him But both his talent and appearances are so ordinary Too ordinary Then why do you still plagiarize his work?


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