ENG SUB |《夢迴 Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty》EP27——主演:李蘭迪,王安宇,辛雲來

I used to gaze at the mountains and the sea. The vault of heaven opened all of a sudden. Do you know love can last a lifetime? A willow is no match for the wind, the sea is no match for a mote. We wait for our love to last forever until we’re grey-headed. I’m playing a sorrowful tune on the lute. But I’ve got no one to appreciate my music. A beauty is reduced to a lonely life. With tears in her eyes, she’s reluctant to leave. Time elapses so quickly. The vermilion gates and the green tiles have long gone. I hope you’ll show pity on me and allow me to exist for love. I’ll be reincarnated time and again for you. All I ever want is to be part of your life. Even if it’s just a dream, I’d love to indulge in it and never wake up. I come for you, my love is the tenderest dialogue. The mortal life is transient,
but my love for you is permanent and always the same. Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty
Episode 27 Greetings to you, Your Majesty. Your Majesty, it is time for you to take the medicine. Good medicine tastes bitter. Drink some tea to dilute the bitterness. Your Majesty, I found that you have been keen on playing
with the balance that Yinxiang gave you. Why is it so interesting? This child gave me such an article. He really gave much thought to me. I didn’t give birth to Yinxiang, but I brought him up. He is smart and considerate. Though he sometimes acts in a childish manner, he is very mature and prudent inside. It is natural for him to be like that since he is your son. He is as thoughtful as you. Tell me, am I old? Your Majesty, are you joking? You are not old at all. However, our children have all grown up. They make you concerned about a lot of their matters. Our eighth son presses on at every stage. The Crown Prince asked to be deprived of his title. Yinzhen and Yinxiang are slaves of feelings. They all make me worried about them. The dragon has nine sons, but they all have different personalities. Your Majesty, don’t worry about them too much. They have their own fates. I also want to be worry-free, but there are many small and big state affairs every day. Recently, I have really been feeling tired. I have been feeling powerless more often than not. Your Majesty, where did that come from? The regime of our Great Qing Dynasty is stable and secure with our people living in prosperity and tranquility. These are all your achievements and thanks to your grace. Nonetheless, Your Majesty
has been overworked in the state affairs, and it is time for you to have a good rest. Did I say something wrong? You said the right thing. I really need to have a good rest. It is time for me to pick a qualified Crown Prince for our Great Qing Dynasty. It is an urgency to decide the Crown Prince. Crown Prince. Yinxiang. You are here. Thank you for helping me, Your Highness. I can’t repay your kindness enough. I caused you to have suffered so much wrong for no reason. I owe you a lot. What did you say? When I agreed to do it, I said I was willing to make any sacrifices voluntarily. I only want to have a clear conscience. I really admire you for your broad mind and holistic vision. People have to make choice. Some people chose the righteous cause. Some people chose the power and rank. There is a scale in everyone’s heart. The direction in which the scale will tilt is unknown. However, no matter what direction it will incline toward, one can’t lose one’s conscience. Otherwise, as one walks, he will get lost. For all the past time, Your Highness has been drawing in your claws. You have never lost your conscience. Yinxiang, I have been able to play my role at the last moment and cleared the way for you, which is the worth of my title as the Crown Prince. Moreover, for her saving Xiaochun, I always want to repay Wei’s kindness. By doing this, I took a load off my mind. I am going to leave my palace. I will take away these two gardenia trees planted for Xiaochun. I will bring them to my new dwelling palace. Your Highness is really affectionate and righteous. Why do you still call me by the Crown Prince? Don’t call me by this false title. Call me Yinreng. Yinreng. Good. Yinreng. Let me escort you out. Greetings to you, Your Majesty. Rise to your feet. Last time, you said that you came back for the sake of Yinxiang. This is human nature. Yes. I did say this. Yinxiang has profound feelings for you and values you very much. To save you, he has cudgeled his brains. However, Yalaerta Mingwei has been sentenced to death by me. She can’t be still alive. I can show extra mercy to fulfill a wish of you. I beg Your Majesty to give Yinxiang a glimpse of hope so that he will be able to live in peace. Yinxiang. Yes, Your Majesty. To carry on the family line of our royal family, I will bestow a marriage on you. The bride-to-be is the daughter of the Minister of Revenue Marhan, Joogiya Hala Yuning. Marhan has a daughter? I remember that he only has a son. Summon Joogiya Hala Yuning here to have an audience. Greetings to you, Your Majesty. Rise to your feet. Thank you, Your Majesty. This really sucks! Wei didn’t die, but was conferred on a new identity. Now she is the Thirteenth Princess Consort justifiably. I just can’t figure out why His Majesty let them get away with their crime of deceiving him and forgave their misdeeds? Say something, you! You didn’t defend Yinsi in the imperial court. Now you are still keeping silent. You just betrayed our brotherhood. Yinti, I have been wrong to think that you are a righteous and affectionate person. Enough. Stop blaming our brother, you two. Don’t go hard on him. I have figured it out and made it clear that from the beginning to the end, father has never added me to the list of the heirs in line to the throne. No matter how hard I try, I will just beat the air. I just don’t know what the reason is on earth. Yinsi has knowledge both of the past and the present. He is inferior to no one in talent and learning. Besides, he enjoys the reputation of a sage prince and is well-respected by all people. Why doesn’t father like Yinsi? Why? Because my mum is only an imperial maid. I don’t have noble enough blood in my body. According to what you said, Yinsi, among us, only Yinti can be taken seriously by father. No wonder Yinti didn’t t put in a word for Yinsi. He tried to leave himself a way out. If I want to compete with Yinsi, how come I am sitting with you here? Exactly. Yinti, I am willing to hand over all resources and force to you. Yinsi. Today, in the imperial court, you neither defended me nor begged for leniency for me. It is because you have had a clear picture of the situation. In the eyes of father, you don’t belong to either of the two political parties of us. You are a neutral party. In terms of succession to the throne, there is still hope for you. If one day, you successfully ascend to the throne, it will be worthwhile for me to take great pains for you. You want me to help you fight for the throne. No. You will do it for yourself. If Yinzhen ascend to the throne someday, or Yinxiang take the throne, will you accept it? You will not accept it. You have never considered Yinzhen and Yinxiang better than you. You have been competing with them since childhood. Don’t you want to end it? I, Yinsi, Yintang, and Yin’e will all do whatever we can to help. OK! Then I will play a good game with them. Leave, all of you! Are you satisfied now? Due to your mercy, she survived in the end. I really didn’t expect that in order to save her, you disregarded the life of Yinsi. What do you want to say? You know clearly that Yinxiang
and his company premeditated it, but you delayed taking actions. You didn’t alarm Yinsi, either. You did all this for that woman. She is a woman you can never get. How about you? Since you have sensed something was wrong early, why didn’t you say anything? Though Yinsi is popular with the people, he is not in favor with His Majesty. He can never have any chance to ascend to the throne. If not so, how could you made up your mind to take over the important mission from Yinsi? Since you know it, you need not ask me about the exact reason. Since Yinsi has anchored his hope on me, I won’t be soft-hearted anymore. In addition, you shall not intervene in the affairs of our brothers again and stay away from the political fights. Don’t let me down again. Back from a spring outing suddenly.=The Eldest Baylor=
Back from a spring outing suddenly. Back from a spring outing suddenly. The Eldest Baylor is crazy about opera. But he is kind of tone-deaf. Spring, oh, spring! His makeup and appearance are quite nice. However, as a descendant of the royal family,
he just does whatever he likes regardless of his status. Thus, he is really an unsophisticated person. All has been bygones. Yinzhen. Sit. So sleepy. Speaking of Zhao Fengchu, I invited him several days ago. He said he was not free. So he is working in the mansion of the Eldest Baylor
as a distinguished guest. Love you so much. Who is him? He is the famous opera actor in the capital city. Go there with me to have a chat. Shocking. All of sudden. Reward them! Reward them! Yes. Thank you, Your Highness! Thank you, Your Highness Princess Consort. This is the reward to you from me, Mr. Zhao. Thank Your Highness for your reward! Pick it up! That is my reward for Mr. Zhao. Do you deserve to pick it up? You pick it up by yourself! Wait. I want you to kneel down to pick it up. Your Highness, Mr. Zhao is a distinguished guest in my mansion. I will pick the gold up for him. Marquis, you are noble. If you pick it up for a servant, it will violate the rule. You must uphold the honor. Mr. Zhao performed the opera well. We are happy about it. We have enjoyed ourselves to our hearts’ satisfaction. There is supposed to be the reward. The silver has been given away. It no longer belongs to Your Highness. Therefore, how Mr. Zhao picks it up is none of your business, Your Highness. Yin’e, am I right? Isn’t this the new Princess Consort of my brother? What? It has been a long time. You still like meddling in other people’s businesses. You didn’t learn a lesson, did you? Today, I insist he pick it up kneeling down. What can you do to me? I just try to be reasonable in doing things. If you can’t agree to my doing, I can do nothing to you. However, if what you do here gets known by other people, they will think you are bullying people with your power. You will give the reward, but not gain a good reputation. You will damage the reputation of the royal family instead. How dare you! Thank you again for your reward, Your Highness. Enough, Yin’e! How many times have I told you to change your temper and hold your horses? It is rare for all of us to gather here happily. Stop making a fuss. Come over. Take a seat. Drink some tea. Right! Right! Right! Mr. Zhao’s performance is wonderful. Here is my reward, too. Mr. Zhao, go to get the reward backstage. Come on! Come on! Fill all the cups! Fill all the cups! Come on, Yin’e! Come on! Drink! Yinsi! OK! Yinzhen, what is the matter? Nothing. It is only that looking at
all these delicious dishes on the table, I can’t help thinking of one line from Li Bai’s poem. Costly delicacies on jade platters are worth ten thousand cash. It made me sigh with emotion. Right. Any dish on this table is worth several months of provisions of a common household. Come on! Enjoy the dish and the drink! Come on! Fill the cup! It is a pity that the princes
don’t know the hardships of the people. They entertain themselves with the flesh and blood of the people and live an extremely luxurious life. If they really don’t know, that will be fine. I am afraid that they are pretending they don’t know. Come on, let’s raise our cups! Come on! Cheers! It is beyond our capability to change it. Come on, Yinzhen! I propose a toast to you for Wei. OK! You see, in my mansion, here are the delicious dishes
and wine as well as wonderful opera. Please pay more visits to my mansion, all of you! I saved Wei for your sake. But later… Yinzhen, let the bygones be bygones! I can be reunited with Wei thanks to your help, Yinzhen. I haven’t got the chance to say thank you to you. Come on! Right! All have been bygones. Nonetheless, are there really no grudges in your heart? I have only gratitude and gratefulness in my heart now. You have saved not only the life of Wei, but also my life, Yinzhen. I want to thank you for saving our lives
with this toast, Yinzhen. OK! Then I must drink this cup. Come on! Yinxiang! Come! Come! Go over to that table with me! Yinti and others are waiting for you. -Yinzhen. -come! Just go! Both you and Yinti just got married. Just go there to have some fun. Right! Right! Right! They are all waiting for you. Come with me! Hurry up! Hurry up! Then I will be back in a while. Come on! Come on! Yin’e! Yintang! Come on! Come on! I have invited Yinxiang here. Yinsi, Yintang and Yin’e. Come. Serve the wine! Come on, Yinxiang! Thank you all for honoring me by coming to my mansion for a gather-up. I propose this toast to all of you. OK! Come on! Come on! Yinxiang! Come on! Here we go! I will drink up my cup first. Come on! Come on! Fill the cup! Yinxiang, in your wedding previously, I haven’t got a chance to propose a toast to you. With this cup, I want to wish you and your consort to be sweet like loving birds and may the love of you two last forever. Good! You must drink this cup! You must drink this cup! Yinti has good eyes for women, and has a unique insight to pick a good consort for yourself. Cheers! Good! Good! Tonight, none of us can go back before we are drunken. Come on! No one can return without getting drunk. Come on! East the dish! Eat the dish! Fill the cup! Fill the cup! Joogiya Hala Yuning, right? You are no longer Yalaerta Mingwei and no longer my younger sister. Then you shall not blame me for disregarding our sisterhood. There has been no sisterhood between us from the beginning. Yinxiang, I propose a toast to you. Thirteenth Prince and Fourteenth Prince
are competing in drinking. Who will be the winner? It is just drinking. Why bother about the winner? All men of the Aisin Gioro Family seek to prevail over others. They compete in everything coming their way. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Younger sister, dare you bet with me on who will be the final winner? She meant to whom the throne will go to among the nine princes. She seems to be determined to win. Even if I tell her who will be the winner in the end. I am afraid she will think I am joking. Who will you bet on? Of course, I bet on Fourteenth Prince. Bravo! Bravo! You said that these princes like to compete in everything. This sounds like adding fuel to the fire. I don’t know how His Majesty will feel hearing what you said. Yinzhen. Is everything all right with you? Then it is fine. Seeing you are safe and be together with Yinxiang, I can set my mind at ease. Thanks a lot, Yinzhen! Greetings to you, Thirteenth Princess Consort. Mr. Zhao. Your Highness helped me out of trouble
from a sense of justice previously. I am grateful to you from the bottom of my heart. Mr. Zhao, you exaggerated it. Yinxiang always says that I am silly
to meddle in other people’s matters. When I see cases of injustice, I like to poke my nose into them. Your Highness is really different from the others. You have a sense of justice. It is really respectable. I am just a bit rash and can’t control myself. Will you regret? No, I won’t. These happenings seem to be nothing serious superficially, but people seldom are brave enough to get involved. Mr. Zhao made me flattered by saying this. Wei. Greetings to you, Thirteenth Prince. Mr. Zhao! Where have you been? I have been looking for you for a long time. Did you drink a lot of wine? I can smell it on you. Please allow me to take leave. See you! Mr. Zhao is easygoing and has a respectable demeanor. He is really unusual. Yes, he is. Who am I? Who am I? Marquis, why are you so drunken? Do you still recognize me? I am fine. I can drink more. I can go on singing. Stop drinking. Marquis, I know you love performing opera. But Zhao Fengchu is a famous opera performer in the capital city. How did you invite him here? Zhao Fengchu. Mr. Zhao. I paid a lot of money to invite him to my mansion. I invited him here. Marquis, is Zhao Fengchu an acquaintance of Yinxiang, the Thirteenth Prince? Mr. Zhao. Zhao Fengchu. He is of great use. Great use. Why is he so drunk? Greetings to you, Fourteenth Princess Consort. Mr. Zhao, you really have superb skills. You not only win the favor of the Eldest Baylor, but also win the respect from Thirteenth Prince and Princess Consort. Your Highness is joking. I come from the grassroots folks. What capability do I have to attract the special attention of the princess consort and the other noble members. Your Highness overrated me. Minghui. Your lord has been so hammered. Hurry up to help him back to his room. Yes, Your Highness. I can drink more. I can go on singing. We should be off now. Mr. Zhao, thank you for today’s performance. We should be back to our mansion. Mr. Zhao, I will wait to see your good play. Let’s go. My counter-insurgency army suffered heavy casualties. It has been a long time,
but the rebel forces of Junggar haven’t been put down. They have marched to Qinghai. What has your Ministry of War been doing? Please calm your anger, Your Majesty. Though I can hardly absolve myself from the blame, I will pick up my courage to put in a word for the solders fighting a blood battle in the front. Say it. It is not that I didn’t do my utmost and was not willing to offer my life in sacrifice, but that the military spending has been inadequate. We have no way to raise money for it and supply the provisions
and funds to the front in a timely manner. Let alone the supply of weapons. All soldiers just have had fighting wills in vain. Under such circumstances, it is really hard for us to win the victory. Inadequate military spending? Every year so much silver
has been allocated to the Ministry of War. Why is it still not enough? It is because the Ministry of Revenue
has failed to appropriate all the funds. I am the only one to blame. I take charge of the Ministry of Revenue, but couldn’t get back all the loans granted. This caused the inadequate military funds in the front. Loans? What loans? Father, the problem has been around for a long time. It is not one person or two persons’ fault. Now the Ministry of Revenue has a lot of white bill arrears. The royal family members and the powerful ministers have kept borrowing money
from the Ministry of Revenue. They even forced the Ministry of Revenue with their statuses and refused to pay the money back. This caused the national treasury to be in the red. Thus, the soldiers in the battlefield were deeply hurt. Is what he said true? Why didn’t you report this to me earlier? Father, I think the most urgent thing now
is to raise funds for the soldiers. Since Lord Marhan has scruples considering his status, I am willing to share your burdens as your son to help His Excellency to recover the debts as early as possible. Father, I am afraid this is not proper. Yinzhen, why is it improper? Father, since Yinti is so interested in undertaking this task, I can’t stand aside doing nothing. Since it is going to the princes
and Baylores’ mansions to recover the debts, I only need to amuse them, and then all the money can be back. It is amusing and interesting. It will not be a problem. What crap are you saying? This is a serious matter concerning the military provisions and an important official affair. If I assign you two to do it, you will raise the rumpus. Father, I am too rash to have made a discreet remark. This is an important task. Only a person who is impartial and righteous and doesn’t shield a fault can be qualified. Yinzhen. Yes, father! You will be in full charge of this task. As you wish, father. You. Come, come. Your Highness, I have been delinquent in paying my debts unintentionally. Please show mercy to me. Leave us now. I dare not do it again. Your Highness, all the debts are recovered. You have paid back all the money
you owe to the Ministry of Revenue. Yes. Yes. Yes. Today I will see who dares to trespass on my mansion. There is someone who dares to mess with me. He is courting death. Yin’e, are you trying to stop me from doing my duty? Yinzhen, your duty is really interesting. You are causing damage to your own brothers to do your duty. Yin’e, if you can think of how much money you owe the Ministry of Revenue and pay back the money in full amount, this will be done and our harmonious relations won’t be hurt. If you want to move anything out of my mansion, you must be over my dead body. Move him out of the way. Who dare do it? You, you dirty lackeys! Do you know who I am? Put me down! How dare you? Put me down quickly! You! You! What is going on? Someone dares to mess with the Tenth Prince. Yes. It is said that it is the Fourth Prince who is helping the Ministry of Revenue recovering the debts. Previously, he has confiscated the properties
of several Baylores and princes. The Fourth Prince is really something! He is so impartial. Piss off, all of you! He is still so overbearing! Right! Yinzhen, you are really shrewd! You draw a sword on your own brothers and is so cruel and cold-hearted. You ignore our brotherhood and disregard the grace of the royal family. You even humiliated me. Damn you! You are a pig! You are a dog! Yin’e, I am doing my duty on imperial order. If there is anyone who dares to disobey the imperial order and refuses to pay the arrears, he can’t blame me for performing my duty strictly. I also want to say something to you. A person must have invited insult before the insult comes to him. Cut the crap! You are just a person who resorts to every expedient and who is heartless. Aren’t you afraid that you will incur public resentment? Aren’t you afraid that father will know that you abuse public power for your personal revenge? You are a traitor! You ruined the reputation of the royal family. I recover the debts, raise funds for the army and defend our country and family. So I have peace of conscience. Let’s wait and see. I will report this to father. All soldiers, here is my order. Send the Tenth Prince to the imperial palace to have an audience with His Majesty. Yes, Your Highness! Your Majesty, drink some tea. The medicated dishes are getting cold. I will prepare some new dishes for you. You need not. I have no appetite. Your Majesty, you must take care of your body. Your health will be a blessing to all the populace. I am really old. When there were wars on the border back then, I would be able to lead the soldiers to fight myself. But now, I only have a heart but lack strength. I can only count on all my sons. There is something I must say to you, Your Majesty. In order to raise funds for the military provisions and help the Ministry of Revenue recover the debts, Yinzhen has aroused the complaints from all parties. If you let him go on recovering the debts, I am afraid it will not be proper. Why is it improper? Yinzhen is my son. I know him better than anyone else. He is serious and earnest in doing things. But sometimes he is very stubborn. The tough measures he adopted dealing with the Tenth Prince have been known wide and far. They really violated the propriety. If things go on like this, the brotherhood between the princes will be hurt more or less. To me, you are worried too much. Only when Yinzhen takes charge of this affair, can I feel reassured. But Yinzhen? Back then, in the imperial court, when Yinzhen disclosed the long-existing problem
of the Ministry of the Revenue, I felt that he was the only person who could solve the problem. All people think I am kept in the dark. However, the national treasury is being emptied day by day, how could I not know it? I am the ruler of the state. I need to strike a balance between all parties. I can’t take any tough measures. Yinzhen is resolute and courageous. He can handle affairs decisively. He is the most suitable person for this job. As for whether it will damage his harmonious relations
with his brothers, I have taken it into account. OK. You Majesty has really given much thought to it. I come to understand it now. Put all in there. Put them in order. Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry! OK. Has all been put in the boxes? Almost. Fengchu, recently, the Fourth Prince is investigating it strictly. If we transport the money with the opera troupe as a cover, and are found out, there will be serious consequences. Moreover, these money doesn’t only belong to me. Marquis, please don’t worry. I have everything under control. Open the door! Act nimbly! Um… Fourth Prince. Why are you here early in the morning? Why didn’t you inform me in advance? I… Eldest Baylor, you are really forgetful. You borrowed money from the Ministry of Revenue time and again. But you didn’t pay back any of your loans. If I saw it correctly, the first loan was granted seven years ago. Yinzhen, my dear brother, I don’t have money to pay it back. You don’t have money? It’s ok. I am here today to help you find some money. I… What are all these? Report to you, Your Highness. These are all the costumes and props of our opera troupe. Mr. Zhao is in a hurry to go back to the theatre. Right, Fengchu? Open them, let me have a look. I’m sitting on the rooftop. The breeze kisses my face. I feel it light. The scenery is gorgeous, but I feel so lonely. You and I live in two different spaces. In your space it’s also spring. There’s also a gentle breeze. There’s also this beautiful scenery. Your face is close to mine. I can feel your breath. Your smile has been engraved in the azure sky. On the lonely rooftop I find no trace of you. Engraved in my mind is your tearful face. I’m no stronger than you. Deep inside, I’m weeping. But I want you to remember my smiling face. Your face is close to mine. I can feel your breath. Your smile has been engraved in the azure sky. On the lonely rooftop I find no trace of you. Engraved in my mind is your tearful face. I’m no stronger than you. Deep inside, I’m weeping. But I want you to remember my smiling face. I’m no stronger than you. Deep inside, I’m weeping. But I want you to remember my smiling face.


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