ENG SUB |《夢迴 Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty》EP28——主演:李蘭迪,王安宇,辛雲來

I used to gaze at the mountains and the sea. The vault of heaven opened all of a sudden. Do you know love can last a lifetime? A willow is no match for the wind, the sea is no match for a mote. We wait for our love to last forever until we’re grey-headed. I’m playing a sorrowful tune on the lute. But I’ve got no one to appreciate my music. A beauty is reduced to a lonely life. With tears in her eyes, she’s reluctant to leave. Time elapses so quickly. The vermilion gates and the green tiles have long gone. I hope you’ll show pity on me and allow me to exist for love. I’ll be reincarnated time and again for you. All I ever want is to be part of your life. Even if it’s just a dream, I’d love to indulge in it and never wake up. I come for you, my love is the tenderest dialogue. The mortal life is transient,
but my love for you is permanent and always the same. Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty
Episode 28 Hurry. Hurry. Um… Fourth Prince. Why are you here early in the morning? Why didn’t you inform me in advance? I… Eldest Baylor, you are really forgetful. You borrowed money from the Ministry of Revenue time and again. But you didn’t pay back any of your loans. If I saw it correctly, the first loan was granted seven years ago. Yinzhen, my dear brother, I don’t have money to pay it back. What are all these? Report to you, Your Highness. These are all the costumes and props of our opera troupe. Mr. Zhao is in a hurry to go back to the theatre. Right, Fengchu? Open them, let me have a look. Your Highness. Mr. Zhao is not my servant. This is not appropriate. Your Highness. We need these things to make a living. They may not be valuable, but I can’t let them be damaged. That’s right. I’ll take responsibility for it. What are you waiting for? Open them. Yes, Your Highness. No, you can’t do this. Your Highness. No. No. No. We are doomed. Your Highness, we’ve found nothing. Well? You look surprised. My dear prince, I said I had no money. Look at this. You ruined Mr. Zhao’s properties. What now? Compensate. You must compensate him. I will. Let’s go. Yes. Go? You are leaving? Don’t leave. You are not getting away. Compensate him! Fengchu, where is my money? Yesterday, my people hauled your money out of the capital stealthily. You should have told me. I was so sacred. Forgive me. I did it for safety. Fourth Prince had been watching us closely. If I didn’t put on a show today, Fourth Prince would not leave in disappointment. Fengchu, I’m so lucky to have you. In the blink of an eye, I lunged forward, trying to cover our money with my body. But it turns out my Fengchu foresaw Fourth Prince’s action. He’d hauled the money away already. I knew I didn’t trust the wrong guy. What’s the matter, Yin’e? Thinking about your confiscated money? If you had followed us in putting your money at the Eldest Baylor’s place for Zhao Fengchu to keep, you wouldn’t have fallen into Yinzhen’s trap. How can I entrust an outsider with my money? You all trust Zhao Fengchu. But I don’t trust that lowly actor! Enough! Yin’e, you already made a scene at the Eldest Baylor’s mansion. Don’t cross the line. Yinsi, how can you scold me for an outsider? Your Highness, we’ve hauled some money out, but the sum is small. Considering what Fourth Prince is doing now, I’m sure he’ll go to any lengths to find our money in the capital. You are right. Mr. Zhao, do you have any good idea? I do have an idea. I just don’t know if you’ll take the risk. Now you should return to your mansions, sort out your assets, and bring them together at one place. Then, I’ll haul your assets out of the capital. No. That is too dangerous. If anything goes wrong, we’d be domed. Yeah. If he finds it out, he’d wipe us out. No more talking. He snuck the money out under Yinzhen’s watch. I trust him. Now Fourth Prince
has started to investigate the Eldest Baylor, soon, he’ll become suspicious of us and he won’t spare us. We don’t have much time. We’ll do as Mr. Zhao says from now on. Good. Take a seat. Mr. Zhao. Hold on. Your Highness. How can I help you? The proposal you put forward sounds pretty dangerous. By rounding up their assets,
they’d turn themselves into an obvious target. Wouldn’t that make them easier to find? They might even be wiped out. Do you have a good plan? I’d like to hear about it. Not really a good plan. But I understand the necessity of knowing my enemies. It’s the way to achieve victory. Fourth Prince takes cruel and harsh actions. His strong-arm methods scare people off. If we are to beat him, we must catch him unprepared and seek victory in desperate situations. Your judgment is flawless and your insights are clever. You get straight to the point. You flatter me, Your Highness. I’m a mere actor. I see people and things, not only with my eyes, but also with my hearts. It gives me a clearer picture of others. See with hearts. We’re so lucky to have you on our side, otherwise, you with your exceptional insights would be tough for us to handle. You’re not so bad yourself. I need to make preparations for transportation. Allow me to excuse myself. What is this? My brother gave me this. Don’t damage it. Your brother? Which brother? I only have one brother. Give it back. Nope. Come and get it. Give it back. Come and get it. -Give it back. -Wei. Come and get it. Wei. Stop messing around. My brother is coming to pick me up. Then, I’ll never see your stinky face again. You… Wei, stop messing with Qixiang’s Immortal Flowers. She might snap at you. What’s the big deal? I teased her before and never saw her lose her temper. It’s just a box of flowers. Your Highness. An invitation letter. What’s the rush? Just an invitation… Yinti. Yinti invited you to the opera house? Zhao Fengchu. We met Mr. Zhao at the Eldest Baylor’s mansion. Bravo! Gao Qiu is the traitor. Bravo! Vowing to eliminate the traitor. Bravo! It’s really good. Yeah. What do you think of Mr. Zhao’s performance? Mr. Zhao is a famous actor in the capital. The acting is good. But sometimes, it’s so good that it looks fake. Am I right? I don’t have much knowledge of opera. Sometimes, off-stage performances are more interesting
than on-stage performances. Did you invite me here just to enjoy the opera? Bravo! Mount Liang is right ahead. I’ll get there soon. Bravo! Brilliant skills. Bravo! Every time Mr. Zhao performs, he wins the audience’s heart and rounds of applause. Even I, who is strange to opera, think he is really good. Yinzhen. Yinxiang. What brought you here late at night? Yinzhen. Quan’er. Aye. Say it. Yinzhen. The person we planted in Yinsi’s orbit might have blown his cover. Zhao Fengchu? No way. Yinti invited me to the opera house today. During the performance,
he dropped hints and beat around the bush, probing into the relations between me and Zhao Fengchu. Probing? Then, Yinti is not yet sure that Zhao Fengchu works for us. Nevertheless, Zhao Fengchu is probably suspected. If this goes on, he’ll be in danger. We’ve come to this point. We must not withdraw Zhao Fengchu. Yinzhen. Zhao Fengchu has been lying down at Yinsi’s side for years. He never makes a mistake. He collaborates with us from the inside and does a perfect job in supporting us. But… Yinxiang. We should trust him. Of course, I trust Zhao Fengchu. But we must guard against Yinti. After everything that has been done, we can’t turn back. Otherwise, all our efforts will be wasted. Think. Two hundred thousand officers
and soldiers are fighting at the front. Without the money, how are they supposed to win the battle? Even if the chance is slim, we must take it. It’s a risk worth having. I pay respect to you, Your Highness. Why did you hasten to see me? Zhao Fengchu. I’m ordering you to withdraw. Please inform me of the reason. Yinti might have discovered your identity. You’re in a dangerous situation. If you’re worrying about my safety, don’t worry. Today, Yinti made several attempts to find out our relations, reminding me that he knew you were working for us. I guessed his suspicion of me. He suspects me, but he told you about it. It shows there’s still hope. We can counter his move, find out where Yinsi and the others are hiding the money
they borrowed from the treasury. You must not do anything rash. Yinti isn’t that easy to tackle. So what? Zhao Fengchu. Tell me. Is the money important to you? Without the money, the troops at the front would be endangered and the people would suffer. Tell me. Do you want the money or not? If you do, please trust me. Are you sure you can do it? We’ve known each other for years. You should know what kind of person I am. I always act cautiously and make no mistake. If I have no confidence, I wouldn’t give you my word. I’ve been with Eighth Prince
and his followers for many years. I don’t know everything about them, but we can play mind games with them. Yinti is suspicious. It’s something we can use to turn the table. You’ve done enough for me. The situation is dangerous. Qixiang must not lose her brother. How is she? Is she well? She stares at the Immortal Flowers every day, waiting for you to pick her up. I owe you and your sister too much. We don’t owe each other. The key is to trust. As long as you trust me, I won’t let you down. In that case, I trust you. Good. I need to ask you a favor. Don’t worry. I will do my best to work with you. Why are you looking at Qixiang with a worried face? Do you remember the time you took the brocade box of Immortal Flowers from her and infuriated her? I surely remember. She almost snapped at me. She got that brocade box from her brother. Actually, Qixiang’s brother has been doing dangerous tasks for me and Yinzhen. They can’t see each other. To relieve her from missing him and worrying about him, he gives a handmade Immortal Flowers to her every year. The flowers match the flowers on the Seven Flower Picture. When seven flowers fill the brocade box, he’ll take Qixiang away to start a new life. That’s the meaning of the Immortal Flowers he gave her. She’ll receive the last flower this year and after that, she’ll leave this place. No wonder she was so mad. The flowers are her most precious treasure. She has a good brother. You once met her brother. I met him? Who is he? He is Zhao Fengchu at the Eldest Baylor’s mansion. So, you’re worrying about Zhao Fengchu. Does he have something to do with the audit? He does. He’s the man I planted in the Eldest Baylor’s orbit. His cover is almost blown. He’s in a dangerous situation. Then what should we do? If his life is threatened, what will become of Qixiang? Don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to Zhao Fengchu. However, to help her brother complete the task, we need your help from the inside. My help? What can I do? Say it. The threads you are buying are really colorful. I want to buy new cloth to make new garments for my brother. I know he’s coming to pick me up. So, I hope to finish making the garments before he arrives. and give him the garments. You can’t stop talking about your brother these days. What is your brother like? He’s the greatest man in this world. In my opinion, there’s nothing he can’t do. He never broke the promises he made to me. Moreover, he is handsome and competent. He made that box of Immortal Flowers. Though I haven’t seen him in a long time, I often dream about him coming to pick me up. Don’t worry. Your brother will reunite with you soon. That’s for sure. Did you regret? No. There are certain things that appear to be ordinary, but are rarely accomplished. How is this color? It’s a nice color. Your skin has become more and more smooth and shiny. And it’s not because of the edible bird’s nest. You’re such a sweet talker. Your Highness. Thirteenth Princess Consort arrives. Yuning. May good fortune be with you. Come and take a seat. Here. Give Yuning a bowl. Yes. What brought you here? Yinxiang has been busy working. But still, he told a servant to pack up your favorite butter cookies and told me to bring them here. Yinxiang remembers what I like. How is Yinxiang doing? You must have heard that Yinxiang and Yinzhen are collecting payment
for the Ministry of Revenue. It has caused a sensation. Everyone in the court commends them. By collecting payment, they ease His Majesty’s burden. But they could offend people. It must be tough for them. Don’t worry. They are doing well. After scooping the small shrimps, they have caught the biggest fish. I don’t understand. What does payment collection have to do with fishes? Yeah. What is the biggest fish? I don’t know much about their work. Your question got me there. I just shot myself in the foot. Alright. Leave the court affairs to the men. We women shouldn’t be concerned. Here. Taste the bird’s nest His Majesty just bestowed on me. Yes. Delicious. His Majesty really dotes on you. He gives you all the good things. Your words are even sweeter than Minghui’s. If you like this, take some when you leave. Thank you, Your Highness. What did you mean back there? What did I say? About fishes and shrimps. You made it sound serious. Oh, you mean that. Did my words irritate you? Did I get something on you? Everyone knows the Ministry of Revenue is an empty shell. Not even Fourth Prince and Thirteenth Prince can change the situation. I don’t think so. Believe or not, it’s your choice. If you don’t believe me, we will wait and see who will have the last laugh. What’s the use of feigning confidence? You’re just bluffing. No secret can be kept forever. There will always be slips. We know very well about your doing. Your Highness. Be careful with tonight’s operation. Is everyone transporting the money trustworthy to you? What do you mean? Perhaps you need to guard against certain people, such as Zhao Fengchu whose background is unknown. I don’t need you to instruct me. Just perform a princess consort’s duty. Alright. I will just perform a princess consort’s duty. Your Highness. The carriage is ready for you. It’s time to leave. Got it. You are dismissed. Yes, Your Highness. Good luck to you then. Your Highness. Let me in. The Eldest Baylor said nobody must enter the room. Nobody? I’m not included. Er… Please don’t make it difficult for us. Is this how you do your job? I will report you to the Eldest Baylor and make you suffer the consequences. Move. I only found the vault, Fourteenth Princess Consort, thanks to you. I guessed right. You’re a spy, Zhao Fengchu. Your Highness. Mr. Zhao. I really hate to see you here. But you came. Well, Yinzhen, do you have news of Zhao Fengchu? It’s like Zhao Fengchu vanished into thin air. We haven’t heard of him. No. I must look for him at the Eldest Baylor’s mansion. Yinxiang. Calm down. How can you go to the Eldest Baylor’s mansion now? Without evidence, you will get in trouble. Then what shall we do? We can’t just wait and let Zhao Fengchu risk his life. Your impulsiveness can’t help you save him or retrieve the money. We will save him. But we need a plan. Have you come for him? I’m here to trade hostages. Your Highness, something is wrong. The Eldest Baylor is arrested by Fourth Prince. Yinsi, tell us what to do. The Eldest Baylor is arrested by Yinxiang and Yinzhen. What should we do? We need to counter their move. Yinxiang is merciless. We caught his spy. And he caught the Eldest Baylor. Now the Eldest Baylor has fallen into Yinzhen’s hands. Yinzhen is heartless and cruel. His means are violent. The Eldest Baylor is tender and delicate. He probably will confess after a few lashes. Then what shall we do? Our lives and possessions depend on him. Yinti, how about we accept Yinxiang’s condition and trade Zhao Fengchu for the Eldest Baylor? Yin’e, you are such a moron. Zhao Fengchu knows everything. Releasing him is worse than putting our money on Yinxiang’s bed. Yintang. Enough. Stop arguing. Yinxiang has hit our weak spot. They got the upper hand. The Eldest Baylor might confess and we really need to think about what to tell our father to minimize our loss. Yinsi, if you ask me, don’t be so pessimistic. The Eldest Baylor looks feminine indeed, but he knows loyalty. Yinzhen thinks he’s picked on a coward. He doesn’t know the coward is the hardest to subdue. Yinti, are you sure? As long as the Eldest Baylor doesn’t confess, we have the upper hand. This way, he can hold them down. When circumstances change, they will be the loser. You say Yinzhen’s means are violent. I’d like to see how violent his means are. Your Highness. We have searched the whole place and found nothing. Search it again. Yes, Your Highness. Your Highness, are you alright? What’s your problem, driver? Are you blind? How dare you collide with Thirteenth Prince? I acted rashly. I deserve a fate worse than death. Please forgive me, Your Highness. Alright. Be careful from now on. Go. Thank you, Your Highness. Your Highness. Your Highness. My princes, here you are. Your Highness. With all due respect, your men are so weak. Their lashes tickle. Not satisfying. How about you whip me? Whip me as much as you want. If you can make me moan, I will admit I’m the son of a hooker. Yinzhen, it’s been two days. He is still not confessing. What to do? Saving our man is our priority. We can’t waste time here. Yinxiang. Order your people to look for Zhao Fengchu. I’ll stay here. But he… Don’t worry. I know how to make him talk. Go. Alright. I guess there’s no other way. What else have you got? Use it on me. Guards. Untie the Eldest Baylor. Quan’er. Your Highness. Prepare fine wine and dishes. I want to drink with the Eldest Baylor. Aye. Yinxiang. How did it go? Have you found him? We got nothing. The Eldest Baylor is not talking, no matter what. They hid Zhao Fengchu. Now Zhao Fengchu’s fate is uncertain. What should we do? Should we inform Qixiang? Don’t tell her yet, lest she should worry. Leave it to me. Wei, I’m really afraid this time. I fear that something bad might happen to Fengchu. I fear that I’d be clueless about how to face Qixiang. Isn’t the Eldest Baylor in our hands? As long as we have him, Yinti and the others will keep Fengchu alive to counter us, which means we still have hope. We have overcome so many obstacles. We always save the day. This won’t be an exception. He will come back safely. I hope so. What is this? XanThium sibiricum? You left the city? No. After I searched the Eldest Baylor’s mansion, I came straight home. That’s odd. Odd? When I was serving at the Palace of Eternal Spring, I helped with curing Consort De’s cold and fetched this herb from an Imperial Doctor’s place. The doctor told me that XanThium sibiricum only grew on the southern mountains near the capital. You didn’t leave the capital for the southern mountains. How come you carried this thing? I know. When I left the Eldest Baylor’s mansion, this thing got onto me when I brushed against their carriage, which means, their carriage went to the southern mountains. Wei, how can I do without you? Shun’er. Prepare a horse. You’re a real man, cousin. You can yield and not. You can use the carrot and stick. But you have misjudged me. I may be tender and delicate, but I’m tough deep down. I’ll submit to neither your carrot nor your stick. Since you have a clear conscience, you should not fear wine and food. Fine, I’m drinking. I have no fear. Stop. Drinking with an empty stomach will damage your health. How considerate. But I’m telling you, not you, not even the emperor can interrogate me into confessing. The vault’s location is a secret I’ll take to my grave. Don’t waste your energy on me. It seems you are determined to protect Yinsi and the others. Roar before Dangyang Bridge. The hero is unmatched in the nine regions. Look at those heroes in the operas. Which of them is cowardly? I can sing about them. I can be them. In this life, I put loyalty first. So what if I’d die? Your Highness, you either kill me in the jail or wait until I regain freedom and everything gets back to normal. By then, I’d dress up to put on a show for you with gongs and drums. Accept my gratitude in advance. This wine can’t compare with the wine in your mansion. Make do. Why don’t you drink? Why are you not drinking? I said, the wine is for you. Yinzhen. The wine is poisoned. You stabbed me in the back. You love opera more than anything. You won’t be able to sing with a broken voice. You! Confess now or I destroy your hands. Step by step, I’ll take away everything you cherish. I’ll make your life worse than death. Yinzhen! Yinzhen! Yinzhen! You are despicable, shameless, lower than pigs and dogs! Yinzhen! You will die a miserable death! Die a miserable death. Die a miserable death. I’m sitting on the rooftop. The breeze kisses my face. I feel it light. The scenery is gorgeous, but I feel so lonely. You and I live in two different spaces. In your space it’s also spring. There’s also a gentle breeze. There’s also this beautiful scenery. Your face is close to mine. I can feel your breath. Your smile has been engraved in the azure sky. On the lonely rooftop I find no trace of you. Engraved in my mind is your tearful face. I’m no stronger than you. Deep inside, I’m weeping. But I want you to remember my smiling face. Your face is close to mine. I can feel your breath. Your smile has been engraved in the azure sky. On the lonely rooftop I find no trace of you. Engraved in my mind is your tearful face. I’m no stronger than you. Deep inside, I’m weeping. But I want you to remember my smiling face. I’m no stronger than you. Deep inside, I’m weeping. But I want you to remember my smiling face.

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