[ENG SUB] 夜空中最闪亮的星 电视剧 预告片 黄子韬 吴倩 | The Brightest Star in The Sky drama trailer Z.TAO Wuqian

A little assistant like you can be so arrogant like this Do you you think I’m that easy? Can you please stop talking on and on like a crow? What are you saying? If you can stop plagiarizing and violating the rights I will consider nothing happened It’s you who are using my name to catch fame for yourself Don’t think that just because you’re the Mr.Perfect then you can make things difficult for people and hurt them Especially the people who treat you nice One kind word can warm for three winters.
One evil word makes you cold in the hot summer Didn’t your mother teach you that? You really think you’re great now Hurry up OK OK Coming, I’m working Do you know that the company is abandoning you soon? I don’t care if other people don’t support me But you’re my father Yet you’re not supporting me either Huang Zitao plays Zheng Boxu Wu Qian plays Yang Zhenzhen Niu Junfeng plays Yu Zirui Cao Xiyue plays Xia Yuan Qin Lan plays Fang Yiran | Wang Jingsong plays Zheng Weijun Chen Yifei plays Chen Tianhao | Zhang Jincheng plays Gu Ye Xiao Liujia plays Du Wanqing | Zhao Yihuan plays Marina I will make you become the brightest star in the sky


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