[ENG SUB] 너는 매번 이것만 먹고싶어 ? Voice Drama, Role play ASMR

Honey, I’m hungry. Yeah. No, it’s time for us to eat. Let’s eat what I like this time. I want to eat pig hocks. Let’s eat pig hocks. Then what do you want to eat? It’s been less than a week since I ate it. Let’s eat pig hocks. however… Let’s eat what I want at this time. It’s too… You know, I… A month ago… No, three weeks ago… Then I understand I ate it last week. It was yesterday, to No? Yesterday is Monday, and today is Sunday. That’s why I described it like last week. It’s yesterday after all. You want to eat what you ate yesterday again today? I’m tired of it. It’s normal to get fed up. Why are you being stubborn? Are you doing this because I said I wouldn’t eat it? Does that make any sense? What does that have to do with our relationship? I’m not tired of you. I’m sick and tired of the food. We ate yesterday. It doesn’t mean that. I’m not mad, I’m hungry. Do you want to eat what I want to eat today? To be honest with you, I feel bad. There wasn’t always the food I wanted to eat. I always ate what you wanted to eat. But this time, I really wanted to eat it. If you want to eat something special, I understand. by the way We ate it yesterday. Then can’t you just give it up? We ate it yesterday. Yesterday You think I’m being unreasonable? I’m not being stubborn. Think about it. Why are you telling me that? Stop talking about your ex-girlfriend. Are you always talking about my ex-girlfriend? ex-girlfriend? You did. Oh my! I say it every time You always tell me about my ex-girlfriend first. I always ask you not to talk. I don’t have to answer that question. You call that a question? It doesn’t matter if my ex-girlfriend is pretty or nice. I would have done the same if it were the case. Why are you talking nonsense? That’s your delusion. Is that what you’re talking about when we decide what to eat? This is too far-fetched. Deciding what to eat…My, this is ridiculous. So what? What if it were you? You wouldn’t be mad? I just want to eat pig hocks. By the way, do I have to be scolded like this? Did I ask you to have a KKanpungi(Deep-fried Chicken in Hot Pepper Sauce)? Or did you say I wanted some lobster? I just need a pig’s hocks. So why are you talking about love and my ex-girlfriend? Have I ever asked you for food? I usually eat what I want to eat with you. But… We ate it yesterday, too. Honestly, I ate yesterday, so I don’t want to eat today. I don’t want to eat today. Can’t you understand me? Have I ever forced you to eat something you don’t like? That’s another story… Oh my! So what? Do you really have to eat it? I don’t have a choice of food. That’s what you mean. Stop talking about such strange things. Why would you say that when you’re choosing the menu? You’re always like this. Why are you talking about love when you’re choosing a menu of food? Why are you talking about your past relationship? I didn’t tell you because I think you’d do this. But you kept asking me, so I told you. Oh, I’m really stressed out. You eat that. I’ll eat what I want. Here’s the deal. It’s not like we don’t have any money. You eat that. I’m going to order what I want to eat. Okay? I don’t understand why we have to fight with food. If you were me, wouldn’t you be mad? I’m holding back so much right now. Hey! Put yourself in one’s shoes. Even when we were in a relationship, there were very few things I wanted to eat. Very few. The degree to count with the finger. I barely said it…By the way, you asked me to eat the food I ate yesterday again. It was boring, so I just said what I wanted to eat. But you piss me off by telling me something that has nothing to do with it. Hey! If you go out like that, I’m not going after you. Hey! Don’t go out. I made it clear…


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