[ENG SUB] 여행가다 교통사고 당한 커플 Voice Drama, Role play ASMR

Honey. Honey? Honey. Honey. Honey, wake up. Honey. Honey? Honey, are you okay? No, no, don’t talk. Don’t talk… Don’t talk, just stay. Don’t talk. Right, I’ll call. I’ll call, so don’t talk and just stay put. Hold still. Yes, here. . . . . . Yes, here… here is in front of Jungbu Expressway… Where are we… I don’t see anything around me, so… There was a car accident. I had a car accident, and my girlfriend got hurt a lot. Yes. Oh, really? Hurry up and watch it. Yes, I see. Honey, don’t talk… First, just lie still. I’m, uh… I’ll open the door and go out. What should I do? Honey, don’t talk. Don’t say it. I’m fine, so… I’m fine. There’s a sound of water. What is it? Is there a place nearby where the water flows? I think I need to get out of here. Honey, can you stay here? Can you stay still? I… I’ll go and see. This is the door… I’ll try to break the door. Because I’m fine… I don’t think I can do it because I’m dizzy. Honey, I think we should be here first. I can’t get out… What? What? What do you mean…. Please don’t say that. We can get out alive. He’ll be right come. Please don’t say that. Why do you keep saying that when I’m around? It’s okay, it’s gonna be okay. Don’t say that. Honey? Honey Honey


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