[ENG SUB] 옆에 누워서 달달하게 재워주는 남친 Voice Drama, Role play ASMR

Uh.. You’re asleep? Come here. Hum.. My baby won’t go to sleep? Hum… That’s a big deal. I need to sleep. Well? I can’t sing lullabies because.. I’m not good at singing. Anything else but lullabies? Do you want me.. To hook you like this, or Just watch you? Is there anything. I can hold for you? I’m tired. I’m so sleepy. No, I’m gonna put you to sleep. I’m gonna put you to sleep. Did I just do that? I guess I’m out of my mind. I’m so sleepy. Can’t you just sleep like this? I feel it every time, but you smell really good. Everyone says, The smell of flesh is different. How does it smell to me? No, I’m just curious. Don’t be kidding me. I told you you smell like flesh. I hate it. I’m going to sleep with my back. Oh, I can’t stand a second. Oh.. Why did such a.. Lovely person show up now? Did I do something bad in my past life? I’d love it if you showed up soon. Ahhhhhh Seriously, you know you’re pretty. You’re all pretty. She has pretty eyes, pretty nose, Pretty lips and Pretty cheeks. I love this cheeks. It’s like glutinous rice cake. Hum.. It’s all pretty elsewhere. She has a pretty neck, Pretty shoulders, Pretty hands And pretty legs. She has a pretty waist And a pretty stomach. I’m ashamed to say that it’s pretty there. Ha ha. Ha ha. Why. It’s a joke. Come here. It’s a real baby. Who will look at you as your age? It’s a total baby. Let’t get some sleep. What is it? What is it? Tell me. I’m asking because I’m really curious. What is it? Why do you like me? What? That’s it? That can’t be true. As far as I know, You like.. My face, My hands, My waist, And everything. No, it’s not. Written in your eyes. Written in your eyes. It says I’m crazy because I like it. Look. Is it not used in my eyes? It’s written on it. I’m sleepy. No. I’ll put you to sleep. But…. Why can’t you sleep? I was very busy and tired today. You don’t sleep! Because you think it’s weird again, do you? No. I just sleep today. Don’t keep thinking. Don’t think about it. Go to sleep. You have to get up early tomorrow. I said no. Have a good night’s sleep. Jajang ( SONG ) Jajang Jajang Jajang Good… Night.. My.. Baby.. Jajang Jajang Jajang Jajang Good.. Night.. My… Baby.. Jajang Wasn’t it your waist? Ha…Ha.. I didn’t know that you were going to close my eyes. I’m just kidding. Why are you sulking? Come here instead. Hum.. It’s a joke. You can’t even play? You’re so lovely To be sulky like this. You know you’re going to get upset, But you’re playing it on purpose. I love you a lot. I love you a lot. All right, so. Let’s go to sleep. Let’s go to bed. Let’s go to sleep. Let’s go to sleep. I’m really sleepy


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