[ENG SUB] Boyfriend ASMR comforts you in bath – Audio otome R18 Drama CD [ENG SUB]

Hi, guys! Thank you for the support! Earlier, Why did you crouch down on the road side? Eh? Your ex-boyfriend already had a wife? children, too? That is.. cruel! Are you alright? Dating other girl even he’s already married Oh.. But, I’m also not that different (because many girls asked him going out before but
he never responded saying no, just left them hanging) I’m really sorry But, I really wanted to save you but With your ex-boyfriend that is different, I always compare myself with him. It makes me worried, somehow. (water splashes) Making up? Eh? Auhm (suddenly, you kiss him) *kisses* When you say making up, could it be that this is what you meant? That is, if you hug me naked like this I’ll be turned on. But, right here we can’t do it until the end. At least, maybe you could… (he touches you) It’s already wet. Right here… It’s already wet, you know? It’s fine. The way you feel it easily is cute. (he kisses you again) More.. I’ll make you feel good more.. Inside I’ll put it in, okay? It’s okay. I’ll make sure to clean it up later. Don’t worry about it. Finger, Let me move it, okay? Are you going to come soon? Inside here is twitching. It’s okay. Keep going.. Feel the movement of my fingers and please come. (moans) Looks good, innit? (he kisses you) It’s really cute. The way you come from my fingers, your facial expression, everything. I enjoy it. Hey… Right here, we can’t do much. Let’s finish our bath, then we go to bed. So, how about if I carry you? What a shame, however, I don’t wish to hurt you, so only with my hand please bear with it. (sorry, my translation is bad, lol) (he carries you out of a bathtub) Please wait a moment. In order for you to relax, I’ll make some preparation. It’s a bedside aroma, Oh, of course from the commercial ones. It’s a calming scent for your mind and your body also, some music as well. Your heart was hurt, It must’ve been hard for you, right? I’m sure it hasn’t healed yet, so that’s why, I should try to comfort it. I’ll go through it slowly today, so all you have to do is feel good. Nice smell and nice music, make yourself surrender to it. If you’re not afraid, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Hey, did you know? A human can even come, without being touched? That’s right. I’ll guide you until you get your climax. Hey, the first time we touched, do you remember? at the hotel, slowly unraveling your heart, touching body, and bonding at that time? When I touched your body it was very hot, you also trembled a little, but rather than being fear, I felt that you were excited. When you held my hands, you raised your sweet moans it was almost like you were a captive princess, you know? (he blows on your ear) Has your body gotten a little hot? On that day, when I moved my hips a little your inside would get extremely wet. It was hard for me to convey the amazingly good feeling through words, but you I think you probably felt more than that In the end, when I merely remember it I get worked up no matter how many times. You were so adorable at that moment At that day, I remember it’s going to be high when (sorry I don’t really get what he said here) your voice and movements those eyes that stare at me, All of that, can shake my heart It felt so good. that I was reminded of how much I love you. Did it feel a little bit good? I’m glad that it went well. Let’s keep it like this today. Slowly, open your eyes. They’re moist, right? Was that good? Just looking at how you feel, I’m getting really excited but, As expected, in the end, I wish to pleasure your inside. Take off the clothes? I’ll do it for you Ah, you’re sweating a little, Was it beause of earlier? A secret? But, can you give me a hint? You see, although when people aren’t touched, they can feel the pleasure you know don’t you think, it’s kind of nice? Just using my words, I can bring you to a high. Ah you’re feeling the same? I’m so happy 🙂 Oh.. Since when, I want to touch your body more than I do but earlier because of your cute appearance, I don’t think that I can hold it back. So hot Even though it’s just clothes, I need to make a preparation so, please wait a moment, okay. Here you can see where I put it on me (protection) It’s a little embarrassing, don’t you think? When you stare in front of me like that, it can’t be helped, huh? But, when you look at me with that intrigued eyes I get more excited. Then, here I go (moans) (grunts) (moans) Amazing your inside feels more narrow than usual That reminds me, I never loosen up your inside using my fingers doesn’t it painful? Ah.. that’s a relief. Wait.. Until I get used to it, Let’s wait, okay? Really, this feels hard for me it’s not like I’m being unreasonable In that case, slowly, I’m gonna move, okay? Amazing so tight, so hot, Say, you too, do you feel good as well? If it was painful, please immediately tell me, okay. It’s so soft as it looks like a blessing that you accept me (Idk what he said lmao) I’m getting sucked in strongly (moans) (grunts) (thrusts) (kisses, licks) More ah… deeper, I want to feel you deeper, okay? I can’t get enough of it to take me to this extent.. I love you so much until I can’t express it I love you, I love you Tight, I want to hold you tightly Inside you I wanna release all of it inside you With me together.. we reach to the same point (come) Ah… I’m coming (he climaxes) Ah… It felt really that I can’t hold it (sorry idk what he said here) body and heart (or soul) all of them, it feels really good. I’m really happy, you know?


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