[ENG SUB CC]XX Ep 1 Drama Korean

How was your week? This is our bar’s
signature cocktail. I recommend this cocktail
for those who are new to cocktails. You can take photos all you want,
but… I know. I won’t upload it. Yes. I’m almost there. Aren’t you going there for nothing? Everyone else’s offer was refused. Maybe no one else offered
as much as me. How come they don’t have any address
or a signboard? That’s their concept. “A bar I’d like to keep to myself.”
is what they’re after. They sure are stubborn. They should be promoting the store
with more money. Can I get your number? I’m sorry, but I have a girlfriend. I knew it. How did you meet your girlfriend? I met her at a bar
she was working at… about two years ago. What a shame. I should have come
here two years earlier. I know. I think I found it. I’m going to go. Hey, Boss. Did you research the head bartender? I’ll know when I see one. I hope he’s handsome, so I’d want
to go to work every day. What? Did you think she’s a guy? Is it a woman? I see you like your drinks strong. This one’s for you. Whiskey based. It’s far from smooth, but I think
you’ll like it. Yes, she’s a woman. – She’s called Na Na.
– Na Na? Is it her real name? I think it’s her nickname
at that bar. All right. I’ll see you later. All right, Boss. Hello. Should I direct you to a table? Sure. I get it ready. I’ll just sit at the bar. Long time no see. You should at least say hi. We’re not in a relationship
to say hi. It’s been five years. Isn’t it time for you
to talk to me now? Everything is behind us now. Na Na. I’ll check the tables. Okay. Can I have a cocktail? I deserve a drink, don’t I?
I’m here as a customer. I should have come here earlier if I
knew you were in the same industry. I’m the CEO of Number A. Did you know? Why should I know what you’re up to? That’s too bad. Although you don’t care about
what I do, you know Number A, right? It’s the top in this industry. If they’re famous, they don’t use
a business card. I guess it’s not that famous. It’s vodka-based. It’s the cheapest. What is it called? “Adios,” “Bitch.” That was the only cocktail
that came to my mind. If you’re here for market research,
drink that and get out. Yoon Na Na. Do you want to come to my bar? I’m here to give you a job offer. I’m going to open a second bar… and I need a head bartender there. I heard you won a prize
at the international competition. It seems your class will suit
our bar. I’ll give you a good salary. Honestly, if you’re stuck here,
what will you learn? Look at the furniture or the music. Your boss must be quite old. Is this… your style? Now that I take a closer look,
it is your style. I guess… you had classical taste
back then too, I used to pick your outfits for you. Remember? I remember. Number A? Is that the place? Our customers kept saying
your drinks taste bad. Apparently, you can’t even control
the amount of ice, so it tastes diluted like water. I refuse the offer. I’ll visit your bar next time
though. If you need it, I’ll teach you
how to make some cocktails. Also about the outfits, all the outfits you picked
were a hype… that can’t be worn when
it’s outdated. I threw all of it out. I thought you’re supposed to throw
it out when it’s out of fashion. But it’s good to see you even though
you’re nasty right now. Think about it. – I’ll call you.
– No. There is no need. I won’t go. What? Give me a bite. It’s so good. It’s so delicious. Thank you. I’m going to eat that dumpling. You can’t. Have that rice cake. How dare she come there? Do you remember what she did to you? She’s insane. And what’s
with the job offer? Does her thoughtlessness
and insensitivity evolve? I’m speechless. It’s fine. She won’t come if she has a brain. I’m pissed. Let’s eat something. What do you want?
Something simple… like maratang? Hot pot? Mille-feuille? How is Number A going? Aren’t the sales slowing down? Is it? I heard you’re trying to get
a new bartender, Mr. Kim. Yes. I’m trying to increase
the revenue. You know that Hong Kong World Class
competition. She’s the winner, so I met her. She said she’s not planning
to transfer. It’s hard to find someone
who works hard. – Try to get her.
– Sure. Gentlemen, I have an appointment
to get to. I’ll have to go. Are you leaving already? You must be busy preparing
the second bar. I think you got your hand full
with Number A. Don’t bite off more
than you can chew. I started this as a hobby
because I had nothing better to do. But seeing how you worry about me, I’ll work harder from now on. I’ll get going now. She the youngest,
but she always leaves first. She must be rude
because she’s a black sheep. A black sheep in a rich family
is sure lucky. Her parents buy her a bar and stuff. Those jerks think I’m same as them
just because I sat with them. How dare they try to teach me? It’s me. I think Mr. Kim approached Na Na. Did you hear anything?[Kocowa Ver]MBC E01 ‘XX’
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-(Take over XX bar) Are you looking at it again? Of course. I always feel you overdo it. How can I eat it
if it’s this pretty? Everything needs to be pretty. So how long will it take
for you to buy the bar? Approximately, 3 years and 8 months. That’s with loans of course. That’s dreadful. What do mean? XX will be mine after 3 years
and 8 months. So that’s why you should have
take out that bitcoin. Why are you talking about it again? You didn’t listen to me
when I told you to take it out. You came to your senses
when it became nothing. If you took that bitcoin out
back then, you would have bought
that bar by now. If I hang in there, I’ll win. That’s what I thought. Be careful. If you hang in there
this time, your boss might sell the bar
to the highest bidder. Hey, Wang Jung Deun. Hey! I told you not to call me that. It’s Jayden. Yes, whatever, Jung Deun. Wang Jung Deun. What? Your noodles are delicious. Did you ever see me fail? No. Because of you, most restaurants
are unsatisfactory. Eat up. You talk as if you cooked it. You eat up, you wench. Mr. Kim offered a lot of money, but she said she has no intention
of transferring. She said she likes the bar now. (Gyu Min) Hey, Gyu Min.
How is the business trip? Good, except I miss you. All talk you are. I heard you went to offer
that person a job. How did it go? I went to see her yesterday,
but I don’t think she wants to come. Is that so? Is she not happy about the offer? I’m not sure. Maybe there is nothing she wants. So are you going to give up? No. Did you ever see me give up? Aren’t you going out today? I will. I’m going to go out later. It’s my studio anyway. Your not going to wear that,
are you? What? I bought this because dry rose
color suits bronze autumn type. This is why people who know
a little are scarier. You don’t suit a pink tone. You need to wear red. When you’re getting
a lipstick next time, get it confirmed by me. All right. (Boss) Yes, Boss. Hey, Na Na. Are you at the bar? No, I’m about to head out. What’s up? I have something to tell you. What is it? Someone came to see me
and wanted to buy the bar. What? Actually, I have some issues
at my house. So… did you sell it? Because the person who wants
to buy it suddenly appeared. So I sold it. I’m sorry. You could have told me. You said that you’d wait
until I saved enough money. – You said you’ll sell it to me.
– I’m so sorry. I was in a hurry too. My wife nagged me to sell it. You know my wife’s personality. But bartenders are staying. I negotiated on that. Anyway, you did well. Thank you. – The new owner will be there today.
– Okay. Thank you too. What was that?
Is he selling the bar? I thought he’s going
to sell it to you. It’s not like we made a contract. You’re thankful? You’re thankful to someone
who doesn’t give you… any bonus and gave you 100
dollar raise in three years? I can’t confirm this. Why do I need your confirmation? Why is he always confirming things? By the way, are you two really roommates? Yes. I’ve told you already. We live together. We also mentioned
that it’s a two-bedroom. Be more clear.
You keep speaking ambiguously… which is why he thinks
that we’re going out. Don’t hinder my love life. Hey, we’re a man and a woman living
together. People won’t believe no matter
how much we claim to be friends. It’s more tiring to explain
every time. You’re right. What is that? I found this pretty glass
and I bought it. It’s not even your bar.
Why don’t you just donate eveything? What? You said that the bar was
sold to a new owner. Our bar got sold? I didn’t even know it was on sale. Yes. That’s what happened. Then… are we getting fired? Well, it’s just the bar
that got sold. I don’t think anything will change
for us. I’m going. Yes. See you at home. (Battery) Na Na, let me go get this call. Sure. You said that you’d wait
until I saved enough money. You said you’ll sell it to me. Are you sad that the bar got sold? It’s not even my bar. Even still. It was pretty much Na Na’s bar. There was no place
where you didn’t look after. And even I was hired by you. It’s been two years already. By the way,
don’t people normally save… as “honey”, “mine”, “my babe”… or something like that? I’m sorry? Or simply save as “girlfriend”. I’ve never seen someone
who saved as “battery”. You sort of feel like someone
my dad’s age. It’s from that, isn’t it?
“Battery of Love”. It’s not that. One second. (The new owner is almost there.) Dan Hee, the new owner is
almost here. Na Na, I’ll play some music I want since
we don’t have any customers yet. Sure, play anything you want. (“Good Day To Love”) Na Na, we don’t have ice and food
supplies, right? I’ll order them. Na Na? (Did you get back safely? Are you
up? Why didn’t you call yesterday?) Did he even get home? When did you get here?
I was going to call… Na Na. (XX) I said that I wasn’t going. I know. Then why did you come? I just bought it since you said… that you wouldn’t come. I bought this place. What are you talking about? I came since you said
that you weren’t coming. Is there a problem with that? Hello. I think we’ve met last time. I’m Lee Roo Mi, the new owner. I hope we get along. Yes, sure. Hello. I’m Park Dan Hee,
and you can call me Dan Hee. Sure. I’m sorry Dan Hee, but could you give us some space? There’s something we need to talk
about. Sure. Na Na, text me when you’re
done with the talk. Thank you. Were you surprised? It’d be possible with the Lee Roo Mi
you know. You already know. I have to get what I want. That’s right. Especially someone else’s. I have nothing else to say. You can look
for a new head bartender. Why? Are you running away again? You’re good at it. Running away. First hear the conditions
before you go. I’ll give you an incentive
of ten percent every month… regardless of your salary. I could offer you joint ownership… if the business is successful
and we can get a third bar open. And of course, we’ll write
everything in a contract. I’ll treat you well
as a head bartender, so you just have to treat me well
as an owner. I’m not saying that we should get
along. Isn’t this a pretty good offer? It’s more foolish to quit. Stop thinking over the things in the
past and let’s make some money. You shouldn’t mix up
work with personal life. Usually those who care about work
and personal life has… a stinking back. Just like you. That’s right. And about that from five years ago, I didn’t run away. I just avoided it. Since it was stinking. You’re consistently rude. You’re the same Yoon Na Na. What are you doing at this hour? Don’t tell me… that you got fired by the new owner. It was Lee Roo Mi. What about Lee Roo Mi? She bought our bar. What? Then the new owner is Lee Roo Mi? Really? This can’t be. Quit. Just quit it all. I feel so bummed. She bought the bar
without any thoughts… which I couldn’t get
after struggling for years. It’s as if she’s doing
some grocery shopping. I feel like she was born
to screw me up. Yes. Did you get what your father sent
you? I didn’t ask him for money. It doesn’t feel good when you just
send money without a single call. It’s not like it’s some sort
of sponsorship. You’re speaking perversely again. Don’t you know how your father is? He still remembers your birthday. By the way, I heard that you bought
another bar. Aren’t you overdoing it? I bought it
with my birthday present. I hope you can get it worked out
since you bought it anyways. You know that your father
still pays attention to everything. Just don’t cause any trouble
or ruin the business… and disgrace your father. I got it. Even as a foolish daughter, I shouldn’t disgrace my father. Na Na, don’t quit. You told me to quit earlier on. The conditions are too good. Are you insane? You have
to suck out everything you can. Do you think that you could buy
your bar… by saving up for 3 years
and 8 months? It’s impossible. She gives you a raise
and an incentive of ten percent. You might even get joint ownership. This can’t be. I will not confirm… you from quitting. But the owner is Lee Roo Mi. It’s that terrible girl! That’s why you shouldn’t quit
even more. Even if you want to
cut contacts with her, do it after sucking
everything you can. That’s winning. Don’t avoid it even if you hate it. Avoiding it again is losing. Just like then. Should we have a quick talk
while there are no customers? Name is Park Dan Hee, 26 years old. A year as a part time worker,
and a year as a bartender. You’ve worked for two years. Yes. What did you do before? I was a baseball player.
I had to quit because of my injury. There must have been many other jobs
related to sports. Why did you decide to become
a bartender? After I quit baseball, I wasn’t sure of what I liked. Since I couldn’t find what I liked, I thought that I should at least
not do something I don’t like. I didn’t want to be an ordinary
office worker or work behind a desk. Then I somehow ended up
working here, and now I like and enjoy this job. Is it possible that I might get
fired? I said talk, not interview. Was there anything that bothered
you when working? You said that you won’t do
things you don’t like. I agree.
If you don’t like the owner, the worker should also
be able to quit. I don’t think that’s likely
to happen. I don’t know about you, but I like this place regardless
of it. You like it here? Why? I have a good coworker. The best welfare is good coworkers. Don’t avoid it even if you hate it. Avoiding it again is losing. Just like then. You’ll raise my salary by this much? That’s what our staff at Number A
all get paid. The best welfare is not… good coworkers, but the best salary. Coworkers can
sometimes screw you up, but money doesn’t betray you. If I give them the best treatment, they’d be the best bartender… for our bar. By the way, why isn’t there a sign
on the outside? The sign is not put up on purpose. It’s our bar’s concept. A hidden secret bar. A bar which only people who know
about it comes feels more special. That’s why we tried not to show
that there is a bar here. People are not supposed to post… pictures taken here online.
They can’t post the address either. Do you mean like a speakeasy bar? That’s right. It’s a concept Na Na came up with. It seems like our head bartender
knows only one thing, not the other. If you go to bars imitating
speakeasy nowadays, they still have a sign. They just hid the entrance. But haven’t you thought
of the fact that the customers… who’ve made an effort to come here
would struggle to find the bar? It’s not like there is
a proper address. We could say that the sign is
a copy of speakeasy, but why isn’t there a menu either? We listen
to the customer’s preference… and try to make a cocktail
that they’d like. And of course we can also make
any cocktail sold… in other bars. But wouldn’t it be harder
for customers… to explain their preference
if it’s their first time? It’d be easier to choose one
from the menu. And how long
has the interior been… worked for? It’s too crumbly. Was it like this when you started
to work here? We should rework everything. (Dan Hee: Na Na, you should come
here.) (Only 28 available
in the whole world) (Buy crystal glass) (Na Na) Ta-da! Choose one. I want a martini. You can’t have a martini.
Choose 1 from the 3. I can only make these three. There’s none. In that case… In 1, 2, 3. – Cheers.
– Cheers. Na Na, I’m being serious. Do you want me to open a bar
for you in the future? Would your dad allow that? As if he would care. I’ll open a fancy bar, and you’ll be the head bartender. I’m expensive, Ma’am. How much? A lot. Deal. Because I have nothing but money. There is one more. Let’s take a picture. In 1, 2, 3. The light was dark. What brings you here? I received a request
regarding interior remodeling. Sorry? Remodeling? Yes. – You’re here.
– Hello. You came early, Dan Hee.
I called him. – Would you care to step inside?
– Thank you. – Hello.
– Na Na. Didn’t you see my message? I’m sorry. Ms. Lee seems to want
to remodel the bar. Has it been run by you? What?[Kocowa Ver]MBC E02 ‘XX’
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-You’re here. You came earlier that I thought. Say hello to him. This is Mr. Park Han Sol
who be in charge of the remodeling. This is head bartender, Na Na. I didn’t ask for remodeling. I called him. Last time, you’ve done some
remodeling for Number A… and it turned out great, right? – I look forward to it this time.
– Okay. Can I have a word with you? – Can we talk later?
– Now will be better. I’m sorry.
We have to discuss something. There’s a cafe right across
that makes a good coffee. Could you wait for me there? – Dan Hee.
– Yes? Can you show him the way
to the cafe? Right. This is a sample. This one lamp costs… around 5,000 dollars. Overall, it looks quite old… and the furniture looks
tacky for now, but if we start changing
these things, it’ll look better soon. People with a good sense
of style easily notice this. If you want to attract customers
who easily spend money, you should pay attention
to these kinds of things. If you have time to care about this, pay more attention to alcohol. Alcohol? Of course, it’s important. That’s why I’m paying you that much. But this business doesn’t
only concern… the taste of alcohol. You need modern interior
that impresses them at the entrance. Some cocktail
with a pretty and fancy design… that attracts them
to take pictures of it. Also, some expensive furniture
and lighting… that they can never dream of buying. If they also hear
that some celebrities visit here, this place will become popular
on social media in no time. Now I see… why your bar is failing. Being popular on social media?
That’s good. But do you even have some regulars? If you want some pictures out,
why do you run a bar, not a gallery? And 5,000 dollars? So what if it’s expensive? It’s so bright you can’t even
see the color of cocktail. Hey. It almost blinds you. Look at this chair.
Not to mention its design, isn’t it stainless steel? Customers with short skirts
can’t even sit on it. Look how low this footrest is. You don’t even consider
short customers. It’s fancy outside, but hollow. There’s no thoughtful consideration. It’s just like you. Lee Roo Mi, listen. I care about this bar
more than I thought. It’s not fair
if I leave what I love behind… just because of you. If you promise me
to leave my bar alone, I’ll stay here with you. That’s a long speech for saying
you want to save your pride. Why would I save my pride? There are too many bars that want me
for me to do that. On the other hand, your sales is
behind Courtney… which is hurting your pride. So, don’t touch anything in my bar
if you want to keep me. Whatever you do about the bar,
run it by me. It’s hard to tell who’s the owner
and the employee. You think you have the upper hand
because you’re the owner, right? Think carefully… who’d feel sorry. If you want to make
your second bar successful, know your place. Try to keep me. Dan Hee, I’m sorry about yesterday. – Weren’t you busy working alone?
– It’s okay. I was worried that you get fired. I had an interview with Ms. Lee
but I didn’t get fired. An interview? Yes, it was
a very intense interview. An intense interview? What did you do?
What did she ask you to do? She asked me to make a cocktail. Like when we got the license. How much does she think
she knows about alcohol? Na Na. If I make a joke,
you should respond to it. What if you never get better
at swinging? What? Why are you talking
about baseball now? I’m kidding. – I didn’t have an interview.
– I see. I just talked to her. We signed an employment contract
which we’d been postponing. I told her I’ve been working
for two years… and she gave me a big raise. Hello. – Where would you want to sit?
– Is Lee Roo Mi here? Hey, you’re here. – Have a seat.
– Take this. To congratulate on your new bar. You didn’t have to. Thank you. How was the business trip?
You must be tired. No, I slept enough on the plane.
I’m fine. Say hi. This is our bartender, Dan Hee. This is head bartender, Na Na. The one you wanted to get? Hello. I heard a lot about you from Roo Mi. I’m Roo Mi’s boyfriend,
Jung Gyu Min. Hello. Please take good care of her. It’s not
because she’s my girlfriend… but she’s a hard worker
and cares a lot about her employees. You sound silly. Gyu Min, now that you’re here,
look how good our head bartender is. You can’t have this good alcohol
but here. I took a sip, and it was amazing. Can you make him one, Na Na? Well, sure. It’s a welcome drink for you. I drove here. I have to drive today. I’ll drink more next time
to catch up for today instead. – Is that okay?
– Yes. I’ll leave work now too. Let’s catch up tomorrow. – Wait.
– Why? – You look pretty.
– Let’s go. Did anyone sit here? Mr. Park. He had an errand to run,
so I gave him a ride. – I see.
– Why? Is it uncomfortable?
Should I push the chair? It’s okay. I got it. Thank you. – Open the glove compartment.
– The glove compartment? – What is this?
– I thought it’d look good on you. I bought it. It’s a perfume. I love its scent. I’ve never seen this brand.
Where did you get it? I got it on my business trip. There was a perfume store
around my hotel. Then it’s a French brand. I love it. Thank you.
I’ll make a good use of it. Did you get another? It’s for my mom. Tomorrow’s my mom’s birthday. Right. I should go to a department store
tomorrow. Can’t we see the movie
tomorrow then? Right. Sorry.
I’ll have a family dinner tomorrow. – What do we do?
– We have no choice. I’ll see you next time. How’s the bar remodeling going? I’ll think about it. The employees are against it
so much. If they are,
are you going to drop it? I’m still thinking. About what? If I should be a good employer
who listens to her employees… or a cold employer
who doesn’t even shed a single tear. By the way, that Battery, she’s not my girlfriend. Really? Then who is it? You know I played baseball. She’s a friend of a pitcher
at the time. We call a pitcher and a cather
together as Battery. We’re quite close,
so it was just a joke. I see. I knew it somehow. I don’t have a girlfriend. Didn’t you say you do
whenever customers were flirty? It’s the simplest way. What about the part… you met her at the bar
where she worked? Detailed stories sell better. I should use that too. Why was I sure
you had a girlfriend? I’m just asking, but are you going to quit? – Why?
– Well, If you quit, the job will get harder,
so I want to know beforehand. I thought you were asking
out of fellowship. That too. We’re Battery at the bar. You’re right. Are you friends with Ms. Lee? Yes. We were five years ago. Why is it past tense? I abandoned her. Well, I thought I abandoned her. But now that I see it, I just ran away at that time. So, this time… I’m not running away. (XX) Let me take you to the bar. My wife doesn’t know how to
drink cocktail, only cheap drinks. You hear all kind of nasty stories
working as a bartender, and you still get furious
when there’s a cheating scene. Are you going to get revenge
on behalf of her? – What could go wrong?
– Gyu Min. I’m going to Busan
for an urgent business trip. Are you going alone? I’m so busy because I was assigned
to a big case with Lim. – Hello. I’m Lim Jang Mi.
– Didn’t he tell you? I don’t want to date. I don’t like relationships.


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