[ENG SUB] Handsome Siblings Episode 1 eng sub chinese drama

Xiao Yu Er takes pride in being raised in the Villains’ Valley and considers himself as the number one villain. Under the care of Li Da Zui of the ten great villains he has become a prankster who is mischievously playful yet innocently kind. During his travels, he crosses paths with Hua Wu Que which has a graceful and calm nature contrary to Xiao Yu Er and they form a relationship that’s like friends and enemies. Hua Wu Que was adopted by Princess Yao Yue of the Yihua Palace. In order to take revenge on Hua Wu Que and Xiao Yu Er’s birth father Yao Yue purposely separated the twins since they are baby so that they would fight each other upon meeting again. At the same time, Jiang Bie He and Jiang Yu Lang concoct a giant conspiracy that threatens to turn the martial arts world upside down. based on a Gu Long novel of the same name. Handsome Siblings gets a remake from the team behind the 2017 Condor Heroes. Features a cast of rising stars led by Hu Yitian and Chen Zheyuan. Starring by Hu Yi Tian as Hua Wu Que. He known for his role in Chinese Drama A Love So Beautiful Starring by Chen Zhe Yuan as Xiao Yu Er. He known for his role in Chinese Drama Hello Dear Ancestor. Starring by Liang Jing Xian as Tie Xin Lan who known for her role in Chinese Drama Autumn Cicadas. Starring by Liang Jie as Su Ying who known for her role in Chinese Drama The Eternal Love Season 2.

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