[ENG SUB: Korean Drama] The Temperature of Language: Our Nineteen (EP.6)

The food is here. Could you bring it here, please? Eunbin, come here.
Eat first. Ok. Seo Eunbin? You… [The Temperature of Language:
Our Nineteen] [Money and friendship all cost money] It’s not a big deal. It will take 2 days, do you agree? Agree. If we all focus, we can make it
in a day. How about Hero theme? It’s bothersome. Hmm. You shouldn’t think that way. Graduation photos will last forever We need to take the best photo. I’ll bring makeup and hair straightener.
Don’t worry about it. Awesome! What should we wear? Should we wear a matching t-shirt? It’s lame. Look at Uijeongbu High School. For the complete look, we should give up
on the face. It’s hilarious. But I don’t want to spend
too much time on it. We are in 12th grade. It’s been only a week after the mid-term exam. We are also people, aren’t we? Let’s just wear a suit. That’s too normal. It’s not. We can wear dad’s suit. It will look like an old photo. Don’t you think it’s going to be fun? I like the idea. If we are all wearing it together,
it will look great. Retro concept. It sounds fun. I’ll tell my dad. Are we done? I have to go. Are we done? It’s almost time for my private
tutoring. Oh, let’s wrap it up. I’ll make a group chat through Facebook message. I don’t do Facebook. Ok, I’ll make a group chat room
in Kakaotalk. I don’t do Kakaotalk. I have 2G phone. I have to go. I’m late. Let me know once everything is decided. Eunbin, are you having maths private lesson? Is it 1:1 tutoring? How is your tutor? I’m looking for a tutor. I have to go. I shouldn’t have asked, right? Maybe she’s having a lesson from
a very expensive tutor. She’s the top student in school.
She must have hired a special tutor. That’s right. I heard that some teachers from cram schools
work as private tutors. Wow, it’s a total different world from where
I live. By the way, how about animal pajamas? Let me see. A person in pain is recognized
by a person who is in a bigger pain. What’s wrong? What? Nevermind. Where are you going? I’m having a private lesson at my tutor’s house. How about you? I’m going home. See you. A person in pain can see the scars left
from the pain. [Men’s luxurious slim fit suit.
Minimum KRW 254,000] Men’s premium suit, navy color
Minimum KRW 325,000] What? Why is it so expensive? Hi. I’m sorry, Eunbin for asking a favor
on weekdays. Dongjun said he’s sick. I don’t know whether he’s really sick
or hanging out with his girlfriend. No problem. [Premium pass KRW 270,000
Pre-pass KRW 190,000] It’s so expensive. Studying costs money. Welcome. Hi. Uh… 1 milk tea. What do you want? I want lemonade. Let’s eat tiramisu cake too. Ok. How about cheese cake and lemon cake? Let’s eat all. Wow. Great. It’s KRW 28,500. KRW 28,500. The amount that I can earn after 3 hours
and 30 minutes of labor. Here. Thank you. Friendship also costs money. Let’s eat after class. With Yuri and Chansol. Next time. I have a private lesson. The top student is always busy. Let’s eat next time. Ok. How long do I have to give up my happiness
using my future as collateral? Mom, I need a suit for my graduation photo. Mom, the concept of graduation photo
is dad… Please enjoy the food. Welcome. Chansol! Jinah is not here yet. I see her every day at school. I came to see you. Wow. You are getting more beautiful
every day. You are flattering. How is your mom? I haven’t seen here since we drank last month.
I was busy. Yeah. She has a great son. You are kind, handsome and healthy. You are a gift to her. Where’s Jinah’s dad? He’s on delivery. He will be back soon. Ok. Is it ok, if I borrow your husband’s suit… Excuse me, one coke, please. Ok. – Here.
– Thank you. Thank you. What did you say, Chansol? May I borrow the suit of… Could you wait for a second? Hello? Yeomri-dong? Of course, we will be there. We will be there soon. Ok. Ok, less spicy. Ok. Thank you. I’m sorry, it’s chaos at dinner time. Where is he? There are many deliveries left. I’ll help you. It’s close. I deliver it on my way home. No, I can’t ask you to do that. No problem. It’s on my way home. Thank you. I’m so hungry. The food is here. Could you bring it here, please? Eunbin, come here.
Eat first. Ok. You… Seo Eunbin? Mom, I’m home. Are you back from the library? Yes. I came to help you close the store
since I couldn’t focuse anymore. Wow, what’s wrong with my daugther? By the way, Chansol was here. What? Chansol? Alone? Why? He said he came to see me. Out of nowhere? Yes. He stayed for a while and left. I should have given him something to eat. Right. He kept saying something about suit… Do you need a suit in school? Yes, the concept of graduation photo
for guys is daddy’s suit. Oh… Are you going to tell the kids that I’m
on a part-time job? What? It’s weird for a top student to work part-time
job. I always said I don’t want to waste
1 minute or 1 second. A top student can work as a part-time. What’s wrong with that? I wish you don’t tell the kids
about it. Please keep it as a secret. Ok. I won’t tell. If that makes you comfortable. Is that it? What? Don’t you want to know why I lied
about private lessons? Don’t you want to know why I’m on a part-time
job? Well, there must be a reason. Do you work part-time too? Delivery? Oh, I dropped by Jinah’s restaruant and I just
helped out because they were busy. You know Jinah’s parents? Her mom and my mom are best friends. I knew her since 3 years old. Ah…It was an act of big courage to go there. It was so difficult for me to say,
can I borrow a suit? Why do you need a suit for? For graduation photo. We are going to wear suits. I don’t have a suit. I thought the concept was wearing
dad’s suit. Just wear your dad’s suit. I don’t have a father. He passed away when I was little. Oh, I see. Is this a secret? It’s not necessarily a secret. Your reaction is quite unique. When I tell people about my story,
they sympathize with me. Because I don’t have a father too. I also hate being sympathized. You know. When you say, “I don’t have a father”,
people become speechless and they don’t
know how to act. Right. And I’m the one who feels sorry. That’s why I don’t tell people about it. I hate to hear people saying, cheer up. What do they mean by cheer up? A person in pain knows, the depth, the width and the awfulness
of the pain. Does Jinah knows about your story? Of course, she does. Does she know that you like her? Does she know that? Why do you suddenly say that? Of course, it’s a secret. You are not denying it. Stop! I have to go. Keep my secret. You too. Ta-da! I bought it already! Isn’t it cute? It’s so cute. How much was it? I bought it from the internet.
It’s not expensive. KRW 30,000. It’s cute. I’m cuter, right? You are cute too. How cute! There’s even a tail! I have a tail too. Eunbin! I… At sport’s day last year, our class wore the animal pajama. I have it. If you are ok, do you want
to wear mine? It’s really cute. Why? I mean… You need it. And I have it. Nevermind, if you feel uncomfortable. But the pajama is really cute. And you don’t have the cute pajama. Ok. Thank you. Did you get the suit? No. I have an old suit of my uncle
in my house. Do you want it? Really? Thank you! What? My clumsy hands. Let me touch up your makeup later.
Wait. What? Eunbin? Eunbin, come here. Let me put some
make up on you. Done. Thank you. It’s my first time seeing you smile
since we are in the same class. Graduation photo is fun, right? What is that? What? You said it’s bothersome,
and look at you, all dressed up. See? I said, it’s going to be cute. You look good too. Hmm… What’s happening between them? Something is going on. What? Jinah! Are you jealous? No. Are you crazy? Why would I… It makes me laugh because it’s nonsense. I don’t like him. You’re crazy. I don’t like him. I think you do. I don’t. I think you do. Yuri! You… I think you do! Here we go! 1, 2, 3! What are you doing? Aren’t you going to school? Mom, is there dad’s suit which
really looks old? Not a recently bought suit. Why do you need an old suit? Because of our graduation photo. What? Ok, this will do. – Mom, let me borrow this suit.
– Ok. – I’ll go!
– Have fun! Ok. Chansol, I prepared this for you. Wow. It’s great. Thank you, Eunbin. I’ll return it to you after dry cleaning it. You don’t have to. No one wears it. But still… Here. The animal pajama. Thank you so much. Jinah! Hi. You are late today. Yeah. [The Temperature of Language :
Our Nineteen]

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