[ENG sub] [M COUNTDOWN Theater with ATEEZ] KPOP TV Show | M COUNTDOWN 191024 EP.640

I’m Han Hyun Min! I want to become an insider of the K-POP industry! Will I be able to join a cool club this time? Kim Hong Joong & Park Seong Hwa Jeong Yun Ho & Kang Yeo Sang & Choi San Choi Jong Ho & Jung Woo Young MCD Theater Ep. 16
To The Treasure Island A dream of a fire… Is supposed to make you wealthy! Hyun Min! They look so rich! Is this the treasure hunt club,? Do you want to look for a treasure island with us? A true insider has to be young and rich! The 1st club leader hid amazing treasures here Since Hyun Min is here, let’s look for some treasure! Let’s get it! I found it! When you think it’s late… it’s already too late A bird that wakes up early… gets tired Wow~ You call this treasure? Nothing is more precious than wise words! Did you all bring antiques to exchange with the pirate ship? Of course! Ta-da! This is our family heirloom It was in our family for over 100 years… a golden spoon! It says ‘Alumni present’… We’re gonna be able to buy a pirate ship in no time! This was found in Gyeongju Wow… class! It says… This is the only one left in the entire world! This isn’t a treasure hunt club! They’re just collecting junk! Are we going to look for real treasures today? Wow! I have a good feeling today What is it?? Grab him! (Stealing) The next day Are you sure about this? Of course! Here, I have a map We’re going to look for Wonderland Now you’re really part of our club! Let’s go! Wait! The real treasure is in Sangam-dong Change of plans! We’re going to Sangam-dong! Let’s go! Guys! Where are you!! Are you guys coming?? Will he be able to return safely?


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