[ENG sub] [M COUNTDOWN Theater with Dreamcatcher] KPOP TV Show | M COUNTDOWN 191010 EP.638

I’m Han Hyun Min! I want to become an insider of the K-POP industry! Will I be able to join a cool club this time? Sua & Jiu Siyeon & Yoohyeon Gahyeon & Handong & Dami MCD Theater Episode. 15
GOOD NIGHT After meeingMy heart has been pounding like crazy It’s too much to handle I can’t even sleep at night Huh? Who are you…? Wait! Look at those dark circles! Your dark circles are getting out of control! You didn’t get any sleep, right? Good! Because our club helps you fall asleep at night We’ll help you! Should I trust them…? Deep sleep club
This tea will help you fall asleep Try drinking it Classic music really helps with sleeplessness! I think it’s working…? If you want to sleep well at night Naps are strictly prohibited! Okay Hyun Min, we’ll prepare a deep sleep therapy just for you Deep sleep therapy, will it work? What? What are you doing? Your pillow doesn’t have enough feathers, so I plucked some for you Is that blood…? No it’s just omija, I soaked the feathers in omija to help you sleep better! (Creepy) What?? Here Dolls help you fall asleep What is that sound? Are you up? We prepared some ASMR for youASMR ver. Till the break of dawn… the creepy ASMR didn’t stop We’re just gonna leave this candle today We’re gonna go now, good night~ Good night~ Why is it so hot in here? Fire! Fire! Was everything just a dream?never existed Everything was just part of a nightmare Is this Deja Vu…?


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