[Eng Sub] One Night Steal แผนรักสลับดวง | EP.7 [1/5]

Right now, I’m seeing a woman. And that woman is Charm. What about Jee? She has already gotten married. No, she hasn’t. Trust me I’m sure P’Mixx will ditch us someday and focus on promoting Nott only You said it is not right. Did that only refer to the band? What do you mean? What about us? Don’t you want to make it right too? You said… it is not right I should make it right. Did that only refer to the band? What do you mean? What about us? Don’t you want to make it right too? You came all the way to here… just to say that? If this is the only chance for us to talk to each other don’t you have anything else to say to me? First of all, I have never been married. I was forced to an arranged marriage but I could get out of it eventually. I knew that already But there’s one thing you don’t know I was forced to do something too It was an announcement I made about dating Charm I don’t have any feelings for her. What about the second thing you want to say? That night we met at the party. We were both drunk. And you… And I took you to my home You remember that? At first, I wasn’t sure. But my feelings have reaffirmed to me that the girl in my dream whom I met that night was you. I used to think that I was the unluckiest man in the world But now, I think I’m the luckiest man in the world. There’s another thing I must tell you. Our lucks got switched. What? Are you saying that we slept together that night was the reason our lucks got switched? Yes. I didn’t believe it at first But I keep experiencing many strange things that never happen to me before. I even went to see a fortuneteller So I found out that our lucks got switched. After that night didn’t strange things occur to you? Yes, they did. But they were really good. My life has become really good I admit that in the beginning I tried to do everything in order to be close to you. I want to find time to be together. That was only because I wanted my luck back. But after a while that we eventually got to be together and saw each other day in day out, I completely forgot about that scheme I had. I have another feeling instead. It’s not just you who feels like that. I like you. No. I should rather say… I love you, Jee. I love you too. Then, from this moment on… we won’t lie to our own feelings again What should we do, then? How about we go out together? Why not? Really? You are serious, right? Yes. The weather is nice. Let’s go for a walk. Sure But I’m not going to walk with you as a companion I’d rather be walking with you as a boyfriend. Is that okay? Yes, I guess. Walking with me like this, aren’t you afraid of being gossiped? Usually, no one knows me when I come here. Most of them are couples. They don’t care about others. Do you usually come here with your girlfriend? No. I like to come here to think alone I like to come here to think alone and see things around. Do all artists always isolate themselves and think like this? Come on. Why do you think being isolate is an artist thing? Sometimes, I just want to sit down and relax to avoid hearing anything that may trouble my mind Another thing is… right now, you are one of my comforts. The weather is really nice today There are so many people here That’s why people come here with their loved ones Seriously, how do you know that they come with their loved ones? Let’s make a guess. That couple, I think they started to date not long ago Perhaps, they just had a big fight and made up so they come here together What about that couple? They seem to get tired of each other. They are here to complete their duties of a boyfriend and a girlfriend Don’t be so pessimistic They probably are too busy at work but they want to spend time together so they are here to sit next to each other looking busy. That’s more like it. I think. Are you a love guru? Why do you seem to know everything? I’m just guessing. I don’t know about love that well. Icouldn’t make any of my relationships last long. Same here. My relationships never last. When I went out with a guy, he changed later Sometimes, I feel like I want to give up on love Come on. It’s less than one day that we agreed go out. And another thing is, I’m not gonna change. Do you think what other people think if they see us now? The two people who love each other who try their best to go through everything together Too bad that it’s cloudy and no stars tonight But I have a place where you can see plenty of stars. Let’s go Where is it? Just follow me. Okay. I think you should go talk to Charm first.


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