[ENG SUB] Seirei Gensouki Drama CD 1

A while after I took princess Christina and Celia to Rodania. Aishia and I carried Miharu-san and Latifa to head to Rodania. Latifa: I see it, that’s Amande right, Onii-chan? Rio: Yes. But it’s dangerous to move around while flying, so hold on tight to me. Latifa: Yes! *Gyuuu* Rio: Ahaha, that’s a bit too tight. Latifa: Ehehe. Miharu: You look so happy, Latifa-chan. Latifa: Of course I am, because today is a sleep over. Latifa: It’s unfortunate that Sara-oneechan and the others have to stay behind. Latifa: But I get to see Celia-san and Satsuki-oneesan again. And I get to see Liselotte-san for the first time. Miharu: I’m happy to be able to see the three of them again. The sleep over will be fun. Latifa: Yes! We can talk a lot late in the night with Onii-chan in the same room. Miharu: A-As expected when it’s time to sleep, I think Haruto-san will be sleeping in a different room. Latifa: Eh! Why?! Rio: I’m the only man there so, of course. Rio: Also Aishia, we’re getting close to the city, so let’s start descending. Aishia: Okay. Miharu: That is Liselotte-san’s mansion, Latifa-chan. Latifa: Wow. It’s a big house. I-I wonder if it’s alright for me to go in. Eh, I’m starting to get nervous. Rio: There’s no need to be since Liselotte-san is also expecting you. That’s why she invited you. Miharu: If it’s Latifa-chan then I think you will get along right away. Aishia: Everyone is there as well so it will be fine. Latifa: Y-Yes. Latifa: The front yard is wide and looks so beautiful. Satsuki: Miharu-chan! Haruto-kun! Miharu: Satsuki-san! Satsuki: Yahoo! It’s been a while you two. Miharu and Rio: It’s been a while, Satsuki-san. Satsuki: I’m happy to see that the both of you look well. Aishia-chan and Latifa-chan as well. Latifa: Yes! It’s been a while, Satsuki-oneesan. Aishia: It’s been a while. Satsuki: I’m happy to see you two. Oh yes, Celia-san arrived before you all did. Hey, Celia-san. Rio: It’s been a while, Celia. Aishia: Celia, it’s been a while. Miharu and Latifa: It’s been a while, Celia-san. Celia: Yes, it’s been a while. It’s a strange feeling, meeting you here at Liselotte-san’s house. Satsuki: If you say then, me as well. I didn’t think that I would get permission to leave the castle so easily. Satsuki: It’s all thanks to Liselotte-san who has the king’s trust. Thank you, Liselotte-san. Liselotte: No. If it’s Satsuki-sama’s personal request, then I think the King couldn’t reject it easily. Liselotte: And if you’re talking about the king’s trust then I think his trust toward Haruto-sama is pretty big. Rio: Me? Please don’t joke. Satsuki: But yes, when Haruto-kun’s name came up then the king said, “Well it may not be a bad idea for Satsuki-dono to learn about society” cheerfully. Rio: I think that’s just a coincidence. Liselotte: I think if any man other than Haruto-sama’s name came up then the king would have rejected her outing. Satsuki: Then it is because of the king’s trust in Haruto-kun. Rio: Ahaha. Liselotte: It’s unpleasant to talk while standing so let’s head inside. I will guide you. Satsuki: Then please do, Liselotte-san. Liselotte: Oh yes, how unbecoming of me, before we go inside just one line. Liselotte: Welcome to my home. Liselotte: Well then since everyone has snacks/cups/tea, let’s start having a conversation. Satsuki: Well when you say start having a conversation it suddenly makes me lost. Satsuki: Because well, the members are new. What shall we talk about first? Liselotte: Since we haven’t done our introductions yet, may I greet Latifa-sama? Satsuki: Oh yeah, we haven’t done introductions yet. Please do. Liselotte: Thank you. Nice to meet you Latifa-sama, you may know already but I am Liselotte Cretia. Liselotte: Thank you for coming a long way here. Latifa: Y-Yes, pleased to make your acquaintance. I am Latifa, please take care of me. Celia: Oh, are you nervous, Latifa? Latifa: A-Ahaha, a little. Celia: Is it because it’s the first time you meet Liselotte-san? Celia: But the first time I met you, you didn’t seem nervous to me, right? Latifa: Um, at that time it was because I wasn’t the only one to meet you the first time. Latifa: But this time I’m the only one who is meeting Liselotte-san for the first time. How to say it… Ehehe. Rio: Latifa is close to people she is used to but she is a rather shy person. Latifa: Please, Onii-chan. Liselotte: Please don’t be stiff. After hearing about you from Haruto-sama, I’ve been excited to meet you. Latifa: Um, I was excited to meet Liselotte-san as well, that’s why before I came, I practiced introductions. Miharu: I think I understand how you feel, Latifa-chan. Miharu: I was quite nervous when Haruto-san brought me to Liselotte-san as well. Liselotte: How nostalgic. Miharu: I think it’s important to learn about the other person. Miharu: After meeting Liselotte-san a number of times and talk, I’ve finally stopped being nervous. Liselotte: Then it would be best to do something that would help Latifa-sama relax. Liselotte: Like when she’s in her own house. Liselotte: During your stay here, I’ve arranged for the people in the mansion to stay away. Liselotte: All that’s left is to show you my hospitality skills. Satsuki: Liselotte-san is pumped up. If so, then I have a suggestion. Satsuki: How about instead of Liselotte-san acting as a host, you act more casual? Liselotte: Casual is it, concretely in what way? Satsuki: Remember, one of the goals of this sleep over is to get to know each other more. And all of our ages are relatively close. Satsuki: For example, while we’re here we forget about status and act like close aged friends. Or change the way we talk to each other more casually. Latifa, Miharu, Celia, and Liselotte: Interesting. Rio: So, for example we change Celia’s address towards Satsuki-san “Satsuki-sama or Hero-sama” to “Satsuki.” Satsuki: Well that would be how it would go. I hate it when I get called “Hero-sama or Satsuki-sama.” I’ve gotten used to it though. Rio: That’s true, back when I was at the castle and called Satsuki-san “Hero-sama,” you looked like you really hated it. Satsuki: T-That was because the other person was Haruto-kun. Satsuki: N-No i-it was because nevermind. Haruto-kun as well, right now because we’re in front of Liselotte-san you’re calling yourself not as Ore(casually for I) but as Watashi(polite for I), right? Satsuki: That’s what I mean by more casually. Rio: I-I see. Satsuki: So, how about it everyone? Liselotte: Since I want to get along with everyone, I would like to try it. Miharu: Same for me as well. Latifa: Me too. Celia: It sounds interesting but when I try to call someone by name, I think I would hesitate. Satsuki: Then if you get embarrassed or falter, how about a punishment game? Rio: Why is it at that point, [Watashi, I mean Ore] you look at me?
Here Rio tries to change from polite to casual in the middle of the sentence.
Satsuki: Well, I thought if Haruto-kun participated in the punishment game then it would be interesting. Latifa: Wah. Well then, I think getting pet by Onii-chan would be best! Miharu: Instead of a punishment that would be more of a rewards for Latifa-chan. Latifa: Then that would mean for Miharu-oneechan, getting pet isn’t a reward? Miharu: T-That isn’t the case but, what are you trying to make me say, Latifa-chan! I would feel embarrassed if it was done to me. Satsuki: I see, I see, embarrassing. Interesting, that’s a good idea. Miharu: Y-Yes? Satsuki: Punishment game. Let’s have Haruto-kun do something embarrassing(toward everyone). All the girls except for Satsuki and maybe Aishia: E-Embarrassing moment… Rio:What is Satsuki-san planning on making me do?Satsuki: What are you looking at Haruto-kun? Satsuki: D-Don’t misunderstand! E-Embarrassing moment doesn’t mean that way! Rio: Of course I understand, I-I mean exactly what you mean I don’t understand but. Satsuki: What I was trying to say was a punishment game for not acting like friends, saying it in that way would be that… penalty for feeling embarrassed. Satsuki: For example getting pet by Haruto-kun is just what I thought. If everyone saw that then they would feel embarrassed right. Rio: T-That maybe so but that would mean I would be feeling embarrassed every time, wouldn’t it? Satsuki: Please, Haruto-kun. In order to strengthen our bonds, will you please do it? Rio: Please don’t look at me like that. Rio: Fine, I understand. Satsuki: Yay! As expected of Haruto-kun. Latifa: I have a suggestion. Satsuki: Then, please Latifa-chan. Latifa: Have everyone write what kind of situation they would feel embarrassed about when done something by Onii-chan. Latifa: And draw that as lots each time someone is embarrassed to decide the punishment game for that person. Satsuki: That sounds interesting. Yes, let’s use that suggestion. Latifa: Yay! Ehehe. Celia: The talk seems to be progressing but… Liselotte: I think it’s an interesting idea. The vital role will all be left to Haruto-sama though. Miharu: B-But then what would Haruto-san’s penalty be? Satsuki: If Haruto-kun is the one who receives the penalty then one of us will fill in and do the same to him. Satsuki: With that, let’s start making lots. *Latifa writing while humming* Celia: Um, since earlier Latifa is the only one writing penalty lots. Latifa: Of course, it just means I can write whatever I want Onii-chan to do to me. Latifa: There isn’t enough paper to write everything. Ehehe. Miharu: If it’s something you want done to yourself then the direction is different from the intended result. Celia: But it’s amazing that it will go towards the intended result. Celia: If it’s what this girl writes then it will definitely be embarrassing. Miharu: Latifa-chan will enjoy it though. Latifia: That’s not true. I have something I would feel embarrassed if Onii-chan does it to me. That’s what I’m writing right now. Miharu: Um, just what are you writing, Latifa-chan? Latifa: Ehehe. That’s the fun to save for when we draw the lots. Satsuki: I think you know but no perverted ones. Latifa: I think it would be okay, it’s healthy content… Latifa: Probably. Miharu: P-Probably? Latifa: A-Ahaha, nothing, nothing at all. By the way why is everyone not writing? Miharu: That is… Celia: How to say it… Satsuki: Even though it was my idea, if I think about what would be embarrassing if Haruto-kun did that to me, then I would feel embarrassed and my hand stops. Satsuki: Like it makes me hesitant to write… *chirari*(eye contact/wavering) Miharu: That’s it, I think. Celia: Y-Yes… Rio:Then, I don’t mind if you change the penalty now.Latifa: Liselotte-san and Aishia-oneechan aren’t writing because of the same reason as the others? Liselotte: Yes, since Haruto-sama is in front of me, it makes me more conscience. Aishia: It’s not like that for me. I can’t think of anything that would make me feel embarrassed if done by Haruto. Liselotte: To be able to say that is pretty amazing. For example, holding each other’s hands of hugging is fine for you? Aishia: It’s fine. If he holds onto my hand then I will do the same. If he hugs me then I will hug him back. Satsuki: Wow. Rio: Why are you looking at me? Satsuki: No, well just because… I just thought you two were intimate. Liselotte-san’s surprising comment disappeared. Liselotte: No, um… Latifa: Ugh, as expected of Aishia-oneechan. Rio: Ahaha. Satsuki: By the way, since Latifa-chan is thinking up of ideas smoothly, let’s concretely pick the rules. Satsuki: Like what you need to do in order to get penalized. Liselotte: Going by the conversation earlier, if we don’t act in a way of close-aged friends then we would get penalized. Liselotte: But with just that, it’s a little vague. Satsuki: Specifically, we need to decide on what is NG(Not Good). Satsuki: For example, when calling someone with sama or polite language is out or being overly nice/polite that usual. Satsuki: In other words, shortening the distance by calling each other more familiarly. Liselotte: In that case, who will judge the penalty/mistake? Satsuki: How about whoever calls out on the other(person that makes the mistake) is the judge? Liselotte: That’s a good idea. Satsuki: Then does anyone have any inputs? Latifa: Nope. Miharu: Um, I don’t either. Celia: Same here, all that’s left is to actually do it and if there’s any problem then adjust the rules. Rio: I’ll leave it to you. Satsuki: Alright it’s decided then. Latifa-chan if you have that many then it’s enough. Let’s get started then. Latifa: Okay, then just this last one. Satsuki: Well then, we will start “Similar aged conversation game.” Latifa: *clap clap clap clap* Miharu: I-I’m starting to get nervous. Just what kind of punishment did Latifa-chan write… Celia: Right, apart from me, Liselotte-san is a young noble. It is dangerous to do something drastic. Liselotte: This is to strengthen our bonds so I will do my best. Liselotte: But if I get penalized then please go easy on me, Haruto-sama. Rio: Yes, well… Satsuki: There! Celia-san and Liselotte-chan are out! Celia: Eh? Eh?! Liselotte: Ah, it can’t be… Satsuki: The game has already started. Celia-san called Liselotte-chan with “san” and Liselotte-chan called Haruto-kun with “sama.” Liselotte: As expected, you meant it like that. Celia: P-Please wait, Satsuki-sama. You called me with “san” but that is because? Satsuki: It’s because Celia-san is older than me. Even if we’re talking as if we’re similar aged, calling you by name doesn’t seem right. Satsuki: Miharu-chan also calls me who is older as san. So I tried changing Liselotte-san to chan. Celia: Ugh, that is so… Satsuki: I’m glad you understand. In contrast, Celia-san may call me by name. Satsuki: In fact, if you don’t then you will get penalized again. Celia: Ugh, as a noble, I feel hesitant calling Hero-sama by name. Satsuki: No can do. Today’s goal is to increase our bond with each other by forgetting status and act like similarly aged friends. Satsuki: Casually to the end. Now try calling me by name. Celia: E-Eh, um, S-Satsuki. Satsuki: Well done. Then next is how to call Liselotte-chan. Satsuki: Usually Celia-san calls people close to her by name right, Miharu-chan? Miharu: Yes, she calls me Miharu. Satsuki: Then lets try calling Liselotte-chan by name. That’s fine right, Liselotte-chan? Liselotte: Yes, of course. Satsuki: Then, since we have permission from said person. Celia: Ugh, then… Liselotte. Liselotte: Yes. Then I will follow Satsuki… -san’s logic and call Celia with “san.” Celia-san. Liselotte: I don’t mind you talking in the same way as you would to Miharu-san. Celia: Then please get along with me, Liselotte. Liselotte: Yes, please get along with me as well, Celia-san. Satsuki: Well then, since we’ve decided on how to call each other. Let’s begin the twos’ penalty. Does anyone have any problem with that? Latifa: Nope. Satsuki: Then, let’s begin the penalty. Latifa-chan, please get the lottery ready. Latifa: Yes, um, the prepared lots go into this bag. Latifa: Here you go. Please pick one. Then starting with Liselotte-oneechan. Liselotte: Liselotte-oneechan. Liselotte: Y-Yes. Thank you, L-Latifa… -chan. Latifa: Ehehe. Your welcome. Liselotte: Then here I go. Um… Miharu: What was written Liselotte… -chan? Liselotte: Miharu-san… um, have Haruto-san kabe-don and say “I love you, Latifa.”
kabe-don is the act of slamming against the wall next to said person.
Rio: *chokes* Miharu: A-Are you alright, Haruto-san?!
Rio: *chokes* Rio: *chokes* Rio: Y-Yes somehow… Satsuki: You sure wrote something unbelievable, Latifa-chan. And you even wrote your name. Celia: Um, what is a kabe-don? Satsuki: Instead of explaining it would be faster to see it. Since you showed that kind of reaction, you know what a kabe-don is right, Haruto-kun? Satsuki: Although a bit sudden, please do it. Rio: Are your serious? Satsuki: Of course I am. Since Liselotte-chan’s face is red, she seems to also know what a kabe-don is, don’t embarrass a girl. Rio: B-But isn’t it more embarrassing for the one doing it. Liselotte: I-I will be fine. If it’s not embarrassing then it won’t be a penalty. I’ve prepared my heart so… please. Satsuki: Hey, go to the wall, Haruto-kun. Rio: … Latifa: I’m jealous, even though that’s what I wanted to be done to me. Celia: I know it has something to do with a wall but what will they do? Miharu: Ahaha… All I can say is please just keep watching. Rio: … Liselotte: … Satsuki: Hurry up, we will never finish if you just keep standing still. Rio: … Liselotte-san. Liselotte: Y-Yes. Rio: I-I love you. Liselotte: … Celia: T-This is a kabe-don… Satsuki: No, this isn’t. This can’t do, Haruto-kun. That isn’t a kabe-don. Rio: No way! Satsuki: Because on the paper it says Latifa-chan’s name, in which case you must call Liselotte-san by name as well. Satsuki: And also it’s too frigid. Rio: *khh* Celia: T-This might be the first time I see him so frustrated. Satsuki: Also before you kabe-don, you need to face her closer and look at her in the eye and talk to her softly. Rio: Isn’t that a bit much?! Satsuki: It’s because it’s written in detail on the paper. Right, Latifa-chan? Latifa: Yes. Rio: Latifa… Satsuki: And there you have it. Take two. Rio: … Satsuki: Cut! This isn’t kabe-don but kabe-ton. Rio: Please forgive me… Satsuki: Nope. Latifa: It’s take 3, Onii-chan. Rio: For just a bit, I will hit the wall but will that be fine, Liselotte-san? Liselotte: Y-Yes, that will be fine. Rio: Since I got permission from the land-owner, as a test I’ll hit the wall. Please tell me if I can hit the wall this hard. Satsuki: Roger, leave it to me. Rio: Then… about this much? Satsuki: It’s gotten better but a little harder. Rio: Then… this much? Satsuki: Yes, perfect. Rio: Then I will hit this hard. Rio: Um, before I say that line, get closer to her face, look into her eyes then softly say… Rio: Oh… Sorry for the wait. Liselotte: N-No problem, then please. Rio: Then… Liselotte:H-Haruto-sama’s face is close, he smells good, even though he’s a man he has long eyebrows, his face is pretty.Rio: Liselotte. Liselotte: Y-Yes. Rio: I love you. Liselotte: Yes. Other girls: … Satsuki: Y-You can do it if you try, Haruto-kun. It was close to a perfect act. Latifa: No fair… Celia: A-Amazing, so this is a kabe-don. Miharu: I-It was amazing… really. Rio: Please don’t say it… I didn’t want to do this a number of times so I seriously… Liselotte: … Aishia: Liselotte’s face is bright red. Latifa: Ehehe. I wonder if Liselotte-oneechan also fell in love with Onii-chan? Liselotte: Hah?! No this is, it’s because if any man did this then any girl would feel embarrassed. Yes it will definitely be like that. R-Right, Celia-san? Celia: Eh?! Turning to me? I-I mean if Haruto does that to me I think it would be e-embarrassing. Satsuki: But that kind of embarrassing thing will now happen to Celia-san as well you know. Latifa: Now then, it’s time for Celia-san. Celia: Ugh, I get it, just need to pick one right. I can’t think of anything more embarrassing than that… Celia: Um, this is… “Have Haruto yuka-don(this time is floor) and say ‘Latifa, I love you, I will embrace you’” is what it says. Celia: This just changed from wall to floor right. Um, wall changed to floor? Latifa: Ugh, please read it carefully, it also says I will embrace you. Celia: This content is more embarrassing than the kabe-don?! Latifa: I’m jealous, I wanted to pick that lot. Celia: I wish I could give this to you. Please wait, wait. This is impossible. Impossible. Just imagining this is embarrassing. Satsuki: Well if it isn’t embarrassing then it wouldn’t be a punishment. Latifa: Wouldn’t be. Satsuki: Now then Haruto-kun, since you know what a kabe-don is, of course you know what a yuka-don is right. Rio: Y-Yes I have an idea of what it is… Satsuki: Then it sudden but let’s have you do it then. Rio: Before that please let me see what is written. It would be a problem if we need to redo it because of the additional information. Celia: Um, t-this is the lot… This is too embarrassing! Rio: Um, push the other with great momentum, and then gently lay their back on the floor, get on top of them, bring your face close, look into their eyes… Miharu: Latifa-chan… Liselotte: T-This is rather detailed isn’t it… Miharu: But even if you push her down, it wouldn’t be good to do it on the floor. Liselotte: Well then, we can move to the guest room, there’s a bed there. Celia: B-Bed?! Liselotte: I thought it would be better than laying on the floor, if it was on a couch then it might break if you use too much strength. Celia: … Satsuki: Then, since it’s settled, let’s go right away. Satsuki: Now then, we can fulfill the conditions here, let’s start right away. Since you need to push her down then you can’t be on the bed from the beginning. Liselotte: Yes, I agree. Celia: The two of you strangely seem excited. B-But is there a reason for everyone to watch? Aishia: There is. Celia:Ugh, only at times like this… usually she is quiet…Latifa: Because if everyone doesn’t watch then it wouldn’t be embarrassing. Miharu: No, I think it wouldn’t change that it’s embarrassing… in fact I think it’s more embarrassing for the two to do it alone. Latifa: Ugh, then because it’s unfair for just Celia to do it alone with Onii-chan. Satsuki: Well, it’s true that it wouldn’t be interesting unless we watch. Aishia: If it’s just the two of them we can’t confirm if they really did or not. Liselotte: Since these are the rules, it can’t be helped. Celia: I-I get it. I get it already. We just need to do it right. Well the one that will be doing it is Haruto but what should I do? Satsuki: Then Celia-san please go next to the bed. And stand in a way where it’s easy for Haruto-kun to push. Rio and Celia: … Celia: U-Um, aren’t you a bit close, Haruto? Rio: Well, I can’t push you down if I’m not this close. Celia: T-That’s right, isn’t it. I’m about to be pushed down. Me. Rio: Let’s finish it in one try. It would be more embarrassing if we need to do it multiple times because we did this half-heartedly. Celia: W-When an experienced person says it they have credibility. Rio: Then here I go. Please don’t be surprised when I push you down. Celia: O-Okay, I got it… Celia: Okay, you may begin. Rio: Then… Celia: … Satsuki: It’s nice that you’re enthusiastic, Haruto-kun. Liselotte: Ahaha. I think he learned his lesson in the penalty from earlier. Celia: U-Um, Haruto. Please don’t be rough otherwise the people below will be surprised. Rio: No, it has to be this rough. Celia: Y-Yes… I see. Rio: Celia. Celia: Yes. Rio: I love you, I’ll embrace you… Satsuki: That last part you faltered didn’t you? Rio: Something is wrong if you didn’t falter there. Aishia: Take 2. Miharu: Y-You have no mercy, Ai-chan… Liselotte: Celia-san’s face is bright red and frozen though. Rio: Celia. Celia: … Rio: Celia? Celia: Y-Yes, w-what is it? Rio: It seems we need to do it again. Celia: Eh? W-Why? Rio: It was because the last part I faltered. Celia: I-I see. So that was why you didn’t embrace me at the end. Rio: No. All that’s written is to go up to right before embracing. Celia: Is that so? Rio: Yes, it is. Satsuki: But if that’s what Celia-san wants then it wouldn’t hurt to do it for her right? Liselotte: Yes, if the said person wants it then there isn’t a problem. Celia: I-It’s not as if I want it. Aishia: Embrace her. Celia: What is this child saying?! Aishia: Celia is in Rodania right now, so she can’t see Haruto that much and so Celia is lonesome. Celia: If I said that’s not true… then it would be a lie. Aishia: Haruto is lonesome as well. Rio: Well, yes I do feel lonesome. Aishia: Then, embrace her. Rio: No no, this and that are different… Satsuki: You can’t say no, can you? I think it’s normal for people close with one another to want skinship. Latifa: Hm… Then let’s do it like this. *Latifa writing.* Latifa: Here you go, Onii-chan. Satsuki: Oh, we won’t have a problem with this then. Rio: No! There is a big problem with this. Wasn’t there supposed to be no ad-lib? Satsuki: We never picked any such rule. Right, everyone? Liselotte: Yes that’s true, we never decided. Latifa: Yes! Miharu: Right. Aishia: Then, it’s decided. Satsuki: With that settled, take two Haruto-kun and Celia-san. Rio: I get it already… For now let’s get off the bed, Celia. Celia: Y-Yes. Rio: Then, let’s finish it with this one. This time I’ll properly do it. Celia: Okay, A-Although I thought the one earlier was properly done… Rio: Yes? Celia: No, it’s nothing. Please begin. Rio: Yes, then here I go. Rio: … Celia: … Rio: Celia. Celia: Yes. Rio: I love you, I’ll embrace you. Everyone else: … Celia:T-This is?! W-What kind of face do I make, aren’t I making a weird face? Is this an illusion? A dream? Rio… to me?!Miharu: T-They are embracing for quite a long time. Satsuki: Y-Yes, Celia-san is bright red and frozen solid. And Haruto-kun is… Rio: So that this doesn’t become NG I’m embracing her. Can I stop soon? Satsuki: O-Oh so that’s what it was, yes there’s no problem. Thank you for the treat. Rio: … Celia: … Miharu: Um… Celia-san? Celia: Rio is… Rio did to me… Miharu: Celia-san?! Celia: Miharu? What happened? Miharu: It’s because Celia-san was drifting away. Celia: I-Is that so? I’m sorry. Part way my mind went blank. Miharu: That’s bad, isn’t it, to say Haruto-san’s real name. Celia: Ah! I-I’m sorry. Miharu: Luckily, I was the only one that heard it. Celia: Is that so? Thank you. Satsuki: What are you two talking about? Miharu: I-It’s nothing. Celia: Y-Yes, it’s nothing at all. Satsuki: Really? Miharu: Yes. Since we’ve finished let’s go back to the other room. Satsuki: That’s right isn’t it, since we’ve finished Liselotte-chan and Celia-san’s penalty. But before that there is one more who needs to draw the lottery. Satsuki: Then, Latifa-chan. Latifa: Yes! Satsuki: You look happy. Latifa: Of course, I’ve been waiting for this moment. Bring it on. Liselotte: Latifa-chan sure like Haruto-san. Latifa: Yes! Miharu: But why is Latifa-chan getting penalized? Satsuki: How Latifa-chan called Celia-san. She calls me Satsuki-oneesan but she calls Celia-san with “san”. Latifa: Oh that’s true. Ehehe. Celia: Is there a reason? Latifa: I heard that Celia-san was an important person to Onii-chan that he was thankful to and so because of that I end up calling her with “san.” Celia: Is that so… Miharu: I think I understand, Latifa-chan is showing a sign of respect right towards Celia-san. Latifa: Yes, that’s right. Celia: I-Is that so? Thank you, I didn’t know that’s how you thought about me. Satsuki: In that case maybe it is a good idea to keep calling her in that manner. Latifa: No, I want to change it. Satsuki: Okay. Latifa: If I don’t then I can’t lovey dovey with Onii-chan. Celia: I see. Wait, doesn’t that mean you’re only changing because you want to do it with Haruto. You aren’t doing it to get closer to me? Latifa: Both are important, Celia-oneechan. Celia: O-Onee-chan… Satsuki: I see. Skipping Onee-san to Onee-chan. I’m jealous, I’m still being called Onee-san. *chira* Latifa: May I call you Satsuki-oneechan from Satsuki-oneesan from now on? Satsuki: Why of course you can! Latifa: Ehehe. Please take care of me again, Celia-oneechan and Satsuki-oneechan. Satsuki: Yes! Celia: It’s a bit embarrassing to be called Onee-chan but please take care of me, Latifa. Satsuki: Then, since we’ve decided on it, Latifa-chan do you want to draw a lot? Latifa: Yes, which should I pick… Liselotte: Now then, what will come out? Kabe-don, yuka-don, then? Aishia: All that’s left is ten-don(ceiling)? Miharu: Ahaha. As expected I don’t think it would go to that since it would be an impossible position and it would also be an unnatural position. Satsuki: But it’s amazing that it might be possible if it was Haruto-kun. Liselotte: That’s true. Rio: Just what kind of image do you have of me? Satsuki: Eh, you can’t? Rio: Well if we tried then I think I can. Satsuki: See, you can do it. Latifa: Okay, I choose this one. Miharu: What does it say, Latifa-chan? Latifa: It says while sit on Onii-chan’s lap and say “Good girl, I like you, Latifa” while petting my head. Celia: What can I say, it’s straightforward. Miharu: Yes, although I feel like it’s the same as what happens as usual. Latifa: That’s not true. Even when I beg him, he won’t easily say “I like you.” And so, please, Onii-chan. Rio: Alright then, if it’s this kind of content then let’s go back to the bed. Come here. Satsuki: Haruto-kun looks quite used to it. Liselotte: So they really do have a sibling-like relationship. Rio: Alright then, let’s get started. Latifa: Yes! Rio: Good girl, Latifa. Latifa: Is that so? Rio: Yup, you’re my proud little sister. I like you. Latifa: Yes, I like you as well! Rio: H-Hold on, Latifa. Don’t push me down. Latifa: Ehehe. *rub rub rub rub* Ehehe. Rio: Ahaha. Liselotte: What a peaceful scenery, there is no complaint. Miharu: Yup, I don’t think there’s any problem. Satsuki: This is the first time you were able to finish it on the first try. You can stop now, Haruto-kun and Latifa-chan. Latifa: Hey, Onii-chan. Please say it again, that you like me. Rio: Latifa, it’s already over. Latifa: No, please say it or I won’t let go. *Gyuuu* Rio: I like you, Latifa. Latifa: Ehehe. Yes. Satsuki: Now then, after that intimate sibling scene of Haruto-kun and Latifa-chan, next is Miharu-chan. Miharu: E-Eh? Me?! Why? Satsuki: Miharu-chan, from the start you’ve been calling Haruto-kun with “san.” Miharu: I may have, but… Satsuki: Didn’t you call boys in the school of the same age with “kun” back then. Satsuki: But you call Haruto-kun with “san” even though you’re the same age. Miharu: Ugh, that is… that’s because Haruto-san is my savior. Satsuki: You’ve failed, the goal of this is to get closer by speaking more casually with similar aged people. Satsuki: It’s not good to treat people your in debt/savior with like that. You need to use kun like you usually do. For example… Haru-kun. Miharu: S-Satsuki-san! Satsuki: What is it? Miharu: N-No, um, wouldn’t H-Haru-kun be more affection than just casual? Satsuki: Isn’t it fine, I mean Haruto-kun is also your savior. Isn’t it normal to have more affection? Or is it that Haruto-kun is just a friend? Miharu: T-That’s not true. Satsuki: Then while you’re here at Liselotte-san’s mansion then call him Haru-kun.
Satsuki should get penalized.
Satsuki: That’s fine right, Haruto-kun? Rio: Yes, I don’t mind. Satsuki: And there you have it, as a test try it out, Miharu-chan. Miharu: Eh? U-Um… Haru… -kun. Rio: Yes. Satsuki: Also, Haruto-kun. Rio: Yes? Satsuki: Isn’t calling Miharu-chan with “san” a bit too distant? Rio: I call women I’m close to with “san” as well so it’s not like I’m trying to distance myself from Miharu-san. Satsuki: But you call Celia-san, Aishia-chan, and Latifa-chan by name. Well for Latifa-chan it may be because you two are siblings so it’s fine. Rio: It’s… Latifa: Celia-san, Aishia-oneechan, and I are maybe that important? Satsuki: Is that how it is Haruto-kun? Rio: Well I’ve known them for a long time and our relationship is a bit unique, but that’s not because I’m distancing myself from Miharu-san and others. Satsuki: I’m glad to hear that, then that means you have no problem in changing the way you call her. Rio: Yes, well… Satsuki: Then, how about Mii-chan? Rio: Why not by name but by nick name? Satsuki: That’s because even though it will be just while you’re here in Liselotte-chan’s mansion, Miharu-chan is going to call you as Haru-kun. Satsuki: Then wouldn’t it be equal if you changed the way you called her as well? Also shouldn’t Haruto-kun also draw a lot? Rio: Aren’t you casually trying to penalize me?! Satsuki: Because I thought that you should change the way you call her. Rio: I understand, then I will pick a lot later. Satsuki: Well, aren’t you obedient. Rio: Well whatever happens I have to participate in the punishment game anyway, I thought it would be okay if I got penalized. Satsuki: I see, I see, it will be fun to see who will pair up with Haruto-kun. So then Miharu-chan, please draw one. Miharu: Yes. Latifa: Here you go, Miharu-oneechan. Miharu: Yes. Celia: Now then, I wonder what is written? Miharu: U-Um, Haru-kun says “Latifa, hurry and feed me” and then I feed him… E-Eh?! Liselotte: Well isn’t this an aggressive punishment. Satsuki: Changing Latifa-chan to Miharu-chan, isn’t this one where Haruto-kun is embarrassed. Rio: Please don’t imagine it… Satsuki: S-Sorry, that’s impossible. Liselotte: So then what should we do? Since we don’t have any food here, we could go to the other room where there’s food or wait till dinner, but what shall we do? Satsuki: Hm… Well then let’s do it at dinner time. Rio: No, isn’t it better to hurry and get over with it. Satsuki: No, wouldn’t it be better to do it using Miharu-chan’s handmade food since we’re planning to eat her cooking tonight. Rio: … Satsuki: It’s decided then. A bit unexpected but Haruto-kun, please pick a lot. Rio: Okay… Latifa: Here you go, Onii-chan. Satsuki: Then girls, please pick a lot from here. The person who picks the target lot will be the one to pair with him. Satsuki: Now that everyone has one, Haruto-kun please tell us what the contents are. Rio: From the other woman have her hold your face and then press your forehead against theirs then from close contact look into their eyes and say “I love you, Latifa.” Satsuki: Interesting, in other words deko-ton(forehead). Celia: It’s amazing how many embarrassing situations you can think up of, Latifa. Latifa: Well of course. So who will pair with Onii-chan? Who was picked? I want to do it! Satsuki: A blank piece is a miss, and hit is a circle. By the way mine is a miss. Latifa: Mine is a miss. Celia: Mine as well. Liselotte: Same here. Miharu: Mine was a miss as well All girls except Aishia: Which means that… Aishia: I got it. Satsuki: So this will be how it goes, Aishia-chan didn’t seem like she would fail at the game so this is a good chance. Miharu: Right, and Ai-chan won’t feel embarrassed so it feels like she will be able to do it on the first try. Celia: Yes that’s right, she won’t feel embarrassment and will be kind of like how it was with Latifa. Aishia: Then, I will do it. All girls except Aishia:She placed her hands on his cheeks so naturally, and the process for when their foreheads touch is also natural.Aishia: Haruto. Rio: Y-Yes. Aishia: I love you. Rio: T-Thanks. Celia: As expected, there was no hesitation. Miharu: As expected of Ai-chan. Satsuki: When it goes to that extent it’s hard to tell if it was an act or for real. Liselotte: Yes, it was so natural. Aishia: It wasn’t an act, I was serious. Rio: … Aishia: I really love you. Rio: I get it, I get it already. Aishia: Yes. Celia: I-I can’t watch this anymore, get away from Haruto already, Aishia. Aishia: Does Celia want to do it as well? Celia: That’s not it! Aishia: You don’t love Haruto? Celia: I don’t lo- Please don’t ask me strange questions! Latifa: I love him. Liselotte: All of you get along well. Satsuki: Really, it’s never boring to watch. Miharu: We’re living lively like this. Satsuki: How nice. Not just a couple days, I want to keep living like this, then I can also eat Miharu-chan’s hand-made food everyday. Liselotte: Yes, I can’t wait for dinner since I can finally eat Japanese food that I’ve dreamt about. Satsuki: It’s only been a couple months for me but I feel the same for Liselotte-chan, that feeling must have been immense. Liselotte: Yes, for years, I’ve been looking for ways to reproduce it. Satsuki: Miharu-chan’s home-made has my stamp of approval. Haruto-kun also seems to be really good as well, I can’t wait to see what comes out in tonight’s dinner. Miharu: Um, although you’re expecting a lot, I can only make normal food. Satsuki: You say that but aren’t you thinking just what something special you will be feeding Haruto-kun. Miharu: T-Thats not true. Liselotte: Looks like we can have great expectations. Satsuki: Yes, we must see just what she will make and feed Haruto-kun. Latifa: What, are Onee-chans talking about dinner? Liselotte: Yes, we were talking about what Miharu-san will feed Haruto-san. Latifa: I’m jealous, Miharu-oneechan. I wanted to get spoiled and feed Onii-chan as well. Satsuki: If Latifa-chan wants to do it as well then wouldn’t it be best to find a time to do it during dinner? Satsuki: It will depend on Haruto-kun though if he spoils you or not though. Rio: I won’t spoil her. Satsuki: Is your lover’s quarrel fine already? Rio: It wasn’t a lover’s quarrel. Satsuki: I’m just joking. You look tired, are you fine? Rio: Well, yes I was just damaged mentally. Satsuki: You did put up with many different kinds of situations. Good work and thank you. Satsuki: At this rate maybe it’s better if we all feed you. Rio: Please forgive me. Liselotte: If you’re that tired, would you like to take a bath before dinner? It’s not that big but I can start putting water in it if you would like. Satsuki: Oh, there’s a bath here where you can put water in? Liselotte: Yes, it’s not big since we couldn’t use too much money on it but after all going into a bath is the best way to recover from fatigue. Liselotte: And so I would like to let Haruto-san with the most contributions today be the first to enter the bath. Satsuki: Yes, I have no problems with that. Latifa: Would you like me to wash your back, Onii-chan? Rio: No, I will be fine going in after dinner. Since it’s a rare occasion, Latifa go in with Liselotte-san. You two seem to want to talk a lot together right. Latifa: Yes. If it’s fine with Liselotte-oneechan then I want to go in together. Liselotte: That is, of course, I will gladly. Latifa: Yay! It’s settled then. Liselotte: That’s another thing today to look forwards to. Thank you, Latifa-chan. Latifa: Ehehe, no problem. But since it is a rare occasion I would like to increase something to look forward to. Liselotte: I wonder what you mean by that? Latifa: There’s one person here who hasn’t done anything embarrassing with Onii-chan, right? *Latifa staring* Satsuki: M-Me?! Latifa: Yes! I thought that I would like to see Satsuki-oneechan embarrassed as well. Satsuki: Ahaha… I was careful not to make a mistake… Latifa: In that case we need to group together and try to get her to make a mistake. Liselotte: That’s true, as the person who proposed this idea, it’s not fair for her to be the only one who doesn’t get embarrassed. Celia: Yes, that’s right. Satsuki: Bring it on! Latifa: In the end, Satsuki-oneechan was the only one who didn’t get penalized. Liselotte: Her defense was high, wasn’t it? Latifa: She just won’t make a mistake. Liselotte: Ever since the game started, she was careful not to make a mistake, it’s probably her mentality towards not wanting to lose or get penalized. Latifa: I see, then I guess we need to try again later. That aside, Liselotte-oneechan. Liselotte: W-What is it? Latifa: I heard that Liselotte-oneechan also rode on the same bus Onii-chan and I were on and that you were that pretty high school Onee-san, right? Liselotte: P-Pretty? Yes, I was a high schooler but was I pretty? Latifa: Yes, you were very pretty. Liselotte: Thank you. Latifa: Ehehe. When we were in Japan, the three of us used to rode on that bus often, right? Liselotte: That’s right, back then we had no direct contact, but I do remember Latifa-chan’s past life very well. Latifa: Is that so? Liselotte: Yes, you were looking at Haruto-san often, weren’t you? Latifa: Y-Yes, I was looking at him. Ehehe. Liselotte: Back then a girl that was admiring him is now an intimate sibling relationship with him, I was surprised. Latifa: Ehehe. When I came into this world and met Onii-chan, a lot happened… including before I met him. Liselotte: Will you eventually tell me what your life was like before you met Haruto-san as well as after you met him in this world? Latifa: Okay, it’s complicated before I met Onii-chan so maybe next time but if it’s after I met him then anytime. But before that. Liselotte: What is it? Latifa: While we’re in this bath, I want to talk a lot about our past lives. Liselotte: That’s right, isn’t it. Oh, by the way I haven’t introduced myself from my past life. Liselotte: My name in my past life was Rikka Minamoto, please treat me well. Latifa: Yes, I was Suzune Endō in my past life, please treat me well, Rikka-oneechan. Liselotte: To think the day would come when I would be called like that by the girl rode on the same bus, I’m really happy. Thank you, Suzune-chan. Latifa: Same for me. Back then I wanted to know what Rikka-oneechan thought about Onii-chan but now I can ask. Liselotte: How I thought about him? Latifa: Because Rikka-oneechan were looking at Onii-chan often on that bus as well, weren’t you? Liselotte: Is that so? Latifa: Yes, it was so. There were times we made eye contact and you were always sitting at the same seat so I remember it well. Liselotte: Back then we were always on the same bus and Suzune-chan were always looking at Haruto-san so I became curious. Latifa: How suspicious, is that really all there is to it? Liselotte: Yes, that’s all there is to it. Latifa: So you say but in my memory, the gaze Rikka-oneechan would send towards Onii-chan… *Latifa staring* Liselotte: That aside, we shouldn’t be in the bath for too long or you will get light headed so let’s get out soon. Latifa: We’re still fine, I’m usually in the bath for much longer. You won’t escape from me. *Gyuu* Liselotte: … Latifa: Liselotte-oneechan, your skin is so smooth, and your chest is big. Liselotte: I-If you’re saying that then your skin is smooth… that tickles, please don’t touch me in strange places. Latifa: Where is it ticklish? Liselotte: Around my side. Latifa: I see. Liselotte: P-Please stop, Latifa-chan. Latifa: Until you tell me about your thoughts about Onii-chan on that bus then I won’t let go. Liselotte: S-Someone, help me! Satsuki: Ahaha. How unfortunate that was, Liselotte-chan. Liselotte: Truly unfortunate. Latifa: Eh, Liselotte-oneechan. Was the bath with me not fun? Liselotte: What was fun was fun, but… Latifa: Ehehe. Right, I had fun in the bath as well. Celia: Latifa’s smile is so bright. Rio: It’s not good to bother Liselotte-san too much, Latifa. I’m sorry Liselotte-san. Liselotte: No, it was true that it was fun. Liselotte: There aren’t many chances to talk with close aged people without worrying about status and so I would like to take a bath with her again. Latifa: Then, let’s definitely go in together again. Liselotte: Yes, but next time please go a bit more easy on me. Latifa: Okay. Miharu: Since that’s settled, let’s start eating before the food becomes cold. Liselotte: Yes, I’m at my limit from controlling myself with this smell. Satsuki: White rice, Miso soup, and tsukemono(what you would put on top is the literal meaning), I’d just be satisfied with just these three. Satsuki: Bird teriyaki, meat and potatoes, and kinpira burdock root. Liselotte: Fried tofu, this is deep fried tofu and even radish. Celia: It’s been a while to eat your hand made cooking so I’m really happy. Latifa: Let’s hurry and eat, I’m hungry. Onii-chan is next to me and Miharu-oneechan is next to him since you need to feed him. Miharu: So you remembered that penalty… Satsuki: Of course, so hurry and sit you two. Rio: Yes. Miharu: Please excuse me. Satsuki: Before, we need to say that, don’t we? Liselotte: Yes, that. Satsuki: At one then, one. Everyone: Itadakimasu. Satsuki: The best, the radish is so soft. The taste is perfect. Liselotte: The taste of this miso soup, the taste of this tsukemono, the white rice… so blissful. This is the first or second most happiest moment. Miharu: You two eat a lot. Satsuki: Of course, I can keep eating rice. Liselotte: Of course, just for this moment I even went on diet so that I can overeat now. Miharu: I’m honored you feel that way. Rio: We made a lot so please feel free to eat as much as you want, we have seconds for both rice and miso soup. Aishia: Seconds, please. Celia: Fast as usual, Aishia. Aishia: The teriyaki blends well with the rice so I can keep eating. Miharu: The bird teriyaki was made by Haruto-san.
Miharu needs to get penalized again.
Aishia: Yes, this seasoning is Haruto’s taste. Satsuki: Hmm, let’s see. Wow, this tastes delicious, fits so well with rice. There isn’t too much sauce so this taste is the product of carefully seasoning the meat. Liselotte: The taste is… strong or not but it’s deep. Because the seasoning was minimized the taste of the bird meat is more emphasized. Liselotte: The umami of the meat is overflowing. Such delicate seasoning. Rio: I’m glad I get a stamp of approval from two sharp tongue’d Ojou-samas. Satsuki: What do you mean by sharp tongue’d? Rio: Satsuki-san is a daughter of a company and Liselotte-san is a duke’s daughter. If you don’t call yourselves Ojou-samas then what is an Ojou-sama? Satsuki: That may be true but then that would make it sound like Liselotte-san and I are heavy eaters. Miharu: But from watching you eat, you can’t really deny it… Satsuki: Did you say something, Miharu-chan? Miharu: N-No, nothing at all. Satsuki: Also wouldn’t it be a good time to do it now? Aaahn? Rio: I feel like we can keep eating a bit more before we do it. Satsuki: No, since we’re having such a delicious meal, please do it while it’s still warm. Right, Liselotte-san? Liselotte: Yes. Satsuki: And so, Haruto-kun, please beg to Miharu-chan. You also remember what to call her right. Rio: I-I understand. Rio: M-Mii-chan. Miharu: Y-Yes. Rio: Um, what will you be feeding me? Satsuki: Miharu-chan, have you decided what you will feed Haruto-kun? Miharu: Um, the fried tofu. Satsuki: Then the phrase will be slightly different from what was written on the lot but then Haruto-kun you need to ask. Satsuki: “Mii-chan, I want to eat the agedashi dofu aahn” then Miharu-chan says “Here you go, Haru-kun” and feed him the fried tofu. Miharu: I-Isn’t that too embarrassing!? Satsuki: Well that’s because that’s how the penalty is supposed to be. I’ve said that numerous times, haven’t I? Miharu: T-That’s true, but… Latifa: Ahaha. Your face is bright red, Miharu-oneechan. Celia: Well of course she would be bright red. Satsuki: Come on, if you keep faltering like that the punishment game will never end, Miharu-chan. Liselotte: You should do it quickly, that way your mental damage will lessen, Miharu. Celia: Yes, the longer you put it off, the longer your embarrassing time will continue. Miharu: I-I understand. Rio: Then, this time let’s start. Since I want to finish this quickly as well. Miharu: Y-Yes. Rio: Mii-chan. Miharu: Y-Yes, what is it, H-Haru-kun? Rio: I want to eat the fried tofu, a-aaahn. Miharu: Y-Yes, Haru-kun. I don’t know if it will fit your tastes. Rio: I always eat it, didn’t I? It’s fine, it always tastes delicious. Miharu: T-Thank you, then, aaahn. Miharu:Ah, I wasn’t paying attention earlier but we’re using my chopsticks?Miharu:That means… I-Indirect kiss?! Haru-kun and I are indirectly kissing?!Miharu:The chopsticks I used to eat rice will be used by Haru-kun who will use it to eat fried tofu then the chopsticks he used to eat fried tofu will be used by me to eat rice?!Miharu:I-Is that alright? Is that really alright?!Rio: M-Mii-chan? Miharu: Uh, no, um, um, um. *Rio eats* Miharu: Y-You ate, did you eat it?! That’s not good! That’s not good at all! Rio: No, it doesn’t taste bad. Miharu: That’s not good. Rio: Eh? It tasted good. Miharu: If it tasted good then I’m glad… Satsuki: I thought so this is what a newly wed couple looks like. Liselotte: I thought it was a bit too much like a newlywed couple. Celia: But now Miharu has finished the penalty game. Latifa: All that’s left is Satsuki-oneechan. Satsuki: T-That’s true but, why does it flow in that direction, but I haven’t done anything that would get me penalized, right? Latifa: But at this rate Satsuki-oneechan will be the only one left out. Satsuki: No no, being left out is a bit of an exaggeration. Liselotte: Then after this let’s play a leaving the loner out game, since today we’re going casual all the way. Celia: That’s a good idea, then let’s have the loner pick a lot. Satsuki: Wait! That means I would pick a lot for no reason then. Latifa: Are you really fine with being the loner, Satsuki-oneechan? Satsuki: Ugh, I-I get it already. I just need to draw it, right? Latifa: As expected of Satsuki-oneechan. Then, please draw one. Satsuki: Even though it’s dinner you prepared the lottery. Huh, there’s only one inside. Latifa: There’s just one last one left, and it’s the best one. Satsuki: W-What do you mean by that?! Um… what is it? Satsuki: Sleep together on the same bed with Haruto-kun for a night and fall asleep embracing each other?! Rio: ?! Celia: You really saved the most outrageous one for the end. Liselotte: But please wait a moment, since the penalty must be witnessed by everyone that means… Latifa: Yup, that means everyone needs to sleep in the same room as Onii-chan. Let’s talk a lot together. Satsuki: W-Wait wait, what do you mean embracing him in front of everyone and going to sleep like that?! Satsuki: It’s of course impossible! It’s not at the level of embarrassment! Latifa: No can do, it’s not a penalty if it’s not embarrassing, right? That’s what you said, Satsuki-oneechan. Satsuki: I said it! I did say that but it’s not like I drew the lot because I was penalized… Satsuki: Embracing Haruto-kun and going to sleep like that is just… impossible! Rio (Haruto Amakawa): Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. Miharu Ayase: Sayaka Harada. Celia Claire: Akane Fujita. Aishia: Yūki Kuwahara. Latifa: Tomori Kusunoki. Liselotte Cretia: Nao Tōyama. Satsuki Sumeragi: Haruka Tomatsu.


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