[ENG SUB] Yandere Boyfriend punishes you double ASMR – Drama CD R18 (4)18+ [ENG SUB]

Thank you so much for the support! For this subs, please check my errors, I’m not good in Japanese, so sorry.. Can you listen to me for a moment? (I’m not sure, please check my TL’s T.T) That’s good. You just need to nod obediently and follow me. What’s this? This was inside your locker (getabako) This love letter. This man, who is he? Do you like this guy? You don’t know him? Hhmm.. Say… It’s going to happen because you’re going to spread it to everyone. (bruh, I don’t get my TL sorry) If you can smile more than the others, I’ll spread that picture. In that case, You only have to live in a world where I’m the only one there, a world of only two people. How about that? That face isn’t suitable for it? Why? You love me, right? You’ve also confessed to me. If you ask inside your heart deeply.. Don’t cry. The appearance of your tears spilling is intriguing. Return to your former teacher self? (you ask him to return, because his personality changes or he shows his true personality)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Mmm.. Oh.. I came up with a good idea. The ideal me and I right now. Will three people be felt better? (he asks you if it’s better there’ll be two version of him with you) Your ideal and reality.. If you are loved by both you’ll definitely accept them both. Please wait a minute. How? Take and drink the medicine. for you, I’ll show you the dream. Mmh. It looks like you’ve heard, How many me do you see? That’s right. Two people. The effect of the hallucinogen that you drank, you finally meet it. You’re so cute. I’ll kiss you. (moans) with a face that seems to have a hard time don’t stop (?) (bruh I don’t know sorry :’)) Then I’ll touch the places that you like. Another me has rubbed your chest I can feel it. I understand that even while I’m kissing you. Because my body loses its’ power gradually, I want to touch here too. Is it okay? I’m happy. It’s soft… This uniform is ugly. Can you take it off? That’s right. The bra too, I don’t need it anymore. The colour of your nipple is cute. The other one is getting harder. The ideal me is touching your breast, so how? I was caught on it May I touch the lower part? (of body) Right here, I’ll lick it. It may be hard me to stay like this, but if you want the ideal me to keep touching you, please hold it. your face when you express the pleasure is cute. your breasts at this time are gonna be eaten so, I’ll lick here. Ah, amazing! I’ve been getting so much love juices, since I started licking. Right here, it craves so much, you can never say no to this, can’t you? Your breasts are getting licked and sucked. I can’t hold it, you know? I’m glad that it gets better. Hey.. Don’t loosen the inside. I want to enter you quickly. Ah, that’s right well then, I’m putting my fingers in. It’s melting already Is it okay? Should we move this to bed? I want to connect to you from front Move.. That face looks happy. I will hold your hand Somehow.. I feel like I’m taking a video of the work of two people Soon, I’m putting it in Because of its’ same size, it’ll be painful like this. if you feel painful, hold my hand. Ah, yes It’s so cramped inside It’s clamping down on me (thrusts) How’s it? my feeling? (Idk what he said here lol) you too? I love you (moans, thrusts) (moans, thrusts) (moans, thrusts) Hey, touch her breasts too Oh.. Understood. Hey.. Get up See.. I’ll play with you where I love. Expose everything to me. I’ll move once more, okay? Ah, amazing! It feels tighter than before. Hehe.. Having your chest touched, Are you happy? I like it too. Amazing Your inside is getting hotter This one squeezes mine, ahh Ahh hah hah At this time, I’m going to come inside It’s okay I’ll take the responsibility properly. your nipples here are getting harder, too. should I pinch it? (I don’t understand sorry) bite it? which one? (I don’t u I knew it. It’s not enough for you, isn’t it? Okay. oh, you too, Let us come together. It’s coming out. (he climaxes) you too, It looks like you were able to come properly. (pulls out) your inside is dripping wet from mine Next up is my turn. on all four. well then, next up I wonder if you can lick me I can still do it. Of course, I will not settle after coming once or twice Always, I always will keep doing it to that place that I love. (please buy the CD to support the seiyuu!)


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