[ENG SUB] Young K Dowoon Wonpil in Movie Theater

We are DAY6. Right now, we’re here at…
Jamsil…? – Lotte Cinema.
– We’re here at Lotte Cinema. – Hello~
– Hello, Dowoon! So, explain to everyone watching
why we’re here today. We’re here because, we want
to watch a movie today. It’s been a while. It hasn’t been that long.
We just went to a theater a little while back. I didn’t go. Oh. Right. The guy with the serious expression
on his face is… – Good looking!
– Yes, he is… Can they even hear us? – I’m sure they can.
– Can you hear what we’re saying? Can you hear what we’re saying? “Wow, hello~” Can you hear us? I don’t think they can hear us… Is anyone watching here at Jamsil now? At the movie theater… – They can hear us.
– Anyone here? In Jamsil? No one’s here, stop asking~ “What are you going to watch?” – That’s what we’re trying to decide.
– Why don’t you guys recommend something? We want to watch a recent release but we don’t
really know anything about them. Recommend a recently released movie. – “Himalaya”
– “Himalaya”? – “Himalaya” is out and, “Catch Him to Survive.” We already saw “Catch Him to Live”. – I want to watch this when it comes out.
– I love Marvel. “Deadpool” – If I get to buy a house in the future…
– “Who do you think it is?” If I buy a house in the future, I’m going to have
all the Marvel heroes lined up on a shelf. – Really?
– Really. “What are you doing?” Dowoon, what do you want to watch? What do you want to watch? – For the adult audience, they have…
– Adult audience? “Inside Men” I’m going to watch this, because I’m an adult. Right now it’s… it’s 4:13. By 4:30 at Lotte World Mall, you guys should come.
Let’s watch something together at 4:30. You’re not really going to come are you? – They say “Inside Men” isn’t that good.
– Then what would be good to watch? “Deadpool” – “Star Wars”
– Seen it. – You saw it?
– Yeah, it was awesome. Oh right, you told me. And we’ve seen “Catch Him to Survive”. – Is this all that’s left?
– I think so. I’ll go get tickets. I’ll get some tickets. What else is there? Sherlock. “A Violent Prosecutor” In that movie, there are these old men… (Both) “Old men”…!? – Old men?
– Do you mean “Oldboy”? Some people who are old were on the V app. So… wait what’s the date today? – What is the date today?
– January 13th. Today is a special day. So because of that, we are… for younger audiences, so just forget about those older people since
this is a broadcast for younger audiences. So we’re going to restart today on V app. Now then, should we get some movie recommendations? – Yeah, that’d be good but…
– They say Mad for Garlic has good food here. “Watch Sherlock” “Dowoon speaks so well.” There aren’t that many people here today.
Is it because it’s a weekday? Wonpi, what’s the most recent- Wonpi…?
(Hey, I’m older than you…!) Come over here… Wonpi hyung, what’s the most recent movie you saw? The last movie I saw was, “Eternal Sunshine”. That came out a long time ago. I saw it when it was re-released. – Re-released… okay.
– You mean a recently released movie? – Recent release…
– What’s the most recently released movie you saw? – Didn’t you see something around Christmas?
– That one movie, it had two syllables. “The Martian” Oh! “You guys are ‘no-jam.'”
(‘no-jam’ is short for “no fun” in Korean) “You guys are no-jam.”
Oh… what should we do… – Then send us some hearts.
– “You are guys no-jam.” “You guys are no-jam.”
What can we do… I guess we have to show them something. What should we do… What’s the last movie you saw? “Star Wars” was the-
No, “Inside Men” was the last movie I saw. It’s probably Jaehyung or Junhyuk! It’s really suspicious… “Yes-jam.” – Most recent movie?
-What did you watch recently? – “Star Wars” was the last one I saw.
– “Star Wars”, that’s the one with Yoda. – Not anymore.
– Oh, right. – I miss him.
– Right, he’s not in it anymore. – What about you?
– I told you earlier, “Inside Men”. “Inside Men” was really good. – What was the best scene?
– Jo Seungwoo is a really good actor and… at the end he has this one scene… where he delivers this line,
“I’m a prosecutor.” It was really cool.
Now I want to be a prosecutor. – You want to be a prosecutor?
– Yeah, it’d be cool. You’d stand up for the law and…
we’re getting pretty deep here. So let’s head away from this somber mood,
should we play a game? – Should be go to a PC bang?
– Yeah, let’s go play something. Let’s go! How about we play a game,
and loser pays for popcorn? – Loser pays for popcorn?
– Popcorn… – So the loser has to pay for everyone’s popcorn.
– Actually, I didn’t bring my wallet. But it should be fine as long
as I don’t lose. Now, it’s going to be a movie quiz.
[I, S, D, M] This is way too easy.
Isn’t it “Inside Men”? – It could be something else!
– Anyone could tell that it’s “Inside Men”! What do you think this is?
Tell us in the comments! – “Inside Men”.
– Yep, “Inside Men”. It’s obvious to anyone. [H, M, L, Y] – “Hamalaya”. I mean, “Himalaya”.
– “Himalaya” This… Isn’t this way too easy? – Let’s see the next one.
– Then, whoever answers first. Oh, whoever answers first! 1, 2, 3! “Love”
[S,L] – “Hate”…?
– “Sherlock”! So that means I have 1 point~
Like I’d lose at this game. 1, 2, 3! (gibberish)
[A, V, G, S] (even more gibberish) (gibberish) – “When I Sleep with a Blanket”?
– Seriously, what is this? (gibberish) I really can’t figure this one out! A, V, G, S?
When did this movie come out? – “Avengers”!
– Oh, “Avengers”!!! – I got it.
– No, I got it. Okay, then. Dowoon gets the point. Let’s not read the comments, put it further away. 1, 2, 3! [K, F, P, D] (gibberish) (more gibberish) Ah! “Kung-Fu Panda”! – That was a good one.
– You’re pretty good at this. So it’s one to one…? It’s one to one to one. – That’s the last one.
– But we’re all tied up. Then please give us a really hard one. Now, you have to be an adult to watch “Inside Men”. – Why do you keep on talking about that?
– It’s already been 2 years since I became an adult. It’s been 2 years. It’s ONLY been 2 years… – Let’s start.
– Okay, let’s start. Our last round. 1.
1, 2, 3! 1, 2, 3! [J, R, S, P, K]
“Jurassic Park” Since you scored the most points,
you buy the popcorn. Right? Now you two have to play for last place. I’ll make a really hard one. [!] There’s more in here. Okay, I’ll start this one. Just between you two. 1, 2, 3! [A, S] What is this? – “Yongshim”!
– ??? I already said that. Is it a recent movie? – It’s recent movie?
– That means it’s probably in here. That’s not even a movie! “Assassination”! – You looked at the comments didn’t you!?
– No, I didn’t. Really! Then it’s over. – So I’m paying then?
– Yeah. – I don’t have my wallet!
– Then what? How am I supposed to pay? Then you have to borrow from Wonpil,
and he gets to charge you interest… – Lend me some money!
– What? Then let’s just forget the whole thing! So we have to carry…
I don’t think this is going to work. Carrying this thing around, it’s
not going to be comfortable. We haven’t even eaten today. Then let’s eat-
Where are we going? We can’t go in yet. There are a lot of foreigners watching… Right here, right here, right here. Then-
Then how about RPS. Loser buys chicken. – Chicken?
– No, loser carries the camera. – Well, since Brian lost already.
– Wait, me? Do you guys have any money?
I really don’t have any money right now. I don’t have anything right now. – I think I only have 10,000 Won.
– It’s okay, let’s just keep it under 10,000 Won then. Let’s just eat with 10,000 Won then. Let’s just use that then. “What movie are you going to watch?” – We still haven’t decided.
– We haven’t decided yet. It says, “Dowoon cheated!”
Someone wrote it right here! – They wrote it right here~!
– Did he cheat? No, I didn’t~! No! Hey, I saw “Assassination”! You know what, then?
You carry this. Come over here! Hello~ (What’s this?) Sorry! -We got money!
– Should we get some popcorn? What do you want to eat?
Popcorn? Nachos? – Coffee? Americano?
– What kind of popcorn do they have? Popcorn! I kinda want some nachos too. – Then should we get some nachos?
– No, let’s get nachos and popcorn. That one, the nacho combo. Are two drinks enough? Sounds good. – Can we upgrade a medium drink to a large?
– Yes. Then can we get that combo? Then, a nacho combo with two large drinks. Do you want your popcorn in ‘Original’? What else is there? You can choose from ‘Original,’ ‘Caramel,’ ‘Cheese,’ and ‘Churros.’ Each topping costs 600 Won extra. – What were the choices again?
– Original, caramel, churro, and cheese. Except for original, everything else is 600 Won more. Sorry, we’re taking up so much of your time. Hey, is there any flavor that you want? – I want… caramel!
– Can we get half and half? – Yes.
– Then can we get half caramel and half cheese? For nachos, can we get cheese or…? The nachos come packaged with cheese. – – For drinks, let’s get water.
– Cola! – No, soft drinks.
– Let’s get cola! Garlic, half and half. – Pick from cola, cider…
– Then cola, just cola. Do you have Fanta? Do you have grape? Then one cola and one cider, both large. – It’s going to be 500 Won more, is that okay?
– Yes, that’s fine. Are you broadcasting? Something like that. – Thank you.
– Thank you~ – Hey, we haven’t gotten the nachos yet?
– Where are you going? – Here is your cola and your cider.
– Thank you~ Thank you~ – So what are we going to watch now that we have popcorn?
– We still haven’t decided. Should we just eat popcorn and leave? We have to watch something. We have to watch something. No but I really… Can’t we just watch “Deadpool”? I really want to watch “Deadpool”. I haven’t seen it yet. Try some. We can make this longer! Oh, guess not. Now the, let’s… – “Coming in February”! Oh, it’s not out yet (Deadpool).
– Let’s decide what we’re going to watch. We didn’t bring any straws. So what’re we going to do… This is showing right now.
Let’s go watch this right now. It looks like fun… – Honestly, I want to watch this.
– Honestly. Now, should we get to know each other a little better? What’re you doing Wonpil? Let’s read some comments. We need to connect with our fans. “Today my birthday, how about some birthday wishes?”
Happy birthday~ Hi Jimin~ Someone named Minsuk said, “You should watch Shin-Chan.” – Thank you sir. You’re the best.
– How do you know they’re even a “sir?” Where I’m from, there are a lot of people named Minsuk. This is embarassing. Dowoon, they want a wink~ “Are you going to watch Shin-Chan?” We still haven’t decided on what to watch. – Hello? Junhyuk!
– Hey, you guys are on V app right now huh? Yeah, we’re broadcasting on V app. Ugh, the old people are calling again. You guys are so boring, I don’t want to watch. Can you say something on air? Why’d it take so long for you guys to buy popcorn? Say something on air for us~ – Are you broadcasting right now?
– Yeah, we’re on. Say something to all our fans. Hello, it’s Junhyuk of DAY6. – Put it on speakerphone.
– It’s already on speakerphone. Here, let me put it closer.
Say something. Hello, this is Junhyuk from DAY6. I know our younger members have lots of flaws,
but please show them lots of love and take care of them. And in thanks, they’ll work harder in the future. And I hope that you all with continue to watch after our
younger members like this and- I can’t listen to any more of this. He hung up on him! Ugh, old people. Now, let’s read some comments. (That was funny!)
Let’s read some comments. I like Junhyuk hyung, too~! Let’s make a heart together, the three of us.
Here, come on~ – What are we doing?
– Hearts~ Good, now what’s next. I’m sweating… – Even though we haven’t decided on a movie.
– Even when you meet someone, eventually you have to part. Sungjin hyung said that but I’m going to steal it for today. And, now together we… stop eating for a moment. So we’ll wish you a happy new year, and hope that you all… have a good year and have a good time. And for old people who exercise… keep doing it because you have to stay healthy. And occasionally, go out to watch movies like we are now.
Wonpil, you want to say something before we go? I am… happy… to have spent time with you all. Young K? Now… With the new year we’re hoping to get into
some cultural activities… and our hyungs… they like to exercise… I thought we were going to exercise too. Stop! That’s too much. I didn’t know we’d end up trying to watch a movie today. What am I eating? I’m eating popcorn~ So, next time if we have the chance… – let’s go to a theater together.
– I said to come by 4:30 earlier… – but no one’s here. No one came.
– No one came! How did this happen? I think next time, if we rent out a theater and
just watch a movie together it’d be lots of fun. And everyone watching… have a cultural life~
And a happy new year. – Happy new year!
– Bye~ Happy New Year!


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