[ENG SUB]Chilli Lucas speech at christian gathering November 17, 2019

The next person to share their story, even though his face doesn’t look like a local HKian, but his heart is the same as us HKians. Since June, he started to do things together with us. Let’s now whalecum youtuber, nicknamed Chile boy, Lucas. Thank you. That’s right, all you mofos better clap for ma boi Lucas. Clap harder. HARDER So nervous~ Hi everyone. I am called Chile boy Lucas. I come from Chile. So, I am- I already lived in HK for a few years. So, this year I am very- worried. eeeh~ Like, way back in June, I was very worried. I really supported- like, I did go together with friends to rallies and stuff. Really worried about this home of ours because actually, I treat HK as my home as well. So that’s why I would show this much support and- like, so many people would ask me: “Why do you know how to speak cantonese?” So, like, actually it’s because I feel that if I want to actually, with HKians not just only to communicate but to be able to hear you- your heart’s inner voice, I needed to learn cantonese. So, I- decided a long time ago that I needed to learn it. 10/10 cantonese Yeah. So, uh, I-I will explain a bit about what I do. So, In the beginning, I came out to rallies, share things, share posts, things like that. But I as I share with, like, maybe other Chileans living in HK or other foreigners, they seem to also feel like: “Oh this isn’t really my business so, why- how would I care about it?” Some thing like that. Also, I feel that they have- not really sharing- Back then, it was difficult for me. “Aiya~ Please, would you share this with others?” “Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever~” felt like that. So then I decided: Fine! Those people won’t help me share things. I will do it myself. And so, I started my livestreams. So what do my livestreams do? I will different news, videos. Afterwards, I will real-time dub using english. Like, turn cantonese into english so all foreigners can know. So, this year, at that time, on Youtube was- we only had a few thousand subscribers. But now, within 2 months, there are already 40,000 subscribers. However- Thank you, thank you. many are foreigners. And, right now, they should be watching. They are actually really good- really support everyone here. they’re always, always like: “Add oil HK!” They’re always thinking: “In what way can we help you guys?” Like, they are really good, really good and they really want to help HK be able to have basic freedom again. So, uh, I want to thank those foreign friends first because your continuous support actually made me and other HK friends feel very moved. That’s us πŸ˜€ fk yeah Yeah, so I always wanted to tell everyone, if possible, for the things you share, you can also use english. No need to really- Don’t need to be afraid of not knowing english. Very simple. say really short descriptions- Like, what happened? Because I see many foreign friends ask: “You- Where can you find news, like, news about HK?” Sooooo- Louder? Sorry~ Is it- Can you hear me? Y-yeah Good. Excuse me. If, for the things you share, you could add one english sentence, then that would help a lot because many foreign friends always ask me: “Hey, where can I find news about HK? I really want to know what it’s like in HK right now.” But they actually see very few- see a lot of pictures, illustrations- the picture is like WOW- v-very very something very powerful but I don’t know what happened. Like, there is no explanation. So, like I feel that this way, more foreign friends will know. Actually, in foreign countries, many people worry, many people want to help. So, I have had many- well, not many, but a few people said to me: “Hey! But this is HK’s business. Why should we care about foreigners?” First, there are many foreigners living in HK. They can’t speak cantonese; they can’t read chinese. I also cannot really read chinese because learning chinese characters is very hard. So, uh, many people in HK can’t read chinese. We still need to let them know what is happening in their own home. That’s the first point. So, uh, Many foreigners- no, wait- Many people say: “But, so it doesn’t concern foreigners outside of HK. HK’s matters should be dealt with by HKians.” I- I actually want to say This thing- HKians- like, within HK’s 7 million something people, actually, we know that a very big country from outside is already messing with us. That’s why, actually, it’s not- since a long time ago, It’s already not just a matter within HK. This is- Therefore, we need to call others to help us. Yeah So, uh, yeah. That’s why, I will say it again: everyone, our media friends I beg you guys I see many of your instagram posts are very useful. They actually allow people to see what the truth is like but I see frequently that it’s in chinese so it’s very difficult to explain to other people. Yeah, sooooo, I will thank you in advance for doing this. So, uh, I also want to, uh- share here- give me the chance to share my own experience la~ Actually, I feel that my experience should be very similar with many people’s. Recently, I find it difficult to sleep. everyday, I sleep, perhaps 2 or 3 hours or so. Or maybe whenever I go to sleep, I wake up every hour from nightm- nightmares. Everyone- I know it’s difficult for everyone. Everyone is really unhappy. I- actually, I don’t know if you guys know but Chile is also doing rallies/protests right now. So, (incoming next level chinese proverb that means people in different places act the same way for the same things) The- Thank you. In Chile, I see many things that are really similar. Even if the reason for the protests are different, the protests are still against a very oppressive government using very oppressive police to unfairly beat people. Very violent. So, I don’t want to see this sort of thing anywhere. Thank you. This is very correct. I have said this before. I want to say this to the HKPF. (incoming next level chinese proverb about words/discussion can solve problems better than physical force) Thank you. not gonna lie, I had to like google that right quick to know what it meant XD Thank you. Also, um, I want to say one more thing. Many people say: “Haaa~ Both sides- Both sides have some- Ah, it’s like this from here.” And then, some people say the same thing from here. Like, some people will feel like: “Actually, both sides are correct and wrong. Both sides have made mistakes.” I want to say to these people: sometimes, you can really stand here and I see a 6. I’m here and I see a 9. But originally- originally, there was a person who wrote this 6. He actually wanted to write a 6. You can’t say that just because it looks like a 9 from here then it really is a 9. We, the HKians, know the truth. So, I want to tell these people don’t change the truth; don’t make fake videos; don’t make fake news. Actually, we need everyone- many people- What can they help with? If you’re on social media and see those so-called 50 cents- You see those 50 cents push their fake news, we need to fk’em up. Tell people. Those 50 cents- I actually- I know many people are really- maybe because their government doesn’t let them see the truth, can’t see what really happened. I can’t blame them because they are also victims. Like, it’s because their government brainwashed them. It’s not their fault. They are also very unfortunate. They are brainwashed until they don’t know what is right and what is wrong. But those 50 cents, they obviously went all over the internet, saw all the videos, saw all the videos containing truth. But they still act like this. I feel that these people have no conscience, no heart, these people. So if you 50 cents are listening to what I’m saying right now: I really do not respect you guys. You guys should not be respected. 50 cents keyboad warrior armchair quarterback fake news losers can go suck a thiccc and phat one I had several things I wanted to talk about but I forgot. Wait a moment. I- Before I came here actually, I already saw actually, PolyU is already- the police are already very violent towards the youngsters. I am very worried for them. Right now, they are protecting their own school, many places- They are actually- I want- Nowadays, many people say: “Oh, many protesters are so violent now.” I really want to say to everyone: this is not what you call ‘violence’. This is called: ‘resistance’ because it is a human right. If someone mess with you, mess with you non-stop, you have the right to stop them to not let them to continue to bully you. Right now, the students are protecting themselves. These students are- I- I have not seen people as peaceful as this anywhere else in the world. I have seen the HKians are the most peaceful protesters in the entire world. 1 million people; 2 million people. So many human chains; so many Lennon walls. All of them were turned violent by you. Don’t think that we will just go “Oh, whatever, let’s just let this slide. Don’t do anything. Let’s go home.” We won’t do that. So, uh, I want to tell the government and all police to quickly stop all violence. HK students are not violent. No rioters. Only tyranny. 5 demands 5 demands No rioters No rioters Dismantle the police force Dismantle the police force Glory to HK Glory to HK Can’t hear -already handcuffed but also spraying pepper into their open wound on their head. This is insane. This is- should not be allowed. This must call for justice. We will have justice. When- We are not- We are not- We are not talking about “Will there be justice?”. We only need to think about “When will we have justice?” because we will definitely have it. We will definitely have justice. I wanna tell everyone to not give up. No matter how difficult; no matter how hopeless we- I wanna tell everyone there is one thing we need to learn: Resting is not giving up. Giving up does not mean resting. Sometimes, you don’t wanna come out to protest; sometimes, you don’t wanna watch the videos. No problem. This is called rest. Rest to protect yourself. Afterwards, come out and continue to show your support. This is a long-term fight. We cannot, to such a great evil force, expect it to be a short amount of time. Also, it will be really difficult, Let me tell everyone it will definitely be really difficult but we must continue. Is my time almost up? Then, I want to Maybe- 30 seconds, let us offer a bit of silence All those wounded; all those depressed; all those departed. I want everyone, together with me, for 30 seconds Thank you. I want to say to those people: the things you have done, we will not forget. We will definitely remember all of you. You guys are- are already heroes. All HKian friends – you are writing history. YOU ARE WRITING HISTORY. No rioters No rioters Thank you, everyone. Wait, wait wait. So, uh, we thank Lucas very much for sharing but we also have a question we want to ask Lucas. That is: In your eyes- I can only say in your eyes because you are not christian. So, uh, how do you see our, uh religions or our christians, in this event, what is our position or role? What do you think? Actually, I see- You ask me what I see and I only see a It’s- it’s- Maybe our backgrounds are different. We are facing towards the same goal. We share the same heart. I feel that it’s very treasured, very valued. Thank you very much for all of your support and all that you are doing. Thank you, Lucas. Give applause once more for Lucas. Thank you for sharing.

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