[ENGSUB] MiSO’s drama: “Are you kidding me”!!?? (180715)

hi bastar fans~ it’s miso it’s been a while since i’ve greeted you guys like this today is the last day of shooting for the web drama! we’ve already finished shooting the last scene and so i made a video i got to be part of a really fantastic drama so i’m really honoured~ the name of my character is “song harin” i think harin is a really cool woman but she does have another heartbroken side to her as well so if you’re curious about her please look forward! i said i would give you guys a sneak preview of the name of the drama here it is~ “are you kidding me?” [could be wrong] seriously the name is “are you kidding me?” the drama lives up to its title it’s interesting and original please look forward and give lots of support~ so, my drama is called “are you kidding me?” fighting! everyone too, always fighting!! harin worked hard too~ we’ll meet again next time, bye everyone~

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