Entebbe Official Film Trailer – Rosamund Pike, Daniel Brühl [HD]

Everybody this is a hijack situation Nobody move! Nobody move Welcome to Entebbe, Uganda We call upon revolutionary movements everywhere to focus the attention of the world on the Palestinian people’s struggle There are 239 passengers, 83 are Israeli Germans hijacking a plane load of Israelis… Jews You must know how this looks to the rest of the World I know how this looks, but its not the reality We don’t want to hurt anyone We’re humanitarians We need to find out if Idi Amin is helping
them We can’t afford to negotiate with terrorists It’s political suicide If your government do not negotiate, I will kill two children every 24 hours starting with these two We didn’t agree to this, I’m not a Nazi If you’re having doubts, you should leave Why are you here? I want to throw bombs into the consciousness of the masses Are you ready to kill? Are you ready to die? They have TNT all around the building We have to act As soon as they know we’re coming, they start to kill They want the world to watch Shut up all of you! Anyone who tries to resist me will be shot Whatever happens, we did the right thing.

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