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Smoking and consumption of alcohol
is harmful… to the country, family and health. Smoking causes cancer
and smoking kills. Drinking alcohol is injurious to health. Move! Move! Move! Fast! Hi!
– Hi! How are you?
– Good. Why did you call me so early morning?
– For telling good news. Here! (Laughs) Who is he?
He’s laughing so much? Anyways, not bad! Okay? By the way, do you like or not? Your mother wanted to get
your married to a rich man, right? Leave it. My family liked Arjun very much. Even me too. And he proposed me very cutely. So I said okay. Finally I’m happy, Shilpa. Of course, you’ve to be happy. Divya, how many times will
a person get married in life? Sorry! Some people might get married twice. I asked without knowing.
– Hey, why do you say sorry? You told the truth. Hey, you didn’t tell anything
about your first husband. Why do you bring his topic now? That story is finished long back. Why did it happen so? Hey, please tell me, Divya. What should I tell? How is he? Soft like Arjun?
– Soft? He’s a number one fraudster!
You know what he did at the age of 10? Everyone come front!
Stand in line! Fast! Fast! Okay kids! Everyone should jump into water
after I blow whistle. Okay?
– Okay, miss! Get ready! We’re going do. Freestyle today!
– Arvind! Are you listening to miss? Okay miss! One! Hey Arvind! Two! Wait!
– Arvind! – And… (Whistle blows) Come on! Come on! Jump! Hey, why didn’t you jump yet?
– I’m afraid of water. Forget the fear! Jump I say! No! I won’t jump!
I’m afraid of water! – Don’t fear! Jump! I’m there! I’ll take care.
– Leave me! Even girls are jumping
into water without any fear. Why are you afraid of water? You’re just a coward! Stand here! Hey! You coward! Coward! Coward! Coward! Hey! Please! Don’t do that. Don’t do that!
– Bad boy! Hey Arvind! What are you doing? Don’t you have shame? Hey! Stop! Arvind! Don’t run! What have you done?
You can’t do that! Arvind! Stop! Stop! Arvind!
– No miss! – Stop I say! Stop Arvind! Arvind, get up! Arvind! Arvind! Arvind! Oh God! Oh my goodness! Arvind! Hey, what are you doing? Miss, it’s superb! I’ll thrash you! (Laughs) Hey, this character is very interesting. I liked him a lot. Did you both elope and get married? Yes, it’s a marriage! You know the dirty thing he did
on the day of marriage? Arvind! (Phone vibrating) God! (Brakes squeal) Hi. What’s wrong with you, Arvind? Take it.
– What do you think of me? Hey! – Why are you so late?
– Nothing, on the way… bike got punctured. What to do? Scoundrel! Are you drunk? Idiot! We’re getting married today. Nothing…I had a bachelors’ party
with friends yesterday. I think they brought cheap liquor.
– Hello lovebirds! I’m very happy that you
are getting married because of me. Did you got him drunk?
– Will the flag fly without the stick? Ugh! Get lost! Enough of your nuisance.
Come inside! You fool! Officer is shouting! – Come! Come!
He’s feeling bad, let’s go. – Divya! Come, come. Please, Divya.
– Come fast. – Arvind! Hey Arvind, go fast.
Today is your wedding night. Let’s go. – I would the only
virgin from tomorrow. – Don’t feel bad. Ouch!
– Be careful! Will you fall at his feet? What is this? How can you come
late for your marriage? – Sorry, sir. Sorry, sir.
Faced a small problem on the way. I got late by the time I solved it. What is the problem that has stopped
you from coming to your marriage? Sir…sorry, sir. It is like Ravi Teja’s autograph. It’ll take lot of time
if I were to tell. Five more minutes for
inauspicious time to pass by. We’ll listen to your problem
before that. Anyway, Divya would be angry. So, I went to bouquet shop
to buy a small flower for my lover. Sir, the bouquet shop
was very beautiful. A beautiful house in
the isolated tea estate… What has happened there… (Door bell rings) Sir! Madam! Nobody is there. Sir! Hello! Anybody there? Hello! Anybody… Hey!
– What next? What next? She cried a lot saying… ‘why did you save me’? (Wailing) My life is ruined! Why did you save me?
– Wait! Wait! Why did you feel like committing suicide
when you live at this beautiful place? What happened? Nothing happened! That is my problem! It’s been 20 years since I got married. Enough! I can’t tolerate anymore. What? Is your husband torturing you? Or with any other girl… You’re wonderful! My husband is not as talented as
you are expecting. He’s always busy in earning money. Problem is…he locks me
inside the house… by fearing that someone might
fall in love with me. ‘Do you think you are worth it?’ Hello! I know what you are thinking? Had you seen my 20 years back… See there. See those photos. Didn’t you get excited
after seeing them? – Excited? You are too hot. Okay…you said he’s always busy
earning money… How much he must have earned? He earned a lot. Cash is two lakhs. He hid them in the house
by not trusting the banks. What are you waiting for? Take that money and go somewhere. Come, I’ll tell you.
– Where? Close your eyes and put your hand. Not on me. On the map.
– Oh…okay, okay. Urgently go to the place where
you’re putting your hand on this map. It is much better to
spend instead of dying. Go! Enjoy the life. This idea is superb!
Thank you so much! – Leave me! I came to buy bouquet!
I came to buy bouquet! This entire shop belongs to you. Take whatever you want. Okay? Thank you.
– Bye! – Bye! I had to listen to her boring story
for getting one bouquet. Escape! Her face was glowing in happiness… when I told her to
take the money and go. Others’ happiness is our happiness. Today I’ve understand… its meaning, sir. So you helped a girl to elope. Tell me something.
Where did you buy this bouquet? Sir, under the mountain… a big bouquet shop… in the midst of a beautiful tea estate. Did she escape… with the entire money? It’s a very big bag. Mostly that bald fellow,
I mean her husband got tonsured. Hey rascal! That’s my lifetime earnings. Sir, sir…where did she put her hand? Sir, sir…here…here… Where did she put her hand on map? Sir…something called
‘papa ninnu khooni…’ What? Did she tell the girl to kill me? Papua New Guinea. How to go to that place? Bald head! Sir, go straight
and take left. – Chandrakala. You’re ruined me.
You took away everything. Where should I search for you now?
– Sir! Sir! Chandrakala!
Where are you? I’m coming! – Sir! Wherever you go, I’ll catch you. Hey, what did I do? (Laughs) Sorry my son. Your father got bit carried away!
How was the marriage? Oh! It was good that you narrated the story
after the paper work got completed. Sign here,
only then marriage is finished. Finished marriage?
– Are you drunk? – Which brand? Yay! Happy wedding to you! You too eat. “Very soon a kid will be born!” “Wash his buttocks after that.”
– Stop it! Bro! “Living together gives happiness.” He seems to be enjoying life very much. Well, who has proposed first? You or him?
– Obviously its him. I thought so. Though we fall in love,
we expect boys to propose first. Okay, leave it. What is he like?
Did he propose in style? Arvind?
– Hmm. Actually the proposal
happened accidentally. What? “Girls! I love you!”
– What is their nuisance? Oh God! I’m having headache. Will you not change?
– Are you here? “I love your shapes and tops.” Who is the guy who said he loves you?
Tell me! I’ll thrash him. Over there. Move! Rascals! Will you propose her? Who are you? Why are you getting them
beaten up with rowdies? Not rowdy! He’s my father.
– Father? They’re not listening to me at all… they’re torturing me
by giving love letters? That’s why they should learn a lesson! Well, for whom is it? This…For Divya. Take it.
– Really? – Yes. Is this rose and card for me? Yes, Divya. This card is for you. Or else the rowdy uncle will kill me. I’ve warned them strictly,
they’ll not bother you anymore. Thanks, father.
– Thank you! – You’re welcome. Who is he? Should I hit him too?
– No, father. He is my friend. Greetings.
– Come, let’s go. – Bye. – Bye. Am I your standby? Hey! Stop! Stop! Divya!
– You cheat! Hey! – Get lost!
– Divya! What? Tell me. Before making a girl fall in love… first we should befriend her friend,
our Nataraj told me. Brother, superb! There is no Nataraj from us
for giving such ideas. It’s okay even if he is not there…
madam, your sweet name? I’ll tell you in a hot way. Will you
hang your photo on the nail I hit? Get lost! I’ll hit you! Every ring has a finger. I love you.
– What is this? Sonpapdi? So sweet! Me or sonpapdi? You mad girl!
He trapped you by giving you sonpapdi… and you said okay for it? Shut up, Shilpa. Truly speaking I also loved him. That’s why I said okay. I loved him at that time. You loved him a lot. So why didn’t your marriage succeed? It won’t succeed. We both can’t get along. So why did you go for marriage? I too didn’t understand it. At that time I thought he is my world. In fact I felt him to be hero
in certain matters. (Dog barks)
– Oh my! Why are you afraid so much?
– Divya… – Wait, wait… L. Gopal! Sit, sit… Divya, you’re calling it with initial? It is my late grandfather’s name. Oh! What L. Gopal?
– It is… He used to talk loud. That’s why everyone
called him Loud Gopal… and now it became short as L. Gopal. So who is he? I’m B. Gopal. Hi grandfather.
– Hi. Okay, okay. Come, come. Oh, is it Gopal’s family? Come, come. What?
– Flower in your hands. – Oh! What’s the need for all this? Waste! You don’t want it, aunt? Will the
shopkeeper take it back? – Give it. Okay, you keep talking,
I’ll go and bring plates. Come, boy. Sit. So, what are you doing now? I…I’ve finished Hotel Management,
trying to become a Chef. Oh… You mean you are idle now. Can say so… Okay. What does your parents do? Father is a doctor here. I had never seen my mother. Correct. Your father has a hospital
in Vandandari, right? – Hmm. Your mother eloped immediately
after you were born, right? What are you talking in my absence? Mother, Arvind brought
your favourite biscuits. Take them.
– Give him first. He’ll eat.
– Arvind. Take it. Well… How much did you pay
for all these items? 1000 rupees? (Chuckles) 1500. 1500? Didn’t you felt it is more
to spend in a single day? It’s very high. Did you see? You’ve to spend 1500 rupees
for buying us snacks. So how much will it cost
for our one meal? Moreover, we go out for parties
and get-togethers on weekends. How will you spend for all that? Will you ask your father for money? With what courage you wish
to marry my daughter in this situation? With the money that can fulfill
the hunger of 100 children… I brought snacks for
you to eat after meals… and after eating them as much you can… if you’ve the courage to mock
the person who brought them… then I’ve sufficient courage
to marry your daughter. Hey L. Gopal. You know what do you call something
which eats biscuits thrown by anybody? (Chuckles) Catch! Hey L. Gopal! Move aside!
– (Door slams) Madam, didn’t you
close the door properly? He has closed it while leaving. First you shut your door. Okay, madam. Did he call your mother dog?
– Yes. I too felt shocked. But that day he had shut
my mother’s mouth in no time. Divya, tell me more about him. No. I got headache
for talking about him. My taxi has arrived, I’ll leave. Hey Divya! What is Arvind doing now? What will he do? Must be boozing with
his useless friends. Bye. What are you doing now, Arvind? I’m pulling!
– What are you doing? This massage uncle is not leaving
when I’m trying to snatch the bottles. Wait, I’ll come and help you. Though you are very fat,
I like you very much. Hey, look there. Why are you playing with my uncle? Why are watching without throwing your
friends out when they are doing like this? You duffer! Will you scold me in front of uncle?
– Yes. Will you watch like this when
they’re fighting with my father? See me talent now.
– Hey! Uncle! I’m there to support you. Leave!
– You’re like whisky before marriage… why did you become like this now? This bottle is given to me
by my uncle… Arvind…two same brand bottles
are there in my vehicle. Really? Go away. I said I’m having. Come.
– Two? Arvind, house has come. Good night.
– Good night. Bye. Hey…text me after reaching home…
– Arvind! First I’m…
– Are you okay? Okay, okay! I’m okay. Are you okay?
– Okay. Arvind, you know I’m
there for you, right? Thank you. Bye. Hey, why are you avoiding me? Am I not matching your expectations? Hey…no, no. Don’t say like that, Deepa. You’re a very attractive girl. You’re very beautiful. But I need some time. Okay? Please. Take as much time as you want. I’m leaving, take care. Bye.
– Bye. Hey, message me after reaching home.
– Yes. Bye. Hey…wait, I’m coming. I’m coming. What happened to my life? What did you drink? How come I’m seeing her face? Yellow…
– Don’t touch! – Devil! God! I thought you must have
changed little bit in these years. You didn’t change at all.
How could you be like this? Disgusting! Its paining! I can’t stand for a moment. Why are you watching like that? It’s me. Divya! (Vomiting) (Retching) (Alarm rings) (Yawns) I didn’t boil this. It’s hot. I’ve boiled this egg. Hey, isn’t it a dream? You came in real yesterday…
– Ugh! You think I’m a wash basin? You vomited on me, on the floor… I’ve cleaned it all night. Am I your servant? You didn’t become responsible
in all these years. I’ve kept a shoe rack
there three years back. It didn’t move an inch, like your life. Give some rest to your mouth. Always blabbering! You came after many years.
Why don’t you smile? Will you show your
angry face all the time? Not always,
but only when I see your face. I didn’t come to play
with you by laughing with you. Hey, so why did you come?
What’s your problem? Don’t shout. Hey!
– Sign it. I’ll leave. What is this? I want divorce. (Laughs) We didn’t stay together
for two days after marriage. What’s the need for divorce for it? Forget two days or two years! Marriage is registered, so give divorce. I need to think about it. Come tomorrow. Whatever! Oh, how is the food? Nice!
– Thank you! Hello chef!
– Hi! This is a personal order,
yours is coming. Okay. – Hope everything is fine.
– Fine. – Thank you. Come.
– Superb, bro. You fool! Why are you in a hurry? Will you put your finger into everything?
– Has it burnt? Hey, Divya has come. What are you saying? Comeback? Not comeback? She’s jealous that Arvind is happy today
by running such a big hotel. She came to spoil it. Did you see her feel jealous? You don’t know who Divya is.
You’re talking as if you know her. I know very well about such girls. You’re feeling jealous, this won’t work. Why should I feel jealous? I’m a very matured person.
– Is it? You’re mature,
but you didn’t see Divya yet. She’s not like you. She went abroad,
she’s an international figure now. It is obvious that you’ll feel jealous. It’s okay, Divya.
One beer will make everything fine. Hey!
– I’m not Divya, I’m Deepa. Idiot! – You angry girl!
– Deepa! Mental girl! Bro, did she see?
She said she’s matured but… she’s feeling jealous
when I said Divya is beautiful. All girls are same.
They’re very jealous. Okay, you tell the matter.
Did she come to stay with you? No. She is asking for divorce. Hey, where was she all these days?
She came suddenly now. Don’t know.
She’s talking more when I’m asking. Don’t leave her easily,
she gave you tough time. She has applied for divorce,
we can take big amount in alimony. Go away! You fool!
You seem to give her idea. I should pay her alimony. After that I have to sell
this hotel and sell paani-puris. Correct! Who wants divorce now?
She wants it. Take as much amount as you can… and open four branches of this hotel. Super! You’re the server
in all the four branches. Arvind!
– Ouch! Arvind! What happened, Arvind? Are you okay?
– You devil? What okay? Why are you standing and watching?
Come and help. – Okay, okay, wait. Have little patience. Arvind! Relax!
– Calm down, Arvind. Finished! Divya, it’s paining! Don’t shout! – You don’t jump!
You don’t jump! – Okay, fine. Hey fool!
Why are you standing and watching? Come and help! You rascal! Arvind! Please calm down!
– You’ve become spoilt after going abroad. Why don’t you close the door and do it? Ugh! – What Arvind? – What is this
scene immediately after entering inside? You’ve grown so big. Don’t you wear anything inside? I left it free, Divya. Disgusting!
– (Screams) So quick? (Sighs) Thanks! Forget thanks. Where are my papers? They’re ready. If I have to give you divorce… actually…
– Money, right? For me…
– Tell me how much you want. She’s ready for everything. Blank cheque? Cheque is fine but… there are few conditions too. Conditions? Tell me. (Clears throat) We’ve been good friends from childhood. After that… we went around as
boyfriend and girlfriend. But don’t know why
this marriage didn’t work. It collapsed in one day. You see we didn’t live
as wife and husband. – So? So…you be with me
as my wife for a week… After that I’ll give you divorce.
– What? Acting smart? Hey, I won’t even touch you. God promise!
– What rubbish? One week with him? No chance!
– Okay, no problem! We’ll meet in the court. One or two years… I’m not in a hurry. I’ve all the time. One week! Just one week! Sick! Oh! Ouch! Do tribals visit houses? Divya, how are you related
to Gurkhas of Kunoor branch? Get lost! You duffer! I don’t know who they are. I’ve no idea. Disgusting people! Hey bro! Your relatives have come!
– Gurkhas… Who are they?
– (Gibberish) Hey, what have you done?
Why did he talk so badly? No bro, this marriage will not work. I want divorce. See her face. Such a beautiful smile. Why do you want divorce?
– She’s got a beautiful smile but I’m… Hey, what is the problem? She had never let me come
closer anytime. Says it will take another 30 years. Yes, brother.
You don’t belong to their clan. For 30 years, you wake up
early morning and worship her feet… only then your love will succeed. Until then she is with you. Be happy for that. – Get lost
you fake Chinese! For 30 years… I can’t wait. I want two more hands to lift my hand. Bro, this will not work,
I want divorce immediately. Sure?
– 100 percent sure. Okay, tell her to give divorce. Divorce is right. You fool! Bro, did you see I took divorce as I
can’t bear the torture? – Who is Suguna? You think it’s an Indian cricket
team to stand and discuss like that? Okay, as per our tradition,
it is cowardice to give divorce. So tell him to stand
by showing his back… we’ll leave after giving
what we should give. Back? See it properly! Hey, why are you making me stand firm? Why are they standing in queue? Standing as if they are standing
in front of wine shop at 10pm. Hey, there seems to
be some conspiracy in it. Whatever be the conspiracy,
I need divorce immediately. There you go! Looks like a scene from Kungfu movie Don’t need 30 years to collapse. 30 seconds… No man! Poor guy! No! Oh God! They’ve broken, right? I’m your childhood friend, right? I too wish to do. Shall I beat once? Divorce is not taken
anywhere in the world… Nothing will happen.
– Why did Deepa come? To serve drinks? Are you blind? Yes. Like how you served
useless people abroad… similarly I’m serving my friends. What did you say? – Divya, I bought
provisions in the kitchen. Will you go and cook food?
– What? What? You want my autograph, right? If you want my autograph them go.
Go and cook food. Aren’t you hungry?
– Yes, we’re, tell her to cook Rasam. Divya, with drumsticks. Add some poison in it. Do you need any help? No, it’s okay. You do your job of serving drinks,
I’ll cook food. Okay, your wish. Good for me. Joker! Wow!
– Second joker! How long for this?
– What? I should get the cards.
– Eat, Arvind. Hey, what?
– Why don’t you eat? Deepa, you too eat. I’ve worked very hard to cook. Sorry, my family told me not to eat
the food cooked by strangers. I’m leaving. Bye, boys.
– Bye, girls. Hey, remove your leg,
I might kick you by mistake. Go! It doesn’t matter
whether you kick or not. – Divya… I thought you have been roaming around
with useless people all these years. So you’re dating a shameless girl. Whom she is calling useless? She’s talking about your father’s son.
Shut up and eat. – Great joke. Take two points. Nagababu from ‘Jabardast’,
giving points. Serve properly.
Are you serving your father’s cooking? Thanks. She cooked very well. Give it.
– He’s eating by licking. You eat by sucking. Oh! (Door knocks) Hey, open the door! We both…
– Who is inside? – Satish. (Door knocks)
Satish! It is urgent! Open the door. Hey, I can’t open now, go away. Hey, it will take two days for me
to come. Leave. Don’t know what she mixed in the food.
She has planned to kill. I don’t belong to your group anymore. I don’t want your friendship, get lost.
– Please! Hey, there is another bathroom.
– Okay, I’ll go there. Oh! What happened to me today? Hello! Oh! Divya! Divya! Open the door!
Divya! What did you mix in the food? Oh! I beg you! Open the door. Its urgent. Sorry. Busy.
– You devil! Open the door. Satish, we both went
together in childhood, right? Get lost! Rascal! Where? – For party!
Get lost! – I’m also coming. Oh! God! I can’t! Hey! Shameless guy!
– What should I do? For how long should I control? If I find the guy who
invented button to pant… (Vehicle approaching) Hey…who is it showing high beam light? I can’t control. Judge! Gang rape! Come fast!
– Gang rape? Hey!
– Cover! See Shikar Dhawan… Rohit Sharma… Malinga… Oh! Two more West indies
players as if they are not enough. See how they are standing
in line like ‘Lagaan’ team. Hey, see how they made us
sit without knowing about condition? Yes. It is very tempting. Don’t act in haste,
tolerate for some time. Greetings, sir. SI, what’s their case? Rape case. In bushes. Come here.
– What sir? What were you doing in bushes?
– Sir, we both are lovers. We committed mistake without our
knowledge. Forgive us, sir. Sorry, sir. But they both tried
to rape my Gayle friend. Gayle friend?
– Yes, sir. – Move. Show the face. Sir… What is this?
– Yes, brother. Is the dose high? Couldn’t make out the difference? Hey thick glasses! Come here. Come here! Hello sir. I’m Natti alias…
– Natti or Jetti! How did you feel like raping? Sir, it won’t be good if everyone hears.
Shall I tell in your ears secretly? Secret? Secret? Are you a detective to
tell secret? Tell what happened there. Tell what happened there?
No, no. Do it and show. Hey, everyone stand like bushes. Sir, please…I’m telling for your good.
– I’ll kick you. I said to stand like bushes.
Why are you posing? What are you doing? Sir, leaves are moving due to wind. Hey, stand like bushes. Sir…
– Go! Go I say. I’m feeling very shy. Did you go to bushes
to press your hands? Sir, they’re give me strange looks.
I’m feeling shy. Hey, all of you turn this side.
– He seems to be a cheater. He wants to see it
by making us turn around. Hey, show us what
happened there by acting. Sir, I’m telling for you good. Try to understand.
– Act I say! Else I’ll break your legs. Go! Go! I’ll go, sir. Let it come down. Hey, why are you standing by bending?
– Sir, your staff caught me by then. What were you doing if they
had not caught you? Enact and show. What is this?
– Keep it. Bro…they both inside… and he is one…
a great scene inside. See what your friends have done. They’ve dirtied this station. Is it? Sorry, sir.
– Dirty guys! Take them along. Okay, sir. Thank you, sir. Forget thanks, first take them away. Should I cook today too? Hey, big salute to you!
– How can you eat at this hour? Dear husband, why are you stinking?
– Ugh! Yuck! Wait! Wait! Bath with a nice soap. Why? – Dirty fellow!
– Will you clean my back? What? New car? Father’s car.
– It’s superb! You…
– Is it? They’ll feel happy after seeing you, come.
– Have they come? Always be jolly like this… Wow!
– What are you doing? Don’t you have common sense
to knock the door? Tell her go out. Tell her go out. Talk with respect, she’s your new mother.
– New mother? What are you blabbering? For how long should we both stay alone? Don’t we need a woman in the house? The moment she entered,
you and your wife came together. Hello uncle, how are you?
– Hello! Fine, fine. How are you? What’s her name? Name…
– My name is Sujata. Oh, so sweet!
I liked your new mother very much. My selection!
– So cute. I’m feeling shy. Arvind, do you have money? They took away everything
in the station. – It’s alright. I’m too having card. It’s okay. Divya, I think you should
be having money. – Yes, sure. Take it.
– Don’t you feel ashamed? Family! My family! Take this. Go to the market and
bring one dozen fruits. Some halwa(sweet),
jasmine flowers, one milk packet… and then you buy whatever you want.
– Hello! What is there to buy?
What is the need for them? You don’t have brains at all. Everyday enjoy! For how long will
you stay alone like this? Don’t you want a younger
brother to play with you? Hello!
– I mean cricket. Will you throw the ball
and hit it by yourself? Come, dear. “I like you…” “I like your smile.”
– Ugh! “Why are they having a problem?” You! Jasmine flowers? Sweets? You’re finished today! What is he doing? Oh! Your son is so handsome that… he can marry four times.
– He can’t maintain one marriage… does he need another four? Hi, uncle.
– Hi. When is the treat?
– I’ll open it right now if you say yes. Mad of liquor! I thought so after seeing
him get ready inside. Where are you going
to take him for sacrifice? Maybe you know to
trap the man you like… I don’t know.
Don’t think that everyone is like you. Hi Deepa! Come, let’s go. Arvind, where are you going?
– I’m ready. A new movie is released,
so we planned to watch it. What is it, husband? Is it fair? Your wife is at home… and how dare you say
you’re going out with this slut. Hey, shut up! She’s my friend. I’m your wife. We both have
planned to go out for movie today. Why do you say that
you’ll go with someone else? Arvind, we’re late, let’s go. Hey, why do you interfere
when me and my husband are talking? If you are in a hurry
then go and stand on road. You’ll find someone. Hey, why are you showing off
by calling him your husband? You’ve left him, right?
What happened to your husband then? Did you remember him now? Look, if you don’t
leave the house now… I’ll call the police and file
a case saying you’re are a prostitute… and have trapped my husband. Be careful!
– Divya! What is this? – Don’t make do that.
– What are you talking? Divya! What’s wrong with you? Deepa! Uncle… Change the channel. Deepa! Deepa! Hey Deepa! Look… No! – Listen to me!
– Please! Listen to me!
She’s doing it deliberately. No!
– Deepa, you and I will go. Seriously!
– No please! Hey!
– I want to be alone! I know it’s not your fault. Let me go. Just leave me alone!
– Come on, Deepa! Deepa! Hey, what is your problem?
Why did you behave like that? Why did I behave like that? You only told me to behave
like a good wife, right? So, like a good wife I told
you not to go out with bad people… and come to movie with me. Or else give me divorce. I’ll go my way by not troubling you. You want movie, right? I’ll show. I don’t want. Why are you taking me
on a bicycle like a stingy guy? A good wife should go
with her husband happily… even if he takes her in a bullock cart.
Shut up and come. Will you get down once? Why? Walk till there, it’s very steep. Why are you talking like an old man? Whoever pedals bicycle
on steep incline… they would be superb in that matter. Hail Lord Venkatesh! Yay!
– Hail Lord Venkatesh! Hail Lord Venkatesh! My God! I’m finished!
– Lovebirds all around. What is this?
Looks like a different movie. Hey, see the face! Come. Why did you make such a face? Life with me is very irritating, right? Okay. If I give you an option
to exchange your life with someone… then with whom will you do. Hey, wait, I’ll tell you.
– It is… Okay, tell, I’ll see how much
you’ve understood me. – See there. That guy is rubbing
his hand on her back. You like such life, right? Look at that small boy. Should be like him. Everything that he sees and
experiences in his life is love. We can do anything for such a life. Okay, now tell about me. I should know how far you understood me. Look, like this heroine! Everyone should worship you
like a Goddess all the time, right? No chance!
I don’t want such a life at all. Poor girl! Not only on the screen… she needs to act in front
of everyone all the time. Oh!
– I want a life like her. I’ll be happy if I’m pampered
like her when I’m pregnant… I’ll be happy. No problem, madam.
If you co-operate little bit… I’ll also make you a mother like her.
– Remove the hand. Okay, come this side. Hey, why are you shifting me?
– Because I’m a right handed batsman. Remove the hand, Arvind. Don’t feel shy as if you know nothing. Hello brother,
she’s telling you to remove the hand. Yes, baby? Your brother
seem to be taking lot of tension. Shouldn’t I put my hand on my wife? Arvind, don’t irritate me,
remove the hand. Why do you put your hand on her
when she’s resisting so much? Oh! – Arvind! You pig! Why did you hit him? You… Arvind! Thrash him! Hit hard! Hit on the head! Arvind, pull him! Move! Divya, come, let’s escape. Kick you! Come! Come! Come fast! I’m too coming, Arvind.
Wait! Wait! – Come fast! Come! Fast! Fast! Why did you beat that guy so badly? Stop! Wow! Nice! Divya, what are you doing here? So cute! Hey, run!
– Stop! Give my rat! Stop! Take your rat! Why do you catch rat by leaving parrot? (Gasping)
– Beauty! You ran a lot.
– What happened? What?
– Wait a minute! I’ll take care. What is this?
Why is she going like that? Hey, what? Divya! No! Come back!
– Now tell. What will you do, baby? Divya! Run! Run! Such a big drama for footwear! Stop! I can’t run! Stop! Hey, should you create such
a big scene for your footwear? 3000 rupees footwear!
Will you father buy them? I’ve lost my jacket worth
5000 rupees because of you. Who will buy it?
– Don’t talk about me! Get lost! Mental! Come!
– Hey, you’re a big rowdy! You’ve changed completely
after going abroad. (Laughs) I’m tired. Hey, come, l want to show
you something beautiful, come. Why did you bring me to the hospital?
– Come, I’ll show you. Tell me.
– Keep quiet and come I say. Come, come. Hey, why did you bring me? Tell me. Do you come here regularly?
– Come on. Come inside! Come inside! Hey, did you hook up with a nurse here? Wow! This is so magical! Hey, look there. Why did they make them sleep together? It is called co-bedding. Co-bedding? What is its meaning? It means one of them is unwell. If they both are kept at one place… it will get cured. You’re talking like a doctor. How is it possible? I think it is psychological. There is a big difference
between people staying alone… and staying with someone. It’s the same. If we have someone with us who would… hold our hand with
love in any situation… then we get feel
courageous inside of us. I think it is the same concept. “A silver star has come for me.” “Time has stopped for you.” “If you are with me…” “I’ll go mad.” “I just can’t breathe when you see me.” “Don’t go, I can’t live.” “Don’t leave my life.” “Don’t go, don’t go.” “Don’t leave my life.” “Don’t go, don’t go.” “Don’t leave my life.” “Don’t go.” (Music) “I’ve come by fighting the times.” “Don’t know what happened today,
I’m confused.” “Don’t tempt me further…” “my heart tells me.” “You are my sky, earth and everything.” “Hide me inside your breathe.” “I’m a paper…” “I’ve become a poem because of you.” “With your pleasant glance…” “you’ve aroused a sweet feeling.” “With you by my side…” “the distance between us is bridged.” “Don’t leave my life.” “Don’t go, don’t go.” “Don’t leave my life.” “Don’t go, don’t go.” “Don’t leave my life.” “A silver star has come for me.” “Time has stopped for you.” “If you are with me…” “I’ll go mad.” “I just can’t breathe…” “when you see me.” “Don’t go…” “I can’t live” “Don’t go my life.” “Don’t go, don’t go.” “Don’t go my life.” “Don’t go, don’t go.” “Don’t go my life.” (Music) “Don’t go…” “Don’t go my life.” “Don’t go my life.” “Don’t go my life.” “Don’t go my life.” (Father humming) (Clears throat) Arvind… Eat this…drink this before that. Carry on. Arvind, I don’t know
how to tell you this. I want to tell you this myself… Had you told me that there
is some other man in your life… then I would have signed it
that day itself. Today… when you kissed me… I felt that you would
be with me all the time. You shouldn’t have
hidden from me that… you’re going to marry some other person. I feel bit sad. It’s okay. If you’re happy with him… then what can I do, tell me. Arvind…
– Your bags are inside. Go and take. Son, did she kiss you? Hmm…yes. So why did you give her divorce? There is another man in her life.
– You seem to be a big duffer. Stop giving those looks! What do you say now? Look, since she kissed you today… so it means she still loves you. Do you love her or not? I fear that… I can’t love anybody
else other than her. So go and stop. Don’t miss her for any other girl.
I’ll make her go mad for you. See you.
– She says she’ll come. Go and pick her up. Hello! Impress her! Go. Hey go! Divya! Divya! Divya! Divya! What happened? I doubt whether I signed one paper. Will you give it once? Take it, do something.
– What should I do? You only do. Hello! Do as I say. Why are you giving it to me?
You only keep it. I’m not linked to it. Water…
– (Divya gasps) What have you done?
– Why did you do this? Don’t you have sense?
Why did you pour water? – Me? What nonsense? I had seen! I had seen! You’ve poured water on it. You showed off as if you
are making a big sacrifice. I also felt guilty that
you’ve changed as a good person. Why did you cheat me? Hey, why are you talking more
by saying I’ve cheated you? You too have cheated me by
kissing me and pretending to love me. I…it was an accident. You too have showed me
something and seduced me. I regret it and I’m sorry about it. Hey, what have you showed?
– Hello! Will you keep quiet? Wait! What if you say sorry? Will everything become fine?
– So what should we do now? Behave well as we planned. After that I’ll think… whether to divorce you or not. Uncle… I’m intoxicated. Fraud family! How many times will you pierce?
Yesterday you’ve pierced injection, right? Now only tomorrow! No! No! Tomorrow! You should have be named Busy
Hand Bhaskar instead of Bhaskar. Your hand is always busy. – What should
I do? I felt itching so I’m scratching. Yes, you’ll get itching!
– Strange family, right? – Shut up! Have it, son.
– Thanks. What thanks? Call her as mother. Mummy! That’s it! Thank you, mummy. Thanks, mummy! I’ll send you to pyramids Mummy
if you call me mummy again. Shut up and drink.
– I appreciate you. Hi. Good morning. Good morning. – Divya, are you planning
to settle down here permanently? No, Fraud! As long as I say here,
my friend Shilpa… and the fiancée outside will stay here.
– Hi sweetie! – What? Fiancée? Hey, a foreign beggar is outside,
give him leftover from last night. Bro, I ate it in the morning. Hello!
– Yes. Go like a good boy
and invite him inside. Him? You think I’m your…
– Hey! Sit. Don’t create problem.
Invite him inside. Is it a monastery for
everyone to come and sleep? This has happened for our good. This is a good chance for you
to prove that you’re better than him. Keep your friends close… and enemies closer. (Arjun whistling) Bag is big. Did he come to settle down?
– (Arjun whistling) Hi. I’m Arvind. Divya’s husband. Arjun. Divya’s would-be husband. Boss! Clean the table after
the customer leaves. New customer should feel pleasant. I won’t repeat it.
– Hi. – Hi. Keep the table clean. Sorry, sir. – Okay, go and do the work.
– Hi. – Hi. Hey, give the phone.
– Why? Give. Take it. Hey, remove the plates. Deepa, did you find it on road? Hey, go away! Hey, Nataraj, the laughing stock. The reason for my coming is that my
family is going out of town tomorrow… so I’m going to be alone at home. Will someone not open the door
when luck knocks the door? My doubt is…is this offer
only for Arvind or is it for me too? I’ll kill you! Rascal! Bro, she’s becoming violent every day. Hey, what is the problem
if you stay alone? That is my problem.
I’m afraid to stay alone. That’s why I’ll stay in your house. In my house? Why? Can’t I stay when every
useless person stays in your house? I’ll stay in your house from tomorrow. Deepa!
– Bro! Your house is in my favourites
list after Sunny Leone’s house. It is colourful from all sides.
Your father and his girlfriend. Hey…
– I mean your mother, new mother. You, your wife, her would-be husband… one extra girl for us,
from tomorrow Deepa too will join… Lot of fun all around! That’s my problem! Everyone will be there in the house. I romanced Divya when
I was alone with her. Now I can’t. Moreover, it’s her birthday tomorrow.
– Yes! Need to make Divya
fall for you at any cost. You’ve to cut her cake
in romantic style. Trust your friend. Hey!
– Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Thank you!
– Happy birthday dear Divya! Happy birthday to you! Arjun… Come on!
– No, no. Arjun! – Little! Arvind… It’s okay.
There is still lot of cake left. Should I give you?
– No. Okay guys. Shall we go inside? My plan is superb! (Gunshots)
– Come on! Come on!
– Thieves? Move! Move! I’ll shoot if anybody shouts! I’ll not spare anyone.
– I’ll also not spare anyone. Remove your leg! I’ll also not spare anyone.
– Oh God! Why do you fall on her by saying
you won’t spare anyone? Pull him back! This is a real pistol!
– Shilpa, he’s jealous. Please! Don’t do anything to us.
– Don’t talk. Don’t talk.
– Take whatever you want from the house. I said don’t talk. – Don’t do
anything to us. – Turn that side. Hey! Whom are you telling
to steal the belongings here? Don’t shout!
– Leave her! Pakistan terrorists! Shut up! – I beg you!
– I won’t do anything. You’ve to do. Shoot one of them. What are you watching? Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot I say! Will you shoot or not?
– Divya, we are all…- Please leave! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! (Empty gun clicks) (Sobbing) Hey! Enough, dear. Don’t shake. This is a dummy pistol. Arvind, know the truth at least now. You Deepa! I told you to give surprise
but you’ve spoiled the entire scene. (Singing) Where is Divya? Where is Divya?
– I’ll punch in the face! Hey! Satish, what is this different getup? He’s a mad fellow. Divya likes this song.
So he told me to sing it and… surprise her and make her happy. That’s
why he made me to wear it. Mental! Why is Nataraj going in tension?
He’s a fool. It’s his birthday too. He’s angry that nobody wished him. So poor thing! Okay. Will you eat the cake?
– No, you only eat. It’s of paracetomol flavour. I’m sorry, Arvind. I didn’t do it wantonly. They’ve frightened us… so I didn’t know what I was doing. It’s okay, I got it. Is it still with you? I’ve only this with me as your memory. Happy birthday Divya. (Crying) Nataraj… Nataraj!
– What? What is it? Why are you waking me at this hour?
– Shouldn’t I wake you up? Anytime…however… So sweet!
– I’m sweet only. Nataraj, come with me. Tell me. What are hiding from me? Feeling shy? Will I not know if you don’t tell me?
– I know you know. What are you doing?
– Surprise! What surprise by making me blindfold? Today I’m going to make you happy. Wait here.
– I’ll wait here for any long. Jolly! Sachin Tendulkar! What a century! God! Finally you could see me! “Time for you and me to become one…” “Pant is falling down…” “Feeling like a bridegroom…” “Bed is ready…” “Come. Feeling like a bridegroom…” Come fast!
– Nataraj! – Baby! Oh!
– Hey! Everyone has seen! Don’t watch! Enough of watching! Don’t watch! Enough of watching! Don’t hide your face. Go and scold him.
– Brother… Zoom and click in close-up!
What more is there? Show the face. Handsome guy! Hello! Hi guys. He’s reading world news. Now I understood why you look irritated. Chocolate?
– I’ve diabetes. No.
– Chocolate? Okay. Chocolate? Thank you. I think sir likes chocolate very much. Very much. Is the leftover chocolate
too your favourite? (Laughs) What are you saying? Brother, I’m saying that a bud
will not become bud again… after it blossoms into flower.
– (Laughs) Sir, you liked used articles? It depends on the article. Is it? Brother, the articles you used
are of high demand at international level. Moreover, sir also liked it very much. Mr. Mukesh Ambani, excuse me. Arjun…
– Action King Arjun? No? Arjun from Bangalore, right? We both have sent Arvind and Divya
on terrace many times? How many times? Four in the mind,
two in the hand, next… – Hey! What do you do on the terrace alone? They both would hug
and kiss in front of us. If they did all this in front of us… then what else must have happen
without our knowledge. Naughty! In spite of saying so much… you’re reading The Hindu paper
by eating leftover chocolate… You have a big heart. He’s beating me in front of you!
I can’t tolerate. – What? How dare you hit my friend! No! No!
– Don’t leave! Arjun!
– You don’t go. You don’t come in between! Why are you coming in-between?
– Listen to me! – Get up! Hey! – Arjun!
– I won’t leave you today. They don’t seem to be fighting. Had we knew it before
then we would have fought. Please stop it! What the hell is happening here! Big words from a small mouth! What is your problem, Arvind? Hey, why are you asking me?
He only beat Natty first. Go and ask sir. Arjun, what’s wrong with you? He’s become mad. That’s wrong! They were talking
like this all the while. So? They’re talking very bad of you. You’re trying to frame us in front of her.
Don’t you feel ashamed? I don’t know anything. Arjun, beating him
is similar to beating me. Anyway, you don’t have any right… to beat my friends. Did you understand? Well said, Divya! She made him a fool! For how many days should I watch
from windows? When will she open?
I mean the door. Superb! One day… Hey, what are you doing here?
Whom are you following? Uncle, I didn’t come to create problem. Arvind is not my enemy. In fact, had we met
in a different situation… then we would have become
good friends. What are you trying to say? Uncle, tell Arvind to take it easy. Ask Divya to say that
She likes Arvind and loves him. I’ll drop the next minute. But situation is different. You’re an elderly person. You only give solution to this. Going by your words… I think you have great
respect towards love. So you have to help me. Okay friends! Same to you. This is for our friendship. Thank you. Arjun…best of luck. Sure.
– Yes. Excuse me, madam. Madam… Hello! – He is finished as soon
as he enters and gives her the letter. His face will surely get punched! (Phone rings) Hello! (Laughs) You know why I laughed now? (Laughs) You know why I laughed now? I’ll know only if you tell me. So how will I know? Tell the matter. Arjun came by himself to commit suicide
so I have pushed him into hell. Tell me so that I understand. I came with a letter,
Arjun came there seeking my help… I got him framed by changing the plan. Should I laugh now? Hello! Today I feel proud
to say that you’re my father. Super! Super!
Are you laughing after doing everything? You’ll get destroyed!
– Bye! “I’ll feed you if you’re hungry!
I’ll give you massage if you are tired…” “I’ll kiss you if you are in mood!
Oh my darling.” “I’ll dance with you.”
– I brought them as they do record dancing. “I’ll shower my lover unto you, O dear.” “We are young forever…” “We don’t care for anybody…” “We don’t say no to…”
– They’re singing well. Why is she in tension?
– Deepa, what happened? Nothing happened to me. You all have gone mad. If you do such stupid
things then not only Divya… no girl will love you. Divya is gone. Arvind, her chapter is finished. Why do you dance without knowing it? As if it is not enough… you’re taking support
of these mad people. – Hey! Propose him directly if you love him.
Why do you call us mad? No girl will tell so openly… by shedding her inhibitions. Arvind, the person
you love is next to you. Don’t waste time by thinking
of people who reject you. Make hay while the sun shines. Hey, what do you say now? She’s telling you to keep stepney
even though there is no flat tyre. I’m intoxicated. Hey! Hey, why are you threatening me
by taking turns? Look… I’ve told you everything by
considering you an elderly person. Will you behave so cheap? I’m intoxicated again. Hey, now you’re talking to my father. Did I say broker? Well, I’ve a small doubt. Is he your real father? Or broker? Arvind! Arvind! What happened, Arvind?
– What happened? Arvind!
– Arvind! Hey! Lie down! Seems to work out!
Continue the same. – Arvind! Has Arvind died?
– Shut up! – See. Arvind! – Something happened,
he fell down. Arvind! Get up, Arvind! What happened, uncle?
– Don’t worry, I’ll wake him up. Hi Shilpa.
Hi. Shall we go for night show? Movie? One ticket and one seat and we both. Idiot! – What is it?
– Don’t you have sense? What is happening here
and what are you doing? What can I do if he doesn’t get up?
– Shut up. Go, call the ambulance now. I’ll call.
– Uncle! – One minute, I’ll wake him up. Arvind!
– Don’t do over action. They’ll give you award
and make you sit aside. Arvind! – Get up, Arvind! – I’m trying
my best, but he’s not waking up. Arvind! – Arvind!
– Open the eyes, Arvind! Arvind! – What happened, uncle?
– Arvind! Arvind!
– Get up! Open your eyes! Hey Arvind! Arvind!
– Arvind! Sujata, something
happened to him in real. Arvind!
– Somebody do something. What are you watching?
Something has happened to him. Lift him. Help! Oh! – Why is he so heavy?
– Be careful. Arvind! (Phone rings) Hello!
– Hello? I’m Busy Hand Bhaskar talking. Sorry, Bhaskar.
– Tell me, Bhaskar. Nothing…
– Nothing? Then okay. Hello! Hello! Hey! Boy has woken up!
– He doesn’t listen to anything clearly. Boy has woken up! Arvind has woken up!
Arvind has woken up! Why are you watching in shock? Bring him and make him sit there. Move. Arvind, are you okay? I’m okay, but who are you? Hey, I’m Deepa. Deepa? Hey Divya, who are they? Are they your friends? Have they come for our marriage? Baby, you come here. Hello. You know who I am? How will I forget?
– Okay, leave it. How much is 20 x 19?
– Hey old man! He’s a genius in math and you
are asking him questions in Algebra. Don’t you really know who I am? Hey, I don’t know. Any problem? Why are you standing like this? You remember what happened
sometime back here? Divya and I are getting married,
we’ve decided to party. Oh! He’s lost it!
– You sit! Sit. All of you come. Follow me!
– Secret? He is in shock as he
fell down and got injured. It will be a problem if
we tell the truth by mistake. Is it amnesia?
– Yes, we’ve to deal with it carefully. Please you should co-operate.
– Hey! Divya, what is happening? Tell something and manage. – Why
are you whispering between yourselves? It is… Yes, my friends came
from far away for my marriage. They’re tired. That’s why we are discussing
to hold the party tomorrow. Oh, is it? I think sir didn’t like
the party to get postponed. Nothing like that. Anyways, I’m Arvind. Divya’s husband. Please. Arjun. Divya’s friend. Nice to meet you.
– Yay! Just for fun! Okay, okay, relax. Everyone is tried,
go and take rest. Okay? Let’s go, Shilpa. You come, mother.
– Bye, Shilpa. Bye. Don’t look at me like that,
I’m feeling shy. Oh, do you know to feel shy?
– Yes, I do. First night for Divya and me. She dispersed everyone
and left by signaling me. You go and do your work. I’m going. Wonderful family! Both father and son
seem to sell Amaravati. Are you a father? Yuck! Hey, I didn’t understand what he said. Why are you blabbering
saying we will sell Amaravati? Oh, there is no exit here. Divya, there is no end
to the drama in this house. I don’t understand anything. (Door knocks) Who? (Door knocks) Hey, what are you doing here? Why are you standing by feeling shy? Hey, it is our first night today… why are you making me stand out?
– Hey, no, my friend is inside, you go. Hey, one minute! One minute! My father’s room for
your friend…no, no. We can’t trust him. If she wants then there is sofa outside,
ask her to sleep… – No, no. No way. You go. – Wait, wait.
– Divya, what happened? – One minute. Divya…
– Wife, wife… Arvind, leave me.
– Okay. Only one kiss.
– Divya. Hey, please one kiss.
– Hey, leave! – Okay, okay. Cheeky kiss! Cheeky kiss!
– Arvind! (Music) “With a slight glance…” “You’ve stolen me.” “You’ve winked at me.” “You’ve ruined me completely.” “My entire thoughts…” “are filled with you.” “You’ve drowned me
in your intoxication.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart, O dear.” For you!
– Hi! Why this? To write poems on you? No. You must have hidden
all my weakness inside you… without telling me. For writing them. This diary is not enough for it. (Laughs) Okay. After writing? Write and show after our marriage. I’ll then decide… as what kind of a wife
I should be to suit you. Conditions are no easy. “You…you…I had
seen you in my dreams.” “I’ve surrendered myself to you.” “I’m watching it…” “Strange things are happening…” “I’m longing for your naughty glance…” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart, O dear.” “I wanna hold you close to me every day.” “I can’t resist your temptation.” “You loving is my ecstasy.” “I would fall for you any day.” “I wanna hold you close to me every day.” “I can’t stop chasing
you wherever you go.” “You loving is my ecstasy.” “This love is infinite.” “My entire thoughts…” “are filled with you.” “You’ve drowned me
in your intoxication.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart, O dear.” Jonty Rhodes too cannot
catch a ball like this. 5…6…7…8…
– See my Shilpa. Arabic horse. She rocking in aerobics. 8. Next. Kicks, okay? – Okay, okay.
– Who has put the mat here? Go. 1…2…3…kick. 5…6…7…kick. 1…2…3…kick. 5…6…- Arvind! What are you doing?
– Okay, you do, I’ll watch. Okay! Lunges! – Ya. Rat became smart when
the cat became blind. In the name of amnesia… he’s going bit overboard.
– Not little. You do it, I’ll watch.
– Very much! I’m observing from two days,
you don’t seem to care for me. She thinks Arvind is suffering
from amnesia for real. I too doubt it. But how to find out. Shall we tell him the truth that
you and Divya had broke up long back? We’ll not tell the truth. We’ll tell lies.
– I didn’t understand. Both of you listen carefully to me. Arvind will confess saying
he doesn’t suffer from amnesia. We’ll make him to confess. Divya! What happened, dear?
– Arvind! Arvind! Leave me!
– God! What is his problem? Leave me, Arvind!
– Great! – Why are you doing like this? Please, put me down. Arvind, put me down. I’ll have to catch the bird today. (Singing) Priya, for whom are you mad for today? I thought I’ll throw my footwear!
Skinny fellow? Skinny fellow? He’s just a leaflet. We can remove our
ear wax with him. – What? Will you remove your ear wax with me? If I lift my lungi then you’ll know it.
– Ugh! Rascal! – Idiot! Your underwear is seen
when you lift your lungi. Girls are coming from behind,
put it down. Mr. Mahesh Babu?
– I’m not him. But I’m Patti Babu.
– Potti Babu? Not Potti Babu,
it is Patti Babu. – Okay. I’ve booked boat ride today. For you two girls?
– No, for us too. We too!
– Hey, what are you doing here? Hi Shilpa,
I saw your back and then… – What? No, Arjun only said we’ll
all go together as a family. – Arjun? Arjun, what is this? Nothing much!
I thought we all will go for boating. Whatever!
– Divya! – Back! “She’s going in style…” So…
– So, if you come and sit here… then I’ll hold my wife’s hand
and talk sweet things. Come. Let’s open and talk for some time,
open our minds. – Hold the hand. (Phone rings) – Come on!
– No need! – Okay, wait! This is an obstacle in our happiness. Tell me, mother.
– Where are you? When will you come? You went for many days,
this is your house. Did you forget it?
– Mother, we came out. What’s the matter? For how many days will
you stay in his house? I didn’t take divorce yet,
I’ll come after taking. – What? (Groans) Mother, why are you crying? I’ll bring as soon as possible. What? Is she crying? Your mother will come to senses
if we hit hard on her head. My mother is crying and
do you find it funny? – Hello! Why are you trying
to separate us? Psycho! I’m the right guy to curb you ego! What?
– You are finished! (Groans) Why do you irritate me early morning? I’ve applied one month’s
leave for what you did. Madam! What happened, madam?
– Hello? ‘Throat operation…’ Hello! ‘Throat operation’.
– Hello! Hey, don’t know what is happening. Dhanush is talking.
– Dhanush? Then you both will not
get Divya for sure. He will take her with him
by saying ‘Divya, I love you’. Talk. Hello, Dhanush.
Will you cut both of them? (Groans) Hey, not Dhanush! Puppy’s sound!
– What? (Groans) Hey, how arrogant your mother is! Will she keep the phone
near dog’s mouth when I’m talking? Your mother is a devil. We can live in peace only if she dies. This phone… Hey! Why did you throw it like that? Why did you throw it?
– Again fight? He’s telling me that
my mother should die. Should I beg him instead
of taking divorce? You can’t carry on, give it immediately.
This is a difficult thing. I got many people divorced.
– You don’t interfere, shut up. Hey, he’s just joking, don’t get angry. I’m not getting angry,
I’m done with this. Tell him so that he understands the truth.
– What truth? Arvind, I’m really sorry. Sorry? – It’s been many days
since we broke up. You’ve forgotten
everything due to amnesia. Hey, what’s her problem? She is talking of divorce.
– Divya is telling the truth. You remember only till marriage. After your marriage…no, everything was
finished on the day of your marriage. “Ram has come and
lifted the sacred bow.” “He held it in hand and set the target.” “He took everyone by surprise.” “He won the challenge and
became Lord Janak’s son-in-law.” “Ram! Ram! Ram!” “Let us all become one
like Lord Ram’s bow.” “Ram! Ram! Ram!” Hey, your father drank everything. Bro, everything is finished.
– No problem, buddy. I’ll buy.
– You’re a true friend. – Hey! Are you mad? You’re drunk. I’ll drive, you sit behind. Just wait. Okay, I’ll go, bro. Get some side dish. Quick! Hey! For how long should we wait? Hey, why is it closed so early?
– We don’t know. Hey!
– He’s not opening the shutter. Hey! What’s the problem?
– He’s a cheat. He is not only taking 10 rupees
extra per bottle but… he closed the shop at
9.30 and is selling in black. They’re cheating us as educated people
like you too don’t question them. Hey! Open the shutter! What’s the matter? Is it a love matter?
– Whatever it be, you come. Are your hands shivering?
Why are you acting smart? Look, everyone present here shivers. You can do one thing. Take 100 rupees
extra per bottle and stand in line. Hey, stand according to height. Shop should be closed at 10.30.
Why did you close it at 9.30? (Laughs) Is your father’s name Gandhi? (Laughs) Hey! Didn’t your family tell you
that wine shop people cheat you? Before I punch your face… Hey! Stop! Arvind! Arvind! Arvind! Do you think nobody will ask you if you
close the shop at 9.30 instead of 10.30? Stop, Arvind!
– Wait, Divya. – Listen to me. Wait, Divya!
– Hey! You’ve hit me! You’ll suffer my curse.
– Will you come or not? Come, Arvind!
– Your girlfriend will ditch you. Hey! You’ll cry bitterly after that and
then come and stand in front of my shop. Come, Arvind! What?
– What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you creating
nuisance for drinking? They are cheaters but they are good.
Am I a bad guy? Yes! No educated person… would come and fight in such place. Only cheap mentality people
like you create nuisance. – What? Cheap? Had I fought at a ration shop
then I would have been hailed as a hero. It is justice if one fights
at ration shop… but it is cheap to fight
at wine shop, right? They know that nobody will
fight and lose their respect… and that’s why they are
cheated without any fear. – No! You’re fighting for getting drinks. You disgust me, Arvind! My mother already told me.
I’ve committed the mistake. Your mother? Had I owned two BMWs then
your mother would have married me. She’s mad for money. Yes. My mother is money-minded. But she nurtured me with good values
and taught me what respect is. But she didn’t elope like your mother. Shut up, Divya!
You don’t know anything about my mother. Entire town knows about your mother. Your mother has roamed everywhere and… your father is a drunkard.
You imbibed the same values. Like father, like son.
– Hey! Shut up! If you talk more… I’ll kill you. Don’t cry, Divya. Divya…Divya, please…
– I can’t tolerate. – Leave me. Don’t touch me!
– Divya, listen to me. Don’t touch me!
– Please listen to me. – I hate you. Divya, please! Hey! Hey! Divya! That blacky has a black tongue! Anyway, she shouldn’t have got furious. A loose per… Pot…loose pot?
– Loose pot? Means? He’s a duffer. Loose pot! Keep 10 beer bottles in it… they’ll definitely break. Similarly even if you carry
one beer bottle, it will also break. No use! Boys are like beer bottles. If you fall into a loose pot
by mistake then your lives are finished. Whom are you calling as loose pot?
You hairy idiot! Hairy idiot? Because of this hairy guy many people… Hey!
– Hey! You know how many
beautiful girls I trapped? Oh! Should I trap her and show you? Enough of your trapping,
go aside and do your work. Baby, brother has said it,
let’s go aside and do the work. I’ll hit you!
You skinny fellow! Don’t bother us. You’re afraid, right? I can’t tolerate if something
happens to you. – Are you okay, baby? Thank you!
– Okay, what happened next? – What else? As they say everything happens
for our good… Deepa is really good, Arvind got her. Nataraj, what are you saying?
Between them… Yes, they both loved each other. In fact they still love each other
until his head gets injured. Hey! – Nataraj, it is not good if you make
fun in such matters. – Yes, Nataraj. Don’t joke in these matters. Why will I joke? You’ve forgotten
everything due to amnesia. Ask Deepa if you want. Hey! Oh! Her looks are strange. Yes. Arvind and I loved each other. What is she saying? Arvind loved you? Yes. Hey, Arvind might love me or not,
what is your problem? Correct! What do you bother
if they both love each other? Hey Divya, don’t believe them,
there is a conspiracy behind us. Deepa, why are you hitting a self-goal? What? Don’t you still believe? Will you believe if
I show the medical reports? Medical reports?
– Yes, Arvind. Till now I underwent
abortion twice because of you. (Gasps) See the reports if you want.
– She has played it very safe. Why do you pretend to love me
after doing such a dirty thing? Nothing happened between us till now. No, Divya. But you…with her? Deepa!
– Yuck! – Divya! Look, Divya! Everyone is trying to take
advantage of me by using my amnesia. Entire gang sitting here is cheating me. Nothing is there between me and Deepa. How can you say nothing is there? You suffered from amnesia, right? God! I’m not suffering from amnesia. Everything is a lie. I liked the attention you gave me
when I pretended to suffer from amnesia. That’s why I’ve continued. I love you, Divya. Nothing is there between me and Deepa!
– Arvind, you’re a big liar. You’re proving it right
again and again… that I did the correct thing
by deserting you. Anyway, as everyone said… I don’t have any problem
if you go out with anybody. I give a damn! I give a damn even if you die! What are you saying, Divya? Will you be happy if I die? (Chuckles) You’ll be happy if I die, right? I’ll die! I’ll jump into water and die. Everyone be happy!
– Nobody can be happy! Everyone is going to die together.
– What? The moment you said you’re going to die,
we all fell into whirlpool. Whirlpool? Hey! Hold properly! Hug me! I’m afraid. Hold me, Divya!
– Hold! Hold! Be careful!
– Hold properly! God! Forgive all my mistakes, please. Nataraj! – What?
– Forgive me. Why? You felt insulted in front
of school assembly… as they found an adult book, right? Yes, entire school hated me. I’ve read that book,
I didn’t know what to do… so I kept it in your bag. I’m so sorry. You bloody woman! Divya, forgive me! I was spitting in your coffee
everyday as I was angry with you. I’m sorry. I’ve the habit of sucking
from childhood. Even now too I suck my finger
while sleeping at night. Disgusting!
– Mad! Why is everything getting angry on me?
– Divya, that day… I got drunk and kissed your friend
by thinking it’s you. Sorry, Divya.
– You idiot! Don’t leave! Hold! Hold!
– Ugh! I got heavily drunk and
I thought it is you in dark… so I kissed your friend.
Sorry, Divya! Arjun! – Oh! Nobody kissed me
as you are thinking. You both kissed each other in dark. Sorry! – As you are thinking, I’m
not Shilpa, my original name is Sundar. Sundar?
– What? I went abroad to change as a girl. God! Why didn’t you stop
this whirlpool 10 minutes back? I wouldn’t have heard this nonsense. They are here for no reason. Oh! My ears are bleeding. Divya!
– With the shock I gave now… Natty will never come closer to me. You’re a mad girl. Don’t you know
when to crack jokes? – Divya! Divya, listen to me. I need
to talk to you for some time, please. Listen…
– Please, Arvind. Stop torturing me. Oh Divya! – I don’t want to talk to you,
I don’t like. – Hello! Oh, Divya… Listen to me, Divya.
There is nothing between me and Deepa. I won’t listen, go to hell.
– Okay, I’ll come, bye. Divya, you are over reacting. Sundar,
at least you tell her. – Are you mad? Oh God!
– Divya, listen to me. Divya!
– What? Your mother…
– My mother… She got admitted in hospital
after talking to you sometime back. What happened? Heart attack! If something happens
to my mother by mistake… Divya, shall we leave?
This is not the time to fight, come. How are you, now? Why did you suffer heart attack, mother? Mother! Mother! Sister! Check what happened. Mother! Quick! Cal the doctor, please! Wait, wait! Don’t get tensed.
– Sister, do something. Mother! Sister, hurry up! Mother, she’s telling something
by looking at the door. Nothing will happen, madam. (Mother groans) Divya, your mother…
– What is it with you? – Divya… Divya, this is disrespectful.
– Why should I respect you? Divya, everyone is watching you. Divya! Divya, listen to me! Please, Divya.
– Go! Go and die. Go somewhere and die.
– Why are you killing me? Don’t show your face to me again. Even the street dog won’t come to us… if we kick it out. (Crying) Don’t you have any shame? Why do you chase me and trouble me
in spite of telling you so many times? (Crying) Give me divorce if you want. I don’t care even if you don’t give. Don’t show your face
to me again in this life. Just get lost! (Crying) “My shadow…” “has left me.” “Life has left my body.” “My mind…” “has left me.” “Clouds have deserted the sky.” “I’ve become a living dead body.” “Because of you my dear.” “I’ve realised that
your love is pretension.” “You’ve trapped me in your hatred.” “I’ve realised that
your love is pretension.” “You’ve hurt me by hiding the love.” “Flowers have become thorns
and have inflicted wounds.” “The pain inside the
heart has written the story.” “Your smile is flowing in my tears.” “I can feel your words in my silence.” Arvind… Arvind… Hey, Arvind. Divya said she’ll come later. Come, let’s go. Okay. (Clears throat) Hey… This is the story of a dog chasing car. Dog can never stop the car. Even if it stops, it can’t drive it. Your story is similar to it. No. She doesn’t suit you. What is it with you? I would have been living in peace
by giving her divorce that day. You only told me not
to leave her for anybody… and said you’ll manage everything
if I get her back. You’ve confused me. Now you’re uttering dialogues
of dog and car. Hey! Sit. Sit. I can understand your anger. Hey, it is difficult to leave
the person whom we like very much. But it is even more difficult to stop the
people who leave you by saying no to you. Maybe everyone whom
I love would leave me. My mother has left me.
This girl came later, she is nothing. Shut up! Let anybody talk about your mother… but you shouldn’t talk. You’re the reason
why your mother left you. You were three years old at that time. Like other kids, you too… were with mother. She loved you a lot. She took very good care of you. I’m telling the truth. She would always think about us… but she never thought about herself. One day she went to sleep
saying she’s having headache. She fell sick after that. You were always with your mother… and she feared that you’ll
feel pain if you see her dying… so she thought she wouldn’t
give such a big punishment to her son… and therefore she wrote a letter… and went to some place and… died as a loner. (Crying) I’m still crying by thinking of her. I’m pretending to be jolly
in order to keep you happy. (Crying) Arvind, I know what you want to ask. Look, I still love your mother a lot. But she’s not there, what to do. Arvind, life never stops for anyone,
it continues. Happiness and sorrow is in our hands. At present Sujata is my happiness. Don’t stop your life just
because one girl has left you. Life is not meant to live,
it is meant to enjoy. Enjoy it! Hello! You’re been
watering since long time. Yes. – Give me, I’ll water.
– It’s okay. I’ll water.
– Let me water for some time. Why do you take risk?
– I said I’ll water. Were you carrying such
a heavy thing till now? Are you giving it for free?
We’re paying cash. – Sorry, madam. I’m really sorry, I’ll replace it.
– Get me a new bowl of soup. Yes.
– Arjun, I’m feeling bit nervous. Mother, father… Divya.
– Greetings. Divya? Come here.
– Greetings. You are more beautiful
than I expected, sit. Thanks, aunt. I’m very happy. I always… feared that he would
elope with an English girl. But I’m very happy after seeing you. She’s very beautiful, right?
– Yes. You’re very beautiful.
– Thanks, aunt. You too are beautiful.
– Thank you so much. Yes, yes, correct. (Phone rings) Mother, you keep talking, I’ll be back. Hello. Yes. So, you seem to be hanging out
everywhere before marriage. He is a man. Call in the morning. What happened to you? You’re hanging out with him
without having any shame. She has started. Don’t you think what
everyone would think? Excuse me, madam. Your soup.
– Keep it there and leave. Okay, he liked you.
– Yes, yes. When have you planned
the marriage, dear? Or is it done? My mother wants to invite only close
relatives and conduct the marriage. Oh, so you got married two, three times. So they want to conduct
it in a simple way. But my son is not like that,
this is first time. We conduct marriage only once, dear. From the cycle he rode in childhood… to the Audi car he uses now,
everything is brand new. First hand. He chose a wrong person as life partner. Arvind… What would you have
done if you were here? Uncle, you are nodding your
head like a bull for everything. Dumbo! Instead of standing by nodding the
head like you, not just second hand… even with tenth hand… we can live as happily as we want. Oh! What happened? You were smiling just now. Are you thinking I’ve spit? I’ve spit in front of you, that’s okay. Maybe the chef inside
must have spit in this soup. Or else… you scolded a waiter,
he must have spit. But soup looks brand new… first hand… looks as if its prepared for you. Everything depends on our mind. Status depends on our behaviour.
Did you get it? Yes, uncle. One more thing. The soup you drink… is very old.
– Yes, yes. Your wish.
– Okay. No, no. Find a good girl who keeps
your house and son happy. Don’t look for a dog that
obeys your order and wags its tail. If you want a dog like that
then I’m very sorry. If this dog gets angry then
it’ll directly bites the throat. Cheer up! (Crying) What? What is this? I thought I had forgotten you. I hate you, Arvind. I hate you! I hate you! Can’t I forget you? (Crying) Why are you still torturing me
by remaining in my heart? (Flush starts) Arjun… Why did you enter ladies toilet? What’s wrong with you? (Chuckles) Divya… Not everything depends
on calculations in life. You must have nurtured many dreams… about the boy whom
you wished to marry, right? That’s me. You and I look good for
posing for marriage photos. But in real… Arvind who is exactly opposite to me… you love him. Understand? So… be clear as what you want in life. No confusion. Or else… you’ll have to sit in gents toilet
like this and cry. Brother, want liquor before sunset? I pity your situation. It’s okay, don’t feel bad. Only this remains with us in our life. In happiness,
sorrow, consolation…not only this… it stays with you even when you die. If one day you have to chose
between bottle and girl… close your eyes and chose bo… Your heart says bottle is correct. Secret of life! You said it very well. Really? – Yes.
– Don’t want money, take it. Did you hear what he said? (Laughs) Hello brother, they are cold, take it. (Chuckles) I fell down so much that
I’ve take seek your advice. It feels disgusting. It is correct for you
and me if I were to leave. Hey, keep them in the fridge, he’ll come
in the evening by changing his shirt. I got it. You’ll come when you want
and leave if you don’t want. You’ll kiss me secretly by saying
you’ll marry some other girl. You want to ask me
these questions, right? I want to ask… but I don’t ask so decently. What happened?
Did the foreign bridegroom cheat you? He realised who is there in my heart. As you said,
we both stayed as friends… boyfriend and girlfriend… but till now we didn’t stay… as wife and husband after marriage. Arvind, I’m always your wife. “Flowers have become thorns…” “and have inflicted wounds.” “The pain inside the heart…” “has written the story.” “Your smile is flowing in my tears.” “I can feel your words in my silence.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “I wanna hold you close to me every day.” “I can’t resist your temptation…” “You loving is my ecstasy.” “I would fall for you any day.” “I wanna hold you close to me every day.” “I can’t stop chasing you
wherever you go.” “You loving is my ecstasy.” “This love is infinite.” “My entire thoughts
are filled with you.” “You’ve drowned me
in your intoxication.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart.” “You’ve stolen my heart, O dear.”

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