Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame Featurette

(inspirational music) – It’s overwhelming. It’s pretty exciting to be here, just I’m a Chattanooga guy and this is our, this is our college and I’m excited. – It is a wonderful honor, yeah, one we weren’t expecting, certainly. But we take a look at who’s been the prior inductees and it’s a amazing list of kind of the titans of the Chattanooga entrepreneurial scene so we couldn’t be more
thrilled and honored. – Chattanooga is at a really neat point in the history. I think, you know, for years, we’ve been an entrepreneurial town, a lot of good manufacturing, and I think with the induction of me and my two partners, it’s kinda turning a leaf to maybe more becoming more of a tech company or tech kind of city, especially with EBB and all the wonderful things, the movement kind of
happening here in Chattanooga. – It’s a big honor. You know, we didn’t really expect anything like this to come of it. We started this as a project for a class and Dr. Randy kind of pushed us into doing the elevator pitch
and as we did that, it kinda grew and grew
and grew into this thing. – I think that we, we see
all the Entrepreneurial Hall of Fame in the top floor of Fletcher and it’s just kind of inspirational to be among them at this event and that you can do anything you want to. (upbeat inspirational music) – My goal is I want to
do better for others and I want to, you know, make sure that I can make an impact. So I’m excited and you know, this is the tip of the iceberg
for me and the company. Everyone is thrilled for
me but mostly thrilled because they all are
the reason why I’m here. – You know, it’s kind of like, you know, we recognize that you guys can go out and do big things, now go
out and do those big things. – It’s almost like a challenge, like we’ve got to keep going and hopefully, we can
get where we need to go. (inspirational music)

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