Envision – magical days at the theatre for blind and partially sighted young people

We have got thirty young people
who are blind or partially sighted and their adult carers
who have come with them. So we’re here to do
a Matilda workshop, you’re going to have
an amazing day; it’s going to be really
really exciting. The show is fantastic! We are here to see an audio described
performance of Matilda. Low! High! In the morning we all
gathered at a venue nearby, the kids were involved
in a drama workshop, exploring Matilda and exploring some
of the themes and the characters. And filling in the visual gaps that the students might
experience this afternoon and also giving them the chance
to get to know each other and have a bit of social time. I’m Miss Trunchball! I’m Miss Trunchball! I’m Miss Trunchball! Well done! Get inside! Homer Simpson and Harry Potter… Then we came next door
to the Cambridge Theatre and we had an on stage touch tour and a chance to get up close
with some of the props that are used in the shows,
some of the bits of costume, a really kind of very special
experience that not many people have. So here is Amanda’s wig
and those are her pigtails. We’ve got a range of young people
from 11 up to about 16 today, I think, and a mix of blind and partially
sighted young people. And a really good mix of people
who have come with their families or come with their
local education authority or come with their school. Hello! What their teachers tell us is that a) they really,
really look forward to it, it’s a real highlight of the year, but also it’s just a really
good bonding experience and so quite a unique experience
to come and meet other young people who might have some
of the same challenges. I like it when we were like
getting to know each other, doing the handshakes and stuff. Because I can’t see at all I can
visualize it more in my head, whereas if I didn’t have the workshop
and the touch tour beforehand, it wouldn’t be the same
experience for me. “Waitress!” It’s been really good and being able
to make some new friends and do acting,
which is my favourite thing. They’ve come out really buzzing
with it, they absolutely love it. It’s a great opportunity
for them to get together because they’re all
from different schools and they’re quite often
on their own in their own schools, so they come together. The workshop is brilliant. It gets them all warmed up
and getting to know each other and it prepares them
really well for the show. We really feel and hope that we’re
opening doors for young people to the magic of theatre, it’s something that we all feel
really passionately about and we just really want to
share that magic and that joy with as many young people as possible. It’s really good! Fun. – Yeah, I really liked it.
– Yeah. It’s been a really good experience
because we did a lot of fun things. – Brilliant!
– Really, really, really good.

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