Ep 1 Into the New World | Top Management

Newly debuted idols
are like fully charged batteries. They can find the right place
to use their energy, but they only use 20% of the power, and end up being thrown away. My name is Yoo Eunsung. I wasn’t going to talk about batteries. It’s not completely unrelated though. Joo Seungri! -Hey!
-I thought you were sick. -I’m okay. Don’t worry.
-I’m taking your place. It’s okay. Take a break. It only took two weeks for these
fierce new kids to top the charts. Here they are. They’re your… -SOUL!
-SOUL! Ultimate Beauty, Yunwoo! Golden Swag, Irib! Majestic Leader, Teo! Infinite Artist, Jay Love! Shocking idol group that
mesmerizes you, SOUL! Here they are! So crazy! Is this real? Yunwoo’s charm is overpowering
the audience. Look at that. Teo has this quality
that makes you want to cheer for him. In my opinion, Irib has this uncharted
continent feel to him. Come on. Jay Love made his own debut song. Why are we narrating
about each member like this? I don’t know. Out of love? This part right here. The front part expresses the dignity
of K-Pop idols, but, personally, I love this part. Truly original and fresh. Watch out for the battery! This is terrible! What? A backup dancer fell,
and you’re still dancing? You don’t care about him? Someone’s hurt. I can’t believe this is happening. -Where are the staff?
-Come down! Someone’s hurt, you people! They’re so mean. I’m disappointed. They plagiarized their song. There’s an article.
I think they plagiarized it. They kept dancing
even though a backup dancer fell? Unbelievable! To sing a plagiarized song? This song has been plagiarized. NEW BOY BAND, A SOUL MEMBER
the original songwriter, passed away a few years ago unfortunately. Starlight officially commented that… They can’t verify if it’s true or not. Isn’t it kind of a lame comment
from the agency that promoted SOUL as talented artists? It’s like a slap in the face
AT THE AIRPORT Is Jay Love’s title track plagiarized? -Coming through.
-Is it true? -Our company will release…
-Is it true? -…an official statement.
-What’s on your mind? I didn’t write the song. -I’m just…
-Jay is in shock. He’ll be staying in Hawaii until
things settle down. Hang in there. -Hold on.
-Jay! Be cool, man. I know a lot about you, right? You’ll lose everything. “K-Pop needs to change to survive.” That’s the topic we’ll talk about today. One powerful CEO is running it,
so there’s no monitoring system. There are too many
survival audition programs. President Baek’s Promise 100
is basically a copy of Producer 101. Starlight’s stock price
is dropping as well. -Yes.
-It is one of the so-called four major agencies. How will the future of Starlight pan out? I’ve got to wonder. I’ll take responsibility for everything
that happened to SOUL and resign as the CEO
of Starlight as of now. I’m also leaving all the programs that I created or planned,
including Promise 100. After President Baek resigned, related contents are also
directly affected. The finale of Promise 100,
where they were set to announce -the winner has been canceled…
-What? -Any future scheduling is unclear.
-What’s happening? -For the past four months…
-Tomorrow is our debut. This is unbelievable. -What’s this?
-Geez! I had a bad feeling about this.
I hurt my neck and legs. You’re happy because we all can’t perform. I got injured because you spilled water. Is that important?
We can’t make our debut. Unbelievable. PROMISE 100 FINAL REHEARSAL
LIVE FINAL SHOW YOO EUNSUNG Guys, what are you doing? You haven’t made your debut yet. GROUP 3
-Yes, ma’am. One. Stay in line. Let’s go. Five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four. It happened again. It’s hard to believe even for me, but I sometimes foresee the future. The problem is after foreseeing
the future, I get exhausted. GWON EUNBIN Knowing the future is good because you have a chance
to prevent disasters from happening. Hello, this is Jeongwon Senior’s Home. Your grandmother hasn’t paid
her hospital fees for two months. I’m sorry.
I’ll send it by the end of the day. And I realized that today is the day I should use
my talent for everyone. Yoo Eunsung! 12 HOURS
BEFORE THE SOUL INCIDENT It’s SOUL! Who’s the backup dancer?
Joo Seungri? No way! Hold on! Roll the window up! They could get hurt. Roll it up! Teo! It’s easier to have an accident
in the parking lot when there are fans. Tell him to come. Let’s deal with them later. Kim Teo, what are you doing? -Kids these days…
-I have a lot to learn. -Please stop.
-I’m getting another call. -We’ll talk later.
-I’m so embarrassed. What did we do to deserve
this much love, Irib? I can’t stand it. We won’t be late. We’ve got to do what we can do well. You know what? Before we film the show,
let’s practice one more time. I’ll go first. Five, six, seven, eight. What? -What?
-What’s this? What’s that? “Don’t appear Fon Music Start.” -Backup dancer?
-Is she a groupie? What’s going on? -Is there more?
-What’s going on? -Plagiarism?
-What does that mean? Mr. Gwon, what’s all this? She’s just looking for attention.
Never mind. Close the drapes. Huh? Being able to see
the future was a wild card, not an express pass. EPISODE 1
THE WORLD WE REUNITED WITH TWO YEARS LATER LJ! Yes, Hyunjo. I’m looking for him. Stop calling me Hyunjo. Call me Mr. Kim. Right. Mr. Kim. -Did you meet Hyun Sooyong?
-I couldn’t find the jar, yet. Jar? What jar? -Bingo!
-In the smoking area? Ashtray jar? Do you smoke? Mr. Hyun Sooyong? Hi. I’m Yoo Eunsung,
a manager with Starlight. You said you’d be next to a jar. I thought you might be
shopping for bone china. Have you been waiting long? Is she your niece? Or not… Well… I don’t know if I can say this
on our first meeting, but I think we have met before. Please. Are you going to play
the “you look familiar” card? Wow! A man from Mongolia recognized me. Yes, that’s me. K-Pop Idol Season 1. This isn’t “3,” but “K.”
You remember a show from six years ago. I almost made it to the semi-final. I could’ve been on the live music show,
except for “Hi”. Geez. I didn’t watch the show, K-Pop Idol. If you didn’t see me there, did you watch Great Stars? All right, Mr. National Producer
from Mongolia. Actually, I was a contender
on Promise 100. How did you watch that doomed program? When I look back, I feel like crying. I didn’t know you were an idol trainee. We don’t have Korean channels in Mongolia. What? Yet, you’re working as a manager now. THREE WEEKS AGO I’m sorry that I can’t escort you out. We all know how busy you are, Ms. Kang. Who would’ve thought DaDu
would be in a musical. Come and watch the show. Of course. I’ll cheer for you
in the front row. Starlight is awesome! Why does a busy woman like her
want to see me? -Eunsung, right?
-Yes. How are you? I heard Eunbin only listens to you. That’s not true. That’s why each team needs
a Big Sis figure. Big Sis? Hyunjo told me that you’ve been
a trainee for a long time. Yes, for about seven years. You know the ins and outs
of this industry. Yes, I know how things roll in this field. Yet, you’re working part-time
at the wrong place. Who would’ve known we’d meet like this? I have bills to pay every month. Grandma’s hospital fees, rent, etc. What a waste of talent! Let’s not get my hopes up.
Let’s not peek into the future. Eunsung. Yes. This is what I think. Taking care of team members takes talent. Sure. So, I was thinking… Yes. …if you want to work with Starlight… Is this a dream or what? What do you think? How about working as a manager? A manager? Excuse me. Right. You don’t get
Korean channels there. Yet, you came here to work. How fun! Thirteen years in Mongolia? Well, it’s about 12 years, to be exact. What’s this thing here? Geez! They didn’t collect it again? It was used for Apple Mint’s live show. In Korea, everyone’s so busy,
and they’re forgetful. Isn’t Mongolia the happiest country
in the world? Well, that’d be Bhutan. Right. I almost forgot. Mongolia is well-known
for its meadows, right? Genghis Khan’s descendants.
I love that song. -Geng…
-I’m Korean. Yup. Yes, sir. I met Mr. Hyun Sooyong,
and we’ll be arriving about 2:00. Good. Pick up the SOUL members on the way. What? SOUL? Their manager has a hernia. A hernia. Everyone is busy with meetings,
and you’re the only one available. What do you say? Mr. Kim, I told you that
I didn’t want to have anything to do with those SOUL members. Remember? I don’t even eat steak because
it starts with “S,” just like SOUL. -That’s because you have no money.
-It has nothing to do with money. -I’m counting on you.
-Hello? Hello? Mr. Kim! Unbelievable! Damn it! Mr. Hyun Sooyong. I hope he didn’t hear that. Mr. Hyun Sooyong. Mr. Hyun Sooyong! You didn’t hear me. I was talking to you. The thing is… Something came up,
and we need to take a detour. SOUL is a group that
our agency is representing, and we need to pick them up on the way. SOUL? I don’t believe that some people
are just meant to be together. At least one of them should try hard. -Dongmin.
-No! -She’s my fiancee.
-Well… You know the group from Starlight
that was caught for plagiarism? I thought he was a new actor.
He’s from an idol group? He’s quite handsome.
Is he from SOUL? Can he act? Can’t you tell? He’s a terrible actor. -I bet he can’t sing, either.
-No wonder they went under. Sit. If you try to defend yourself,
things will get worse. You’ve been through this. But I have to tell them the truth. It’s true that Yunwoo’s not a good actor, -but he’s our sub vocalist.
-Yunwoo’s the high skilled member. Anyway, as the leader,
I need to do something about it. I don’t think that’s important now. You’re right. What happened? Why do you want to break up? Don’t you remember? You are…
We are… No. You’re my favorite huge fan. Right back at you. You were my favorite subject
for photography when I was a groupie. -Especially you, Teo.
-I know. You don’t have a special charm or talent and aren’t physically superior, either. How can you say that? However, I liked your cheekiness. I was going to have fun
while photographing that quality. But what happened? Your absence, just like a tunnel, and lack of interesting affairs
wore me out. Please be patient. -Soon enough–
-Your contract is up. -You have three months.
-How did you know that? Take care and stay cool. Hold on! Are you serious? Wait! Homma, wait for me! Homma… Yes. -Well, I’m here.
-Excuse me. What? Wow! Did he just hang up on me? Please. Is that… I’m so sorry. I’m sorry that I couldn’t provide
you with any interesting issues. Teo, don’t be this way. We’re releasing a new album. We’re going to be busy again. I’ll let you take lots of pictures. I’m not exactly enjoying it, either. Whatever happens from now on,
please don’t be surprised. Even if the entire world’s against me, I thought Teo.com would stay loyal. I can’t blame them. It’s my fault that I caused her
the agony of leaving me. Why does he think out loud
like he’s reading a book? What the heck? What’s this? Well, we had a live feed yesterday
and forgot to take it off. Don’t worry. We’re not filming. That threw me. Teo.com… Who are you? Who are you? Scum. Darn it. MY MOTHER IS WEIRD The biggest scum on the face of the earth. I repeatedly told you that he left his best friend’s sister
and seduced that sister’s sister-in-law.
And about this scene. You copied the black box footage
to a USB drive and are using it to blackmail your
brother-in-law, and you’re laughing? Yunwoo, have you blackmailed
anyone before? I’m sorry. I haven’t blackmailed anyone. You’re blackmailing me
with your beautiful smile. Sir! I think it’s my fault. This is a serious scene,
but this USB drive is too cute. I’m sorry. You got distracted, right? -No, it’s my fault.
-No, sir. I think this is all my fault. This is a suspenseful scene,
and we had to shoot at a waterfall, but I decided to do it
in front of a green screen. -Yunwoo, I’m sorry.
-Yunwoo’s an angel. It’s not Yunwoo’s fault, sir. Let’s not bother Yunwoo too much. What’s taking him so long?
It’ll be rush hour soon. I don’t think you have a good
relationship with the SOUL members. -Pardon?
-I heard you talking on the phone earlier. Did you hear that? I thought you were listening to music. Bye. -If you weren’t listening to–
-This way, you don’t feel pressured to talk to me. I won’t say anything. Don’t worry. That would be nice. Well, if they find out– Are you the new manager? This is serious.
Even the Homma did “taldeok.” I take full responsibility
for not providing them enough, but can you meet her, Yunwoo? -You’re her ibdeok member.
-Why is he smiling at me? You’re not listening. Woo Yunwoo! Are you listening to me or what?
This is a serious situation. This will stir up our fans.
We have to do something. What does “taldeok” mean?
Is “honma” in Japanese? TALDEOK
HONMA? Homma means “home master,” HOME MASTER
LEADER OF PHOTOGRAPHY GROUPIES the Big Sis of the groupies
who take pictures and enhances them. Taldeok means “stop being a fan.” STOP BEING “DEOK”
OR BEING A FAN That’s what it means. Are you sure
she isn’t just taking a break? I’m sure. You should meet her. You’re her ibdeok member. Ibdeok member? IBDEOK MEMBER? It means the member who decides
to become fans of a certain group. THE MEMBER WHO IS
THE REASON WHY YOU START BEING A FAN I know “ib” means “to enter.” But what did “deokjil” come from? DEOKJIL? “Otaku” is a Japanese word
meaning “mania.” It’s “odeok” in Korean. We just use “deok” for that word. Being an otaku. Well, we’re in the middle of something. Can we continue later? He can be curious. You’re weird. Why can’t you be
equally nice to your team members? HANSOL ART HIGH SCHOOL It’s Irib! Hey! Irib! What’s with his earrings? Why is he wearing clothespins? Are you jealous? Don’t be too shallow,
you’re too transparent. Why would I be jealous? SOUL’s not doing much lately. The van is here.
He’s got something going on. -Yo, Irib!
-Hey, Irib! Who’s this guy here? He’s an artist from Mongolia. What do we have now? What festival? What? Why are you shouting? I love the name of the festival. It goes with SOUL. Is Icarus here yet? Ma’am, what’s going to happen to SOUL? Anyway, where’s Hyun Sooyong? On his way? Yes, with the SOUL members. Why is he with SOUL? SOUL’s new manager had to pick him up. Did they happen to be together? Yes, they are. Why don’t we go do
some live monitoring today? Hold on! Your delivery is so wonky today. Do the middle part again. -What middle part?
-Start from “Mating something.” Hey! You went too fast. If you’re too fast,
when I go to the No. 1 spot, I can’t make it. Do it again. Do it again. You’ve gotten worse
Please stop nagging You’re talking too much
I’m not used to it I don’t like chatty people You singled me out
and are picking on me Good. I don’t feel like talking to him Whenever he opens his mouth,
I find him so lame Did you just improvise? Can you keep it down, please? On your way? Costumes are in the waiting room,
and the USB drive with the music was sent, -so make sure you get it.
-Mr. Kim, can you sign this? -I want you to take good care of them.
-I will. I feel bad for them. -Sorry?
-Yes. This might be their last performance
as a team. It’s ironic that their
last performance is… Youth Festival. Fate is so naughty.
Don’t you agree, Eunsung? They came out huge, and now what? Hold on. You didn’t put this on speaker, did you? You can’t be that stupid.
This is off the record. Bye. Are you ready to enjoy yourselves? Yes! -Are you ready?
-Yes! Okay, then. Let’s start the festival
with big cheers and applause. -You can’t reach…
-Oh, my god! What’s with him? Why isn’t he answering his phone? What was I thinking?
Why did I put it on speaker? Whatever. I think it’s better this way. What’s the point of this
if we’re not releasing albums? Should I talk to Director Kang? You guys are so thick. Don’t you get it? How can you not see what’s happening here? You really don’t know? Think about it. This is candid camera. Candid Camera has returned! Why was the camera on
if they left it by mistake? Right? That reminds me… That would be nice. If they find out… I thought -it was rather suspicious.
-You’re right. The new manager, that girl… Isn’t she too pretty to be a manager? -What?
-That means… -Homma left because…
-It was part of the scenario. Come to think of it, the things she said to me
didn’t make sense. Whatever happens from now on,
please don’t be surprised. It doesn’t make sense. How can Teo.com treat me like this? When I went to a snack bar,
a couple was trashing you like crazy. Me? Can’t you tell? He’s a terrible actor. I bet he can’t sing, either. They were talking so loud
so I could hear them. About your terrible acting. If I’d taken a stand
and said something to them, I would’ve looked like a tough guy
and a responsible leader. Too bad. Did they say anything else,
other than my bad acting? Is this… “Donkatsu Youth Festival
Volunteers Ceremony?” -What? That’s…
-It’s not listed. Anywhere. It’s a fairly big event,
and there’s no coverage. It’s a fake festival. Okay. It’s clear now. This is an opportunity for us.
Don’t be offended. Let’s turn this candid camera chance
to our advantage. Let’s get trending
and prove how cool we are. What about the cameras? If this is a show, -they should be filming this.
-Right. Here you are. I want to film your last performance. If it’s okay with you. What did I tell you? Okay, first things first.
I’ve got the music here. -It’s my fault.
-They’re fighting. I’ll take full responsibility. Why is it your fault? You’re always like that. Why are they fighting with awkward voices? Why do you always take the burden
on your own? Because I’m the leader.
The leader of SOUL. You don’t have to feel guilty. -What are you doing?
-Take the plagiarism for example. -If I ever…
-Keep filming. …noticed Jay Love’s twisted greed… Teo! Why is it your fault? We didn’t even know it was plagiarized. Fighting like this won’t solve anything. -Finish your performance–
-Didn’t I tell you? Guys! Yunwoo, you didn’t do anything. Stop it. Let’s just quit. Why are we fighting? This is not why we became singers. -Sir.
-Is SOUL here, yet? Well, they’re… They’re next. Where are they now? -The music?
-The music? I didn’t learn the routine,
while everyone else was playing Anipang, to do this. I’m only 17 years old, and malicious comments and mocking
were really hard to take. Kiddo. Why didn’t you say something? You guys were taking it harder. -Irib.
-The plagiarism wasn’t our fault. It was the twisted greed of grown-ups. But people don’t see it that way. We shouldn’t have started. I didn’t have to go through all that. I know. Ever since that incident,
I was criticized all the time. My hands are so cold, and I put them in my pocket,
but they called me cocky. Teo. -But we–
-Stop being whiny. At least you guys made your debut. You had a chance to show them
what you had prepared. You don’t sing other people’s songs.
You have your owns songs -and your own dance moves.
-Hold on a second. I know it hasn’t been smooth sailing. You’ve endured malicious comments
and failure. You know what? There are many people who can’t even make their debut
no matter how hard they try. -Well, Ms. Yoo…
-What? Quit performing? -Is this a joke to you?
-Well… -That’s what comes next.
-Darn it. If you get criticized
and lose popularity… Performing means nothing to you?
Is that it? Well, that’s not where it’s heading. What if your fans heard you? You should finish this
and talk it out with the agency. -How can you–
-We will perform. We were going to hash it out first and then pull ourselves together
and then go, “Let’s do this.” We were going to rehearse in the end. Why did you interfere? Interfere? What are you talking about? Well, Ms. Yoo. Can we have a talk? What? I said it was a bad idea. Jang Irib. I can’t do this candid camera.
It’s too awkward. Hold on. Candid camera? What are you talking about? It’s time for Plan B. We have no choice but to come clean. Ta-da! Candid Camera has returned! We’ve known it all along. We knew what was going on,
so we played along. But we meant every single word we said. I’m glad we were able to show you how sorry we are
and how we trust each other. Where’s Mr. Lee Kyungkyu? It’s not candid camera? Are you trying to pull my leg? Enough is enough. Come on out, guys. I was going to play along, but you’re busted. Wait! Teo. I don’t know why you think
this is candid camera. When I first heard what Homma
said to me, I had a hunch. Teo.com wouldn’t do such a thing. LJ? BYE SOUL, BYE TEO
FOLLOW ME AT @MYNEWLJ What’s this? No way! This is a fake event, isn’t it? -It’s nowhere to be found.
-Look. Donkatsu Youth Festival? What’s that? -Donkatsu Youth.
-Donkatsu? Donkatsu Youth. Look! It’s the “Don’t Give Up Youth Festival.” No. I heard Mr. Kim Hyunjo,
and he said “Donkatsu Youth.” You idiot! There’s no such a thing
as a “Meat Ladies Youth Festival.” I thought it was for the ladies
who worked at meat restaurants. Geez. I shouldn’t have trusted you. Wait! There was also a camera in the van. The camera. The red right was on.
It wasn’t candid camera? The camera was from yesterday,
and I made sure it was turned off. About that. Well… I pushed the button
and forgot to turn it off. Are you saying that this will be
our last performance for real? What are you doing here?
You guys are next. -Do you have the music?
-Yes. Oh, no! This is embarrassing. It’s better this way. Nothing’s changed. -Please give them…
-You’re right. -…a big round of applause.
-I’m hungry. Next, Goyang-si… Let’s get it over with. I’m sure you’ve heard this before. “Giving up isn’t the answer to anything.” You know what? For me, -you’re all precious.
-Excuse me. Can we at least switch the order? I can get the music by email and– Don’t bother.
We were running a little late. What? What do you mean? Can you do me a favor? How can they perform without the music? Well… Excuse me. Can you connect this to a device? I think I can come up with something. There are times that you have to give up. Guys… A live session, a bit different
from the MR, will be on stage. Don’t panic and do your thing.
You can do it. Forget what I said earlier
and have a great finale, okay? You guys seem a bit down. Are you ready to go crazy one more time? You’ve been waiting for these guys. It’s SOUL! DON’T GIVE UP YOUTH FESTIVAL
VOLUNTEERS CEREMONY He missed the beat. Where are you?
Director Kang is here to see them. Here you are. Ma’am. How could you make this
their last performance? What? I will finish this last performance. I will say good-bye. I meant SOUL. How can you announce their breakup
so suddenly like this? Breakup? SOUL’s breaking up? Says who? What? Guys, please hear me out. I have something to say. Band, please maintain the beat. I’m sorry to announce this on your happy day. What’s with him? They’re not breaking up? I think SOUL has reached the end of the road. So what? No. Stop! We are… You’re not breaking up. We’re breaking up now. Damn! Please remember SOUL forever. That handsome kid has also gone crazy. I hate them. SOUL. Please remember us. We’re disappearing like this, but you shouldn’t give up. Don’t give up! What’s with them? What the heck? Are they dancing? TWO YEARS AGO
a package I didn’t order. This is crowded Seoul in Korea. I’m your mentor for now,
so don’t get into trouble. Yes, Ms. Yoo. Let’s put a hold on
SOUL’s future plans for now. Monthly evaluation? Am I a member of a group? I think I should choose
the members that I’ll work with– I hope you can keep being our manager. Can you keep it down? Can’t you see we’re working here? Right. When I listened to your music,
I noticed this flavor. Collaboration with Hyun Sooyong? I’m with them. This is my team.


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