Episode 07 – Realization | Saat Mulaqatain | Drama Series | Nashpati Prime

How is he? He is better. Doctors were saying there’s no
danger. He’s had 2 or 3 fractures. Should I go inside? No. It’s not allowed. The idiot drives so fast. He wasn’t driving. Maya was driving. Who is that? His friend. Stupid, idiot. What are you saying? If she weren’t there, I don’t
know what would have happened. She was the one who rescued him
from the car and brought
him here. Sorry. Is she alright? Yes, she’s fine. She has also received injuries,
but not so severe. The truck hit from behind. Let’s be grateful that the car
didn’t fall in the ditch. Hmmm.. Umm hmm… It’s a hospital. There’s nothing to be worried
about, right? No. How did you reach so quickly? When I left for airport… an artist colleague who works
at the airport, I requested him to make
reservations, so he got the seat. Thank God, the flight wasn’t full. Isn’t it getting very cold? Its ok. Oh take this. Its ok, I’m fine. Oh take this, please.
Its nothing. Move, move. It’s ok. Its nothing. I wish you had arrived earlier.
There wouldn’t have been such a
scene. What happened? I was worried. I started screaming at the poor
Doctors. I said whatever came to mind. Although they were doing
their job. I felt like someone would snatch
away my son from me. Nothing will happen to our son. No one will snatch him away
from you, Sanu.. Don’t worry. Sanu. It’s been such a long while
since I’ve heard this word. Do you know?
Asim calls Maya, Manu. Hmmm.. Also smokes like you. He copies you completely. He smokes in front of you? Yes. I told him. He used to disappear all the
time. I figured at least he would
stay in front of me. 3 months ago when he visited me, he used to smoke in the
bathroom. It was a weird meeting. Like two strangers. Kind of quiet. Thinking before
speaking. Although, I… tried a lot to make him easy,
but he was closed up in his
shell. Before leaving he handed me
some papers. It was his new short story. Some story of an elderly man, who would sit in the park, and
distribute balloons among
children. I was very surprised on reading
it. If you ask me honestly, I had
tears in my eyes. Why? You saw your own reflection in
that old man? Han? No. Because, my son is so talented and all
grown up. How deeply he thinks and writes. Infront of his brief writing,
I found all my work very dry
and fake, superficial. It was a very strange feeling,
Sanu. There was embarrassment at being
dwarfed in front of him, and a
sense of pride. I couldn’t make out how I was
feeling. And, you know, when I’m confused I, I start crying. It’s your own fault. You never came near enough to
see them closely. Oh leave it. We have fought enough
on this. Still, the issue remains. All this happened because of
you. You only allowed me to look at
the children from a distance,
never letting me close to them. You always became a wall
between me and the children. You could have broken this wall. You had this much right. I didn’t want to hurt you more. Because, I knew I wasn’t a very
good husband. And, as for your grievances, they were also right up to a
certain extent. And, I always thought that you
could never see beyond yourself. We… We really ruined reach other’s
life. Had we uttered these small
little truths earlier on… maybe there wouldn’t have been
so much damage. You’re right. Today I have realized the
efficacy of truthfulness. To save this relationship, I told so many lies. I’m sure, had I told even a
single truth, the situation would have been
different. Right? Did you see? Ice is melting. Both enemy soldiers are
emerging from their bunkers,
waving white flags. But is there anything to be
gained from these realizations
today? After such a long time has
passed, does truth even
remain truth. What do you think hmmm? Well, in my opinion at least, truth is truth, no matter it is uttered or
hidden. In the next episode we will
witness the meeting of two
defeated players. Watch the next episode.


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