Episode 1: Getting Cheeky: Backstage at SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS with Lilli Cooper

[Chop to the Top from Spongebob Squarepants the Musical plays] Hi guys! Thanks for watching Getting Cheeky with yours truly Lilli Cooper.
I play Sandy Cheeks in the upcoming Broadway musical Spongebob Squarepants, and you guys are gonna get a little backstage tour, some cast shenanigans, and a special performance at 54 Below with this guy, so enjoy. Hi, Broadway.com. I’m here with Lily
Cooper. –That’s me!
–Welcome to the Vlog, bow-chicka bow. Scroll I’m here. I’m Alan. This is Broadway….dot-com –Hey guys. Welcome to the Palace Theatre stage door. 160 West 47th. Let’s head backstage.
This is our call board. Hey Logan, say hi to Broadway.com.
–What’s up Broadway.com –Sign in here this is our schedule. Hair calls,
PT. It’s a maze backstage at the palace. Welcome to my dressing room! I’ve done
quite a bit to decorate so far. We’ve only been here for three days, but I was
too excited. As you can see, I have my season of Sandy paws, Best Day Ever. If
you haven’t listened to the soundtrack yet,
you better get at it. Pineapple of course. Here my microphones. Our amazing hair
team gave me this made me this squirrel placemat, which I’m obsessed with. Got
some pics of the fam, and my my baby mini sandy. There’s little Sandy. One of my favorite pieces in my room is my Superhero poster. My mom got me this superhero poster
because one of my songs in the show is called hero is my middle name,
and so it’s pretty self-explanatory. I love it, and this is my space. I’m still
working on it, so you’re gonna see some cool updates very soon. Let’s check out
the rest of the backstage. Welcome to the female ensemble dressing room. Gaelen, Lauralyn, Vasthy, Oniaka, and Abby. Say hello to Broadway.com. Beautiful stations, they’ve moved in for tech. This one’s not moved in she’s gone, but
she’s got some bone broth. –We stay healthy during… –I know, we stay healthy. –We got labelmakers.
–Yeah, look. That water bottle belongs to Lauralyn. Here’s Jaylyn’s sticker. Pimp Daddy J. –Everybody can call Jaylen Pimp Daddy J
from now on. And the piece d’resistance ‘ze sour patch kids, very delicious. And
welcome to the mail ensemble: Kyle Curtis, Logan, Calvin, Jon, JC, Robert and
Alan! Oh, Wow. An actor prepares. –Oh, no.
–Ayo, daylight come make me wannaa go home. Come Mr.Tally Mon, tally me banana, just two.
–Just two, just two bananas. –So, listen ladies, I’m 30, I’m single. I live in a nice clean, modest home –Whoo, yeah, check it out.
–Thanks. I like to skateboard. I like to hang out with my G Logan. Pound it. Sometimes he’s included as well, but you know, just –Ladies, just so you know.
— Hey guys, I wanted you to get a little insight into my morning pre rehearsal, so me and this guy
are on our way to the dog park. But first, coffee. And here we are. Here we are at the Prince of Broadway. where I get to pass by my very own daddy, Chuck Cooper himself. Hey, good morning Lilli, how are you doing? –Hi, I’m pretty good, I…
–OHHH [laughs] Hey, Vasthy, how’s tech been going?
–Oh, it’s been going… [laughs]
–Vashy, you have something on your –Hey, Gavin! How’s everything been going!
[laughs] –Ahhh! –I’ve got some notes for you about the take.
— Oh, please! –Like, you know when you go, sing the Best Day Ever –Best day ever…
[laughs] –Yeah,
–Eveeeer! –Thank you Book of Mormon for nominating us for the Susan G Komen pie challenge! And thank you Waitress for raising
awareness of a breast cancer research. Donate to Susan G Komen organization at
KomenNYC.org. –Richard Yoder
— and Hayley Pachun at Hello, Dolly! –Hi, guys! I’m here at 54 Below for a benefit concert for the Humane Society with my dog Dublin. Say hi, Dublin! You guys are going to get a backstage sneak peek so let’s go. [applause] –Hi, guys. I wanted to introduce… this is Dublin. This is my very own, and we adopted him from the Humane society about a year and half ago and he’s absolutely changed our
lives, so I wanted to just bring him and he got a he had a wash and a blow-dry, so.. [laughs] –He’s ready for the performance. So I’m gonna sing a little song and I’m going to dedicate it to him. ♪Never met a man quite like you. Doing all he can to make my dreams come true.♪ ♪You’re strong and you’re smart, you’ve taken my heart♪ ♪And I’ll give you the rest of me too. You’re the perfect man for me.♪ ♪I love you I do. Ooh, I love ya. ♪ ♪Never ever felt quite like this ♪ ♪mmm so good about ourselves from the very first kiss. ♪ ♪You’re here when I call. You got it all. And confidence like I never knew♪ ♪You’re the perfect man for me. I love you, I do. ♪ ♪You’ve got the charm, you simply disarm
me every time.♪ ♪As long as you drive, I’m along for the ride your way♪ ♪I’ve said it before. There won’t be a door that’s closed to us.♪ ♪Putting all my trust in you, because you, you’ll always be true. ♪Oh! Never could I known this could be. Oh, you and you alone♪ ♪All for me. ♪I know you’re the best. You’ve passed every test.♪ ♪You’re almost too good to be true. You’re the perfect man for me.♪ ♪I love you I do. ♪ You’re the perfect boy for me. I love you, I do, do, do. ♪ [laughs] [applause] –Thanks for watching! Stay tuned next week! [Spongebob toy: “I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready”]


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