Episode 2: Getting Cheeky: Backstage at SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS with Lilli Cooper

[“Chop to the Top” from Spongebob Squarepants the musical plays] –Hey, up here!
What’s up Broadway.com? This is episode two of Getting Cheeky. This week we have a birthday celebration. It’s our last week of tech, we’re answering questions you
asked on instagram and twitter. Enjoy the episode. Spongebob Broadway! Hey guys. We’re shooting some Nickelodeon promos today, so I’m gonna show you some behind the scenes action. I’m Lily Cooper. I’m gonna be in this
Broadway show with you. –Hi! We’re Spongebob and Patrick in the Spongebob Sqaurepants musical. And this Thanksgiving, forget the turkey, and have some seafood. –Just come see the musical. –Its Jalen Josie’s birthday today
everybody! Happy birthday! She turns 19. Halloween birthday. How do you
feel? –Old
–Oh wow you feel old? Okay. You can pay bills. What else do you do when you
turn 19? Just like star in a Broadway show. No big deal?
— Yeah that pay phone bills now. –Wow okay good for you good for you. What were you talking about yesterday? –Taxes.
— Taxes! –Taxes are important. No fun, but
vital. [singing Happy Birthday] [Chanting: Pizza! Pizza!] –Okay so we got some awesome questions from fans and people on Twitter and Instagram. @HannahBullock asks What
is any advice you have/ anything that you wish you knew earlier
for the young folks who dream of one day being on Broadway? –Good question Hannah, I think something that we all kind of learn as we go is that nice people get work.
— Yeah –If you’re fun
to work with and easy to work with, you’ll probably get hired more often. And like if it’s between you and one other person and they know they like you
because you’re easy to work with, you’ll probably get the job over somebody else.
Maybe even if they’re more talented than you. –What is your favorite show on
Broadway ever ? –Oh
–You don’t have to have seen it, like, you know what I mean like
what’s your favorite show in your mind, like even if you haven’t seen it on
Broadway? –Well my first show that I did see was
Fayla. –Ooh, that’s a good! One our very own Nico, was in that show.
–You didn’t answer
it. –Oh, I didn’t. My favorite show of all time is Sweeney Todd. –Swing your razor
–High! Sweeney! Dah Dah Dah! At Broadway.4me, don’t forget it number four, one two three four,
are you a simple sponge? –That’s a really hard question. I have to say I am
NOT a simple sponge. I am NOT sponge I am NOT a simple sponge.
–Great at Queenie_Art, how exhausting is it to climb that mountain humongous? –We actually just did the Mount Humongous climb.
— Yeah we did –Right before this break. –Just a few minutes ago and my forearms feel
crazy, but it’s so fun that it’s hard to call it exhausting. –Truth, truth, I would agree.
— It’s like a blasty blast. –What’s your favorite memory and/or
funny moment with another cast member? We don’t like each other at all. We don’t
really have any fun doing the show. @Glubthing asks what’s your funniest
onstage mess up? Either in this show or in another show. –I would have to say Danny’s
funniest on stage mess up was last year in Chicago. We were doing BFF, and he sings the second
verse, and we’re like four weeks into performance –It’s not like not it’s not cute to be –And his like his lead in right before the verse comes on it’s bum bum
bum, and he just stands there silently, and then goes, Badoop dum badoop.
–How come I don’t remember that?! –It was incredible.
–No lyrics. At least I, it was some beats. It was cool.
–Badoop, bah –I sold it. Our music director Julie, we had a momen You okay? Everything okay? I was like it just I was so into it what Ethan was doing that it came to me and I was like Oh, wow,
–We were like having a real –So, really, it was a real connection.
–It was really sweet. It was a good moment. That scene is fun because we get to really play with each other. Totally. –I have a good one that we were both involved in. During Chop to the Top, our conductor Our conductor
[laughs] This might be the all time favorite. This is maybe the best of all time.
–This is so good. During Chop to the Top, our conductor for some reason something took over her body and, the spirit really came over her, and she started an all out clap along with the audience. –Full audience joined in.
–Started clapping above her head. –The entire audience could see her. Chop to the top. Chop to the top! And then –Wasn’t that the Oriental Theater like 2,000
–2,000 people. –2,000 plus people all of a sudden started clapping. –Ethan and I are climbing boxes. Like what’s happening. –It had never happened before.
–So, then there’s an abrupt shift in the music and the entire audience is still
clapping as it’s like duh duh duh duh And people are like should we stop now?
— Some people were like maybe it’s just gotten faster? –Hey y’all. Okay I’m about to blow your minds because I did not know that
newly nineteen year old Jaelyn Josie is a composer herself. So I think we’re
gonna play a little bit of her music in my dressing room today.
Hey Jaelyn. Say hi. –Hiii All right what do you have for us? I’m
so excited. It’s good y’all. –It’s called 1979. –1979? You weren’t even alive in that
year! Neither was I. Hit it. –So I’m going to show you a little bit of backstage how we do all of our crazy quick changes. I’m really lucky, and I have only one costume
in the show, but the ensemble members have like 30. It’s bananas, so this is a
quick change booth. You can see a ton of the costumes hung up. See everybody’s
name with their cubbies trying not to spoil any of the wonderful costumes
surprises. This is the pit underneath the stage. See all of the musicians’ music stands. –This is what the
house looks like during tech rehearsals. This is what the lighting designers’
computers look like. I can’t show you the stage because that would be a spoiler
alert, but I think this part of the things are pretty cool.
This is Dobson are foley man. He’s the coolest, and he’s gonna just
talk about a few of the things that he has. –So a lot of Foley in the show and I
use a lot of these percussion instruments. Lots of cowbells and blocks and drums. Cymbals, and a gong. We have a lot of electronics here,
like Sandy gets a lot of karate stuff. Oh, sorry. But there’s more karate. And there’s Spongebob. Squidward. Plankton. Some more drums and stuff. These get a lot of action in the show. Hey you guys! I’m signing off from my
dressing room after our final invited dress. The show was amazing. I’m exhausted, I’m sweaty. You must get your tickets immediately because the show is gonna be amazing. Let us know what you want to see next
week, so Instagram me @Lilcoopz with a Z, or Twitter @LilliCooper and
let me know. We’d love to make our fans happy! Thanks for watching. Tune in next
week for Getting Cheeky

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