Episode 3: Behind the Stripes: Backstage at DEAR EVAN HANSEN with Andrew Barth Feldman

♪ On the outside always looking in ♪ ♪ Will I ever be more
than I’ve always been ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I’m tap tap tapping on the glass♪ – Week three. Here we go, who knows what hilarity will ensue? I sure don’t. No one. No one. This is an exciting week. We’re putting in some new cast members. I’m performing at the
Time 100 Health Summit, I’m singing “Waving” at, like, very early in the morning. Big week! Who knows what else is in store for you. Enjoy. Hey guys, guess what? I’m in rehearsal with two of our new cast members that you know and love from the tour, Phoebe and Jared. – Hello! – They’re coming in as Alana and Jared. How are you guys feeling that you’re gonna be on Broadway? – We’re charged. – It’s exciting. – We feel great. (laughing) – If you haven’t seen them on tour, you’ll love them on Broadway. What’s your favorite pizza topping? – Ooo.
– Pepperoni. – It’s a hard split between
mushroom or sausage. But give me a mushroom and sausage pizza and I’m set. – Great answers. Phoebe made queso last night. – Oh gosh, I did make queso, I made queso for tacos. – [Andrew] You’re gonna
have to get used to this because I’m doing this
for eight weeks Phoebe. – Oh yay! – [Andrew] It’s rehearsal,
rehearsal, rehearsal. – Forever. – [Andrew] Gabby? – I’m feeling violated right now. – [Andrew] It’s Christiane’s here. – Hi happy to be on the camera as I go to pee. – Enjoy the pee. It’s haircut time ’cause guess what? She’s getting long. Annie’s here to observe this, Meg’s back for episode one. – Hi friends. – She doesn’t exist
outside of the world of “Behind the Stripes”. So this is what happens every three weeks? – Every three weeks. – It gets very long, it has its Jewish flavor. So now we cut it. It’s cut. – It’s cut! – He’s back, he’s short. – [Meg] He’s so devastatingly handsome. – [Andrew] Oh thanks Meg. – [Meg] And that’s Annie. – Hey guys, so it’s (clears throat) 5:50 in the morning. I’ve been up since five, and I’m at a hotel downtown because this morning I am performing at the
Time 100 Health Summit, like in front of Al Gore and Bill Clinton, and I’m so excited but also so so nervous because I have never done “Waving” outside of the show. You’ll have known how it went by Tuesday because today’s Thursday, so if it didn’t go well, I’m sorry. I did my best, and speaking of which I’m gonna go back to warming up and I’ll see you guys in a little bit. I just hit a d5 at 6 a.m. Post warm up. Thanks, Liz Caplan and apologies to other people staying at
the Four Points downtown. Okay we made it, we’re at Time 100. This is Jibbs, our associate music director. He’s here to get everything ready and warm, and wonderful. And Bill Clinton is here. – He is? – I don’t know if he’s here now, but he will be. We’re in a green room, there’s a ship, Jibbs just described it as pirate ship-y, I would have to agree. We did sound check, went great. Agreed? – B flats early in the morning. – Wooo! – Priveleged to introduce a very special performance from a show that has done so much to elevate the conversation around mental health. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the star of Broadway’s Tony
Award-winning hit musical, “Dear Evan Hansen,” Andrew Barth Feldman. (audience applauding) ♪ On the outside always looking in ♪ ♪ Will I, ever be more
than I’ve always been ♪ ♪ ’cause I’m tap tap
tapping on the glass ♪ ♪ I’m waving through a window. ♪ ♪ Whoa, ♪ ♪ whoa. ♪ (Audience applauding) – We did it! It went good. This is Liz Caplan’s dog Gray, he’s perfect. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Liz Caplan, the vocal consultant
on “Dear Evan Hansen.” She is also the vocal consultant on everything else on the planet, and she is– – Partially true. – She is the sole reason
I was hitting B flats at 8 a.m. this morning. – And I’m so happy that I can be in support of Andrew for this incredible,
incredibly demanding role. Not to mention that the role
is incredibly demanding, can we talk about doing this role at what time in the morning was that? – [Andrew] It was 8 a.m. was sound check– – Yeah but you were warming
up earlier than that. – [Andrew] 5 a.m. I got up. They know, they were there. Okay so this is my walk down to the what, whoa, whoa. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Wait wait wait wait, what’s going on? (moaning in pain) Oh my god, Josh did you just give birth? – Isn’t it wonderful? – [Andrew] Dan! Did you get this from Broadway.net and you didn’t tell me? – Well I just texted– – [Andrew] Did Josh just give birth to a baby boy? – Well I just texted you a second ago. I just texted, there it is, I texted you. Yeah come over, you didn’t respond. – [Andrew] You just now texted me that when I came in the room. – Absolutely not! – [Andrew] We had an agreement, this is beautiful. Why wouldn’t you tell me this? – I was just under the pressure, and thank you, uh– – [Andrew] I’m, you guys need to tell me when stuff like this is happening. – It’s a birth and unexpected. – [Andrew] It’s not unexpected, what are you talking about? You had plenty of time to prepare for Josh giving birth, he’s the first man ever to give birth. Jess, you were a part of this too? – Yeah, we should’ve told you. – [Andrew] Guys. – I’m in pain. (everyone laughing) – [Andrew] I thought we
had an agreement you guys. All right, Sky– – A little for me. – [Andrew] All right. All right listen, just for the future, tell me, don’t do any
crazy stuff like this, don’t give birth next time if it’s– – No one’s giving birth any more. Right guys? – [Everyone] Right. – [Andrew] Why does that
seem like more of you are gonna– – Oh Andrew. – [Andrew] What is this? I’m. – Birth. – So this is what my room looks like before the show, when I spend time getting into character I make all of the lights
sort of a dark blue to really get into his world and his head, and look at that light strip, it’s beautiful. So this is the essay that I wrote when I was starting the show to sort of get back into Evan’s head, to where he is at the
beginning of the show versus where he is at the end of the show, and I read this before
pretty much every show, it’s about five pages, and it just helps me remember who he is at the beginning of the show versus how he is at the end of the show, when all these crazy things
have happened to him. It’s intermission and
guess who’s back from his European adventure, it’s my dresser Jeff! – Oh my god I didn’t see you
there with that camera Andrew! You’re so funny. Bonsoir everybody, I’m back from the Paris, and the lovely London, we have such good time, good time. Are you all okay out there? I’m not, ha ha ha, jet lag is hell! I gotta go. – You’re welcome. Wow. What a week, huh? So exciting. This has been fun. Happy to have you guys staying here. Next week is really big because you’re gonna get
to see what it’s like when we, when cast members leave and when new cast members come in. So that’s super cool. And I’m excited for you guys to see that, that process, and I’m excited for the new cast members, and we’re gonna miss
Sky and Sammy and Ann, so much but, it’ll be exciting to have
some new energy in the show. So, I’ll see you there. Can you all say “Behind the
Stripes” on the count of that’s the name of the thing, “Behind the Stripes.” Okay ready? One, two, three! – [Crowd] Behind the stripes! – [Andrew] Yeah! ♪ On the outside always looking in ♪ ♪ Will I ever be more
than I’ve always been ♪ ♪ ’cause I’m tap tap
tapping on the glass ♪


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