Episode 5: Behind the Stripes: Backstage at DEAR EVAN HANSEN with Andrew Barth Feldman

– Hey guys.
– Hey guys. – It’s week five.
– Week five. – Gabby and I wanted to show you the house ’cause we’re setting up
for the show right now so we’re in the house right now and, – We’re in the orchestra.
– Oh my God. Wait, wait. – Dan’s been… murdered! (gasping sound)
(“Waving Through a Window”) – Hey guys. It kills me that I have to make this, but, Dan’s been murdered. I’m not letting it go, okay? So I’m taking it upon myself, Andrew Barth Feldman, I’m saying right here, right now, I’m going to find the murderer. I’m going to find the murderer. I promise you, Broadway.com. And I’m gonna take you with me, because maybe you’ll
know who the murderer is and I can’t figure it out, you know? So you’ll be seeing every interrogation, every everything I have is public. Because this is a public
matter, this is a tragedy. Dan’s been murdered, so here we go. Josh Strobl, understudy. Where were you at the time of the murde- – Look, I don’t know why
you’re asking me this, I don’t. I had nothing to do with it. – [Andrew] Well maybe you
wanted to go on in the show. – Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. – [Andrew] You seem pretty stressed out. – Yeah, it’s tough times
here at the Music Box. Tough times. – [Andrew] Why would you
want Dan Mackie gone? – He wore this sweater this one time, and it had a resemblance to
a sweater that I once owned. Now, I’m not saying he
took the sweater from me, and I’m not saying I
retaliated in any way, but it’s upsetting. – As dance captain, he
just thinks that, like, he’s got it all down,
he’s also the deputy, so he just, like, you know, he thinks, you know, he’s got this power over us. It’s like, no, you don’t, yeah. – So what it sounds like is
you two together murdered him. No, no, no, no, no, no.
– Well, no, no. To be honest, I was probably
napping at the time, and I think that’s, I’m
establishing that as my alibi. – I showed up and was told he was dead. I would never actually kill him, but- – It seems like a lot of work. – Whoever did it, though, good on them. – Those are some great alibis. Gabrielle. – Oh my god, Andrew, what’s up? – [Andrew] Gabby, where
were you when Dan was, when Dan is, died? – I was legitimately
standing right next to you. – [Andrew] What are you holding there? – What? – [Andrew] What’s that? – It’s just a gift for you. – [Andrew] But what’s then sharp part? – This?
It’s not- – [Andrew] Is that a knife? – No. – [Andrew] Get her, get her. – [Gabby] It’s not what it looks like! – [Andrew] Ivan Hernandez, Larry Murphy – – I didn’t do it. – I didn’t even ask you-
– I mean, what? I have, just, I don’t know. Go ahead, what were you talking about? – [Andrew] I was gonna ask you about the murder of Dan Mackie, and- – Oh Dan, Dan’s been murdered, I didn’t- – [Andrew] Oh, you didn’t know? Then what were you talking about- – I hadn’t even heard, no,
don’t worry about that. It was something else, somebody else, was talking to me about, so, yeah, I don’t know
anything about it, okay? (laughter) See ya, bye. – [Andrew] Jeff-
(screams) – I loved him so much! I didn’t, who would,
who would do that, hm? Oh, not me, I can’t, I
loved him so much, I… – Alex Boniello. – Hello, Andrew. – You had nothing to do with this, I assume you’ll say? – Well it sounds like
you’re, sounds like you’re, what’s the word here? You’re coming for me, you think- – Well, no, I just
gotta check all my bases and you’re generally
suspicious all the time. – While that’s true, I think
this is one of the cases of like, I’m far too obvious of a- – Oh, that’s fair. Well, this all adds up, it
seems like you’re innocent. The only thing is, I
just need to know about the cup that says Dan’s blood
on it that’s on your station. – That’s a totally, I get it, I see- – [Andrew] Why do you have that? – That’s a totally unrelated thing, I’ve actually just been saving that because there’s been a
cold going around, so- – Oh, oh, oh. (burping)
– You can go. – [Andrew] Jess, thank you for
taking the time on Halloween. Where were you when this all happened? – I was in the Blue Room,
I’m always in the Blue Room. Listen, Andrew, it’s really hard to take you seriously in that, can I say- – [Andrew] You know what, Jess? Can you just answer the questions, dammit! It’s been a few days
of interrogations now, and I’m not giving up. And I realized, Dan
could’ve been poisoned. He could have had some kind of like, slow-working poison, which means it could’ve been done by one of the cast members who left us. Which means there’s only
one thing for me to do. I’m going to Frozen. Roman. Sounds like Ann Sanders really
let herself go murder Dan. We’re here at the St.
James Theater on Broadway with Ann Sanders, former cast
member of Dear Evan Hansen and current cast member
of Frozen on Broadway. Ann, what do you have to say for yourself? You left the theater at the
perfect time, didn’t you? Right before the murder of Dan Mackie. – Oh, you guys, I don’t
even know what to say, I actually am so glad to see you because- – Can you take off your glasses? We can’t hear you. – Oh, I’m so sorry. I don’t even know what to say, I mean the last time I
saw you guys, actually, I wanted to reach out to
you because I got this note, and it’s so vague, and I’m hoping you guys can help me figure it out. – [Andrew] You got a note? – Yes! – [Roman] Dear Ann,
someone is watching you. You should be careful. You are not safe. (suspenseful music) – [Andrew] And that’s how we found her. She’s dead. – I guess the cold bothered her after all. – [Andrew] Could you take the glasses off? I couldn’t hear you.
– Oh, sorry. I guess the cold bothered her after all. – Now Ann? This person is crazy! I’m gonna find out who did it. I must find out who did it. Justice for Dan, Justice for Ann. Together they’re Da-Ann. (“Never Gonna Give You
Up” playing on speaker) – [Andrew] Hey, Asa. – Oh hey, what’s up? – [Andrew] Can I ask you something? I don’t know if you
heard about Dan and Ann, they both died, they both got murdered. – Oh, I heard, that’s terrible news. And I was really sorry to hear about it, I was at rehearsal,
though, the whole time, I couldn’t have had
anything to do with it, so- – [Andrew] Hey have you
seen Michael anywhere? – Michael Lee Brown? – [Andrew] Yeah. – Uh, no, I haven’t
seen that guy anywhere. Sorry. – [Andrew] Well, I’ll
ask him when I see him. – Okay, talk to you later. – [Andrew] Thanks, Asa.
– I wish I could help more. – [Andrew] Thanks, I’ll
be back in a little bit. – [Asa] See ya, buddy.
– [Andrew] All right, bye. Hey, oh Michael!
– Oh hey! – [Andrew] Hey, what’s going on? – Not much, man, how’s it going? – [Andrew] Hey, can I ask you something? I don’t know if you heard
about Dan and Ann Sanders, they both got murdered. – Oh, that’s terrible. No, I did hear, it’s awful, I was at rehearsals, I don’t know- – [Andrew] Oh, yeah, okay,
Asa was saying the same thing. By the way, have you seen Asa? – Uh, no, I haven’t
seem him, like, at all, I don’t know where he is. – [Andrew] Usually, isn’t this
both of your rooms though? – Yeah, it is, but I haven’t seen him. I don’t know where he’s been. – Now that I think about it, I never have seen you two
in the same room before. – Yeah, that’s weird, I don’t know. – [Andrew] Oh. (“Never Gonna Give You
Up” playing on speaker) Okay, so Roman and I are taking to the streets to investigate. Wait a second, who, is that- – Antoni-? – [Andrew] Is that Antonio Cipriano? – [Roman] What are you doing here? – No, I’m just uh, just chillin’, just… – [Andrew] Were you
covering Dan’s name on- – No, no, no, I love Dan, Dan’s
a good guy, he’s a good guy. – [Andrew] I don’t know if you
heard, Dan’s been murdered. – [Roman] Yeah. – Oh, that’s crazy. – [Andrew] You know, can
I ask you a question? You’re about to make your Broadway debut in Jagged Little Pill. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– [Andrew] Congrats. But isn’t it a little suspicious
that ever since Dan died, you haven’t been to the Music Box once? – You know, I don’t think
it’s that crazy, you know? I’m across the street. – Right, you’re really busy, I’m sure. – Doing my thing, yeah, I’m really busy. But Dan’s a good guy, I love Dan. We’re really, we’re really okay. – You and Dan are really okay.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! We were really okay.
– [Roman] Well, Dan’s dead. – My condolences, for sure. – But it looks like you
already knew that news. – Oh, you know, your hat looks really awesome with that outfit. – You really think so? – It’s me, Josh, and Roman.
– [Roman] Yep. – We’re not getting
answers at the theater, we’re not getting
answers from our friends, we need to ask everyone in New York if they know about the
whereabouts, or the facts about the murders of Dan Mackie and Ann Sanders. So, here we go. – Excuse me, do you mind- Excuse me, would you mind- Excuse me, do you know who murdered- Do you know who murdered Dan Mackie? – I forgot that people
don’t stop in Times Square when you have things to ask them. – Especially when you
ask them about a murder. Does anybody know what
happened to Dan Mackie? – [Andrew] Do you know
who murdered Dan Mackie? – Okay, thank you. – Excuse me, do you know
what happened to Dan – Hi, excuse me, yes, one second, do you know what happened to Dan Mackie? He was murdered and we need
to find out who, okay, fine. Hey, yeah, Dan Mackie, you heard of him? He was murdered, and we’re
trying to find his killer. Okay. No luck. – Do you know who murdered Dan Mackie? – I don’t even know who Dan Mackie is. – But do you know who murdered him? Do you know what happened to Dan Mackie? Hulk doesn’t know. – It was definitely Hulk. – Yeah, hi, do you know
what happened to Dan Mackie? – Say Dan on three, one two three. – Dan Mackie.
– Dan Mackie. Let’s find his killer! – You know, I think we’re
really making progress out here. – No, you know what, guys, I think we’ve hit too many dead ends. Nobody knows anything about Dan. – What are you saying, dude?
– [Roman] Are you kidding me? – We need to find justice for Dan. – I agree with you, but
I don’t think we can. – No, every time we’ve talked to someone, we’ve found out a little bit more. – No, we haven’t found out anything. Nobody knows the truth. – I thought this was your
idea in the first place. – Guys, I don’t know why you guys are pushing this whole Dan thing so much. I mean, it wasn’t really that important. – Hey you know what? Dan was my friend, and
now that I think about it, every time he wanted to do anything for the Broadway Net, Broadway.net, which was a very legitimate blog, you tried to come in the way of it. You wanted to kill Dan. You know, now that I think of it, you also wanted off with Ann Sanders because you wanted to play Elsa after your Broadway run
on Dear Evan Hansen. Oh, let’s get him! (dramatic music) (door slams)
(heavy panting) – [Roman] Mur-der-er!
Mur-der-er! Mur-der-er!
Mur-der-er! Mur-der-er!
Mur-der-er! Mur-der-er!
(horror realization music) – Andrew? Hey, they called places. – Dan? – [Dan] Hey. Are you okay? – You’re alive?
– Do you have your cast on? Dude, they called places. Are you okay? Do you need me to call
Brendon or something? – I would never kill you, Dan. I don’t want you to be murdered. And I’m sorry. – Thank you. – From now on, you can
do whatever you want with Broadway.net within the constraints that we already established. – Hey, yeah, listen, I’ve
been bad about that, so- – Me too. But not murder-y. (wink sound)
(“Waving Through a Window”)


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