Eti Tomari Dhaka [Official Trailer] – Releasing 15th November in a Theatre Near You

Jui is….Like a child…
Keeps nagging all the time. Sanjana is better… Ya! She’s cool
Doesn’t bother me at all I am doing just one film with Irine. Who’s stopping you?
Go ahead, shoot with your Irine I’m not gonna shoot with you
Fucking pervert I knew it, he’s a jerk So why didn’t you tell me before? Sir, you need to pay 500 Taka more
Why? You have to pay an extra charge
if you bring other women From now on you pay the rent
The taxi’s as well as mine. Who’s going to believe
this grown ass kid to be my son? Just act. Do you know any rhymes? All the parties involved in banking sector
corruption case will be brought to justice. No one will be spared Framing me is not easy I am playing in this
field for a long, long time Did you just slap me?
I will cut your hands. Who will you cut? Just shoot a round near
Saiful’s ears Your older brother is rotting in jail,
do you even care? You are in deep shit, man. You can’t even handle the Judge Court
How do you think you’ll face the High Court What are you doing with the door shut?
Please come out. Abidur Rahman was unaware
I too had my escape route planned Won’t I see you again? Of course you will.
On the silver screen Very Nice


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