EVANGELION 2.22 Theatrical Trailer

Insubordination. Private appropriation of an EVA. Blatant extortion. These are all criminal offenses. Do you have anything to say for yourself? Yes. I don’t want to pilot EVA ever again. And just like this, you’re going to run away from things you hate. And what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with running away from things you hate?! We can’t let this happen. Cut the synchronization down to 28 percent! Wait. But, Ikari, if this continues the pilot will die! You don’t understand anything, Father! I was a fool to believe in you! You should just go and lose someone important to you too, Father! Then you’ll understand! Increase the concentration of the LCL to the limit. I have no time to be dealing with a brat’s tantrums. I still have direct control– Damn it… EVA is a mirror that reflects your heart. There is happiness to be found outside of piloting them. Stop being so arrogant, you fucking favorite! Cleansed of the original sin, it is now a purified world which no man can enter… You’re wrong! There’s no other Ayanami but you! That’s why I will save you!


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