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– Drop the briefcase. – Mario will never miss it. – Well that’s not
the point, now is it? Listen carefully. You’re gonna take
10 steps forward and then you’re gonna disappear. Do you understand? (dramatic music) (gun firing) (slow bluesy music) ♪ Yeah ♪ Ha ♪ I don’t right wrongs ♪ I write rhymes ♪ Call it a crime ♪ Still in my mind ♪ If I had time to spare ♪ Or the time to share ♪ I want to make
this world stop ♪ ♪ Have the time to care ♪ You strike when you’re right ♪ While you think
that you’re here ♪ ♪ Don’t waste my
air, negativity ♪ ♪ But just goes to say ♪ And he’s still there ♪ Get your point
open like a pencil ♪ ♪ Or write the truth ♪ Or listen to the point ♪ Up on the highest temple ♪ It seems that I’m
wasting what is life ♪ ♪ Though I’m keepin’ it steady ♪ And you don’t know
where we want to go ♪ ♪ But it’s hard to let go ♪ What do you want
to do tonight ♪ ♪ There’s nothing in my way ♪ I don’t know
where I want to go ♪ ♪ And it was the age of
our ignorance, I know ♪ ♪ Not sure it’s over ♪ Yeah, so take it all ♪ Oh yes, and walk away ♪ Since I got
nothing left to say ♪ ♪ Yeah (dramatic music) – [Dispatcher] One
nine, is that correct? (radio chattering)
(dramatic music) – [Typist] Once upon a time
there was an assassin named Miko and a police
detective named Jack. – [Dispatcher] 24
miles, Station One, this is Station One called,
East Side 24 miles, Station One. (somber music) – [Officer] Station
Two, we have an address. (radio chattering)
(dramatic music) We called in. – [Dispatcher] One-nine. (radio chattering) – [Dispatcher] Com One, East
Side, 24 miles, Citation One, this is Station One call, East
Side, 24 miles, Citation One. (radios chattering) (door knocking) – Is there a problem, officer? – No, no problem. Just want to make sure
everything’s okay. – Yeah, it’s, everything’s okay. – Sorry about the disturbance. – Yeah. (traffic whooshing) (people speaking faintly) – Hey Jeff, what you got? – [Jeff] Commissioner
wants you guys to take a look at this one. – Homicide? – Yeah, from last night. Security footage shows this
guy following the victim. – All right. – [Jeff] I think it might
be a professional hit. – (laughs) You
playin’ detective now? – [Jeff] Funny. You still comin’ over my house
for poker Saturday night? – Yeah. I wouldn’t miss it, need
to play half my income. – [Jeff] Do I have to give
you direction this time or think you can find your
way on your own, Detective? – Oh Christ, I know this guy. – What’s that Jack,
an old boyfriend. – [Jack] He was in the
hotel next to the priest. – From last night? – Son of bitch, he
was right there. Go check out the motel. I’m gonna see what
Spark has to say. – All right, I’m doin’
this ’cause I want too, not ’cause you told me too. – [Jeff] I guess he wears the
pants in this partnership. Guess that would
make you the bitch. – Shut up. (dramatic music) – [Victor] What’s
in the briefcase? – Shouldn’t touch me, Mr. Angel. – And why’s that? – Because I might
touch you back. – Victor, let him in. Miko, come on in, welcome. Victor can be a
bit overprotective. I see you got something for me. Melinda? – Sure thing, Mr. Lafey. Bye Miko. – You know, I think she’s
quite smitten with you. – Aren’t you gonna
check the briefcase? – I trust you. – One has nothing to
do with the other. – I like you Miko. It’s a shame you don’t
work for me full-time. – Would you really
want me that close? – Right. – You know my policy. – I do. I know you have your
suspicions about me, Miko. And I know it wouldn’t help
if I told you I was innocent. Because you know, no one in
this room is really innocent. – Excuse me, Mr. Lafey, you
got an urgent phone call. There seems to be a
discrepancy with the accounts. – I’ll be going now. – If this issue is
what I think it is, I’ll be calling on
your services shortly. (dramatic music)
(traffic whooshing) (Miko sighs) (phone ringing) – Yeah. That’s it? One wooden box? You’ll send me the intel. Not a problem. I can be in L.A. in two days. (Miko sighs) (wind whooshing) (people chattering) – (sighs) Well I
got lots of nothing. – Tell me about it. – It’s what you’d expect. Paid in cash, used an alias. – Security footage? – No. It was tampered with. – There’s somethin’
strange goin’ on here. I got a positive ID on him. – Really? Man you’re magic
with that thing. – (sighs) Not
exactly, he is a pro. Named Miko. – Really? One name. Like Madonna or Cher. – Yeah, except I keep
getting access denied beyond a certain point. Just the basic stats. Hold on. – Whatcha got? – Looks like this
guy’s a freelancer. – Freelancer?
– Yeah. He works for all kinds of
different mafia organizations. – That’s different. – Strange.
– What? – It looks like all the hits
he’s accused of are exclusively within the mob
organizations themselves. – Hm, so you could say
he’s doing us a favor then. – You can’t just go around
killing people, we have laws. And it’s our job
to enforce them. – Hey, there’s laws and
then there’s the real world. – Is that your policy,
Police Detective Devlan. – Hey, whatever. So what’s the next thing
on the list Boy Scout. – I don’t know. (intense music) (gun firing) (birds chirping) (gun firing) (eerie music) (traffic whooshing)
(intense music) (traffic whooshing) (keys clicking) – Well, well, how can
I help you ladies? – I’m Special Agent Fox. – You certainly are. – And this is
Special Agent Morris. We’re looking for a
Detective Jack Carrouseau. – He’s the ugly one over there, speak slow, he’s from Boston. – Good to meet you Agent Fox. Please forgive my
partner, he’s not well. – Detective, you’ve
been investigating a
hit man named Miko. – That’s right. – We appreciate the
information you’ve provided in your fairly thorough reports. – Thank you. – As you’ve uncovered,
he has affiliations with both Mario Lafey
and Julius Delacroix, the East and West Coast
mob bosses, respectively. – Yeah, so I’m tellin’ him, maybe we should turn a
blind eye to this guy. – Gonna have to ask you to
stop your investigation. We’ll take it from here. – Could have told me
that over the phone. Why’d you come all
the way out here. – Call it a
professional courtesy. – [Devlan] I like that. – Jack, there are new
policies in place. After 9-11, our
departments work together. – She’s kind of
cold fish, you know. – I’ve only been assigned to her for the last couple of
weeks, she’s professional. – Oh, so you’re new in town. – Just reassigned
from the left coast. – Oh, maybe I can
show you around. – No. – [Jack] Ironic,
come all this way to tell us you don’t
want to play with us. – We’ll be going now. Here’s my card if you
need to contact me. – And if we refuse your request? – This matter crosses
state lines, Jack. You’re well out of
your jurisdiction. – Hey, can I have a
business card too? – Please tell your partner you
shouldn’t mix wine with beer. – What does that mean?
– What she means by that my friend, is
that she’s a Ferrari and she thinks you’re
Fred Flintstone. Besides, I don’t think
she drives stick. – [Devlan] Huh? – [Jeff] Hey, Jack, you’ve
got a hot one in there. – Cool your jets, Romeo,
she’s goin’ to 17. – She’s still a hooker, right? What’s the difference. – About five to 10
years, smart guy. You sure you’re a cop? – She says she’s
an aspiring writer. – A prostitute writer,
that’s original. (sighs) So Jack, we gonna listen to the Ice Queen
and drop this one? – Now what do you think? – I think you want me
’cause I’m a sexy bastard. – Yeah, you’re a piece of
work, I’ll give you that. – Hey Jack, you know that
hooker I just busted? – Yeah, what about her? – She saw that picture on
your desk, she knows that guy. – What? – Yeah, she said she did a
trick with him last night at the Old Town Motel. – I know where that is. Del, interrogate her. – Will do. – Try to be professional.
– Hey! Aren’t I always?
– Yeah, you’re a real prize. (gentle music) (birds chirping) – I thought you’d never show up. – Interesting location. – What, you don’t
like the stage? This is where the magic happens. – Yeah. So you still like those things. – Oh yeah, they’re my
favorite and I’m so hungry. – You know, uh, that hair. Makes you a pretty easy target. – I’m not too worried. You don’t target women
or children, do you. – First time for everything. (Melinda laughs) You kind of laugh
like my sister. – Oh, you have a sister. – I did. – Did, what happened? – Bad things. I should have died with her. – Don’t say that. Then you wouldn’t have met me. But I am sorry
about your sister. – You shouldn’t be in
this business, Melinda. – Sorry? – You shouldn’t be mixed
up with people like us. – Maybe I’m waiting
for my Prince Charming to come and save me. – [Miko] You don’t
need a Prince Charming. – No, but it would be nice. – Still believe in happily–
– Ever after? You bet. – Is that for me? (birds chirping)
(gentle music) It’s for you. – Aw, my hero. – I’m no hero. – You sure about that? – Goodbye, Melinda. (bright upbeat music) (somber music) (dramatic intense music) – Thank you, my dear. Miko, welcome my friend. – You need to sign these
last two forms, sir. – Yes, yes, one moment, Brandy. Have a seat. Can Brandy bring you a beverage? – I’m fine, thanks. – So tell me, how’s the uh? – It hasn’t slowed me down. – Good. You know fate has a way of
catching all of us, eventually. – I hope so. – You brought me something? (guns clicking) Careful my dear,
you’re in the presence of one of the best
in the business. If he wanted us dead, it
would have been done long ago. – I’m not impressed. He doesn’t look like much. – Yeah, where’d you pull
those two things out I wonder. – You may leave me now. Oh Miko, my sources tell me there’s a rat in
Mario’s organization. – [Miko] Really? Who? – Give Mario my best. – Why did you let him
go, Mr. Delacroix? He wants you dead now. – Indeed. He might yet serve a purpose. (phone ringing) – Hello. – That was good
intelligence you gave me. Now time to make that
call we discussed. Do you remember? – I do. – Excellent. (dramatic intense music) (keys clicking) (quiet electric music) (door squeaking) – Here you go, Lieutenant. You know, every time you come
pick this up I see something in the late news
with your M.O. on it. You want to give me a
head’s up this time? All right, no questions. Still rockin’ that old thing? – You didn’t seem to mind
when I took out Sanchez. – I had him where I wanted him. – Right. – Anything new on your sister? You know, it might
help to talk about it. It’s been over a year, right. – Maybe you want to
hold hands first, light some candles,
discuss our feelings. – I’m just sayin’ you got
someone to talk to is all. – You bitch up
not down, Sargent. You know the drill. – We’re not on a
mission, Lieutenant. We’re both out. Just because we’re out doesn’t mean we stop
looking out for each other. Fine, I got a bar to run. – You know I went
Special Ops now. – I don’t know, I don’t
see you behind a desk unless you plan to shoot
someone on the other side. – If I don’t come back
from an op, no one care. I don’t hurt anybody, and no
distractions in the field. I can operate cold, efficient. But then life decided to
throw me a curve ball. All of a sudden I had a sister. She could have been anybody. I didn’t have to care. But then there she was. And I discovered something
I didn’t know I wanted or gave up on a long time ago. – And what was that? – Family. I thought someone to care
about would slow me down. I was right. But then for a brief moment, I tasted a warmth, I
hadn’t felt in a long time. But I knew better. I should have spanked
her on the ass and sent her on her way
the second she found me. Can’t have the enemies I
have and have someone close. But I indulged. They used her to teach me a
lesson, put me in my place. I might as well have
pulled the trigger myself. – That’s not fair. – Welcome to life. – So you’re all
about revenge now? – No. Not revenge. A reckoning. – What’s the difference? – Me. – [Sam] Why don’t
you just kill ’em all and get it over with? – Because that would
make me one of them. Jill wouldn’t want that. – You think she’d want this? – No. – So why do it? – You got a Plan B, sport,
’cause I’m all ears. – Every wall is a door. – Ralph Waldo Emerson? – Fortune cookie, Sammy’s
House of Szechuan. – Right. – [Frank] Hey man, how do
you get a drink around here? – Hold on a minute, Frank. Give me a minute, Lieutenant. (gentle mystical music) – [Miko] Master, you have
taught me so many skills. – Aye – [Miko] How will I
know when to use them? When to fight? – If you are superior
to your opponent, you will probably win. So there is no need to fight. If you are inferior
to your opponent, you will probably lose, so
there is no need to fight. If your skills are exactly
equal to your opponent, your conflict will
end in a stalemate. So there is no need to fight. – [Miko] So Master,
when do you fight? – When you must. Get your bow staff. (dramatic music)
(staff clicking) (man yelling) – Master, you said
that a samurai without a Master is a ronin. – Aye. – So, what is a
ninja without a clan? – You. (eerie whooshing) – Hey, what’s that?
– A souvenir. – [Sam] Okay, so
like I was saying, let me know how I
can help you today. – Thanks, Sam. You’ve done enough. This is my war. There will be enough casualties. (phone ringing) Melinda. – Who’s Melinda?
– Stand down. – Still got it with the
ladies, huh, Lieutenant? – Never lost it, hot shot. I’ll get this back
to you later tonight. – Where you going now? – I’ve been putting off
seeing an old friend. (phone ringing) – Damn it, Miko, pick up. – Boyfriend not
taking your calls. – Mr. Angel, I didn’t
know you were still here. – Just call me the black ninja. – Ninja’s aren’t
real, Mr. Angel. – Oh, I’m real, baby. So you workin’ late
again, tonight. – Just tryin’ to do my job. – Well you know, people
might get suspicious, think you up to somethin’
workin’ so late all the time. – No, nothing here but
boring old paperwork. – Well if you’re bored maybe
you should take a break. Have a little fun,
know what I mean? – I’ve had enough
excitement lately, I’m good. – Yeah, well you know, Miko’s not gonna be
around all the time. You let me know if you
need a guardian angel. ‘Cause I’m always around. Know what I mean? – I’m good, thanks. Where are you, Prince Charming? (keys clicking)
(gentle music) (upbeat rock music) – Can I help you sir? – [Miko] Looking for Manabu. – [Clerk] I’m sorry, there’s
no one by that name here. – Right. – Hey, how are you?
– Good. – Okay, thank you. 10.04. (alarm buzzing) (elevator whooshing) (dramatic electric music) (eerie music) (sword clicks) (dramatic music)
(weapons clanging) (body thuds) (eerie music) (weapons whistling) (eerie whooshing) (dramatic music) (Chinese stars clicking) (stars whooshing) – I don’t want to fight. (tubes clattering) (dramatic music) (bright mystical music) (dramatic rap music) ♪ It’s the return
of the Supermack ♪ ♪ Ready or not ♪ Here comes a new man ♪ Thinkin’ that he’s done
with all the bitches ♪ ♪ And that shit that
he was swimmin’ ♪ ♪ Now he’s fallin’ apart ♪ He has returned
to the ladies ♪ ♪ With my game ♪ He be playin’ just
another shake-a-shake-a ♪ ♪ Some day he’ll be back
and to the left, right ♪ ♪ Now, one, he’ll be
back and take it back ♪ ♪ And he’s blessed ♪ Now what, he’ll be back – I wonder what’s
going on up there. ♪ Back, the Return
of the Supermack ♪ – They must be moving
furniture or something. – Oh? Hm. ♪ So give it up ♪ Tell me what you learn ♪ You’re a badass ♪ Come back and return ♪ Shake, shake,
shake you got it ♪ ♪ Bitch is in his mouth ♪ Yeah, when he come around ♪ Yeah, when comes around ♪ I’ve never touched the stuff ♪ Got the looker ♪ He beat you like a perp ♪ It’s a hook ♪ Now look, should be
back and to the left ♪ ♪ Right ♪ Now money easy
mack, take it back ♪ ♪ And he’s blessed ♪ Now what is he
lackin’ take it back ♪ ♪ Now what, easy Mack, but
Returns the Supermack ♪ ♪ Return, Return
of the Supermack ♪ ♪ Return, return
of the Supermack ♪ ♪ So give it up ♪ Please tell me
what you learned ♪ ♪ Super bad ass ♪ Supermack is rhetorical ♪ Now come on (weapon whooshing) (elevator whooshing) (ninja gasping)
(feet stomping) (elevator squeaking) (man clearing throat) (weapons clanging)
(quiet rap music) ♪ That’s what I’m
talkin’ about Supermack ♪ ♪ Ready or not ♪ Here comes a new man ♪ You’re thinkin’ that you
done with all the bitches ♪ (drowned out by shoes scraping) ♪ Now they’ve sworn
there aren’t ♪ ♪ He has returned
to the ladies ♪ ♪ Just like this ♪ He be playin’
just another game ♪ ♪ Nobody easy Mack ♪ And just a left right ♪ No money, easy Mack ♪ And keep your back ♪ And he’s flex ♪ No money, easy Mack ♪ And give it back ♪ No money, easy Mack ♪ And the Return
of the Supermack ♪ ♪ Return, Return
of the Supermack ♪ ♪ Return, Return
of the Supermack ♪ ♪ Don’t give it up ♪ Please tell me
what you learned ♪ ♪ Super bad ass ♪ Ah yeah, back and return (sword clattering) (dramatic music) ♪ Super bad ass ♪ Oh yeah, Mack has returned ♪ Uh huh (dramatic mystical music) (man yelling)
(dramatic music) (man grunting) (man yelling) (gun clicking) – Bang, bang. – Miko, you are my best student. But you have one problem. – Really? And what’s that? – You cheat. I heard about your sister, Miko. I am very sorry. But this path you take
now, filled with darkness, I’ve taught you
since you were a boy. This not how I hope
your life would be. – And if you were
murdered, Manabu, wouldn’t you want me
to avenge your death? Everything’s just gone to hell. – Language, Miko. – Sorry. – To destroy the monster,
you must become the monster. The trick is to
return to yourself once the conflict is resolved. – Well, if you survive,
that’s the tough part. – No shit. – I better go. I may not see you again
after this, Master Manabu. – Don’t worry. Not even death can separate
student from master. – So that was that
was Miko, Father. – Aye. – He’s not bad, will
we see him again? – No. (dramatic somber music) (dramatic rock music) – Where’s my drink? I asked you for my drink
about half an hour ago. Go get my drink right now. I don’t know what I
keep you here for. Jesus Christ, anyway
there’s gonna be like three or four guys
out there waiting for ya. Just do not, but do not be late, ’cause you’re fuckin’ around
with that goddam laptop. And, you know, we got
history and I love you and everything but
I tell you right, I will beat you within an
inch of your fuckin’ life if you fuck this up. Don’t fuck it up, you feel me. All right, whatever. What is going on with my drink
over there, what the fuck? Fuckin’ cunt, dude. What are you lookin’ at? Oh, you like that over there? You want to hit that shit? Come over here, come on buddy. Come on, me and you,
we’re gonna talk. Let’s talk. (laughs) (somber music) (singing in foreign language) (somber electric music) (keys clicking) (traffic whooshing) (throbbing rock music) – Oh, hi Jack.
– Oh, hi, Marie. How you doin’ hon.
– Hey, Marie. What? – Out of your league, tough guy. – I’ll send you the video
from our wedding night. – Yeah, I got no
worries on that one. – What you got there? – Crime report, Agent Fox
sent it special courier. – Is she still using
you to get to me? – Yeah, you’re irresistible. (dramatic eerie music) According to the one eyewitness, a Michelle Jenkins was attacked. Black female, age 32. She was a nurse at County. Looks like she just
got off her shift. – Eric, what’s goin’ on? – Bobby Joe, Get in
the fuckin’ place man. (dramatic music) – Excuse me, ma’am,
maybe you could help me? – No thank you. (dramatic music) – Where the hell you came from? – Let the lady go. – Yeah, get out of here Chink. ♪ It’s the Return
of the Supermack ♪ ♪ Ready or not ♪ Here comes a new Super ♪ Thinkin’ that he’s done
with all the bitches ♪ ♪ And that chit that
he was slinging ♪ ♪ Now he’s armed ♪ And worse ♪ He has a call to the – Get your damn gun! ♪ He be playin’ just
another shake-a-shake-a ♪ (bones cracking) – Ah, broke my
fuckin’ back dude. ♪ He be Mack ♪ He be back ♪ Now money ♪ The Return of the Supermack ♪ Return, Return
of the Supermack ♪ ♪ Return, Return
of the Supermack ♪ ♪ Oh give it up ♪ But tell me what loan is for ♪ Well bad ass (gun firing) ♪ Yes, Return ♪ Yeah, just a chi he got ♪ Before the bitches ♪ And he’s down ♪ Yeah, when he come around ♪ Yeah, it’s a flash – Brother Aaron started shooting and all of the stuff
happened so fast. (head squelching) – Why would you even care
man, she’s just a nigger. (eerie music) (dramatic music) (block scraping) (eerie somber music) (urine splashing) – He just, he just walked away. (somber music) – Listen to this, they
traced hair fibers from the coat to Miko. Why would he leave his coat. – You don’t leave a dead woman
lying in an alley like that. Just ain’t civilized. – He had to have known
they’d trace it back to him. – Maybe he’s not as
smart as you think. (keys clicking) (gentle music) – [Delacroix] My sources
tell me that there’s a rat. My source in Mario’s
organization. My source, Mario’s organization. – [Melinda] They
weren’t even sure if you were gonna take me. Maybe I’m waiting for
my Prince Charming to come and save me. – Melinda. (helicopter whirring) (gentle music) (phone ringing) – Hey, where are you? – Back at the motel. – What are you doing there? – We’re missing something. (upbeat music) Wow. It works. Del, meet me at the E Street
Warehouse, 20 minutes. (dramatic music) (door thudding) (eerie music) – This guy’s a damn cop. – So is his friend. What are you doin’ here, cop. – Forget it man, just waste him. – Sorry son, this ain’t
no place for heroes. (dramatic music) – Hello boys. What’s shakin’? – Miko. – I’m unarmed. – Like hell you aren’t. – What are you doin’ here? – It seems you’ve been skimmin’
off the top a little bit. – [Martin] What? – Did you think eventually
Mario would find out. – What are you talkin’ about? – It was his idea.
– Shut up, Martin. Why the hell are the cops here? – Probably investigating me. Isn’t that right, Detective? – Something like that. – Shut up, I gotta think. – A little late for that. – I don’t care if you shoot him. – Me neither. (gun fires) (gun fires) That’s my gun. – You have the right
to remain silent, anything you say can be used
against you in a court of law, do you understand? – Got it, got it,
I’ve seen the movies. Little young to be a
police detective aren’t ya. – Yeah, well my father was a
waste collection specialist, my mother was a schoolteacher. They taught me right from wrong,
to have honor in your work. But maybe you
wouldn’t know anything about that being as
you’re a hit man and all. – Don’t be so quick to
judge there, Boy Scout. The world can be complicated. – Do tell. – Those two guys I just killed. How many lives do you think
I just saved by killing them? Besides your ass. – You kill people for a living. – Only bad ones. – You don’t go makin’
your own rules, pal. Come on. – I’m, uh, I’m sorry about
your partner, Detective. I had a good partner once too. – Get in. (gentle music) Now stay put. I’m gonna call this in. – If you get a chance,
tell Agent Fox I’m sorry. – What? Yeah, dispatch, this is
Detective Carrouseau, badge number 0205, I’ve
got an officer down and two perps
laying next to him. Requesting an ambulance and
a couple black and whites. All right, now what’s
this about Agent Fox. Fuck! (traffic whooshing) (keys clicking) (dramatic music) – [Lafey] I know you’ve got
your suspicions about me, Miko, and I know it wouldn’t help
if I told you I was innocent. – [Melinda] I am sorry
about your sister. (gun firing) – [Lafey] No one in this
room is really innocent. (dramatic music) – [Delacroix] You
know fate has a way of catching up with
us, eventually. (phone ringing) – Hello. – I need you to come by the
warehouse office by the pier. Do you know the one? – Yeah. – Very good, be there at 2 p.m.. There’s some information
that I need to share with you regarding
a common associate. (Miko sighs) (phone ringing) – I’m Agent Fox’s partner,
Special Agent Morris. She wanted me to
pass on a message. We know which one you’re
looking for, it’s Mario. – You’re sure? – We have two
confirmed positive IDs. – How come Sasha didn’t
contact me herself? – It’s difficult for her. We need you to come in
so we can debrief you. – And how do I know
I can trust you? – You don’t. (keys clicking) (somber music) – Jack, we just got some intel from the wiretap
in Mario’s office. – Yeah, what you got? – We intercepted a call to Miko,
he’s going there right now. – You with me?
– Roger that. (dramatic intense music) (gun clicking) (gun firing) – Drop the gun! He ain’t nothin’. Want me to waste him Boss. – Be careful with him. (man grunting) (neck cracking) Told ya, you have to be careful. Not another step, Miko. Not even you’re that fast. – Why don’t you drop the gun. Let’s see what you got. – I’ve been waitin’ for this. (dramatic electric music)
(blows thudding) (men grunting)
(blows thudding) (intense dramatic music) Yeah, I did take
care of that bitch. Oh so you want some more, hero. Mr. Angel’s welcome to oblige. (man groaning) (neck squelching) (body thuds) (dramatic somber music) – Very good, Miko. A shame we gotta do this. – Did you kill my sister! – Doesn’t matter any more. Don’t worry, I’m gonna
send you to meet her now. (gun firing) – Jeff, call for backup. – Prince Charming. (dramatic eerie music) (gun firing) (gentle somber music) (people chattering) (keys clicking) (phone ringing) – This is Carrouseau. – The old terminal,
by the exhibit hall. You know where that is? – Yeah. – Meet me there in half an hour. – Right. (light somber music) (upbeat rock music) – Detective.
– Agent Fox. – His name is Micheal Khan,
Special Agent, Micheal Khan. Before the Bureau recruited
him five years ago he was a Navy Seal. Covert, Special
Ops, Assassin Unit. Two years ago he went undercover to infiltrate an East
Coast Mafia organization. After the first year Agent
Khan was able to infiltrate both the East Coast syndicate and it’s West Coast counterpart. No one has ever gone
that far that fast. One of the bosses thought
he was a little too good and ordered a hit on
Agent Khan himself, he killed his sister instead. Agent Khan himself almost
died, the shot to the head. But he watched his sister die. – Shouldn’t you have pulled
him out at that point? – He immediately went dark. In more ways than one. We’ve lost contact with
him after that point. Except for another
operative we placed. But now she’s been
neutralized as well. For the past year he’s
been trying to figure out who put the hit on him,
who killed his sister. – Looks like Miko found him. – Not exactly. – What? – Turns out my new partner, Special Agent Morris is
on Delacroix’s payroll. Delacroix ordered
the hit himself. His little bitch of a bodyguard
probably carried it out. – So you’re going
after him now, right. – These men are very good at protecting
themselves, Detective. – Why are you
telling me this now? – Call it a
professional courtesy. I’m sorry about your
partner, Detective. I just lost mine too. (engine whooshing) (people chattering) (gun firing) – Who the hell are you? (gun firing) ♪ Ah, ah ♪ Ah ♪ Ah, ah ♪ Ah, ah (keys clicking) – Look it, hon, are
you gonna be done soon? I gotta get up early
in the morning. (speaking in foreign language) – [Typist] And
they lived happily. (gentle music) (light rap music) ♪ Yeah, come on ♪ I don’t right wrongs ♪ I write rhymes ♪ Call it a crime ♪ Spilling my mind if
I had time to spare ♪ ♪ Or the time to share ♪ I want to make
this world stop ♪ ♪ Have the time to care ♪ You think you strike
when you’re right ♪ ♪ Why you think
that you’re here ♪ ♪ Don’t waste my
air, negativity ♪ ♪ But just goes to say ♪ And he’s still there ♪ Get your points
open like a pencil ♪ ♪ Write the truth ♪ And listen to the point ♪ The highest temple ♪ It seems that I’m
missing what is high ♪ ♪ Though I’m keepin’ it steady ♪ And we all know
where we want to go ♪ ♪ But it’s hard to let go ♪ What do you want
to do tonight ♪ ♪ There’s nothing nowhere ♪ I don’t know
where I want to go ♪ ♪ And it was the age of
our ignorance and now ♪ ♪ And I’m sure it’s over ♪ Yes so take all
this and walk away ♪ ♪ Since I got
nothing left to say ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ It’s like I’m six feet under ♪ And fall and dance ♪ Seeing the
impossible is true ♪ ♪ Now whatever you do ♪ Don’t take a look around ♪ You might see the fan ♪ And they’s gotta say ♪ Hypocrisy now,
the ignorance now ♪ ♪ When I can’t see
through you now ♪ ♪ We’s all about the
facts and fiction ♪ ♪ Drugs and the friction ♪ The new
indistinction between ♪ ♪ What you think
and what you know ♪ ♪ We a nice disguise ♪ Within the eyes, yes ♪ It seems that I’m
wasting what is ours ♪ ♪ Though I’m keepin’ it steady ♪ We all know where
we want to go ♪ ♪ But it’s hard to let go ♪ What do you want to do now ♪ There’s nothin’ in there ♪ I don’t know
where I want to go ♪ ♪ And it was the age
of our ignorance ♪ ♪ And I’m not sure it’s over ♪ Yeah so take all this ♪ And walk away ♪ Since I’ve got
nothing left to say ♪ ♪ It’s one minute
from midnight ♪ ♪ The room gets bright
and there rise a light ♪ ♪ The flame of his eye, too ♪ What we are absolve ♪ Our problems we solve ♪ It’s usually resolved ♪ With a shock to it all ♪ Can relate to this justice ♪ It seems a fraud ♪ We simply accept ♪ ‘Cause we think
we’re better off ♪ ♪ With the joy of our peers ♪ We don’t care what they hear ♪ If you are there ♪ Bow down to who you fear ♪ Yeah ♪ Hey come on ♪ And it was the age
of our ignorance ♪ ♪ And now I’m not
sure it’s over ♪ ♪ Yes, I’ll take all
this and walk away ♪ ♪ All this and walk away today ♪ All this and walk away ♪ Since I’ve got enough (logo whooshing)
(logo thudding) (dramatic music)


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