Ian: Big thank you to peanut butter chocolate blasted shreds for sponsoring todays episode. Wheat that woahs. #Spon Noah: Thank you. Courtney: Why does that guy have a sign on him that says “Don’t say you too”? Noah: I have no idea. Ian: Enjoy your movie. Courtney: You too. (the hell you just said) *Stuttering* It’s fine, it’s fine it’s fine. Enjoy your movie. Courtney: You too. Ian: OH MY- Freakin’ Jeez! *Whispering* Every Movie Theater Ever. Ian: Uh, hang on, y’all trying to sneak in outside food? (all in unison): No… Ian: Shirts up. *Food snacks clattering* *Even more food snacks clattering* (oh god) Noah: I only need 4 hours left. Ian: Mmm, smells like home cookin’, do on in boys. Shayne: Uh, who brought a baby in here? Ian: Okay, so those refreshments brings you to, $230 dollars. Keith: For two drinks and a popcorn? That’s insane. Ian: Oh, i’m sorry sir, i didn’t realize you had two drinks. Uh, that’ll be $410 dollars Keith: That’s more like it. Ian: Enjoy Fast and Furious 9. Olivia: Mom, can we get popcorn? Mom: No. Shayne: OHH HE’S HERE THE TALLEST MAN IN THE THEATER WHO’S MOVIE EXPERIENCE AM I GONNA RUIN TODAY? Shayne: Is it going to be you? Oh, You? Oh, should i sit here? Where should i place my BATOCKS? Olivia: *Sighs* *Moves seat* Ha! Noah: HELLO IT IS I THE TALLEST MAN IN THE THEATER TONIGHT’S SLIGHTLY TALLER TWIN BROTHER, I THINK I’LL SIT RIGHT HERE. Shayne: OH, HELLO BROZER (Brother) DID YOU BRING ZE MOVIE HATS!? Noah: OH OF COURSE I BROUGHT ZE MOVIE HATS! Shayne: OH OHH OHH (In unison) OHHHHH Olivia: Oh, these seats recline. Shayne: Just three gents seeing a movie with no outside food, goodbye. Okay, do it. *Keith gagging* *food snacks clattering* Shayne: Uh, only the front row? *unison* OHH OHH OHH OHH, Dude look out! Olivia: OH god, they’re so loud. Courtney: Yeah. Well the louder they get the more food we’re gonna throw at them. Noah: Dude, i think the louder we are, the more food we get thrown at us. Keep it up. WATCH OUT!! Shayne: I’m try’na get snow caps. IS THAT THE BAD GUY!? Noah: It’s either that or her husband! Shayne: OHHOHH Olivia: Ew, the floor is so sticky. Shayne: Just three fully grown men seeing a movie with no outside food. Oh, what is that? Boop. Haha, Haha, got ya. Keith: Do it, do it! Noah: You ready? Keith: Yeah. Shayne: Oh yeah. *Stomach ripping* Noah: Oh, oh, oh Keith: Yo, I got dibs on skittles. Shayne: Oh, yeah. Ian: HEY! I knew it! No outside food Get outta here! Keith: Oh, man! Ian: Rapscallions, sir i’m gonna need you to leave sir. SIR I CAN SEE FOOD IN YOU’RE SMALL INTESTINE SIR! Noah: I don’t have any food! *Inaudible talking* *Whispering* Every Movie Theater Ever. You guys are #PowerCoupleGoals and #Moist Captions by ElectroFunk and more Enjoy these outtakes Subscribe to Smosh.


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