Evita: The Choreography

Tango is a good metaphor of how when two
people really are fascinated with each other, the power goes back and forth. Tango is super incorporated into the
piece — it’s not like there’s tango and then there’s other things we really
built everything together so everything kind of influenced each other. There
were moments in our pre-production where one of us would create a phrase and then
I turn to Valeria and say “how would you tango-ify this?” and she would add
tango flavor to it. So it it very much was built together. Milonga is
the root of tango, and it’s the root that has more African influence, and so the
there is a step that puts it together, and it’s called Traspie. Traspie is basically a rhythm — one two three, one two three, one two three, one
two three. I love tango, and I love it because I
I feel it’s an art form that still is very much in the dark — like it needs to
be more understood. Part of the misunderstanding is that we get only the
stereotype we get only the flashy things but we don’t really live inside of it —
and we don’t know how incredibly eloquent it is about the dynamics
between two people. We have these two different vocabularies and two different
influences kind of coalescing to create one more authentic and more
deeper and richer narrative through Eva.

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