EXAM HALL – Back to School – Mini Web Series – Season 01 – EP 03 #Nakkalites

Arun check if I have fever Hey why are you crying like this? God! you are having high fever Exam fever It is ok to study for 50 marks. Study only the important questions Hey prashanth, what to do if those questions don’t come in the exam Buddy! We will steal the question Yes da! We will steal Hey be silent Tell me only the important questions Hey take it soon Buddy! We will steal the question Yes da! We will steal Hey. Be silent. Why are you breaking my confidence? Will study Hey it is 4 o clock What? So soon it is 4 o clock? Hey Prashant, it is 12:20. See properly the minute and hour hand What? Is it 12:20. My fever increased. I got viral fever. Convey to our teacher tomorrow that I am not coming Hey be quiet Its already time. We will not be able to steal the question paper now. Isn’t it? Buddy tell me if to steal or not Now how it is possible. Its already time Tell me if to steal or not We will steal it. But how? Super buddy. Super buddy I will tell note down That algebra Hey where does algebra come in physics If you do not know accept it. Here it is there Give it. Hey what is this? They have asked completely irrelevant questions I know. When they told it will be tough I thought definitely it will be inside the book Let it be from wherever. We will write a bit Do you have the 7th standard math book? Hey why 7th standard? We are 12th Then why did you steal 7th standard question paper Hey question papers are here No. This is our question paper No. There are two lines drawn after the letter “V”. This is our question paper There it is drawn after “V” here there are two lines drawn after the letter “X” Which is ours Hey X for Danger V for Victory. So this is ours Is it confirm?
Confirm Shall we lock
Yeah Throw it Come **** All because of you Hey arun, my viral fever has become so serious. Take me to hospital Hey rajesh. Whether are passing or not. We have to fight Hey sasi. I would have at least prepared a bit Cheated me saying that you will give question paper Hey hey hey If you had taken the right question paper, I would not have got scolded from this guy who doesn’t even know how to write a leave letter We will study for 50 marks and we will get 50 marks. Wait and see Get lost. If you are not there, I do not have any prob. My friend anish is there, He is a question paper himself. I will rock this exam He will not teach him Anish. Anish. Hey buddy don’t study at the last minute. You will get confused Hey I haven’t brought lunch box. Get lost Hey show me in the exam What? No. I will get caught by teacher Oh ok ok. We will do something. You give your paper to me, I will copy it and then return back to you Miss Get lost I haven’t studied anything. At least teach me the one word Yesterday you stole my lunch box and ate Hey all that just for fun don’t take it seriously Miss Sasi is bothering me miss No bothering miss. Lots of doubt miss. Asking anish miss. Arun I want to talk to you in person Tell me In person Go stand there I want to ask you something. I am scared to ask what is you take it wrongly Even I want to ask you something. I am scared to ask what is you take it wrongly Ask You ask No you ask You told first, you only ask Will you show me in exam for 1 mark Sasi Hey do you have bit? I have all 5 marks. See here I have 2 marks. Then will you give me 2 marks? Then I will give 2 marks, will you give 5 marks? Ok. Manoj sir should not come. We cannot copy Hey manoj sir Should not come. Should not come. He came Good morning Sir! In my class copying in the exam and disturbing the cheetah sitting under the tree are same If anyone has bit paper, throw it outside If I found, you will be gone Come on everyone Ultraviolet ray is also known as… Known as… All known as Increase decrease Ultra violet Write silently What are you doing?Writing Exam sir I will give you a mat. Will you lie down and write? Writing exam Sit straight Keep your question paper on the top and write Have you brought any bit No sir. Why are you starring like a thief No sir Srija Srija Tell me 1 mark That’s it over Hey Still there Totally 25. It’s over It’s there It’s over Give me your question paper Oh no. Sir additional sheet First fill your main sheet Please Sir Fill the main sheet? What is nuclear fission? Nuclear fission is a nuclear fission Sindhu. Give your question paper Sir additional Sir additional Thank you sir Fission will be fission Don’t ever try to copy in my class Someone get caught. That’s it Last 2 minutes. Tie your paper and write 60 seconds more Sir additional sir
No more additional Sir please sir 40 seconds Tie the thread and write Times up. Give the paper Give it Sir sir please sir 5 minutes sir please Sir sir I missed one nuclear fission sir Keep quiet and sit. Anish.. Sir sirsir I will finish the page sir Don’t you feel ashamed Write your name and give Enough of writing Please sir Everybody say thank you Thank you sir Hey we get 13.8 right? No prashanth. Answer is 12.8 that too in meter/Second Then this is 15.2 right? No 15.5 is the answer Buddy I have written around 45 pages. Even if 1 mark for each page. I will get pass mark What pass mark? Even if it is one question I have written terrifically Hey you would have written for 50 marks right? Why are like this? Buddy 30 marks out. I will get only 20 marks Leave it buddy. We have fear until we write the exam after that teacher should have the fear. Leave it What buddy Cheers buddy


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