Exes Baggage – Official Trailer HD

It’s scary to love again, right? Those who are afraid to love again
after getting hurt never truly loved in the first place. Good on you for being brave. That guy keeps looking at us. Looking at me? Hello! He was looking at me. Me! Let’s find out. Wow! Congratulations. I’m really pretty. What are you doing here? Picking you up. Whatever you want or need,
I’ll do it for you, Miss P. Miss, where are you from? Down south! – Down south?
– Uh huh! – So, are you down?
– Naughty! Worst ex? The married one. I knew it. You’re only using me to move on. Are you willing to love again
even if it’s painful? Of course. Just don’t hurt me. You should have introduced me properly, Pia. So he would know better than
to talk to you. How would that make me
feel comfortable, Nix? Tell me. That’s stupid. Who’s stupid? Me or him? You decide. I promise I won’t leave you. You won’t leave me? Promise? Promise.


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