Explore the Costumes of SpongeBob SquarePants

Hi. I’m David Zinn. I’m the set and costume designer for
SpongeBob SquarePants the Musical, and I’m going to give you
a tour of some of our clothes. [Music] We just call these sort of our opening creatures. We want to introduce you to the world and the
vocabulary and the rules of who inhabits Bikini Bottom. These are those amazing tubes that you
roll around and make a beautiful sound. They’ve combined to make this amazing creature
which is really like a 99-cents store explosion. This is one of our amazing swing creatures,
a bungee cord and hair decoration necklace which I’m pretty proud of, I have to say. Worn with a sensible clown ruff, caution tape,
and a balloon hem. This is another great SpongeBob creation. We only see Balloon Party in the opening,
but she has this wonderful hat that has plastic knives and forks and spoons in it and a bunch
of crazy foam pieces that have wonderful orange earplugs tied to it. We call this Goldfish. Goldfish spends a lot of time in the show. These used to be two kind of solid balls on
his arms, but those were too heavy and so we made them collapsible ruffs made out of
sport jersey and tulle netting. Then there’s a vintage ’80s sweater that we
sewed pom-poms on, and those are his sleeves. Then his hoop skirt is made out of
two different towels that we added some ribbon to. That’s kind of the most SpongeBobby of our
SpongeBob costumes. It takes a complete village
to make one crazy creation. [Music] This is the sea anemones. A bunch of creatures that we only see once
in the show, but they tap dance with Squidward. They’re kind of like a Vegas showgirl-slash-finale
of Chorus Line-slash-Muppet. They’re a sort of big wonderful
pink backdrop to Squidward. This is his amazing tailcoat which I hope
you can see the, sort of, actually extraordinary detail of this lapel. It’s definitely his showbiz fantasy. It’s absolutely my showbiz fantasy. [Music] This is one of my truly favorite things in the world. We decided that Patrick, when he gets a cape
in the show, I was like, it’s like crochet. It’s like a crazy crotchet blanket. That will be a fun other texture. It’s really one of my favorite things
in the whole world. It’s like a big wonderful 1970s granny blanket
that ends in a yarn and rain-curtain fringe. The yoke of it makes a big pink star
around his shoulders. [Music] Thanks for hanging out with me and letting me show you some of the exciting costumes
of the SpongeBob musical. Come see us. [Music]


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