exploring the Qatar / അത്തറിന്റെ മണമുള്ള ഖത്തറിലെ കാഴ്ചകൾ 😍

Wow.. my Goodness.. have a look at this frame [calling someone in the car] [asking to get out of the car] Guys, this is Kaadan Fazal He has a lot of history. I am not disclosing since his marriage is over. He is my friend and neighbor. People from Iritty knows his history. I am telling anything.. We have a bearded bro with us. Ok.. Welcome everyone. I am currently in Qatar. We had ended our Qatar videos in the last vlog. But since it accidentally got deleted, this episode is taken so cautiously with backups and recoveries. I am planning to have the heavy food that Fazal is going to get me.. And then I will be resting in a supreme place that he has arranged for me.. So let’s go. Since he is okay with any destination, let’s exploit the maximum. Let me introduce a person. Actually, I had already introduced him in the last video. But that clip got removed. So let us do it again.. – Unfortunately, that clip got deleted. So let me introduce myself again.. I am Rezu. His native is near Kannur airport.. about 4KM from there. He will be here with us and there is a lot to know about him. We will do it in some upcoming video. Fazal is parking his car around there. We are now moving out in this car. It is his car. [speaking in Hindi] So let’s leave. Where are we going to? – Let’s go to new Down Town Area. We shall explore places in Qatar one by one. I am out with my camera on the first day of my landing since I am planning to cover the maximum possible during the time we are here in Qatar. [music] I am at Sanaiya Industrial Area. There are a lot of Malayali friends here. We shall have a little chat with them and then leave. Actually, we didn’t expect those many people there. It was really nice. These are my friends from my native. We shall meet them after we get out of the car. Let me introduce everyone. This is Mr. Manaf. Meet Mr. Abu. Real name is Asif.
There are all my friends. Actually, Abu and all are here for a trip. It is real happiness to meet people from our native at someplace we go. It is real pleasure. Just smile man. He thought it was a photo. Let people see you. We were together in school. Manaf has studied more than anyone. I am more successful since I didn’t learn. Let us go to a different location and hunt for more beautiful views. Yeah.. there is a Lamborgini in front of us. Prithviraj has a Lambo but still seeing a Lambo in Qatar is different. By the way.. our meet up is on this Friday evening 6PM at ICC Ashoka Hall. It is organized by Live View Qatar. All are welcome to the event. There is no ticket or entry pass. There is no need to take ticket to meet me since I am not a wild animal. The event will be from 6PM to 9. Everyone who is free on that day are welcome to the event. Let us meet and ROCK.. [music] Now we are at Lusail City. There is a beautiful spot here that is not usually explored by Malayalees. So let us go and enjoy the same. The view is so marvelous here. All the buildings here are so colorful. We have reached Lusail. There is a little restriction here for filming. We cannot use cameras here since there are families. The place that you are seeing right now is called Perl Qatar. The scenery is so beautiful. It is a small lake. To the opposite of it is Lusail. We can hear heavy drifting sounds of cars. Look at that!! Full of twists and turns on that building. Moon is out there at the top. Altogether the view is so beautiful. This place is apt for families to come in the evening. There are facilities to have tea. Let me show you a bike. This is Suzuki Gixxer. The bike belongs to him. Let us take a round. We get really tasty tea here. If people from Qatar are watching, this place is so good for families to come, have a tea and relax. Come to Canal side. There is a lot to enjoy here. We are leaving here. We cannot take the camera out at some places where there are families. There are so many restrictions like that in Arab countries. In our country, there are no issues like that. But here if a family passes while we are recording, we are supposed to stop recording there. We have to respect their privacy. Next, we are going to our room, have a really expensive dinner Fazel is going to offer us.. and sleep in the silky bed that he is going to offer. Today is 6th and the time is 10 in the morning. I slept early yesterday and was not able to do any editing or recording. As you might know, Qatar is 2 and a half hours slower compared to Kerala. The time 10PM at Qatar is 12 AM in Kerala. I use to sleep at 12 when I am in Kerala. So I was so sleepy at 10PM here. We were out with shooting till 12AM. That is equivalent to 2AM in Kerala. So I was not able to do anything. I was really tired. So sleepy. Directly went to bed. This is a problem that happens to people who come to the Gulf for the first time. There won’t be a problem after you have a day’s sleep here in Qatar. Then it will be fine. The climate here now is so pleasent. It is not so hot currently. Since we are approaching December, the climate is so good. It will be cold in December. When I am riding, cold is not an issue. I will drive even if temperature is negative. But I won’t be able to bear if it is so hot. It will be so irritating even if we remove inners. That is why I started the ride in November. I will enter Europe in March-April. We are in front of Vakra Suk. Time is 10:30. The perfect visiting time is in the evening. But since it will be so crowded in the evenings, we won’t be able to use cameras so freely. So we decided to come here in the morning. We have reached here. Let us go inside and see what’s in there. To the left, it is meat and vegetable market. In the right there are fish markets. The arrangements here are so traditional. Everything is so super here. Flooring is done in tiles. It’s so hot. I cannot bear the heat. Everything appears so similar here. Even the walls and floors.. There is a chance of losing the route if we are unfamiliar here. Everything is set up so traditionally. Look at the boards. Fish market and all are having boards of the same nature. This is an entry to an antique market. Buildings are of the same type and within every building, there are lot of shops. One thing you should understand is that this place appears so empty since it is in the morning. In the evenings it will be so crowded. This is a board indicating car parking. There is a board labeled sea side. We are walking to there. We have been seeing the same view for a long time. Same narrow passage and similar pattern everywhere. I used to play a game. The aim was to escape a building. This appears like that. Everything is the same on looking up, down, left and right. Wow!! Take a look. This frame is so beautiful.. This is sea side. These restaurants are all closed now. All will be opened in the evening. It is so clean here. The footpath and floor is made in marbles. He said that video cameras are not allowed in this area if families arrive. There are beach chairs here. Good enough facility to sit and take rest. This is Vakra Suk’s sea side. If you want to enjoy, you can come in the evening. I came now because there are restrictions in using the camera here. We are returning from the beach because it’s so hot out there. In the other side, there are facilities for children to play and also the beach. I will come here again, but not with a camera. Will come, enjoy and leave. What comes to my mind now is a street in Africa called Mombasa. It looks familiar like walking through there. They are preserving the traditional architecture models and styles. These are all shops. We are leaving from here to our room. One person is waiting there. There are lot of places to explore here. There are volleyball courts and playgrounds. But it takes a lot of time to see all those. It will be more interesting to come in the evening. We will see other places in the upcoming videos. Even though Qatar is a small country, there are plenty of vivid views and destinations here. I will be here for 10 days. There are 8 more days left here. Within that time, I will try to make a minimum of 5 videos here. We will move forward with Qatar videos till 16th this month. After that, we will start European videos. We shall meet in the next episode. Bye..


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