ExpresSIT 2019: Dancesport & Theatre

[Host] Winter. [Queen] Oh magician, magician. [Queen] Show yourself this instance! [Magician Laughter] [Magician] Oh my dear queen. [Magician] What can i do for you today? [Magician] Your calls have been very distressing lately and I am very alarmed. [Magician] How can i be of assistance for you? [Magician] Oh my queen, oh my dear queen! [Queen] Oh magician, I don’t come to you all the time, [Queen] But when I do, my heart is throbbing in pain. [Magician] Oh queen [Magician] Tell me what is on your mind [Magician] And I shall relieve your pain! [Queen] I AM THEIR QUEEN! [Queen] But my people do not see me as one. [Queen] I have all the wealth in the world, [Queen] but I want more. [Queen] I want more power, [Queen] my people should be beneath me. [Queen] Magician! Tell me what can i do? [Magician] Oh my queen, my heart aches when i hear you cries. [Magician] Well… There is something… [Magician] But… [Queen] TELL ME! [Magician] Oh…Erm… Well, [Magician] There is one true love that you will never attain. [Magician] See yourself, to see them. [Queen] Who dares to have something that I don’t? [Queen] See yourself to see them? [Transition music] [Hunstmen shouts] [Hunstmen exchanging comments] [Queen] Oh magician, magician [Queen] Show yourself this instance [Magician laughter] [Magician] Oh queen, what can i do for you? [Queen] I have heed your advice, [Queen] and i went to spied on my people. [Queen] I was shocked. [Magician] Shcoked? [Magician] Shocked?! [Magician Laughter] [Magician] I’ve told you queen! Your people have no respect for you, [Magician] they are living their lives selfishly without any care and concern [Magician] about you, or your health! [Magician] You do so much for them, [Magician] YET, they have no gratitude! [Queen] What can i do? [Queen] I get so angry and my blood boils [Queen] when i see them so in love and happy! [Queen] In my castle, love is dead, [Queen] LOVE IS DEAD! [Magician] Oh queen, [Magician] they must worship you, and only you. [Magician] They must be reminded! [Magician] That they are always below you! [Queen] Tell me, what can i do? [Magician] Hmm, well. [Magician] I have just the spell for you. [Magician] The spell will ensure that anyone [Magician] caught in love by you, my queen [Magician] will suffer an eternal life of pain! [Queen] Do it. [Magician casts spell] [Screams all over her kingdom] [Dancesport Transition] [Edward] Why are you running? Why are you running? [Cecilia] No Edward, we cannot be in love. [Cecilia] You know the spell the queen has casted [Edward] I know, everyone knows about the queen’s spell [Edward] I DON’T CARE! About the queen’s spell. [Edward] Ok, hey hey hey. [Edward] Listen to me, just listen to me. [Edward] Ok, we’ll just.. we’ll just run [Edward] If we run, how can the queen and her spell ever touch us? [Edward] We’ll have children, we’ll hav.. [Cecilia] NO! This can’t be [Cecilia] This cannot be! [Edward] JUST LISTEN! [Queen] Despite my casting MY spell, MY people are not afraid of my power. [Queen] EDWARD, you will suffer! [Queen] ALL OF YOU WILL BURN IN FLAMES! [Queen] I told you didn’t i? [Queen] I’ll be the strongest [Queen laughter]

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