ExpresSIT 2019: Theatre & Vocalist Insight

[Visual monologue music] [Transition music] [Amanda] That’s a beautiful ring Em! [Amanda] I’m so happy for you and John! [Adam] No issue, we all know [Adam] John can afford 5 rings! If he wanted to. [Emily] I know right? John really has a taste for diamonds. [John] Ah, anything for you darling. [Amanda] Urgh, so cheesy! [Amanda retching sounds] [Adam] No no no. Be nice, be nice. [Adam] Ok, wedding venue, how? [Emily] It’s going to be held in Hotel 91! [Amanda and Adam] WOAH [Amanda] SO EXPENSIVE! [Adam] 91? 91?! Steady. Very steady. [Adam] Venue set steady, wife steady but.. [Adam] BTO steady? [Transition music] [Sophia] Woo. Finally. Back in Singapore! [Sophia] I’ve been away from home for so long. [Sophia] And i missed so many things! [Sophia] The food. The weather. My friends. [Sophia] My family. So many things! [Sophia] BUT! It’s all worth it. I’ve been setting up [Sophia] my dream in New York City. [Sophia] House, car, plane – not a plane, [Sophia] but everything else is settled. [Sophia] I’m gonna live my dream there! And i can’t wait to tell my friends. [Sophia] They were always good supporters of my dream. [Sophia] But they said they’ll come and pick me up [Sophia] Urgh, don’t know where they are though. [Sophia] I can’t see you all, [Sophia] you all should come over then! [Sophia] But its ok. I know where my other friends would be. [Sophia] On my best friend’s birthday, i can surprise them! [Sophia] At our favourite hangout spot! [Sophia] But let me just check if they’re coming soon. [Sophia] I think should be ok [Transition music] [Church bells] [Pastor] John and Emily, today you enter as individuals, [Pastor] but you will leave here as husband and wife, [Pastor] blending your lives, expanding your family ties, [Pastor] and embarking upon the grandest adventure [Pastor] of human interaction. [Emily voice over] Do i really want to marry him? [Emily voice over] Is he really the one? [Emily voice over] What if i’m making a huge mistake? [John] Oh my god. [John] It’s finally happening, [John] then there’s no more time for myself, [John] no more time for my friends, [John] all my money is hers! [John] GAME OVER MAN, game over. [Vocalist Insight transition] [Pastor] The story of your life together is still yours to write, [Pastor] no more secrets. All those present have come to witness and celebrate [Pastor] your love and commitment this day – [Pastor] eager to be part of a story untold. [Pastor] You may now kiss the bride. [Emily] What did you guys think? [Emily] It’s not happening today~ [Adam on the phone] If they don’t get married, is there still a best man to do the speech? [Adam] Hey ladies and gentleman, gentleman [Adam] and ladies. We have come together [Adam] to bear witness to a beautiful ceremony for my friends – [Adam] Emily and John – even though that just happened. BUT. [Adam] But the main thing is, the thing is [Adam] Emily was with a guy called Bryan 2 months ago, [Adam] and 2 weeks ago, his name was Joseph. So, [Adam] John if you’re hearing this, i apologise. [Adam] But i still want the 30% commission from the ang paos [Adam] that you’re gonna give at the side of the hotel lobby. [Adam] Please make someone happy, since they are already, um, heartbroken. [Adam] So, to Emily and John! [Transition music] [Emily] Sophia? [Sophia] Emily! [Emily] It’s been so long! [Sophia] Yeah, it’s been way too long. [Sophia] Erm, but who was there with you just now? [Emily] Erm, it’s my husband, John. [Sophia] Wait, your husband?! [Sophia] You got married?! Since when? [Sophia] I don’t remember seeing an invite? [Emily] Just recently, I mean you were away and i needed someone- [Sophia] Yeah, but i was away to live my dream, OUR dream. Remember? [Emily] But you left! [Sophia] I left and things changed, [Sophia] looks like everything is different now. [Emily] No, the moment that you left, everything changed. [Sophia] She doesn’t understand my love. [Sophia] All the pain i’ve been through, [Sophia] I will always love her. [Vocalist Insight transition]

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