Eyam: Exploring the village

[Quiet music plays throughout] We’ve come up to Eyam today to investigate the extraordinary and unique landscape of the Peak District and to get to know the earth that lies beneath the feet of the characters that we’re creating for the play. It’s extremely exciting to be here and to come and see the evidence of the sacrifice that those people made. Well I grew up in the village next door so it’s a story that I’ve always known about and that I’ve always been very keen to tell. I’m sort of hoping that the reason to tell it today is that it’s about community. We’ve spent the day here and we’ve walked and been in the landscape which is terribly important to the characters and the play and their isolation. I wanted to tell a story about bold and vibrant characters that are from the place that I call home. It’s a play about community and sacrifice I think more than anything. It’s about the plague! [laughs] It’s about unity and people overcoming their own fear and trauma to unite and do something not for their own good, but for other people. It’s about sacrifice, about love, about family. Spine tingling! This is a play about ordinary people. People who for hundreds of years after this extraordinary sacrifice that they made, they still weren’t known as individuals. I think it’s going to be quite riotous. It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be loud. It’s going to be in the audience’s faces. The Globe space allows you to kind of be essentially immersed in the world of the play in a way that no other theatre allows you to be. [Quiet music plays]

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