F2 Drama

John Sandman you are dead, to me! (dad giggle) I’m just kidding but, eh, can you imagine if that’s how this video started? So, a long time ago I started something, as a joke, yanno something kinda funny It’s called F2 Nowadays F2 is about is alive is Harambee But I thought I would like kind of address some stuff that I read online some some F2 drama. First and foremost Apparently there’s another are RLCS. I’m completely out of the loop. I don’t follow this stuff at all I don’t follow rocket league at all so John, Rob And I are signed up for our RLCS season 4, I have no idea when this is he just called me up and he’s like “Yo, mike. You want to be in our RLCS again.” I was like whatever I’ll play So I go to this reddit post and I decide to read the comments because obviously I want to see what people are saying about it Neat Mike didn’t quit pretty funny that F2 is on the list, F2 is playing wtf mike shaking my head you liar I thought neat Mike quit rocket league he said he was quitting F2 as well as rocket league and then this guy goes all it was was a popularity stunt a popularity stunt?! I could actually milk rocket league to the bone and get more views than I’m getting right now. You’re a dumbass Popularity stunt I can’t play the game It’s boring to make rocket league content all I was saying was I was quitting F2 as a full-time thing Anyways, This guy’s like aye mike is back and this guy’s like we’ll see he hasn’t made it to league play the last two seasons I’m gonna be honest. I don’t even know what what league play is. Anyways, What was pissing me off Is that after I made that video where I was kind of like quitting F2 people seem to think that I’m not allowed to play rocket league, like, are you going to tell me what I can and can’t play now? Is this, is this how youtube works? You’re not allowed to play rocket league anymore remember you said you were quitting F2. It’s done you’re banned So I just wanted to *sniffs* reiterate the fact that (um) On the NeatMike YouTube channel (referring to himself) he gets to play any game he wants. Truthfully I don’t want to play any games most of the time because gaming videos get boring. Alright, let’s get a little juicier now This one is this might be controversial if you guys watch my are RLCS vlog at the end of it I was complaining about a pro player Me and Rob were really like tearing him up and I’d censored the names so you guys had to speculate who it was Check those RL players out yeah except for fucking (censored) Not even memes, guys a fucking cuck. I would say, I would say (censored), probably the most insecure People think we’re joking No, they know when I’m joking and yeah I’m not Now guys have fun dude when rocket league dies and you’re living on the street buddy. OHO OH MY GOD So I went through and read all the comments that people were saying a lot a lot of them were pretty rough about me which I can handle you know I don’t really care about criticism at this point in Youtube, if I did I wouldn’t make a good youtuber But there was one type of comment that just really pissed me off The only Fuck-boy move I can see here is F2 publicly talking shit stirring up drama, speculation, and then not be men enough to actually drop a name Why would they post a video like this? They are free to post whatever they want, but this just seems like an immature way to deal with a fight. I would discuss these kinds of things in private because this only results in drama. Maybe that’s what they want though Maybe they’re just trolling you all that’s possible, lol Sounds like something mike could come up with while drunk funny dude, original Or it’s actually no one and they just made up a random word to bleep out and get people to speculate and talk about who it could be These guys know how drama and the internet works together apparently most of you don’t No, here’s the conspiracy theory man. “Dude it’s all for views bro. Nothing happened” This is pointless drama that Mike made deliberately to gain views I don’t care anymore because I’m pretty much like out of rocket league basically everyone thinks that I was trying to stir up drama and that I should be above this like I should have some sort of moral high-ground To not post that in my vlog and be like the better person It’s like these people never watched my videos before ever I never thought I would have to say this but um I’m not a role model for Rocket League (GASP) Like I have never once been a role model for Rocket League (another GASP) and because I kind of understand where people are coming from when like we didn’t drop the name But we left it in, it looked like we were stirring up drama right The person I was talking about was Greazy, long story short. We showed up to the party just drank, like everybody was drunk I was drunk rob was drunk Greazy Meister was drunk eventually Greazy Meister just started telling me how much of an idiot I was and Why I shouldn’t be allowed to be in the player lounge and stuff like that, and how I’m like basically just a fucking loser (dad isn’t a loser btw in case you couldn’t notice) he also wanted to fight at some point which I don’t care about because he was drunk and we were drunk and Everybody’s an asshole when they’re drunk. I’ve been an asshole when I’m drunk. I like to believe in that particular situation I was being pretty nice to everybody half the fucking players hate us anyways. I have literally zero hard feelings anymore I don’t care hopefully he’s doin his thing so many of the pro players are such cool dudes but I know a lot of them get like pissed because F2 makes more money than them like I’m sorry. That’s just the truth We make more money than them even though our ranks are lower And it’s just people get really upset about that when it’s stupid. We’re just normal guys I’m fairly normal other than the fact that you know, raging alcoholic and I don’t know some stupid meme insert for the kids. Whatever. This is my favorite comment. “Mike can actually be a cunt though, especially when drunk, I don’t blame Greazy for getting frustrated I’m sure “Andtheyrustledsoftly” and have you drank with me a lot? Like how do you know me drunk? What’s ironic about that is Greazy was the drunk one this guy says I literally do cocaine on stream I’m no prude, but for Fuck’s sake Occasionally, I’ll pop up a stream with my morning coffee before work and Mike’s still streaming at 7:30 a.m. wasted and chopping up lines Ok Reddit is fucking retarded not that I have to say so but I’ve actually never done cocaine not completely opposed to it You know maybe do it one day, but uh yeah, I’ve actually never done cocaine especially not on a stream I’m pretty sure twitch bans for stuff like that. Oh people are pissing me off and now let’s move on to the final thing. This, this is where it gets a little a little weird alright a little interesting man. Phantom uploaded this video called “I got kicked off F2 for RLCS”. I got kicked off F2 alright. Let’s watch some of his video Which I liked by the way because I like all of his videos. Good guy, he’s a good content creator after months and months of playing with the the team tag and and Playing with the boys it turns out I won’t be playing with them in RLCS this season instead of it happening a month and a half ago when I asked Fortunately it literally happened last night being the night to sign up for RLCS. Rob and Mike I decided yeah You know what we do want to play in RLCS. Yeah, I’m not playing with F2. I am not playing with F2 I just don’t want to be the sub I want to participate, as much as I love these boots and what not I really want to play in RLCS like I said I like Josh, we’re friends and everything But like I seem to be getting a lot of the blame for this alright I didn’t even know RLCS existed until John called me on signup day. I was like “Whatever dude I don’t care about it” Actually the first thing. I said to John is “Why don’t you have Josh do it he’s probably way better than me?” you can ask John I promise I said that. I promise Phantom I said that Some of these guys are so mad “Don’t be mad at the guys” they screwed you over plain and simple I never liked Rob” alright fair “Fuck Mike. I hate him” “What the F2 guys should have said is fuck mike he drop out on us” I can’t read twelve-year-olds’ comments I just can’t but look at this 82 thumbs up I’mma make it 83 But this guy says “Fuck Mike” Jesus christ this gets like “I would love to” “I would fuck his hot ass no, homo” “Would love to #nohomo” “I would fuck him to to be honest” “Mike needs to make up his mind, does he want to play Rocket league or not” Jesus Christ you guys it is rocket league relax Josh can have my spot like why would I care all right and then later? I’m on Twitter right as I am I watch a lot of YouTube And I’m on Twitter a lot I follow PhantomAce because he’s got bomb ass tweets, and then I see him tweet this “Well I want to hit 100k on YouTube by next month so I’m just going to start making diss tracks about F2. That’s how it works, right?” *clap snap* I’m only going to say this once man, a diss track on Rob and John that’s fine. You know it’s all fun and games that’s it. I would get a kick out of that. If you do a diss track on NeatMike um I’m Gonna come hard, come hard?.. I probably could’ve phrase that better. Josh if you make a diss track on me. I’m going to orgasm strongly that’s a threat! anyways the point of this video is, F2 was started as a joke, F2 is definitely still a joke, F2 will probably always be a joke But if you start to take F2 which is a dead joke a little bit too seriously you should unironically, and I’m probably going to start a reddit thread by saying this, but you should unironically fucking die Besides everybody knows that if I came back to F2 I would take my righteous place as the best player, better than Josh better than John and better than Rob Oh my god nevermind (look up in game chat) I’m actually terrible at Rocket League kill me


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