Faceless at Northlight Theatre

She’s white?–
–Wonder Bread white Dad’s a paramedic, Mom was a police officer killed on the job last year.
–White girl dead mother? She’ll get a year max. — We’re asking 20, no parole. -That’s crazy.
-Ambitious – Unprecedented.
– So is the current political climate. America’s enraged. Leniency is no longer an option. – You go after a girl like that with a sentence like that, you look like a bully. – I would. You won’t. – You could be lying you could be anyone. How does my dad know you? -My son was in a car accident a few years ago. Your father was one of the paramedics who responded. Saved my boy’s life. -Are you a good lawyer?
-I’m excellent. -We can’t afford you. -Your dad is remortgaging the house. You should cut him a deal.
-Already have -You could pull some strings
-I already did It’ the least you could —
— Do you have any idea how many clients we’re going to lose when it gets out that I’m representing a terrorist? -I’m sure you understand how this could look -No.
-The position it puts me in. -No.
-To get known right out of the gate as a Muslim lawyer.
-You are the Muslim Lawyer. -I am Muslim but that’s not why I was hired here. -How do you know? I don’t use my faith to fight my battles, that’s what ISIS does. Huh I use everything I’ve got to fight my battles. That’s what America does.

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