Faculty during Paper Corrections|| College Life Ep-6 || Rey420 || Infinitum Media

Subtitles by – Deepak Dagani Hello Mam!! Hello Mam!! How are you? Good! Good!! Too much sunny outside Yes Sir Sun would also have been in control if he got a wife Hi Hi Sir Sir, do you know this? I’m not in mood sir Let’s perform corrections Not sure what these students are writing even [Ring tone] Srujana! Had food? What should I do then? I can’t be present everywhere Srujana! I’m into paper correction, now you respectfully hang up the call [Ring Tone] Hello!! What? Electricity board representative, snatched the fuse? Then why are you telling to me Srujana! Sir Sir it’s right answer only sir You corrected it as wrong Sir !! Didn’t I know what is right and what is wrong Mind your business I gave you money right to pay the electricity bill. What did you do? What, isn’t that your duty? Neither mine then I’m not poking you Srujana! I’m correcting the papers. You hang up the call [Ring Tone] What Srujana! Won’t you allow me to do my work? So whatever you saying is only important, isn’t my work important then? Sir Sir Come! You do Sorry Sir How many times, I have to tell you not to irritate I have said that I’m doing corrections and not to call. How many times will you test my patience? Hang up the call right away! These wives stand in the first line to spoil your mood and enthusiasm How many wives do you have sir? Why did she message? What Srujana! Are you leaving me? Do you think it’s funny? Sir Sir Baby, tell Shopping? Shall go When shall we? I’m always free. You tell when shall we go? What is this? What? It’s wrong sir. Why are you giving marks then That’s OK sir. Let’s the students get qualified In a good mood we are !!!! I’m fine with what you said By the way you asked for long drive, when shall we go? Today? What at 5? Baby, let’s go at 6 I’m in paper corrections right You want at 5? Let’s compromise at 5.30. OK? Sir, why are you giving 8 marks on white sheet. He didn’t write anything Sir, may be he didn’t find time to write sir Observe this, he added number Without knowing the answer, will he add the number? Leave it sir See how many paper he has written OK Carry on! Carry on You tell baby, what else? What Mam? You’re face is totally glowing Yes Mam! Yesterday you told me about butter chicken recipe right Yeah My husband liked it a lot Really? He was so impressed, see what did he gave Oh, you got love bite If you got love bite for butter chicken only Then I will tell you about one super recipe today Really mam? hmm Then OK Oh, new saree is also for the same reason? Yes mam I forgot to tell you It’s flat 50% off in Jalanikethan Yesterday my husband took me out there It’s his selection only. Isn’t nice Wow, what a good news Then let’s correct so fast and go away OK mam Yes Mam, even I heard about it Do you know what happened? What these guys are studying ? What this man is? Sir, answer looks everything correct, it’s not fair to give 2 marks sir What is correct sir? Here S is missed Here E is missed Here X is missed Unfair to cut half mark for each wrong letter. What would happen to the students? Now it’s just letter, later words will miss You know the whole meaning will change OK Sir Why wouldn’t I give marks if they write correctly Carry on Sir I have completed 10 papers, you are still in the first paper itself It’s not fair to be so strict What not fair? If they write as it is in the text book, why wouldn’t I give marks to them Suggesting me the non-sense Looks like he will give errors, even if copied from the text book You said something? Nothing sir. You are very strict Sir, it’s already time. Won’t you start? Sir. It’s getting late Mind your business Playing PUBG Sir, it’s just 15 minutes left more Teachers!! Just because of your negligence in paper corrections, life of students is becoming upside down Our sincere request to all the students Life is not only getting qualified in exams Where ever or whenever if you face injustice Do fight back but don’t ever opt for shortcut in life Your parents do love you more than your marks Thus, before taking any decision think about your parents once


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