Faculty Hall of Fame 2018 Complete

welcome to the welcome please find a seat so welcome to the first annual faculty
Hall of Fame event thank her – sir and Dean of the library and chair of the
faculty Hall of Fame Committee I want to thank everyone who like this idea and
who helped make it possible the committee that helped me create the
bylaws and established as the war was made up of Captain Knudsen Jackie keg
Leroy Lefevre Mark Evans Sarah Andrew Chris Livingston and ASI representative
Jose Garcia after the award was approved by the Senate and cabinet
we formed another committee chaired by me and made up of Chris Livingston
Teresita over dinner mighty Ellis tani Thomas Wallace Sarah
Hendrix died and staney and Emerson case we reviewed that
application to selected the inductees I’d also like to think I need Montoya
for help getting the food here so but really who really made this possible was
where all the dominant nominators who nominated so many people
we had a lot of people to select from and I just wanted reminding this is the
first time we’ve done this and like you know this is like every first step we’re
learning as we move forward but we expect this event to evolve and grow and
I just like to give a round of applause you may be wondering why we decided that
this was important as a library were concerned about the record that we have
from our predecessors and how will preserve the memories of those things
who made this place what it is we’re a community here at CSUB that’s never
changing and people who devote their professional lives and career to see us
to be are replaced and their memory needs to be preserved it should be with
profound gratitude that we look back to those who built our programs and the
ones the direction of our university our faculty touched thousands of lives over
the course and we need to remember the great
teachers and thinkers who have the influence so many students that make
this College built in only those professors who are fully separated from
teaching are eligible for the faculty Hall sadly some of our best teachers are
gone and five of the six inductees today are going to be posthumous I think this
drives home the importance of this event and commemoration inductees will be
enshrined on the wall in the second floor of the library with a plaque and
photograph as well as a permanent biography on our website which Chris
Livingston right there is working on and we will we hope that you’ll come back
and see the exhibit what’s the plaques arrive and the final touches to the
exhibit area are completed so before we begin this ceremony I suggest that we
all get some food and once we have and once we conceded Provost Lorden will
give a short talk who’s paying for this lunch is gonna be
our keynote speaker so Thank You Jennifer for putting this so I’d like to
introduce our Provost well I just have to say that when Curt first was talking
to me about the concept of this and what we hoped that it would be and how we
could establish it as a tradition seen today the number of people that are here
the inductees that that we are respecting today it really is a very
good vision of what we talked about in that very first first time that you met
with me so I’m very pleased to see what it is to hear what the future plans are
to have the photos on the wall to be able to have access on the web to to
their histories and such I think it’s really going to be a very one of those
traditions that will be very important to the University and for the history of
remembering who really built the campus and where we are today
I do want as we start today I think most of you know that
Deas gene Clark just passed away last week he he did know that he was to
receive this award but I would like to force to just take a moment of silence
in genes memory today thank you I had lunch with Jean about a
month ago he was a group of the pollutant science department that he
pulled together because he was shepherding Charles McCall’s last wishes
and his legacy and so he met with the political science department and invited
me along as well and it was it was a typical I think setting for Jean and
what he he tried to achieve it was very low-key it wasn’t about Jean it was
about Charles McCall there were some alum of Charles as that came and spoke
from across the country that came and spoke to his legacy and you know Jean
really was recognizing the fact that we have those faculty members who some of
them that are getting inducted are here from day one
in those early years and Jean certainly has one that recognized that and wanted
to honor them and their memory it was a very nice lunch he he gave me a gift in
Vegas for some work that I had done with the Sister Cities project and that gift
hangs on the entrance to my office on the wall there to walk in and it means
very much to me Jean was generous person and you’ll hear
more about him later he was generous person of mind to the students that
spoke about him and how he entered them was very impressive he’s also very
generous apart and we all I know most of you in this room Eugene it’s a gift that
I see in my office well I didn’t know all of the nominees I got I was
fortunate to be able to know Jean but they are legends when I see their
pictures flashing across here and hearing the stories that I’ve heard over
the the past few years since I’ve been here but they are amazing people they
are amazing people who have built this campus and it makes us all proud to be
able to say that we weren’t here at CSUB these are the folks that made this is
such a fabulous institution and a wonderful place to work and a wonderful
place to have colleagues so because of their work we’re honoring them today and
we really look forward to the other people that we can nominate and honor
into the future as Kurt said that committee have many nominations it was
very difficult for them to select who should be inducted in this first class
so I do remind you next year not many people
they were nominated this year nominate them again we have a number of
outstanding people back historically from the campus that we need to make
sure that we recognize as as well as those that are more recently retired
from from our ranks so today let’s honor those people let’s thank them for their
contributions and what they have done for this campus and so that it makes us
proud to be CSU you know we knew that gene was in ill
health and we worked out that we would come up first because if we got it there
we were only going to have him here for about 15 minutes or 20 minutes that’s
you know he didn’t what I want to do is I introduce genes family cumulative car Americanos Nicole and Melissa one start off by saying that G
represented everything that I’ve ever thought about when I think about that
gentleman scholar talked about the stories of Europe even Germany it was
alien to see because came here as a scholar and converted politics and Jean
at the time was teaching American politics he was teaching judicial
politics he was teaching pre-law he was I surprised myself and I think Jean
surprised me because I didn’t learn that Jean was a comparative as if he did
compared to politics and international relations when he first got here in 1972
and that’s just the way Jean was because over the years Jean would simply take on
all the classes that others didn’t want to teach and he evolved and he evolved
as a person he involved as a scholar and one of the things that I’ve learned was
that when you’re in the profession that serves that means you just don’t serve
your client telling you serve your colleagues you work with your colleagues
you try to make the life you have around you not only it’s professional as you
can make them but that’s make it as comfortable for those who are in your
professional environment and you know one of the things talking with
last couple of days to give Latinas back to her um Tina one of the things to talk about Tina is
that Tina given who was office manager for our office 20-some years I think
Tina made it clear that that gene was the type of person who would always
listened and not just listen but he listened with this heart and so rather
than going through his long list of accomplishments in your CDs in the press
releases I mean there’s just too many things to list and talk about the
stories that stands out for me about gene listening with his heart I think I
was in a second third year and gene I Protestant into gene and I said look I
caught her cheating that’s my second or third year I didn’t know what to do with
the student I had my ideas and she said what do you want to do I told them okay
the next thing I know I see the student in jeans office throughout the rest of
that quarter the next quarter the next year and one of the things I learned was
that gene asked the student what was going on in their life and he listened
and this is why I said gene who listened with his heart because that student
graduated and I don’t know what happened that’s good I know that she didn’t take
another class with me I think she got my message but what I’ve learned from that
was that you know you can treat people with decency even when they’ve messed up
you should keep treat people with respect because they’re going through
things in life that maybe we don’t know about and what I learned from that that
episode with Gene is that is that we should take our profession seriously
but we should take each other more seriously and we should look into what’s
going on in our lives and the lives of others and again as far as I know I
think that’s to graduate it but I can imagine that jeans forever transformed
her life and so I just I know we only have a couple minutes but I just want to
say that the day Jean represents in my group the best of our profession and I
think he represents the best of ourselves and I think as far as the
first group of people coming into this CSUB Hall of Fame I’m just proud that
jeans among this first group because looking at the group and I see the one
guy here now gasps Garcia this is a phenomenal group your family our next nominee is inductees speaker
will be down south it is my honor to and dr. mericle’s that
join the CSU be in 1998 as a professor of accounting and she retired in 2015
across the 17 years of tenure at CSUB dr. Kucera has demonstrated as unworldly
committed into profession to organization and our campus in a local
community I want to say especially to our students and mr. friendly
our former attending students and he nominated our marriages there for this
honor for this award and this is his statement and I think a very touching
and very very nice for me and I feel like she’s you know tough for all our
accounting students dr. dress that was one of the teachers who make CSU be such
a great university to be an alumna of when I first began down there house of
learning at County and csdb she was one of the hardest and
descriptive teacher I hadn’t met however as each succession of classes went by
moving towards my bachelor degree she began to open up to her students and by
the time Kim around you realized what kind of an
amazing woman she was you also began to realize that the strictness in which she
taught her class and give exams was only to prepare her students for the rigors
of the CPA exam and life as an accountant as I propelled into the last
four months of my undergraduate studies dr. Bruce Ted became a mentor giving me
advice and assistance as I entered the MBA program at CSUB after graduating
with my back to the degree in accounting and my MBA degree she remained someone
who I turned to for advice and accounting and my career she was a true
blessing to the cameras and those students who lives she lives she touched this is I think the statement from one
of our Italian students and I believe and there are other accounting students
can share with the same view and as a colleague and is that I know dr. to
serve for about 10 years and she is really a wonderful professor and is
really great except to our accounting program and as the foreigner you know a
list of the accomplishments and I believe I cannot list all transitions I
can only Nina’s the laser Sun and in addition to her teaching award at other
universities doctors that was the first recipient of the current school
Parvati athlete award and she was designated as a Catholic institute for
the study of ethic a faculty fellow in 1999 she has served on student research
committees served on scholarship committees provided the leadership and
mentorship for honor societies she worked closely with the local community
to develop and implement supportive programs that prepare students for
employment for example dr. to serve serve as the university at frontier
Association this is a student organization and she served as it
universe Attorneys Association advisor for long time and she organized the
different events every year including resume and meets of film workshop alumni
social and you a graduation announcer and she also accompanied the student to
the field of including San Francisco fielder Trevor and dr. marital status
serve as the chair of the department of accounting or finance from 2007 to 2015
and cook biggest contributing is during your terms as a department chair dr.
Meredith said chain is an imaging of accounting program at a CSU v to the
local community and also changes the relationship between the local community
of accounting and the CSU V and as a department of accounting finance and as
she forms that accounting advisory cross-draw and as a candy
so meets every semester and used to be twice that year on the quarter system to
give a feedback suggesting to our accountant problem to improve our
curriculum and all different aspects and there’s a more important name and
there’s a local CPA firms began to actively recruit our accounting students
and when I attended different of CPA events across CP events I’m at the our
CPF forms of partners and they keep telling me in currently they are key
players in their company are from CSU V which we are very proud of and doctors
that also actively involved in security community funding to support units of us
student organization events also to support the scholarships and to support
our accounting programs and inspiring and think dr. marriages that really
profoundly influenced the lives of the students and also our program and we’re
very proud to have an emeritus that as our professor in at CSUB I don’t think I saw thank you everyone
it’s really my honor and privilege to be in to induct my friend my colleague true
renaissance man they Michael block this conductor introductory Hall of Fame
class Michael was a professor of English he was a director the Hawken Honors
Program and he served this school with distinction from September 1972 until
his untimely death August 2013 he really was a Renaissance man he was a smart guy
he managed to get a PhD in English literature from the University of
Chicago you slackers and he came here in 1972 and as far as I
can tell he just basically never stopped working he published over 20 books
including where the cat the first English novel which is
published by the prestigious hunting than 500 press and the prose reader
essays for thinking reading and writing which he wrote with his wife can plot
them who was here today with us him when he please stand let’s acknowledge KITT Michael was all but also the father of
Chris and Laura and he didn’t like to brag about them but he kind of like the
prose reader by the way it was in its tenth edition at the time of Michael’s
death and literally is one of the best known and widely adopted textbooks of
its kind not just contemporarily but really in the history of United States
incredible he’s also the author of a hundred of over a hundred of articles in
eminent journals across the world including Shakespeare quarterly studies
in the English literature theater journal Medieval and Renaissance studies
and studies in philology as a teacher he really was a Renaissance man he taught
an incredibly wide variety of courses many of them focused on Shakespeare in
Renaissance drama as many of you know we recently moved out of the faculty
talents I don’t have a whole lot of great memories of faculty towers but one
really fine memory is walking out of my office one day and Michael Sullivan
class and the students were up on the balcony reading the shapes
he was that kind of a teacher he also worked for many many years in
professional theaters serving as the dramaturg for over 80 productions at
such prominent West Coast theaters as the Oregon Shakespeare Festival the
Jolla Playhouse the current Shakespeare Festival and the Utah Shakespeare
Festival where he served as the company dramaturg her of 1986 until 2013 he was
also the founder and director of camp Shakespeare at the you thought
Shakespeare Festival which he ran personally from 1988 to his death he
also gave numerous presentations and workshops on Shakespeare he was that
kind of a guy yeah a little free time at the Utah Shakespeare Festival let’s give
a little seminar it was really incredible he was also as many of you
know the founder and director of the ha Honors Program a position which required
him to be very active in recruiting students from high schools to select the
scheduled faculty to teach in the program to chair the honors Council and
to arrange social and educational events for the more than three hundred students
who were enrolled in the program and you could tell he had a great connection
with his students because they all just called it walk he was also responsible
for securing financial support for the program and he was the primary reason
why CSUB received a 1 million dollar grant from local philanthropist Calvin
talks which really transformed the program and turned it into this Stila
program today in 1983
Michael was selected outstanding professor for the entire then 21 campus
California State University system in 1995 he was named u.s. professor of the
Year by the Carnegie Foundation and the council for the advancement of support
of Education in Washington DC and in 1999 he was given a given a $20,000 Wang
family Excellence Award for outstanding undergraduate teaching in the CSU system
and I actually have the original brochure today other awards included the
Phi Delta Theta fraternity national Distinguished Alumnus award the CSU V
fact the research award and the CSP faculty service award in 2002 he was
also a member of Phi Beta Kappa his other passions many people know who was
judo a sport in which he was a fourth degree black belt so I didn’t mess with
the guy he was also an avid tennis player and served as a volunteer
assistant coach for the women’s tennis team for many years at his memorial
service I think one of his students Brian citizens put it best he may be a
better writer a better thinker a better researcher a better actor a better view
Denis his classes were always so vibrant so full of energy and excitement anyone
who ever had the joy and honor taking a class from dr. Waterman know it’s how
much time and energy he put into his teaching I’ve learned
lessons that mistake me for 20 years in fact I’ve kept every essay and paper
I ever wrote in his classes mostly because of the feedback they are always
supportive most times constructed and often brilliant a funny sadly Michael
passed away on August 8 2013 so he isn’t here
who witnesses the event but I’m pretty sure if he were here he would have a
slice so depending grin on his face and would be enjoying this immensely so I
was in on two notes one I think Michael would be very very pleased to know that
I borrowed a pen from Provo storms so I could modify my scripts and then I
completely ignored most of it and finally well I shouldn’t say it makes me
happy it makes me happy to think that Michael was actually at the Utah
Shakespeare Festival it was actually running kam Shakespeare at the time of
his passing so he ended his life doing what he did for the 30 years that he
spent here working with students and contributing into their lives so that’s
the way I was our next nominees the steam so it’s
nominator Thomas hello everybody and they’re gonna start by saying the
reminding I don’t need to remind people better seems to be is a very special
point it’s the only four year public university another mile radius our
mission is very much of the perfect pirate traditional needs of this region
and in doing that in the real way everybody we that we play a central role
of the economic development of our region I do want to play that Oliver a
nominee are lower inductees and actually the nominees in my panel and fortunate
to have Nobles all very well but all of them have dedicated their lives to see
us be in the development of this region each had a profound impact on students
and an end on the development of see us to be doctor Garcia death had a profound
impact on the field of education especially this region to clean up
students teachers and educational administrators his career obsessively
actually spent a total of 42 years he began in the early days of the campus in
the 1972 and he finished up with his regular retirement in 2009 and finished
how to work in 2014 he was gone project in late 70s and 80s has he left to
university Pacific to go teach there and there he headed up in addition to other
duties headed up a Titan seven Power Program which received national honour
but in addition to that prior to all of inspiring work actually was an
elementary school teacher teaching from kindergarten to sixth graders back in
the nineteen sixties so it’s full career both an educator who has spent 50 years
target telling us that’s likely anyways fun this ended that that in
terms of our what was a school of education but in the in our school
education he served in the department somewhat of a teacher education advanced
educational settings and then administration his had been a special
role and offering leadership and inspiration to local teachers
educational administrators and serving especially the larger population of
English learners inviting the children in San Joaquin Valley his professional
focus has always been on teaching as you would like to be taught to connect
remain just happen in the bill but to treat you respectfully to develop a
whole person to assure that each of his students care about their students
learning one wisdoms accomplishment I’ll just briefly say that he headed up our
multi-subject and bilingual potential programs he was a director of elementary
education and student teaching program he brought to the
campus over three million dollar federal grants that went to support students to
attend si esta bien to support special initiative colleges a Dominic will
complete the nomination and let the word out to a few people that I knew that I
was going to be nominated godson and if anybody wanted to have on let me know
they get a number of faculty who allowed me to add their names to the list of
nominees and then began to receive letters from some of the former students
who say I understand Gus to be denominated its award we want to comment
so some of those students are actually their agenda for this is the director of
minor education for our entire region such as a former student yes but there’s
some students sent to their comments and a half dozen letter before the claim and
Appendix A and quote ball of everything I’ll just a cup of coach as one student
mention that he even hired us to be strong leaders and learners he paced the
room like that like a preacher preaching higher ed and preaching education for
all introduced guests one of my mentors I’ll try to fill in the spaces first let
me introduce my family was here already choking up I love that the preacher let
my sister nella Gonzalez who by the way I’m here over 16 years after her
retirement as lecturer and her 7 ball the lady who served me senator Secretary
of Greater China trained us and has our secretary in our three federal federally
funded program choose the backbone and the soft shoulder students can go to
tiny water I’m serious about this covering all the
bases so I’m just going to try to cut through but he thinks most of the work
that we did we did as a team you know I was in the right place at the right time when I arrived on campus was heavy too
there was already a going on and it was the mini Pro and Jonna Costa was the
director who’s at the helm the John passed away two years ago but his legacy
continues with many would be remiss not to mention him at the time that dr.
calibrated or not and other people were developing the the mobile subjects
program for the first time John was there to work with media while in many
quarters worked with me to develop the budding
lettuces which we built into that original original program Aventine group
later on we were also eating a lot of help from Baker College there was a man
over there who has a legacy of his own name was Manuel Gonzalez this cancer VC
over there he says thousands of students many
students probably would not have graduated from VC without his his
personal assistance he is he was a flop he passed when tears ago that he was the
father of Andre Gonzalez’s becoming very well known globally I was teaching and
directing an elementary education for eight years
when dr. weiland are those weilman was helpful and how we need to transfer
another department where I was able to work more in elementary of born in
bilingual education and there were just a number of people I want to mention
that played an important role in each of those programs one of them is patricia
rights lieutenant schools we joined he wrote
that first a federal grant dr. deputy Ryan who is emeritus now hero who is
living in Nevada she worked with me to develop the plan and meet my certificate
now that Gonzalez whose students could go to when they couldn’t put up with me
anymore you know a lot of hope returned she was one of our teachers another
person dr. frankic speed also he is a start-up in San Jose now at one between
two colleges over there when he came he was he was the new guy on the block but
he knew an awful lot about technology Tanya helped me and he helped me write
that second grade and that was the Becca grant which brought undergrads to us
dr. Lewis violence assistance was always there first of all he encouraged and
supported me in the preparation of the MA program and then the third as well these are people who carried the load
really were very helpful without the moon would not have been possible
now dr. McKeon mentioned that some of our former students are here and I’d
like to you know hold your applause but I do want them to be recognized first of
all I’m not to mention first of all in Jonna cosa this program that many for
protocol why would say that it virtually every graduate from any formal movement
from the medical program turned out to be an excellent educator
they’re all over the place l Katya for example became assistant
superintendent Metro City School District Joe Campea was an administrator
in Roscoe refugio Martinez was a principal in Moscow Frank Chavez the one
that everyone thought was going to fail and of being superintendent rich Bo and
then my favorite one of all day is here the inspiration the one that kept
everybody alive going strong is here Jenny Lewis tendency may be short in stature she’s
yours better let’s see the giant she is as Thomas
mentioned she is director of Migrant Education for this entire region okie
out of Angel City Schools write a law school right
secondly I’d like to mention personally came out of that project there were with
Jessie and it was also advanced on on a Memphis team ashika project and that
person was one theme gospel when he was a freshman or a sophomore over beasty at
the time he is now the president of the mexican-american opportunity foundation
in la Cantina degas he’s in Washington getting funding for that program at
second third person Mary Alice under whether they’re not
theater just representatives of all the college opinion of all of these people
came through Mary Alice on the whether they’re not entered the credential
program the art way rating three studies and being told that she was a little bit
too timid to be a teacher well I want you to notice he’s one of
the best teachers of a modern Elmo been there a long time and she completed her
master’s here with two majors early childhood involving wool and she’s
currently working on completing her doctorate and USC and still teaching the
Lamont couldn’t meet her today because he’s testing next person makes me people
all all of them from effective project release dangerous energy
buddy but here the only husband to join me I don’t know when everybody area who
is he restorative specialist of actual city her sister Hilda right who’s a
visual city and as instructional specialist Carlos alguna was a teacher
in the Edison School District released and Congress and last person want to
mention is one of the representatives of the enemy project that completed this MA
and I could tell the whole story should I he’s one of the people that didn’t
finish right away and every time when I ran into him home people target whatever
I reminded him and he listened and here he is and his name is better Garcia
please I want you to know that each of these successful graduates is an
educator dead an intern improving the lives of their students their entire
professional careers are devoted to help each of those students to reach their
full potential and become productive American citizens now let’s get moving so I thank you for this award on behalf
of these educators and students that they serve give me say I have lifelong dream to
reach those kids that nobody else cared about through them my husband was six six so I Charles came
here is one of the founding faculty of this University
he was very excited we came from New York City
my daughter was merely three months old and we came here my young son was born
here and he devoted himself enthusiastically to the founding of this
University he was an outstanding teacher I still mean people in the grocery store
who come up to me and say oh you’re jack on a cake me I had a travels as a
teacher I’ve never forgotten him he was wonderful and I’d hear all these stories
he was a person who was so concerned my students about every person he met he
listened he respected every person and he was admired by every person he
received a number of teaching awards including the outstanding professor here
at the University the CSU outstanding a professor and he loved teaching by the
story I remember about his concern for students as told by alumni trustee John
nylon John diamond was a student here and I guess he wasn’t doing too well and
he had missed an exam in Charles’s class after the class was over went to the
dormitory and looked up John nylon and he said get up I bet you’ve got to come
and take this test and John never forgot that who said he was concerned about him
and that inspired him to keep going as a student he was also very instrumental in
helping a number of foreign students who was we were in the Philippines he was a
visiting rockefeller professor in the Philippines he spent a lot of time and
effort helping those students to come to United States to study he also sponsored
a number of international students and he did a number of study abroad tours
with students so he was very concerned about broadening their education he was
in addition to being a teacher of course in a very fine researcher he was the
founder of the library of living theology which is one of the well-known
books on all of the famous theologians Paul Tillich dude oh hold on and so on
and he published ten books of his own and well over a hundred articles so he
was an inspired scholar but he was also a person very concerned as we know about
the ethical life of the community he was a public philosopher and for ten years
he ran and talked Republican talk so but we got a number of faculty who were
scared to death of being on television to come on television for a talk-show to
talk about burning issues in the community and so a number of faculty
members here at the university participated in that program he is very
concerned about raising the consciousness of the community in terms
of ethical and other kinds of issues he also was a scholar teacher and he
inspired his own family his twin sons both have a PhD when does a PhD in
political energy science international relations well known in the field this
other son has a PhD in psychology our daughter in law school is now legal
counsel at the boil in the Naval Base and representing our family
is my son Steven who was a graduate of this University he has a business degree so Charles promoted study SXT from Oban
teaching he was concerned about people and one of his most famous quotations is
inspired by the love and guided by reason and that’s the kind of life he
led and I think he had a profound influence not only on this university
but the many many students I still hear from them that he taught and of course
he inspired our family to go into education so thank you for honoring
Charles and I’m very pleased that he is being part of this you will be the denominator wells
chris-craft good afternoon it’s my pleasure and
honor today to be here to introduce dr. Jim Whitman
before I begin I would like to welcome D Whitney who is here today D if you could
stand please dr. Whitney joint CSE B in 1971 as one of the founding members of
the University on the faculty dr. Whitley laid the groundwork for the
creation of the physical education department by being involved in
developing the curriculum programs and facilities to support the department dr.
Whitley earned his degrees at the University of California Berkeley and
published over 25 articles and professional journals including research
quarterly and the Journal of physical medicine and rehabilitation his research
focused on individual differences in strength speed and reaction time as
related to movement and he also spent considerable time in his research and
educating the community about the importance of physical fitness in
particularly cardiovascular endurance dr. Whitney had a passion for the
sciences in the disciplines specifically exercise physiology in collaboration
with his friend and colleague in biology dr. Dwayne blue he developed the first
human performance laboratory for the department the significant accomplished
this significant accomplishment allowed for laboratory courses to be added to
the curriculum and also served as the initial space for faculty and student
research in our discipline dr. Whitney was an outstanding professional
professor over the past year dr. Whitley’s wife Dee gave me a lot of his
professional materials including his master’s thesis dissertation the
research article that he’s written many of them articles that he had written
for the Bakersfield California materials from his RDP files a little bit of
everything so I’ve had a lot of time to go through those materials and I found a
quote from one of his colleagues that’s a students regularly comment on
Jim’s professionalism in the classroom his high expectations and his supportive
relaxed diet he challenges students with difficult material and provides
outstanding support for their academic and professional development in addition
to teaching a bike with variety of courses in the curriculum when I was
going through those materials and looking at his resume he also served in
several different administrative positions he was Dean of School of
Education vice president for academic affairs and even served as athletic
director he served on the earnest way on scholarship committee which was a
passion project of his on the athletic Advisory Committee but to get budget
planning committee and was named outstanding person professor in 1996 and
97 dr. Whitley was also very committed to service in the local community he was
involved in supporting local physical education programs
he wrote numerous articles for the Bakersfield California about physical
fitness was a member of the America Heart Association and served on the
current County Chapter of the California Association for health physical
education recreation teams on a more personal note anyway I nominated Jim is
that Jim served on my search committee and hired me to come to see SUV Jim was
the reason that I came here and took the position his passion and determination
to grow the program his love for the sciences made me realize that CSUB was
the place for me my first years at CSU beep when Jim was
not traveling the world was his wife he had hired me and then retired the first
the semester when I got here at the corner he was off traveling with the he
coached football at Stockdale high but I ran into him all over town anywhere I
would go out trying to get involved Jim was there still being active in all the
professional organizations and he always wanted to know what was going on
at CSUB I will forever remember my last conversation with Jeff in October of
2015 we have just opened our new kinesiology laughs and I called Jim to
invite him to come see the labs because he had started them originally here on
campus that I knew he would be very excited to see some of the new equipment
that we have Jim had just gotten home from having these surgery
but just as I imagined he would be he was thrilled that we had to develop the
new labs and indicated as soon as he could get up and walk he would be here
unfortunately Jen’s health that declined later that year and he passed away in
January of 2016 although he never had a chance to see
the labs I know without a doubt he would have been excited and proud about that
in the direction that the program has gone and they started Jim’s legacy and
passion for Exercise Science will live on forever at CSUB beginning this year
with the help of D and a lot of her family and friends we have established
that Jim Wenli scholarship endowment and will begin awarding scholarships to
kinesiology majors this year we’re very excited about that
so please join me in honoring dr. Jim Whitley as in the improper of one of the
inaugural inductees into the policy well that concludes the first first
faculty Hall of Fame induction ceremony I hope you

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